Abi’s First One Night Stand


Abi made her way home early from her work in London one Friday night. She had planned to go for a few drinks after work with colleagues, but had a chance to get away early. She made her way to her flat that she shared with her Fiance James, she planned to give him a nice surprise as she knew he would be finished early today too.

Abi was going to jump on him and take him immediately, they did this from time to time. They had lived together for 3 years now and were planning to get married next summer. Abi had only had 4 lovers, she had always waited until she was in a relationship before sleeping with a man. James too had only a few partners, they had got together young at 22 and had been faithful for the 5 years they had been together.

As Abi went up the stairs, her heart was pounding in anticipation of this unplanned sex. Their sex life was good, they had sex at least 3 times a week and both of them seemed satisfied.

As Abi opened the door quietly, she could hear voices. A woman was groaning, clearly having a great time. Abi dismissed it at first and assumed James was watching porn. Abi didn’t like porn but reluctantly accepted that James did. He kept it to himself so she just let him get on with it.

As she approached the bedroom, she undressed. She was going to walk in naked and take James without a word.

As she opened the door she saw a sight that made her feel sick to her stomach. James was fucking a blonde haired girl hard from behind, her big tits were bouncing in time with James’ thrusts. Neither of them saw her at first and carried on. Abi didn’t know whether to stay or go, scream or cry. The man she loved and planned to spend the rest of her life with was fucking some tart, in their bed.

Abi quietly left the room and got dressed. The sound of them having sex was like torture for her. She just couldn’t get her head around the fact he was doing this.

After about 5 minutes, James made one last noise and came. Everything went quiet for a few moments until James strolled into the Living Room. He saw Abi sitting there and went White. The shock on his face was apparent.

“What are you doing back this early?” he stammered, barely able to get his words out.

“I live here,” Abi replied curtly, “I thought I’d make use of an early finish and surprise you.”

“I don’t know what to say.” He said, now looking horrified at this situation. Abi couldn’t tell whether he was upset at what he’d done or just that he’d been caught.

She then felt the tears well up but didn’t want James to see her upset. She lashed out, hitting him repeatedly around the shoulders and head. He eventually got hold of her hands and attempted to calm her.

“Get out of my fucking flat you bastard.” She screamed at him. “I can’t believe you’ve done this.”

James said nothing more, he didn’t know what else to say. Abi stormed out of the flat, she needed time to take all of this in. She went to see her friend who worked in a coffee shop near their flat.

Jayne sat with her and let her pour her heart out, she was also shocked as Abi and James had always seemed the most settled out of their group of friends.

“Is there no chance you can get over this?” Jayne asked.

“No,” Abi replied, “We always agreed that this was something we would never do. We always said we’d talk through problems if we had them.”

The girls chatted for another half an hour until Abi was calm enough to go home. Jayne offered to go with her but he declined saying she wanted to sort this out for herself.

When she returned, the woman had left and James was sitting on the sofa with a bag packed.

“I had to see you before I go,” he started, “I’m so sorry I’ve let you down like this, I never meant it to happen.”

“Bollocks.” She replied. “All I want to know is why.”

James collected himself for a moment.

“I’d been getting bored with our sex life,” James said, “I know we had plenty but it was always the same. I know it doesn’t justify what I did but that’s all I can say.”

“You’re fucking right it doesn’t justify it!” Abi said, feeling the tears welling up again. She fought it this time though as she didn’t want James to see how much she had hurt her.

“Why didn’t you just talk to me?” Abi continued, “Am I that bad that you can’t even approach me?”

“I just didn’t think you would want to try anything new.”

“How the fuck would you know if you didn’t ask?” she shouted, cutting him off mid sentence.

James stared at the floor, unable to answer.

“So what was it you were so desperate to try then?” Abi went on, “What couldn’t you ask me?”

James looked extremely uncomfortable now although Abi was taking no pleasure for this, she just wanted to know why he thought he needed to go elsewhere.

“I Escort Bayan wanted to watch porn with you, try anal, light bondage, those sort of things.” he said while trying to avoid eye contact.

Abi had tried Anal with him once but hadn’t enjoyed it, James has never asked her again so she thought no more of it.

“Well I hope it was worth ending our relationship for.” Abi said, now with a controlled anger. “Now fuck off to that slag you’re seeing or wherever you want to go, we’re finished.”

“Can’t we try to sort this out?” James tried with one last futile attempt to sort this out.

“No chance,” Abi snapped. “You crossed the line, did the one thing we always said we wouldn’t. Now get out.”

James reluctantly left, knowing it was best to just leave it for the moment. The hurt was too raw at the moment.

Abi took the next few days off sick from work and didn’t leave the flat. She had a few friends drop by to see how she was but she just couldn’t face going out.

Jayne came round to see her about a week later to try and tempt her out.

“You know what you need now?” Jayne asked her.

“What?” Abi replied with no real interest. She knew what Jayne was going to say.

“A bloody good drink and a hard seeing to!”

Abi usually laughed this off, Jayne was single and made no secret of the fact she slept around. Abi was shocked when she told her a while back how many men she had been with. Jayne thought it was up to about 40 now but had honestly lost count. Abi never approved of all these one night stands but Jayne seemed to enjoy it.

“I couldn’t face it.” Abi replied, “I want to stay away from men for a while!”

“You need to stay away from relationships for a while!” Jayne came back quickly. “Uncomplicated recreational sex would do you the world of good!”

Abi just smiled and humored her for, she didn’t really pay it much attention for the time being.

A month had now passed since James moved out. Abi was slowly getting back to normal. James had tried a few times to get in touch and reconcile things but Abi stayed firm. She had also agreed to a night out with Jayne. Her persistence had paid off and Abi gave in if only to shut her up.

“Put your pulling pants on!” Jayne joked with her, “We’re going to have a proper night out!”

Abi knew what she meant and again humored her. She did get dressed up though, she had no intention of ending up with a man but it made her feel better about herself.

The girls made their way to the West End about 8pm. They went to a couple of bars near Leicester Square. They were crowded with loud music. Plenty of men were giving them attention but Abi just ignored it. She was never short of male as she was attractive slim with shoulder length dyed blonde hair. James had always loved her tits but she always thought they were too small at 34D.

Abi gave any man approaching her a polite brush off. Jayne however was on the lookout.

“Why don’t you just let yourself go and sleep with someone?” Jayne asked her. “It must have crossed your mind at some stage.”

“I don’t know.” Abi replied, “I just wanted to feel something for a man before I slept with him, I just wanted to settle down with someone I loved.”

“And look what that bastard did to you,” Jayne went on, “Get yourself some of what he had, prove to yourself that you’re not the boring shag he thought you were. And let him know too!”

Abi thought about it. She did have a point. In the month since they split, Abi had tortured herself, blaming herself for his infidelity. Everybody had told her not to think like this but she still doubted herself.

The girls went on to another bar and had a couple more drinks. A couple of lads came over to chat to the girls. Jayne was once again interested, this time even Abi didn’t dismiss them. Both men were about 30, one slim one a bit more well built. They were both attractive, Abi even felt a little twinge of attraction for them.

The lads introduced themselves as Gary and Michael, Michael was the one that Abi took a shine to while Jayne was happy to consider either! They chatted and allowed the lads to get them drinks.

“So what do you think of Michael?” Jayne said to Abi while the lads were at the bar.

“He’s nice,” she replied, “But no, I’m not going to shag him!”

“You don’t know what you’re missing!” Jayne laughed.

Abi knew she had a point, whether she liked it or not, she was single again now and would eventually be looking for a new man. She couldn’t believe she was starting to consider it but the more the drink flowed, the more it seemed like a good idea.

Jayne had now started to get closer to Gary, it was clear to see where she would be spending the night. Michael chatted to Abi and gradually started Escort to get closer.

“So how long have you been single?” He eventually asked.

Abi poured out the whole story about James, the cheating and the split. She didn’t even spare any details about him being bored with their sex life.

“The bloke sounds like a wanker!” Michael said when she had finished.

“Yeah,” she replied, “I didn’t think he was but sure found out in the end.”

“I’m sure I can help cheer you up!” He said with a smile.

Abi returned the smile, the thought of spending the night with him started to seriously cross her mind. She always said she would never sleep with a stranger but this was tempting. Somewhere in the back of her mind she wanted to prove that she was good in bed.

Jayne announced at about 1am that she was going home with Gary.

“Are you sure you don’t mind me leaving you?” She said.

Jayne had done this a few times before but this time she didn’t mind, she was enjoying Michael’s company and was seriously considering taking him home.

“Course I don’t,” Abi replied with a smile, “Besides, I’m taking your advice, I’m going to shag Michael.”

“Oh my god!” Jayne exclaimed, “You’re finally going to do it? Good for you babe. Just one bit of advise, have your own fun and don’t expect him to call you. This is just going to be sex, nothing else.”

Abi took this in and had a think about what she said. How would she feel in the morning when the drink wore off? She quickly dismissed these doubts, it was now or never.

“Do you fancy coming back to mine?” Abi nervously asked him.

“I’d love to.” Michael replied.

“Look, I’ve never done this sort of thing with a stranger before.” She blurted out nervously.

“Don’t worry,” he assured her, “I have. I’ll be honest with you as you’ve been with me. I don’t want anything more than sex, I’m not going to lie and say I’ll call you. Are you sure you’re cool with that.”

Abi felt reassured by his words, she had to just go with it if she wanted him. She took the lead and kissed him, it felt strange after all of the years with James, but it also felt good. She let her hands wander and squeeze his arse, she loved this naughty feeling of doing this with a complete stranger in a bar.

Michael then started to feel her tits, she pushed him away at first, it was a public place after all. She soon gave in when he tried again, starting to feel swept away by this lustful feeling.

“Let’s do this back at my place.” Abi said, breaking off from their passionate embrace.

Michael took her hand and led her outside to where the taxi’s waited. They jumped in and Abi told the man her address. Abi chatted nervously in the Taxi, the anticipation was killing her on the 30 minute journey home.

As soon as they were inside, Michael pinned her against the wall and kissed her again. He ran his hands all over her body, touching her everywhere until his hand came to rest between her legs. Abi could feel her legs weakening but let Michael lead her.

They stumbled into the bedroom and started to tear each other’s clothes off. When they were down to their underwear, Abi started to caress Michael’s stiff cock. It felt fantastic.

“I need to see your cock.” She told him.

Michael dropped his boxer shorts to reveal a thick 7″ piece. Abi took in the sight for a couple of seconds before dropping to her knees and starting to run her hands over his length. She still couldn’t believe that she was doing this with a man she had only known for a couple of hours, but she felt fantastic. She felt wanted, desired for the first time in a long while. It was at this moment she realised that the spark had gone between James and her. This was what she needed, she now wondered why she hadn’t done this before!

Abi then put the tip of Michael’s cock in her mouth, running her tongue over his swollen helmet. She often gave James a blowjob but had never enjoyed it as much as this. She gradually worked on his entire shaft with both her mouth and hands. Michael just relaxed and let her work on him.

After a couple of minutes he stopped her and helped her back to her feet.

“Did you not enjoy that?” Abi asked him.

“I loved it, I just don’t want to come yet!”

Abi smiled and allowed Michael to guide her back onto the bed. Michael then undid her bra and started to kiss and lick her nipples. She pulled his head into her breasts, loving the attention he paid them. Michael then kissed down her stomach until he reached her mound. He took down her knickers and kissed her pussy. Abi always kept herself trimmed although never fully shaven.

Michael teased her by kissing her inner thighs but never quite touching her slit. She could now feel her wetness and was dying for Bayan Escort him to plunge his tongue into her. Michael finally did this, burying his head between her legs. He clearly knew what he was doing, slowly licking up and down her wet lips. After a few minutes he started to work on her clitoris, slowly licking her in circular motions. Within a minute of this, Abi started to come. It took another minute for her orgasm to arrive but when it did it was spectacular.

Michael kissed her and held her while the feeling subsided. She got her breath back eventually and started to work on Michael’s cock again.

“Fuck me now,” She implored him. “I want you inside me.”

Michael reached for his trousers to find a condom but Abi stopped him.

“You don’t have to use that if you don’t want to.” She told him.

Michael was surprised by this but was more than happy to accept her offer.

“Are you sure?” He asked her.

“Yes, I need to do something crazy,” Abi replied, “I’ve had too long being sensible and reserved. Fuck me, NOW!”

Michael did as he was told, climbing on top of her and slowly entered her moist welcoming hole. Abi gasped with pleasure, Michael was a bit longer than James had been and was much thicker. He also knew how do to his cock. He entered her at an angle where their pubic bones rubbed against each other.

Within a couple of minutes Abi was coming again, she dug her nails into his back and screamed.

“Now I want you to come inside me,” She whispered in his ear. She would have never believed a month ago she would be saying this to a man she had only just met, but she knew this was just for one night so let herself go.

Michael lasted no more than another minute before burying his cock deep inside her and coming.

They laid together, sweating, out of breath but hugely satisfied. Abi then walked naked to the kitchen and got them both a beer. She stopped and savored look he gave her as she entered the room again. She could now feel his seed running down her inner thighs but no longer cared, she was up for anything now.

“Have you ever done a girl up the arse?” Abi asked him.

“Yes, a few times.” He replied, a little shocked that this seemingly shy girl had turned into a complete nymphomaniac.

“I want you to do that to me,” she told him, “I tried it with James once but didn’t enjoy it too much, I’ve got a feeling it will be different tonight.”

They finished their beer and started to slowly kiss again. Abi could feel even more juice between her legs now, she wanted this man inside her again so much.

Michael told Abi to turn over, laying her on her front. He gave her a pillow to raise her arse up and give him more access. She felt so exposed with her bum up in the air on display like this. He then started to kiss her bum, gently squeezing her cheeks. Eventually he started to slip his tongue into her crack, finally making contact with her anus. This was the first time she had ever been licked like this and it felt amazing. She felt so wanton letting Michael penetrate her arse with his tongue.

She almost didn’t notice when he slipped a first finger into her bum. She certainly felt it when Michael worked a second finger into her tight hole. She took a sharp breath and flinched a bit but told Michael to carry on. He did this, gradually working more of her juices in to lubricate her bum. Abi could now feel herself starting to open up.

“Do you want to try this now?” Michael asked her.

“Yes, take it easy with me though, it’s going to be a tight fit.”

Michael pressed the end of his cock against her anus, gradually breaking her resistance and entering her. Abi let out a cry, it was quite painful at first but she was determined to enjoy this.

Michael kissed the back of her neck and gently edged his cock into her. Once he was fully inside her, he slowly started to fuck her arse. Abi now began to moan with pleasure, the pain had now subsided and was now feeling pure pleasure. Michael didn’t fuck her hard and just kept up a steady rhythm.

They fucked like this for 5 minutes before Michael could feel his balls tightening. He kissed her neck again and emptied his load deep inside Abi’s arse.

They didn’t speak too much more that night, drifting off to sleep.

In the morning, they had slow, hungover sex. Abi didn’t feel as awkward as she thought she would now the drink had worn off. After their morning session they got dressed and had coffee.

“I’m not sure what to say at this point!” Abi said.

“Let’s not make it too awkward,” Michael replied, “I’ve got to go now anyway.”

Abi gave him one final kiss and let him out. She felt one small pang of shame at that moment, she had now done the one thing she always said she never would. This was soon replaced by a smile when she cast her mind back to last night. She was snapped out of her trance by her mobile ringing, it was Jayne, obviously calling to find out what she got up to.

“You’ll never guess what I did last night?” Abi started.

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