Absolute Satisfaction


Michael looked up at the quiet knock on his closed office door. Glancing back at his screen, he scowled, running his hand distractedly through his hair. The way his morning was progressing, he was never going to get this project completed. Another knock drew his attention towards the door.

“Oh come in already!” he said. The door cracked open and a blonde head poked through the gap. Despite his mood, Michael smiled.

“Rach, what are you doing here?” he asked, rising swiftly to his feet and holding out his hand in welcome. Closing the door behind her, the slim girl hurried across to his side. Taking hold of his fingers, she lifted herself onto her toes, briefly brushing his cheek with her soft lips.

“I thought I would surprise you. Are you up for some company?” She asked softly.

“Always…..” he breathed, unable to remove the smile from his face. Rachel always had that effect on him. She could brighten any room with her presence. “It’s been a while since you’ve been in touch, I’ve missed you.”

“You knew I’d come as soon as Keith left town for the day” she replied with a soft smile. “I would have phoned you but I thought it would nicer if I just called in.”

Releasing his hand, Rach delicately hopped onto his desk. Wiggling into a comfortable position, she reached for his coffee and blew gently across the steaming mug. Slowly bringing it to her lips, she sampled the blend in tiny sips. Watching her, he marveled at her casual beauty. Always so graceful and elegant, with that enchanting twinkle of mischief in her eyes. He stared at her legs as she kicked off her heels and crossed them, her skirt riding higher across her thighs. He eagerly moved the half step closer, needing to touch that creamy skin.

“How long have we got?” he asked. Lifting his hand he placed it on her knee, rubbing in gentle circles, savoring the smooth warmth of her. He raised his eyes from her legs, meeting her amused gaze.

“A few hours my love, I can’t offer more than that” Replacing his cup on the desk, she licked her lips, searching for any remaining traces of coffee. Unable to resist he lowered his head, knowing she would welcome his advance.

She tilted her face, allowing their lips to brush, gently at first, moving softly together. A mere tease of a kiss, sweet and pure. It wasn’t enough; the kiss only fanned the hunger inside of him. Lifting his hands he wrapped them around her back, pulling her in, crushing her chest against his. Her lips parted as her breath escaped in a gasp at the contact. Taking the opportunity, he thrust his tongue into her open mouth. Thrilled at the taste of her sweetness, the feel of her firm body against him, he sunk into the kiss. Twirling his tongue around hers, forcing her mouth open further. Eager to enhance the contact Rach entwined her arms around his neck, pressing her breasts deeper into his chest as her passion ignited. She eagerly dueled with his tongue, exploring the caverns of his mouth, drowning in his masculine taste.

Pulling away a fraction, Michael struggled for a breath, staring into her now smokey eyes he was aware of his own thudding heartbeat and his hunger for her. It took so little to arouse him, just the meeting of their mouths could make his body come alive with desire.

“Well now” he said smiling gently, “that was a lovely kiss hello. If you’d given Keith even half that as a kiss goodbye I don’t know how the man could bear to leave.” Rubbing his lips against her cheek his hands skimmed the length of her slim back, relishing the feel of the silk blouse she wore, coming to rest on her trim hips. Breathing harshly, her body still aflame Rach slowly uncrossed her legs, parting them. She used her arms around his neck to move his body closer, until he was wedged between her thighs.

“Mmmm, just be glad for our sake that he did” she whispered. Closing her eyes she shifted her cheek against his lips, encouraging him to continue. With her body pressed so closely against him, all he felt was an overwhelming urge to touch her sensitive skin, to explore the contours of that firm, silky body.

Slowly, tantalizingly Michael crept his lips down across her cheek and below her jaw. Pausing there he licked and nibbled the taut skin, tasting the perfume mixed with her own sweet scent. He could feel her shifting against him, her thighs parting even more as she surrendered to the passion he raised in her. Grasping her hips he pulled her legs further until with just a slight shift he was pressed tightly against her. His erection cradled by the warm juncture of her thighs. He groaned in satisfaction at the sensation of her entire body pressed warmly against his. Despite their clothing he could feel the heat emanating from her skin. Her heart pounded in cadence with his own.

She moaned into his hair as he continued to tease her, sucking and nipping on the base of her neck. Burying his face deep within the hollow of her shoulder, he inhaled the intoxicating aroma of her. He could clearly sense her growing arousal as she shifted restlessly Bayan Escort against him. He smiled against her skin as he heard the breathy moans passing through her. Running his palms down the back of her thighs he lifted her legs, draping her calves around his hips and linking her ankles behind his back. Taking a gentle bite of her neck he ground his hips into her.

The wave of sensation besieged him. Only thin layers separated him from her moist center, He could feel the dampness of her arousal through the silk panties. The temptation to rip them aside and feel the warmth of her body closing around his cock was overwhelming. His balls clenched in anticipation, his blood pumped through the tip of his cock with a beat of its own. Summoning all of his control he silenced the need, he wanted to prolong this interlude. No matter how exquisitely torturous his need had become, his desire to fully explore her was greater. Closing his eyes he kissed his way across her chest until he reached the silken barrier of her blouse. With an impatient wrench of his fingers he tore it from her, laying bare her lacy bra.

“What have we here?” he murmured, tracing the fine scalloping where it cupped her white breasts. She moaned and tightened her legs around him. His fingers burnt a trail across her skin, before reaching the front clasp. With a deft twist of his fingers he released the clip, and dragged it from her shoulders. Murmuring in appreciation he tenderly rubbed his fingers over her now bare breasts, Rachel pushed restlessly against his fingers demanding more. Taking their weight in his hands Michael tested their resilience with a gentle squeeze, her nipples hardened before his eyes as his rasping breath hit them. Staring at the irresistibly pebbled skin he bent his head, flicking one of her pink nipples with his tongue, then the other. A shudder ran through her and her fingers tightened in his hair. Surrendering to temptation he buried his face in the valley between her breasts, squeezing the firm mounds against his cheeks before once again returning his attention to her nipples. Gently teasing one with his fingers he took the other into his mouth. He suckled her, lazily flicking his tongue across the sensitive skin. Her breathing quickened and she dragged her hands to his chest, struggling to undo his buttons. Wordless sounds of frustration came from her throat when the buttons refused to open.

“Sssh” he whispered. “Let me” Reluctantly moving away from the bounty before him, he thoughtlessly tore at the material until he was free of his shirt. Sighing in satisfaction he drew her back against him. Blood began pounding through his temples upon feeling the softness of her bare breasts against him. Wrapping her tightly in his arms he once again took her mouth. They drank hungrily from each other as their naked flesh rubbed together. Rachel ran her hands down to his belt, undoing the buckle, she began to pull down the zip,

Breaking the kiss Michael shook his head. “Not yet, my sweet. Patience……” Gently removing her hands, he pushed her backwards until she lay sprawled across his desk. He marveled at the sight of her, blond hair strewn across his desk, her bare breasts heaving with every ragged breath she drew, tiny skirt bunched around her hips, exposing the tiny silken triangle beneath. Slowly sinking to his knees he exhaled onto the silkiness of her inner thigh.

“You are so beautiful” he whispered. As his fingers began to trail along her thighs, she opened them wider, inviting his attentions. Reaching the warm, centre of her, Michael tantalizingly brushed the damp silk, caressing her through the sodden material. Lifting her hips in agitation she moaned throatily. Michael knew what she was demanding, sliding his hands to her hips he began to slowly remove the silk panties. Skimming them across her hips and down her thighs, he left the tiny scrap of silk in a pile on the floor beside his knees.

His eyes and hands instantly returned to explore the sensitive skin he had uncovered. His fingertips grazed over her outer lips, thrilled by the softness of her bare flesh. He could clearly see the glistening flesh where her juices had spilled. The silky smoothness of her core drew him inexorably closer, eager to brush his face against her bareness. Moving closer he once again nibbled her inner thigh. Her flesh rippled beneath his lips as he continued his onslaught, licking and nipping his way up her thigh. He paused within a breath of her center, scenting the dampness and sweet muskiness of her. Reaching out he tentatively stroked her with his tongue. Her hips leapt frantically, a low keening issuing from her throat. Instantly he buried his face as close as he could get, parting her with his tongue he burrowed into her depths.

Her essence overwhelmed him, filling all of his senses with her arousal, adding to his own. With the taste of her juice in his mouth, he pleasured her. Repeatedly lapping her core as she uninhibitedly thrust against him. As he licked her he moved his fingers across the smooth, hairless skin, brushing her clit with his fingertips. Her body pulsed at the contact, her thighs flexing around his shoulders. Slowly he spread her lips with his fingers, exposing all of her secret flesh to his hungry eyes. Blowing gently he teased the small bud, watching as her body once again shivered in reaction. His tongue gently flicked her, instantly causing her hips to lift from the desk. Enjoying her reaction he began to tease her clit, continually licking her sweetness and then pulling back to blow on the tormented flesh. Her arousal grew until she could only issue breathy moans as her hips endlessly rose against him, seeking more. He finally relented, closing his mouth over her clit he bathed her with his tongue, sucking and rasping her. His fingers found her core, gently dappling in her moisture, feeling her grow ever damper with each passing breath. Slowly his fingers moved, seeking access to her warm centre. As her moist flesh parted; allowing his fingers to slide into her silky depths, he continued to play with her clit.

Her moans grew still louder and her movements against his dampened face became more desperate as her body sought release. Michael began to thrust his fingers inside her, continually filling her and then pulling back, resisting the hungry grasp of her aroused flesh. He felt the tension in her mounting as he relentlessly tormented her with his mouth. He closed his teeth gently over her clit and was rewarded by her soft cries as her climax ran through her. Her body froze in a graceful arch against his mouth, shivers running under her skin as her inner muscles contracted around his probing fingers. Her juices flooded over his hand, and as she slowly relaxed back down onto the desk, he removed his fingers, replacing them with the soothing warmth of his mouth. Tenderly he lathed her, feeling the continuing tiny shivers through her flesh. When at last she lay still, breathing slowly and evenly he rose to his feet. Wrapping his arms around her shoulders he pulled her back up against his chest. Cradling her there as she contentedly burrowed into his arms. His fingers released the zip of her skirt, allowing him unfettered access to the smoothness of her back and twisting his head he kissed her parted lips with all the repressed passion in his body. She responded with her very being, her body reawakening with fervor against him. His cock leapt against her and his heart thrummed madly in his chest as their mouths mated, she eagerly drank the taste of her own passion from his mouth as he began to thrust his tongue into the depths of her mouth.

Pressed firmly against him she moved forwards off the desk, regaining her feet. Her skirt pooled on the ground and holding his shoulders for balance she delicately stepped from it, leaving her completely bare, exposed to the air and his passionate gaze. Running her hands slowly over his shoulders and down across his chest, she moved her mouth to his throat. Thirstily she sucked his flesh, causing him to moan at the intense sensation. Slowly she dragged her mouth away, kissing and licking her way lower across his chest. Sinking to her knees before him, Rach began to nibble on his exposed abdomen, running her fingers across his denim clad buttocks. Her teasing tongue traced the thin line of hair leading to his groin. Bought to a stop by his unfastened jeans, she tilted her head, meeting his fiery gaze. She smiled gently at him and using both hands she began to pull down his jeans. As they slid down past his hips, his cock sprang free.

“Oh my!” she exclaimed. “No boxers today Michael?”

Her head lowered as she dragged the jeans down to his feet, causing her hair to rub lightly over his groin. He closed his eyes, relishing the sensation, the silkiness of her hair mixed with the crisp coolness of the air around them, making his cock leap against his stomach.

“Michael honey?” She spoke into the silence “Might be a few things you need to take off before I can get you naked.” Giggling she drew his attention to his jeans trapped around his ankles by his shoes.

“You little minx” he replied returning her smile. Totally naked at his feet with the light shining off her glistening body, she was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. Moving backwards into his chair, he removed his shoes, allowing his jeans to fall free. Finished with his task he leant back, beckoning her closer. On her knees she crossed the small distance, an eager smile upon her face. Trailing her hands up across his muscular thighs she bent into his lap. Reverently her fingers brushed his cock, a tease of a sensation that bought a groan to his lips. He released a surprised gasp as her fingers were suddenly replaced by her hot mouth. Wrapping her lips around the tip of his cock she flicked her tongue across his head. Unable to resist he tangled his fingers in her hair, moaning in response to her generosity. Grasping the base of his cock in one hand, she began to fondle his balls with the other. Eagerly her mouth moved, licking and nibbling the tip of his manhood drawing tortured moans from him at each delicious movement. Opening her mouth wider, Rach began to slowly bring his cock into her mouth. Inch by torturous inch her moist, warm depths swallowed his erection. Her mouth met her hand where it wrapped around the base of his cock, so she began to move up and down on his cock, rubbing his balls at the same time.

As she moved, he watched her hips swing gently from side to side. Untangling his fingers from her hair, he bent forwards over her, sliding his large hands over her shoulders and underneath her to grasp her breasts. She moaned in appreciation and rewarded him for his efforts. Removing her hand from his cock she began to massage his balls with both hands while she effortlessly slid her mouth further down his cock. His breath caught in his throat as his hips bucked and his fingers returned to wind in her hair. The anticipation was agonizing, feeling the ease with which she took his cock, he desperately wanted to sink to the hilt in her warmth but he resisted, closing his eyes he surrendered to her. Slowly she took his entire cock deep into her throat, not stopping until her face was pressed against his stomach.

“Oh God!” He exclaimed unable to resist, he began to lift his hips, grinding against her mouth. She eagerly joined his movements, bobbing along the length of his cock. Feeling her tongue licking the underside of his cock as she moved him in and out of her mouth was unbearable. His balls tightened and he lost control. Frantically he began thrusting into her mouth, desperate to feel her taking his entire length. She obliged over and over, eagerly moving against his strokes, endlessly rubbing his balls. At each brush of his cock against her throat his climax loomed closer. Sensing it she redoubled her efforts, tirelessly milking his cock. He opened his eyes, staring at the vision she presented as she knelt naked between his thighs swallowing his cock. Watching it emerge from her mouth glistening with moisture only to be immediately engulfed again, was too much for him. With a desperate moan, his balls exploded and cum pumped deep into her throat. Holding her head still with his hands, his hips thrust relentlessly against her mouth as torrents of cum emptied from his cock. He could feel her throat working as she swallowed, which only further increased his sensual overload. Finally his climax passed and he slumped back into the chair. His hands gentled, caressing her face as she gently sucked his now fading cock. Awash in the afterglow, he simply smiled in appreciation as she crawled up his body, joining him in his chair, snuggling against his naked chest. Running his hands along the length of her naked thigh, he closed his eyes in pure contentment.

She nibbled his neck, licking the beads of sweat from his skin. His cock twitched, aware of the attention and he moved his hand around to her firm buttocks. Idly he fondled her soft skin as she continued to lathe his neck with her tongue. Her breasts brushed against him repeatedly as she worked. Her tight nipples rasping against the hair on his chest. The sensation roused him and grasping her knee, he maneuvered her body until she knelt across his thighs. His fingers grazed her breasts, gently pulling on her nipples. She rubbed her naked body against him as he caressed her, tiny little moans already coming from her mouth. Michael adored how easily she could become aroused, just listening to her made his cock jump and throb once more. With her legs spread wide over his thighs, he could feel her damp centre directly over his now stirring erection.

Pulling her nipple to his mouth, he suckled her while reaching for his cock with his hand. It leapt with eagerness in his grasp, desperate to plunder the moist depths above. Tormenting himself as much as her, Michael slowly rubbed the head of his cock against her opening. Feeling her juices run down onto his hand, he moaned into her breast. Barely lifting his hips from the chair, he allowed the tip to enter her. Tearing his mouth from her nipple he moaned, throwing his head back against the chair he savored the perfection of the moment. He grasped each of her breasts in his hands, caressing them even as his balls burned with the need to continue the thrust inside her.

Hungry lips searched out his own and as their tongues battled together, his cock throbbed inside her. Her flesh squeezed his manhood as she shifted and impaled herself upon him. “Aaaah!” he exclaimed as she came to rest against his stomach. Her inner muscles rippled around him, the heat of her flesh inflaming his aching cock. She began to move, holding onto his shoulders she effortlessly glided along his cock. Lifting herself off inch by tantalizing inch, only to slam back down seconds later. Conscious thought fled as he held onto her breasts, feeling his cock enter her warm haven time and again. Moans of despair broke from his lips each time she lifted herself off him, only to end in gasps of satisfaction as he filled her again. Slowly he could feel his orgasm build, determined now to prolong her pleasure, he lifted her off his cock, placing her back on her feet.

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