Abusing Aunty Mary


My younger brother’s wedding was a grand affair, his wife’s family were well off and she was their only child. I am ten years older than my brother and at the time was 45. The wedding was in Cornwall our family is from Shrewsbury. Besides wife, my children, sister and me there was only our mother’s sister, Mary, and her husband Jim representing our side of the family. Our parents were dead, mum died when my brother was only five.

Aunty Mary and her two other sisters had been frequent visitors when I was growing up and Sundays were spent at one or other of their houses. Aunty Mary was the glamorous one, thinking back it was probably because she always had nice clothes and was a lot better off than us as uncle Jim was a successful accountant. She never liked me as a child always scolding and I resented her middle class status, toffee nosed speech and her general, butter wouldn’t melt, I don’t fart like the rest of you attitude.

I hadn’t seen them for over 20 years. They made a great fuss of me but I didn’t spend a lot of time with them my wife Helen and I were on the top table at the wedding breakfast. Later in the evening I went to sit with them Aunty Mary seemed drunk and very odd and at one point, after talking about my mum, was crying. Jim told me that she had retired and just last week turned 65. He said she hadn’t been too happy lately.

She clinged to me and had me take her outside for air. She was very snotty with Uncle Jim, rejecting his efforts to guide her. He didn’t get upset but left her to me and went off the bar. It was very strange seeing my aunty Mary in this state, she was such a powerful authority figure when I was growing up.

We walked around the large hotel garden, which got darker and darker the further away from the hotel lights we got. I was trying to talk to her the whole time, I got the odd word out of her but she was basically verbally unresponsive. She stopped at a bench recessed into a hedge at the side of a path and sat down. She was holding my arm very tightly in both of her arms, sort of hugging and gripping it. She on one end of the bench so there was nowhere for me to sit such that the arm she was holding was next to her. I moved to the other side but she didn’t let go, when I sat it was with the arm that she was gripping across my body, there was nowhere else for the other to go except around her shoulders. Still gripping my arm her head went into my chest.

The smell of her perfume brought back memories of her when she was young and attractive. I looked at her now and saw that she still had a nice figure, good sized tits, slim torso, oversized arse and a decent set of pins. She was wearing a little black dress, which was probably not off the peg, fitted perfectly and looked good on her. It had a round cut neck, not low enough to show any cleavage at all but was cut lower at the back. It was a snug tailored fit but from the waist was pleated and finished just above the knee. I rubbed her back and felt her bra clasp under her dress. Why that should have set me off? I don’t know but it did and I started to think about the sexiness of the situation, her holding me so close and me rubbing her resimli seks hikayeleri back.

I’d had plenty to drink but was sensible enough to realise that to start anything would be disastrous. I was getting an erection just thinking about it and thought I should find somewhere quieter and see how I could develop the situation. I stood up and said. “Come on Mary let’s keep moving.” She didn’t say anything but got up and still hunched forward shuffled along with me. She continued to hold my arm across my body so I had the other around her shoulders. This was sudden and I’d never felt quite like this about another person, especially and old person. I wanted sex with her and I wanted it to be degrading and dirty.

I guided her off the path into a small wooded area that was even darker but from which we could still see the hotel. I crouched down in front of her so that in her stooped position I could look into her face and said. “You’re not very happy are you Aunty Mary?” She shook her head. “Stand up then so I can give you a hug.” She stood and we put our arms around each other, it was weird but I was enjoying myself. I kissed her head and neck then her cheek, giving her the opportunity to turn her head and kiss my lips, she didn’t take it but when I stopped she kissed my neck. Encouraging her I said. “Oh Mary, that’s nice.”

As my eyes adjusted I looked over her shoulder and said. “Let’s sit down, there’s a log behind you.” She turned and slipped out of my arms but I didn’t release her, I let the one hand go further around her back and let the other slide over her dress until it was resting on her breast at which point I moved too keeping my hand there. She sat down and I sat next to her with my hand still cupping her breast, she leaned into me as before so that my hand applied pressure. She didn’t react to this so after a few moments I started squeezing, gently feeling up her tit.

I rubbed the other hand up and down her back going as far down the crack of her arse as I could reach, then in an arc over her buttock and back up until I was stroking skin. She rubbed my back in shorter quicker strokes. I said, “Can you tell me why you’re not happy Mary?” She gave a little shake of her head. “Are you comfortable here?” She gave a little nod. “Stand up and I’ll put my jacket down for you to sit on.” She stood, I had to release her to take my jacket off and stepped over the log and spread the jacket out. From the other side of the log I was able to catch the hem of her dress with both hands as she sat and just hold it so it draped over the log and she didn’t sit on it.

We resumed our positions but her arm was in the way and I couldn’t get at her tit. I kept my back rubbing to her lower back and arse lifting her dress a little each time until I was under it. There was no objection when I rubbed skin up to where the dress was snug around her waist then down over her bikini panties. I was going to continue to try to make progress until there was some resistance.

I started to just rub her bum, then the skin above her panties and slipped my hand under the waistband. There was still no resistance but there was a limit to the progress I could make from this point, I couldn’t reach any juicy bits. I had to either declare my intentions or try another tack.

“Do you need a wee? I can help you if you like.” She didn’t answer. “I can take your panties off for you and hold you up while you have a wee.” Again there was no answer. “Just lift your bottom off the log and I’ll get them for you.” I moved back to give her room she didn’t move for a long time and I was about to sit down again when bingo she put her hands down and lifted herself up. I dropped to my knees in front of her, ran my hands up her dress on the outside of her thighs over the top of her hold up stockings, over flesh until I gripped the top of her panties and pulled them down her thighs. I pulled them over her knees, and lifted her feet off the ground as she sat back down and had them in my hands. I wanted to put them to my face but resisted and put them in my trouser pocket.

“Come on then Mary stand up and Ill help you.” She stood up. “You don’t want to wee on your dress.” I said, undid the clasp at the back, pulled the zip down and lifted the whole thing over her head. She was good enough to eat, her hairy bush looked lovely flanked by her wide hips. I gave no reason or lame excuse when I undid the clasp on her bra and tool it off, nor when I took my clothes off and threw them on the log.

I could have fucked her straight away but was turned on by the idea of helping her piss. I took her hand moved a few paces away from where we had been got behind her and said. “Squat down here and I’ll support you.” I put my arms under her arm pits, groped her tits and lowered her down into a squatting position. Before she started I took one hand off and put it between her legs rubbing her cunt. She didn’t do anything until I said. “I thought you needed a piss? Come on, piss for me.” she pissed on my hand and all down her legs. I let it run over my hand for a minute then started fingering her while she pissed.

It’s weird but I really enjoyed it. When she finished I helped her stand up then facing each other I held her in my arms and kissed her. My cock was standing straight up between our bellies higher up hers because she was so much shorter than me. When we broke our kiss I said. “I need a piss too Mary.” I didn’t move and started pissing where I stood through my hard on. It went up our bodies between us soaking us. I stepped back, held my cock for aim, and pissed up her body and in her face. That got a reaction she didn’t move away but turned her head so it hit her cheek then the other way so it hit the other. She had her eyes tight shut and her face screwed up. The flow died away and I took her in my arms and kissed her again.

With no more ceremony I lay her on the ground where we had just pissed and fucked her in the missionary position. I worked hard avoided cumming by stopping, licking her out and fingering her when I felt like I was about to cum. After the third time of doing this to avoid cumming I was right on the edge, put my cock in her mouth and in a few strokes fired in there. I tasted my own cum as I pulled her to her feet and kissed her. “We are dirty bastards aren’t we Mary?”

“You are.” She said. “No one has ever seen me go to the toilet before.” I was glad to have her talking again. We cleaned ourselves up with my shirt she put her dress on and I put my trousers and jacket beck on. We snuck into my room to clean up properly. We got undressed in the bathroom, the shower was over a large spa bath I started the shower and we got in feeling each other and kissing.

I turned the water off and sat down she started to get down with me but I stopped her, I ended up sitting straight up with her standing above me. I put my arms around her, my hands on her arse, looked up at her and said. “Do you need another piss Aunty Mary?” I pulled her close and covered her cunt with my mouth. After a few moments my mouth filled with her urine. I swallowed some, some leaked out and I stood up with a mouthful. I brought my lips to hers, as her mouth opened to cover mine I spat the piss into her. “You are one filthy cow.” I said. She smiled at me and licked her lips.

I know that all this is pretty disgusting but that is how I felt, I wanted to expand the bounds of degradation with this lady from my youth. I now needed a piss and had decided where it was going. I got her to bend down, lubricated my cock with soap and said to her. “This might hurt a bit Mary, get ready.” I eased the tip into her arse hole and pushed it in as far as it would go. It took a few moments of effort before I began and I said. “I’m pissing into your arse Mary. Can you feel it going in?”

I got a one-word answer. “Yes.”

After I’d finished I gave a few short strokes and then slowly withdrew. “Hold the piss in Mary, don’t lose it, there’s a good girl.” She did manage to hold it. “Stay there Mary, don’t move.” I washed my cock and her arse under the showerhead and then fucked her from behind. She stood up. I kissed her, got her to open her legs and got down between them as before.

“Would you turn around for me please Mary?” She turned around facing my feet. I spread her cheeks and licked her arse hole then lay back in the bath. “Hold your cheeks apart, like I was just doing please.” She reached around and did it. “Further apart and bend forward a little would you?” I now had a clear view of her anus and said. “Do you need a shit Aunty Mary?”

She stood up, twisted around and stared down at me with a disgusted look on her face. “Are you saying you want me to shit on you?” I thought I had reached her limit and was really quite relieved that she wasn’t going to empty her bowels onto me.

I had to make sure she understood what I was asking but hoped she would turn me down. “I’ve just given you a piss enema Aunty Mary. If you need a shit you had better have one.” She thought about it for a moment, turned away then in one movement bent forward, pulled her arse cheeks apart and a stream of shit laden piss hit me in the face. It was horrible, it was all over me and I could see the brown water and little lumps running down my chest, the smell was appalling but it wasn’t over. After the spurting stopped, she backed up so that her arse was over my head, still holding her cheeks apart. I watched a semi solid turd emerge from her arse hole and watched as it broke off and fell on my face.

“Oh my God!” Screamed my wife from the bathroom door.

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