Adventures After 35: Episode 05

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As my last episode ended I just had finished blowing Gregg when he came to drop off my packages for the day. Holly was finally home and boy did I have a story to tell her. I told her everything that had happened over the weekend and how I wouldn’t blame her if she walked out and never spoke to me again. But it was her I loved and what had happened was just sex. The look in her eyes told me I didn’t have to worry about her leaving, as it was one of pure lust. She got up from where she was sitting and sat in my lap and began kissing my neck. I let my hand cup her breasts as my tongue explored her mouth. Holly is one of the sexiest women I have ever been maybe I should describe her to you.

Holly is tall for a woman at 5′ 10″ which is perfect for me since I am 6’5″. She has long slightly muscular legs that are always perfectly smooth. She has an apple bottom ass that is tight and will make a priest hard looking at it. She keeps her pussy shaven except for a small tuft of hair just above her lips. Her waist is not tiny but it is lean and trim flowing up to her 36C breasts. Her nipples are the size of one of those kindergarden pencil erasers and she has a very dark areola compared to her soft olive skin. Her long beautiful black hair flows down to just above her ass. Holly has some of the most innocent looking deep blue eyes that I have ever seen. In fact it was her eyes that first caught my attention the day I met her. And then her body was the icing on the cake. Anyhow back to the story.

Holly seemed to not even mind the girls as she was more interested in what I did with the guys. I had explained how Gregg had dominated me and that I enjoyed it. Holly began grinding her ass on my crotch as we continued our passionate kissing. Letting my hand slip under her shirt and knead her breast thru her bra was getting us both very horny.

“I need to be fucked,” Holly told me as she stood and lifted her skirt dropping her black lace pantys.

I walked over and locked the door to my office and closed the shades. Holly was standing facing the wall bent over her beautiful pussy bared as her fingers spread her lips apart. I dropped my pants as I walked up behind her, grabbing her around the waist and as I rubbed my semi hard cock up and down her slit. Sliding my cock into her and pulling it back out getting it moist with her juices which was already leaking out of her pussy. My cock was getting harder as she ground and pushed back working her muscles on my dick. Reaching around her I roughly massaged her tits pulling them as I slid my cock Escort Ankara in and out of her box. I felt Holly’s hand reach down and begin working her clit as I slid in and out of her cunt. I had now pulled off my shirt and then Holly’s, as she was bouncing on and off my cock. She reached up and undid her bra giving me better access to her nipples.She loved me to pinch them hard while I fucked her.

“Oh god, how I have been needing your cock in me.” Holly said.

I too had been missing my baby and was fully hard now as I really began to fuck her. Holly hand was really working her clit as I felt her first orgasm sweep thru her body. I keep sliding my cock in and out of her letting her recover a bit, and go for another round, I kissed the back of her neck as my hands rubbed her breasts. Holly began moving back to meet my thrusts and I knew she was ready. I buried my self deep in her and reached under her lifting her legs off the floor and carried her over to the couch still buried in her hot pussy. I sat down and soon as her feet hit the floor she started riding me, her hand was now going from my balls and cock to her clit as she was really grinding her hips down on to me as she bucked up and down.

“I am not going to last long baby, Your cock feels so good. Please come with me this time,” Holly asked me.

I wasn’t going to deny her that was for sure. Holly began riding my entire cock all the way up slowly then dropping back down on it quickly. My hands pulling and pinching on her nipples. Her pussy was like a vise as it slid up and down on my cock. And we both knew that we was close to cumming. Holly got up and turned around so she was facing me and slid my cock back into her fully. She slid her tongue into my mouth as she rocked her hips back and forth on my cock. My hands on her ass pushing and pulling her as her nipples rubbed against my chest. I could sense her impending orgasm and pulled her down hard on my cock as I bucked up into her and started cumming hard in to her pussy. She stayed on top of me with my cock buried in her as I emptied my balls into her as her second orgasm washed over her. We stayed together for a few minutes kissing and just enjoying the moment. Holly soon rose off me, my cock slipping from her pussy as I just looked at her and thought to myself about how lucky I was to have a girl like her.

We both got redressed and headed to the house to clean up and go out to dinner. At dinner Holly wanted more of the details of my weekend, as she seemed to be getting very turned on about my Ankara Escort escapades with the guys. The way her eyes seemed to go from that innocent look I loved so much to one of pure sex starved lust was turning me on. I could tell that both of her sex lives were on a new course. That we would both have many new adventures ahead of us. Dinner was over and we decided to go back to the house instead of going to the club as we normally would after one of her trips. Once home Holly asked me to fix us some drinks while she went in the back of the house. Holly called out from the bedroom when I arrived with our drinks I found her laying naked on the bed fucking herself with one of her favorite toys. A blue jelly dildo that is 12 inches long and 3 ” thick. She had her eyes shut as she worked the dildo in and out of her pussy. I sat the drinks down and stood there watching her as she worked the fake cock in and out of her pussy. When she opened her eyes, and saw I was watching her she began fucking herself harder and faster. I began taking off my clothes never taking my eyes off my girl friend as she was nearing her first orgasm. Once naked I got on the bed with her.

Taking the dildo from her pussy and holding it up, “Show me how you suck a cock baby”.

She held the dildo against her belly as I got between her legs letting my hands grab the base of the dildo and wrapped my lips around the head as I slid my mouth down and over about 1/2 of the cock. She would let me suck it for a few seconds getting off the pussy juice then she would stick it back in her pussy and fuck herself with it for a few strokes. Then she would bring it back to my lips as I sucked it clean once more. We kept this up for a little bit as Holly was really getting into me sucking the fake cock. Holly then pulled the dildo from my mouth and put it back in the drawer by the bed. She then had me roll on my back and as she straddled my face and pushed her pussy down on to me. She was stroking my cock with her hands as I began eating her out. I was licking around her outer lips as I spread her ass with my hands. I was darting my tongue in and out of her love box. I found her button and sucked it in my mouth letting my teeth graze across it. Holly pussy tastes wonderful and she was gushing on my face as I felt her lips wrap around my hard cock. She was taking me all the way down her throat as I stuck my tongue deep in her ass and shoved 3 fingers in her wet pussy.

Holly began to really work my cock over with her mouth, licking my balls as she jacked my cock Ankara Escort Bayan with her hand and then I felt her slide a finger in my ass causing me to moan as I felt her flood my face with her second orgasm. She twisted around on my body and began kissing me as she rubbed her pussy over the top of cock. I slid my hand down guiding my cock into her hot pussy as she sat up and began twisting her ass and riding me. I moved my hands to her breasts playing with her hard nipples pinching and pulling them as she bounced up and down on my cock. Holly was playing with her clit as she rode me her eyes rolled back in her head. She was working my cock over with her pussy trying to work my load out of it. Her pussy was gripping my cock like a vise as she ground her hips against mine. I pulled her off of me and pushed her onto her back, as I got up and pushed her legs up and on my shoulders dipping my cock in her pussy as then pushing it in her ass sliding it in slowly until I was buried in her. I grabbed the dildo from the night stand and looked her in the eyes as I stuck in my mouth taking the entire 12 inches in my mouth and throat.

I pushed my cock deep into her ass pinning her beneath me as I worked the cock in and out of my mouth. She started playing with her self as I slowly started to slide in and out of her ass. I took the cock from my mouth and put it at the lips to her pussy and began fucking her with it, letting it slide between her fingers as she played with herself. I started fucking her ass hard as she took the dildo from my hands and was fucking herself with it. She started cumming hard as she continued slamming the fake dick in her cunt as I was fucking her sweet ass. She took the dildo out of her pussy and started sucking on it As I was close to cumming. I slammed her ass a few more strokes then pulled my dick out and jacked off just above her pussy until I blew my load all over her pussy and stomach. I let her legs slide from my shoulder as I buried my tongue in her well fucked pussy eating her juices out and licking my cum mess up and off her lips and stomach. We were both totally exhausted as I slid up her body taking her in my arms and kissing her. We lay there holding each other for a little while recouping from our fuck session.

“Baby, do you think I can watch you suck and fuck your Fed-Ex guy sometime,” Holly asked me.

Pulling her in tighter, I told her I would do anything she asked me to do. I lay there thinking how lucky I was to have such an understanding girlfriend. I could hardly wait to let Holly see me with Gregg, and hopefully get her to join in on the fun.

This is the fifth episode in a series that I hope you will enjoy. Any and all feedback is appreciated. Please let me know what you think. And if you have any ideas for a story direction let me know.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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