Affair Date Night


JC planned an overnight visit so he could see Parker again. Parker coordinated with Alibi to cover for her in case the Hubs cared to check up on her. Parker got her workout in before she got ready to go meet JC at the bar for a few beers and dinner. Parker had butterflies as big as Eagles in her stomach but why? It’s not like she & JC didn’t spend hours every day talking like they’ve known each other for ever. It was probably because the attraction she has for JC is breathtaking. Parker kissed her beautiful kids bye & told them goodnight, and set off to meet up with JC who had been waiting patiently for her. Texting while she made the 15 minute drive excited to see each other. He had his jacket on a chair beside him to hold it for her. Parker told him she hates walking into places by herself. JC said his wife does too. We’ll fuck that shit over it. Parker knows when she walks in a room she has an air about her that people notice her independence and confidence, but don’t ask her about it because she is her worst critic.

As Parker is taking the exit off the interstate to get to the bar there’s a damn long line, everybody is going left. Must be something going on at the Casinos to pack’em in this far past social security checks getting cashed. Parker like the NASCAR driver she is, decides fuck it and goes in the right lane because if nothing else she goes right to flip a bitch & come back, instead there are 2 left turn lanes & the right one is open so she gets through the light with ease. SCORE! That saved like 20 minutes. The bar is set back off the street in a dimly lit parking lot. She flew by it the first time only to have to turn around & come back. She parked. Told JC she was there and set off to meet her man. Parker basically got to JC’s side before he read her message. She tapped him on the back, said HI and plopped her butt down on the chair beside him. She had to order her own Coors Light because anything besides Busch Light is against his religion. He’s so cute. On the way he asked if he could buy her dinner. Ummm no. She was adamant she was buying her own but soooo appreciated the offer.

As the bartender is getting Parker’s beer, Parker leans over because JC is telling her about the guys are back home doing the fantasy league pickups. Parker’s nose is resting on JC’s arm and she’s inhaling deeply. He always smells amazing, and makes her tingly. Her beer is delivered. As she takes her first sip she tells him they need to hurry up, eat and get the fuck out of there. They both laugh and JC gets them menus.

As they sit there, their knees are touching and rubbing against each other. Casibom No PDA, but JC asked Parker something about it being obvious they were together. Parker giggled, leaned over and said “um yeah pretty sure it’s obvious we are into each other”. They both laugh. They shouldn’t be there, but it feels so right and there are no regrets for Parker.

They order, get their food. Parker eats half her burger & fries. JC accuses her of not eating she must not be hungry. Nope that’s all the more she eats. Plus now she has lunch for tomorrow to help remind her of her so far amazing night that is about to get WAY better.

They fight over paying the bill. JC needs the alcohol separate to expense his trip. So Parker pisses him off by grabbing the beer bill. Them being together is to be fair & fun. After the bills are settled, they leave. Of course JC is behind Parker because he’s a butt man. Once outside and walking towards the car, JC puts on the turbo jets to get to the passenger side. Parker was thinking he might be going to open the door for her because he’s such a gentleman (even though he swears he’s not). Parker had in her head she was going to grab him and kiss him before they got to the car, but no such luck. Instead, when Parker got in the car, she leaned over and planted a big kiss on JC. Like every other time they kiss the heat rises immediately. They have to pull themselves apart and get to the hotel.

JC needs to be blindfolded when he rides with Parker because he’s a “Oh shit” bar grabbing panic case. So she didn’t realize that Lane wasn’t a right turn. Big deal! She didn’t go up on the curb. Geesh! Calm down!

Finally back at the hotel. JC grabs her hand & holds it as they walk to the door. They get to his room on the end, and it seemed like the door was barely shut before clothes were being peeled off. But not quite JC needed to put his food in the fridge. Priorities after all! They are 42 so it’s not like they are teenagers anymore even though the first time they made love was different than anything Parker had experienced in her life. And this second time would not disappoint either.

JC grabbed Parker pulling her into him kissing her so delicately as she held his face in her hands because she finds him so attractive. Hands start exploring each other’s bodies, and clothing starts falling to the floor as they continue to be lip locked. Parker pushes JC onto the bed where she could visibly see how hard he was even though she already knew from the soft strokes she had given him. She slowly knelt on the bed between his legs, bending to take her tongue to tantalize Casibom Giriş him in a way his wife never takes the time to play with him. Parker’s tongue eventually worked to the head of his throbbing cock after kissing and sucking up his shift. Yes, Parker continued to deep throat JC all the way to the base and perform some decent oral sex on him before working her way up his body with more kissing and caressing of his body. JC may not have the body of Matthew McConaughey but he is absolutely Parker’s type. When Parker finally reaches JC’s face to kiss & love on. He simultaneously enters her both of them gasping with the pleasure each has been anticipating and missing since their first sexual encounter.

JC rolls Parker onto her back and proceeds to give her long, deep, loving strokes while staring intensely at her. She loves looking into his eyes but is slightly embarrassed because she’s never had someone be so IN to her. She tries to keep perspective they are fulfilling the void their spouses are unable emotionally and physically to satisfy but when they talk constantly all day, every day and have very few differences. Her mind can’t help but go places it hasn’t went in 20 years (if it even did then of thinking what life would be like with someone that seems to cherish her as much as JC appears to now). As they continue to move rhythmically together, Parker pulls him closer to her as his strokes get longer and more intense hitting a very good spot in her that she doesn’t feel pleasure from. A few more pumps and deeper kisses, as she’s caressing his body and pulling his ass into her more when not even 10 minutes in and she’s orgasming!!

There was not much break in the action as having an orgasm with JC is different than her sex life the last 21 years. Having sex really last for longer than 9 minutes? Her partner is still hard and raring to keep going? Oh my Gawd!! What is this new found world she is living in?

JC continued making love like they were. Parker reminding herself that she must stay away from JC’s nipples because once she touches, licks or nibbles on them and he’s writhing with passion as he climaxes. It’s a vision of pure pleasure watching him because Parker enjoys seeing how much she is pleasing her partner because married sex has never been like this. It’s pretty emotionless and typical. Typical is what sex with JC is not.

JC seemed get harder causing Parker to arch her back as she was loving him right back with her entire body. It wasn’t long before JC has her pinging again with a bigger orgasm that left no doubt in his mind she was satisfied. But wait Casibom Yeni Giriş Parker still has a few hours left to spend with him.

JC was such a lover that he had Parker lay down so he could give her a backrub. He definitely does not know she will let anyone rub her back all day, every day! His hands are big & strong and he knew what he was doing to knead her always tight back. As this progressed, Parker started subtly moving as she could feel his still seminars cock resting near her butt. Parker has had a mission since they started talking that she was going to prove him wrong that he is not too small for doggie style. He started growing hard and she was getting wetter. Then JC reached around and under her to start playing with her clit. Oh my fucking hell! Parker is thinking how did he know this is what is needed. She usually has to take matters into her own hands like he is doing for her during doggie. It’s almost as if JC is having none of her having to do work while they make love. He’s such an attentive lover! What the fuck is wrong with his wife?! If he was Parker’s they might never leave the bedroom because he is opening her world up to how pleasurable sex is to be. Parker for once has no instinct on how a life with JC would be. In the bedroom would be amazing. Outside… They have a steamy connection that has these two nonPDA types having difficulty keep their hands off each other. What quirks does he have? Would he be as supportive of her crazy constant workouts? He likes to come home from work and crack open beers something Parker rarely does, but it doesn’t bother her that’s his ritual. Is she stupid to think if they were together he might live a healthier lifestyle similar to hers since he’s already taken it upon himself to get active and lose a lot of weight.

As their evening continued, they continued making love. JC gave Parker 3 more orgasms. She’s kicking the bed at him as they lay there playfully pissed at him because multiple orgasms for her do not happen. Let alone 5…which she’s positive could have been more if she didn’t have to leave soon because she had to go home and he needed to get sleep to finish his route back to his family.

Parker got in the shower to get his amazing smell off her. As they get dressed they can’t keep from touching each other and kissing. Both know they want to jump back in bed and get tangled up again but can’t. JC always says NO RED FLAGS! Parker coming home later than 10ish would be definite red flags, but she’s pretty sure her husband could care less. She’s a pretty tough exterior, but knowing that she has failed at something she’s been a part of for 21yrs does have a low-lying sting. How could this happen to her marriage?

The next day Parker woke up to great messages from JC about how Perfect the night was. He always melts this hardass chic like no one ever has before.

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