Adulterated Pleasure


I sat, my fingers nervously rubbing away at the bottom of my wine glass, waiting anxiously on the bar door opening. I had originally sat with my back to the entrance but after returning to my seat with my second glass of Shiraz I chose to sit facing it, trying to look more confident than I actually felt.

I glanced, not for the first time, at my watch and realised that only a minute had elapsed since the last time I had looked. It was just after 7 and I had been sitting in the hotel bar trying to look nonchalant for half an hour, having decided I needed some Dutch courage prior to my secret rendezvous. My stomach lurched dramatically whenever the door opened but on the two occasions it had, both had been hotel staff and not the man I had arranged to meet.

In view of the fact that we were both married, we had organised the date well in advance. It had not been easy trying to find a time we could both be away overnight, trying to come up with believable excuses so we could be together for the first time. Previously, all contact had been via the internet or phone. Instant messages full of lust and longing, telephone conversations that ended in orgasm, although we were hundreds of miles apart. Cyber sex at its best but even then, it was not good enough for us. We wanted more.

My body started to prickle all over as I pondered on what the evening would hold. If our internet conversations were anything to go by it was going to be an extremely hot night and one that would leave us feeling completely debauched but hopefully, deeply satiated too. Lost in my thoughts, I was jarred out of them when the door opened and Johnny suddenly entered the room. Caught unawares, I immediately smiled up at him as my stomach turned a somersault and I hoped I did not look as manic as I felt inside. Oddly, I thought he looked nothing like how he had appeared on webcam but at the same time exactly the same.

I felt frozen to the spot, relieved that he had turned up but immediately nervous and excited that he had. I realised that there was a huge part of me that had doubted whether he would even show but now that he had my next worry was what he would think of me. I could feel my face flush as he walked towards me, looking confident and assured he dropped a holdall next to the table and grinned.

“My gym kit,” he laughed, winking at me. “So hello you.”

Nodding towards the full glass in front of me he smiled, “do you want another?”

His accent managed to take me unawares although I had often spoken to him on the phone over the course of our virtual relationship. I was taken aback, for the first time the full package was standing in front of me, not just a disembodied voice on the phone or an image on a webcam but the whole article; my cyber lover, flesh, blood and very, very real. I tried to say that I did not need another glass of wine but embarrassingly found that my tongue had stuck to the top of my mouth and all that emerged was a slight murmur. Quickly I shook my head trying to make up for the undecipherable answer, which made my earrings jingle. Self consciously I grabbed on to them to stop the clatter, with the result he turned to go to the bar chuckling away to himself.

Red faced, I studied him as he stood with his back to me. His shirt clung to his shoulders and then tapered pleasingly downward. His jeans fitted him well and I admired the obvious benefits of running regularly; firm buttocks and muscular thighs.

Before long he returned with his pint, choosing to sit next to me rather than across the table.

“Fancy us meeting here.” He smirked cheekily before taking a long drink. “Oh I needed that.” He then proceeded to wipe his lips with the back of his hand, “been here long?”

“Yes, just a bit.” I laughed, “I took the day off work and enjoyed a slow drive here, checked in and then done a little shopping.” “Ahh making the most out of it, eh?” his eyes crinkled as he looked at me. I felt quite vulnerable under his stare. Inside I was quaking and yet this handsome man in front of me did not look the least bit nervous at all.

I tried to keep my voice steady as I continued with the light conversation. “Oh yes, plus if I go back with shopping bags and looking guilty, he assumes it’s because I have spent a fortune.” I admitted sheepishly.

“And will you look guilty?” Johnny enquired, looking genuinely concerned.

“I hope not, I’m not planning on it anyway but who knows. Tomorrow is another day, eh?” I wittered on nervously, beaming at him in an attempt to look carefree. I truly did not want our tête-à-tête to dwell on our infidelities. I took another mouthful of wine and prayed that my teeth were not showing the usual telltale signs of a red wine drinker.

“So gorgeous, did you dress as we discussed?”

As he spoke I felt his hand on my thigh. Staring into his eyes I held my breath as his hand slid down to the hemline of my skirt and then slowly edged its way up underneath the fabric. The palm of his hand glided up Kıbrıs Escort my nylon covered leg until it reached the top of my stocking and I felt the warmth of his hand touch the bare skin of my upper leg. I could see the grin spread across his face as he realised that I was wearing suspenders.

I uncrossed my legs, allowing his fingers to continue their exploration up my inner thigh. I could feel myself tense in anticipation, waiting for his touch to go higher. I suddenly froze to the spot as I felt the back of his hand brush over the dark, silky hair between my legs.

I watched as his eyebrows arched with delighted glee. “Oh you did, you naughty little girl.”

I then felt him move his hand over to my other thigh. As he done so he drew his thumb down my very centre and I gasped at the electrifying contact. His smile broadened noticeably as he slowly retraced his thumb’s journey upwards keeping his eyes on mine as he done so.

Madly, I wondered if the barmaid was aware of what was happening in front of her as she stood mundanely drying glasses. The thought made me flush and dampen at the same time. I had never worn a skirt without underwear before and when I had walked into the bar earlier I felt as if the whole world knew my dirty secret. It felt highly erotic.

I moved my hand over to his leg and squeezed his thigh, really in a vain attempt to disguise the fact that his hand had vanished up my skirt but also to show some appreciation for the extremely curious finger I had sliding up and down between my very moist lips. Additionally, it gave me the opportunity to shift my weight slightly and open my legs a little further. He accepted my invitation at once by pushing the length of his finger into my wet, swollen pussy. I knew my eyes must have flickered as he entered me as he brushed his lips over mine and whispered, “You’ve a wonderfully wicked glint in your eye. I think I need to take you upstairs and see just how wicked you can be.”

As he spoke I could feel his finger wiggle inside me, he was curling it in a ‘come here’ motion. I was not sure if he was aware that he was massaging my g-spot at the same time but regardlessly, it felt wonderful.

“Lets get out of here; it’s too crowded for my liking.”

I looked around the deserted room, “I couldn’t agree more.”

We waited patiently in silence for the lift doors to open. I had never felt so mixed up in my life before. The build up to our meeting had been prolonged and intense and now everything we had lusted for was about to happen. I felt guilty, anxious, excited, nervous, buzzing with anticipation and incredibly horny, all at the same time.

Inside the lift I pushed the round, silver button for the 6th floor and watched as the doors slowly slid shut. As soon as the elevator started to move I felt his hand grip my shoulder. I looked up into his eyes as he bent over, narrowing the distance between us. I caught my breath as his lips came down to meet mine. Coarsely he whispered, “I’ve been waiting for this for far too long.” Before I knew it his lips were on mine properly for the first time. His arms slid around my waist and he pulled me tight up against his body. I could smell his aftershave but could not place it. It smelt clean and woody and musty all mixed together. In response to his clinch, I went up on to my tiptoes, aware of the difference in our heights. I could immediately feel that he was as turned on as I was. His kiss was eager and his lips pressed against mine forcibly. His hand moved down over my buttocks and he squeezed, almost lifting me off the floor at the same time. I clung to him, reeling from the reality of his touch. Our ardent kiss lasted until the lift doors opened and blinking, we spilled out into the brightly lit corridor. My small hand slid into his and I led the way to our hotel room.

As soon as we entered the bedroom he turned and pushed me harshly up against the door. I could feel the wooden frame of the fire escape plan press into my back as he crushed his lips on to mine once more kissing me passionately, his hands roaming all over my body. His hands grabbed at my breasts and squeezed them roughly through the flimsy fabric of my blouse. I held the side of his head as his tongue dipped in and out of my mouth as if testing the depth between my lips. I could feel him pulling up my skirt and pushing his hand between my thighs, forcing them apart so that he could rub between my legs again. His other hand tugged at my blouse pulling it free from my skirt, the buttons quickly submitted as they were pulled apart. I then felt his hand on my bare skin as it snaked up my side. Without undoing my bra his hand slid under it and pulled it over my breasts, freeing them from their confines and revealing my budlike nipples. Grasping one, he pinched it hard and rolled it between his finger and thumb making my back arch. I could hardly catch my breath as his frenzied attack continued. I felt as if I was 18 again: the frantic love making; the Kıbrıs Escort Bayan strange mouth; the different hands; the unusual smell; the unfamiliar man in front of me.

Normally, I am used to a set pattern of moves which are gentle, tried and tested procedures with no surprises, no real passion and often no orgasm. In stark contrast, this was raw, wonderful and exciting. It was as if my internet lover had been longing for me so much that now he had me within his grasp he was making up for lost time, desperate not to miss touching every part of my body. I felt exhilarated under his untamed touch, I was being ravished and I loved it.

Finished with bruising my lips, his mouth moved down to my neck and I could feel his teeth graze along my skin. Guiltily, I hoped that he would not leave any marks as he kissed and nibbled along my shoulder. I felt his warm mouth latch on to my now erect nipple and as I glanced down I could see it disappearing between his lips as he sucked hard on it. My hand automatically went to hold his head as he continued to kiss and suck at my breast; drawing my nipple into his mouth and then releasing it so he could kiss all around my brown areola. The pain he was creating in my chest felt exquisite and I relished the feelings coursing through me as his mouth tugged at my breast.

As he sank to his knees in front of me, my hands were at a loss as he roughly pushed my skirt out of his way, forcing it further up my waist. Looking down I could see how dishevelled my clothes were; my blouse hung open revealing my bare breasts, crudely poking out from beneath my bra, my skirt was completely bunched up and lower still I could just make out the tops of my stockings; the rest of the view blocked by his head as he started to nuzzle in between my legs.

I laid my head back against the door, closing my eyes so that I could concentrate on what was happening. I could feel his breath against me, to begin with I thought he was blowing on to my already damp pussy but then I realised that he was inhaling deeply, breathing in my aroma before slowly exhaling and taking another breath. The idea of his nostrils taking in my scent was highly intimate and I could feel my body react as a wave of heat enveloped me. His hesitation also added to the moment and I tried to push myself closer to his face, thrusting my hips forward trying to provoke him into making contact instead of leaving me quivering before him but to no avail, I could sense he was savouring the moment.

Curiously, I was surprised when his tongue did reach out and take its first taste. Its delicate touch was almost feather like as it tenderly slipped between my lips and licked slowly downward. I flinched involuntary, accidentally pulling myself away causing him to lean further into me. This time his tongue contacted more firmly and rubbed up against my clitoris. My shudder this time was more profound and I grabbed onto his head to hold him in place. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter as he continued to kiss and lick. He lapped up my juices, the cool cat eventually getting the cream he had so often yearned for. Yet again I was on my tiptoes, my calf muscles taut as I parted my legs further, allowing him closer still. I knew my pussy lips was swollen, all fleshy and engorged, opening up more under his skilful tongue.

My skin was aflame as he worked his magic between my legs, forcing me to get rid of the rest of my clothes; I swiftly discarded them, dropping them into a heap on the floor. Now naked, apart from my stockings and suspenders, my breasts hung free, my nipples proudly standing out. I realised that his fingers were now helping him with his explorations as I could feel him spreading my lips apart, enabling him to nibble my clit. The sensation of his teeth skimming against me was phenomenal and I could feel my legs tremble as they struggled to hold me upright. I was moaning like a porn star and I could not help it.

His long, slender finger pushed inside me, followed quickly by another and I arched my back welcoming his probing. Both fingers were now covered in my juices as he plunged them repeatedly inside me. His hot mouth continued to pillage my now dripping pussy and I had to push myself against the door for support as I felt all the muscles in my lower body tense.

“Oh fuck,” I practically screamed as I felt myself erupt, the sudden intensity of the orgasm completely taking me unawares. The feelings washing over me were like nothing I had ever experienced before. I knew my inner thighs were dripping, and still Johnny lapped at me, licking up every last drop.

He stood up smiling broadly, his face glistening with my juices. He then kissed me deeply and I could smell my own aroma, which now covered his skin, my chin getting sticky with my own creamy residue. As we kissed, I unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it over his shoulders, allowing it to drop unheeded to the floor. I started to undo his belt but he prevented me from going any Escort Kıbrıs further by taking my hand and leading me over to the king-size bed, which sat like a promised land in a sea of wantonness.

He perched me on the edge of the bed and stood before me, allowing me to finish undoing his jeans. I kissed his midriff as I tugged the denim down over his hips, smoothing my hands over his tight buttocks to help the process along. I then slipped my hands down under the thick waistband of his tight, white boxers and repeated the movement but this time on to his bare skin. Laughing, I bit the elastic at the front of his boxers and pulled it away from his skin, revealing his solid cock standing erect beneath the soft cotton fabric. Using my teeth and taking care, I eased the underwear down, doing it deliberately so that my hair would caress his shaft as I lent forward. Letting go of the waistband, the elastic pinged gently against his thighs and I pushed his boxers down past his knees before straightening up. Now his stiff, hard cock was standing almost eye to eye with me and I could see that it was already weeping. I took his length in my hand and heard him taking a quick breath as my finger swept over the top of his helmet, catching the drop of pre-cum and spreading it over the swollen head of his cock. As I slowly stroked him back and forward I blew gently on to him, teasing him with my breath, letting him know my lips were close by. I felt his hands on my head, his fingers threading their way through my long, dark hair until he had two handfuls of it. He pulled my head back making me look up to him. Maintaining the eye contact I squirmed forward until my breasts sat on either side of his erection, affording him the perfect view as I pushed them together capturing him tightly so I could continue to stimulate his throbbing cock between my large, plump bosom.

Taking him back in hand, I leant over and took his hard on into my mouth. My lips closed tightly around the shaft and pushed their way up his length until I could take him no further. I then eased back, using my tongue to lick the underside of his erection as I withdrew. Repeating the action, I took him a little further each time, trying to open my throat to make more room for his thick, solid cock. My left hand sought out his testicles and started to massage them gently as I took him between my soft, warm lips. Almost gagging as I tried to accommodate him, my mouth salivated over his cock so that his pre-cum and my saliva mixed, causing a heady lubricant to spread along his pulsating erection. Concentrating now on the end of his cock, I started to suck, my tongue probing and licking all around his helmet. His sighs egged me on as I rolled his balls in my palm whilst my other hand stroked him back and forward, finger and thumb encircling his rigid cock, my mouth firmly sealed around the top.

Just as I started increasing the momentum, Johnny pushed me back on to the duvet breaking the contact. I guessed he wanted to ejaculate later rather than sooner therefore, giving a knowing smile, I wriggled backwards up the bed where he joined me, clambering up on all fours until we were face to face. As we kissed he lowered his naked body down on to mine. His weight on me felt good, something I had dreamt of so often in the past. I ran my hands over his body trying to memorise every contour of it, his muscular back, his slim waist and his neat, firm buttocks. There was little resistance as our bodies moulded together perfectly

As his strong arms took his weight, I wrapped my legs around his athletic body and felt him start to slide into me. His solid cock pushed further in and I tilted my pelvis up, trying to make sure he could get as deep as possible. I could hear him sighing with pleasure as he maintained the position for a short while. Looking up at him, I stared into his dark brown eyes and cherished the moment as he slowly withdrew before driving into me for a second time. It felt fantastic. I started to buck beneath him, slowly at first and then speeding up to match his pace, surging upwards to meet every thrust, our bodies slamming into each other. It was not long before I could feel myself starting to tingle, my pussy finding its rhythm and relishing the beat. I then heard Johnny’s breathing starting to falter and I realised that he was also close to coming. Focussing on the building sensation between my legs, I pictured how his cock would look as it drove into me repeatedly; swollen and purple, the veins throbbing as he fucked me harder and harder. The image pushed me over the edge and I let out a gasp as I started to come yet again. As my orgasm took hold, I clutched on to his buttocks and pulled him tight against me so I could grind myself between his hip bones. I knew that my actions had caused Johnny to let go as he rammed powerfully into me one last time. In that instance, it was as if his whole body had frozen: every muscle tensed and unmoving; his face darkened with the strain; his eyes tightly closed and his mouth almost a grimace. Then, like a sudden spring thaw, he relaxed, his smile returned and he was able to lower himself gently on to my lightly flushed body. Both now covered in a sheen of sweat, we lay still with our hearts beating in tandem, locked together in satiated contentment.

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