After Hours

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The rain poured down in sheets across my windshield and hammered like a tinsmith on the thin roof of my cheap used car. I leaned forward on the steering wheel, driving slowly, my wipers going as fast as possible, as futile as the attempt was. An approaching set of headlights blinded me enough so that I had to hit the brakes until he passed. I flipped him off with a grumble, even though I knew he couldn’t see me.

“Fuck,” I muttered. I rolled down the window and was greeted with a cold blast of fresh Texas rain. I was in the panhandle, headed east back home to Baltimore after spring semester at U of So-Cal. Somehow I had envisioned a cross-country trip as being more romantic. But there I was, with my head out the window of my car so I could see, driving 20 mph down a lonely stretch of road on the edge of nowhere. I could only see up to the end of my headlights, but with every flash of lightning I was reminded that the road went straight as an arrow all the way to the horizon.

I smelled something.

Being alone in the car, I tried to remember if I had farted, but I soon recalled the smell from the garage my dad owned: a hot car. I ducked my head back in the window. Sure enough, the ‘check engine’ light was on, and minutes later my car sputtered to a halt on the hard, gravelly shoulder. I bounced my head on the steering wheel for a few minutes before I tried my cell: no service. I hate Texas. I hit the flashers and jumped out of the car. Within a half a minute I was soaked. At least I wouldn’t have to worry about dying of thirst.

I pulled the collar up on my leather jacket and went to open the hood, only to be singed. I swore and screamed and kicked my old piece of shit car so hard that the bumper fell off. Just fell off. Hopeless. I did a 360 and looked in all directions, and I just happened to be looking ahead when a flash of lightning revealed my salvation: a squat building with a couple of low-intensity streetlights. I pulled my hat down and jammed my hands in my pockets as I started walking.

The distance was deceptively long. All distances are in Texas. After about 40 minutes of trudging through the rain, I arrived at the building. It was an old, slightly run-down diner, with a homemade sign that read “Erma’s Diner”. How quaint. There was one car parked beside the building. With a little luck, Erma was around. I went to the door and tried it, but it was locked. I cupped my hands to the screen to get closer to the inner glass door and peered in. A dim light shone through a door leading to the back. I knocked and waited a moment, then banged harder with my fist, shaking the whole wall. A face appeared in the lighted door, but I couldn’t really make it out. The person came to the door and opened the dinner one, so that we were separated by a screen door.

“Hey, mister, I-” she began. Yes, she. She was an almost surreally pretty, cute brunette, her light brown hair tied up in a bun in back of her head. She wore a brown and white waitress outfit and still didn’t hide her killer curves. We both stood aghast in surprise. I’m sure neither of us expected to see such a person in such a place.

“We’re…um, we’re closed,” she said, more quietly. I could barely hear her over the din of the rain of the metal roof. I took off my hat and ran a hand through my hair.

“Look, lady, I just need to use a phone, ok?” I said, shaking off my hat even though I was still standing in the rain. She just looked at me. I looked back, a little confused. I scratched my black beard stubble and sort of waved at her.

“Can I at least come in?” I asked.

“Yes! Jesus, get out of the rain,” she said, opening the door and standing aside.

“Thank you,” I said, stepping and taking off my coat. “My car broke down a few miles back, I need to call a tow-truck. Where’s the phone?”

“Oh, we don’t have one,” she said. “Sorry.”

“Ah. Great!” I said, throwing up my hands. I slumped down at the counter in the dark room. Another flash of lightning and peal of thunder shook the building. She jumped like a mouse; I didn’t flinch.

“Well I guess I’m staying here for the night,” I sighed. “Do you have anything to eat? I haven’t eaten since last night.”

“We’re, um,” she began

“Yeah, I know. You’re closed. I heard. But this is a diner, you must have food around. C’mon, have some compassion! I’ll pay you,” I said, fishing out my sodden wallet. She laughed as I comically pulled out some dripping bills.

“C’mon in the back, I’ll fix you something,” she said with a smile, touching my bare arm for a moment. The touch was electric. What was it about this girl? I stood from the stool, shaking off my hat again as I followed her swinging hips through the small rear door. We walked through the darkened kitchen and into a small back office/stockroom. She cracked open some boxes and rummaged through a fridge. “Sit down, stay awhile,” she offered, setting some food down on the table and pulling up a chair for me.

“Thank you,” I said. She handed me a towel, güvenilir bahis and our hands touched. She blushed.

“I’ll fix you some eggs and sausage, ok?” she said.

“Sure, sounds great!” I said, rubbing my hands together. She didn’t take long. I stood in the kitchen with her, not content to be waited upon completely, and we talked while she took the 10 minutes to fix me dinner. Her name was Isabelle or Bella for short. She was 19 to my 21, and Erma was her mother. They lived about 30 miles up the road in a small trailer with her father and little sister. It was not a wealthy family, I gathered, but a very happy one.

“I’ve been working here since I was 13. My little sister will start next year,” Bella said. “Mom would pay me a little for helping out, but I liked to, and money isn’t much of an object around here.”

“Where’s the nearest town?” I asked

She pointed. “Oh, about 50 miles thataway. But we have a phone at my house, so you can call the truck from there. It’ll cost you a bit, you know.”

“The truck? Oh, yeah, I know. Whattaya gonna do, though, huh?” I chuckled. She laughed.

“Well, it’s ready! Here, go on back in the office and I’ll get you something to drink. Coffee OK? It’ll be a little strong,” said Bella.

“Just how I like it,” I answered. She returned with my food and a couple cups of coffee, and she sat on the desk beside me as I ate, her smooth, shapely legs neatly crossed.

“So geez, the nearest town is 50 miles away…any neighbors?” I asked.

“Not for at least that same 50 miles,” she answered.

“But you get plenty of customers out here?”

“Surprisingly, yes,” she laughed. “Mostly truckers and bikers, but both groups have big appetites.”

“Ha! I could eat them into the ground. No one on Earth has the appetite of a college student,” I cajoled. We laughed. “What made your parents want to do something like this, anyway?”

“Used to be hippies,” Bella said succinctly.

“Say no more,” I said, putting up a hand. I ate a couple more bites. “This is delicious. Thank you so much,” I added.

“You’re welcome!” she beamed.

I finished and leaned back in my chair with my coffee. “So what do you do for fun out here?” I asked. I noticed she crossed her legs the other way, towards me, when I asked.

“Well, we do a lot of things,” she began, leaning back on her hands. “You have a lot of time to spend with yourself, so you learn things you wouldn’t learn otherwise. My mom sends me to boarding school during the year, but in the summers I like to come back home, and when I get here I always just fall back into my old routines.”

I gave a questioning look, and she continued.

“Well, first of all I can play the harmonica like you wouldn’t believe,” (she gave me an odd wink) “and I learned some mild contortionism as a hobby.”

I raised my eyebrows, and she giggled and blushed a bit. “You don’t say!” I laughed.

“Mm-hm!” she nodded vigorously, then her expression changed. “But most of the time, we’re just lonely. We always talk the ears off of anyone who will listen when the walk into the diner.”

“You didn’t seem too talkative when I showed up at the door a while ago,” I pointed out, pointing with the thumb. She blushed a bit.

“Well, you were a bit off-hours. And with that hat and 5 o’clock shadow you looked kinda sinister. And…” (she paused, looking at the floor and smiling while brushing her hair behind her ear with one hand) “…we definitely don’t get many good-looking young men in here, either.” She looked at me at bit her lower lip tenderly. I felt my pants shrinking, and simply smiled at her over my coffee.

“Well, it’s not every day that when my car breaks down on the edge of nowhere that a beautiful girl takes me in a feeds me dinner,” complimented back. She smiled and twisted her feet around, her shoes clunking to the floor.

So…you have a girlfriend back in Cali?” she asked, pulling her legs up on the desk and sitting sideways on her hip.

“No, no steady girl,” I said, putting down my coffee and leaning an elbow on the desk by her bare leg.

“No?” she said, looking at me with bedroom eyes.

“No…” I said. Carefully, I let my hand caress across her calf. She didn’t pull away. She skin was soft, smooth, and warm. It had been a long time since I had really stopped to touch a girl. She stretched out her leg in response, our eyes locked. I rose from my chair and she sat up on the desk. I touched her cheek, then ran my hand back around behind her head, cradling it as I kissed her deeply. She moaned like I had just kissed her pussy instead; she obviously hadn’t gotten any in a while! Her arms draped over my shoulders and around my neck as my hands took hold of her sides. We kissed more and more forcefully and passionately, our fingers fumbling with each others buttons. My shirt hit the floor with a wet slap, and she moaned again as she ran her hands down my hard, sculpted chest and abs. I got her out of the white smock türkçe bahis to reveal a set of D-cup breasts that would have put any playboy model to shame. Her white lace bra kept them at bay for the time being as we kissed, our tongues intertwining and our hands roaming. I deftly unsnapped the little metal clasp holding her skirt on, then scooped her up under the butt, standing her up so it would drop to the floor. I stopped and took a step back to look at my prize of the year; 5’5″, smooth, shiny brown hair, curves that would wreck and rally car, full, round breasts, and a bubble butt the likes of which I may never see again. Topsides she had a skimpy white lace bra that just barely covered her nipples, and below she wore a matching white cotton thong. She looked at me and leaned against the desk, tilting her hips back. I toed off my slightly muddy boots and kicked them behind me just as she dropped to her knees at my feet! She took the reins, unbuckling my belt and undoing my fly in a matter of seconds. She hooked her fingers into my jeans and boxers and pulled both to my ankles in one go. My 9-inch cock sprang free, and she gasped as she laid eyes on it.

“Oh my…” she cooed, wrapping her warm hand around my shaft. “You’re definitely the biggest I’ve ever had!” I just moaned in response, leaning against one of the steady stack of boxes as her hand slowly strokes me up and down. Her tongue danced along the underside of my shaft and across my shaved balls, then she let go for just a second while she slowly ran her tongue from top to bottom, pausing to swirl her tongue around the tip before all of a sudden engulfing the head of my cock with her lips.

“Ohhhh fuck!” I moaned, my toes curling. I looked down at her while she wantonly looked right back into my eyes, her soft pink lips wrapped snuggly around just my tip, moving quickly up and down just fractions of an inch. God, it was wild! No other girl has since sucked me like that. But sadly, after only a minute or so she stopped and stood, kissing me and leaning back against the desk again.

“Don’t think I’m going to let you come that easy,” she said wickedly. “I’m gonna make you work for it!”

“With pleasure,” I replied. She reached behind herself and let the bra fall to the floor. It was my turn to gasp; my imagination didn’t even do them justice! The most perfect breasts I had ever or possibly will ever see. She giggled at my reaction, cupping them in her hands. I kissed her while she played with her nipples, and pushed my hands into the waistband of her panties at her hips. She moaned again as I pushed them off her curve and let them fall to the ground. She jumped her booty up onto the desk and I knelt between her knees, only to be treated to yet another beautiful spectacle; her hot little teenage pussy. She was shaved but for a small strip of neatly cropped hair just above her clit about 2 inches long. I touched her lips; smooth as a baby. I inhaled her scent like perfume, teasing her lips apart with the tip of my tongue. She moaned fervently and gasped over and over as I licked her pussy, swirling my tongue around her clit and alternately plunging my tongue into her pussy. God, she tasted so sweet. I wanted her pussy like nothing else. She stopped me, breathlessly.

“Do you have a condom?” she asked. I almost screamed. I didn’t. I shook my head with an apologetic look.

“Good,” she said. “Because I want to feel it when you come in my ass.”

My jaw must have dropped, because she laughed again, playing with her pussy before my eyes, only inches away. I helped her with my tongue, with a renewed libido if ever that was possible. I’d only done one girl up the butt before, and it was the most amazing experience of my life. Well, that experience was about to be outdone.

Bella pulled her legs back, keeping them straight, until her knees nicely framed her tits. I licked tenderly around her freshly-cleaned rosebud, and she moaned breathlessly.

“Ohhh Jesus, I want you in my ass SO badly…” she moaned, looking me in the eye and shaking her head. I stood, and as I did she handed me a miniature plastic jar of Vaseline from her purse. “I keep it for my lips, but it works beautifully on my bum, too,” Bella said with a smile. I dug out a healthy finger-full and she gasped and giggled at the coolness as I spread it over her pucker. She talked dirty to me as I lubed us up.

“So how much of that cock are you gonna put in my ass, baby? All of it? Oh my goodness I don’t know if I can take all of it…my tushie’s reeeeeaaally tight. Do you promise to be nice and gentle with my ass? Go slow at first, but be sure to give me eeeevery inch that I can handle, baby. I wanna feel that cock waaaay up my butt. I want you to make me scream!”

Shaking with anticipation, I lined up my glistening cock with her tiny little rosebud, feeling the slippery, crinkled skin against my tip. She gasped little gasps, looking me in the eye and squeezing my arm as I pushed. She lay on the desk, her legs spread wide and back around güvenilir bahis siteleri her ears, while I stood over her. She looked into my eyes as I slowly pushed against her tight back door.

“Oh yes baby, I can feel it going in!” she moaned, shaking her head, “I can feel my little bottom opening up for you, bit…by bit…by bit….ohmygod here it comes…it’s gonna go in right now!!…Uhhhh!…Nnnnggg!……..Uhhh!!Jesus, there it goes! Ohhhhmygodohmygodohmygod…” she groaned as my cock popped past the second sphincter and slid smoothly and deeply up her tight teenage butt. She continued to look me in the eyes, but her brow furrowed her and jaw dropped, her fingers digging into my biceps as I leaned out over her, my cock continuing its exploration of her hind end.

“Oh…my…gaaawwwdddd…” she groaned, letting her head fall back onto the desk. Her hands released my arms and held her legs back instead. “Is that all of it?” Bella whimpered breathlessly. I nodded, lying. There was about one more inch to go. “Oh thank God…” she moaned. “I couldn’t take another inch!” As she said that, I slowly pushed the last inch up her butt.

“Ohhhhhhhohohohoooo!! She cried, her back arching. “Fffffffffuck!! You lied, you fucker!” she said to me, a big, lustful smile on her face.

“Did you like that?” I asked.

“Ohhhh yesssss…” she hissed. “Now make me scream again. Take that big hard cock and fuck me!” I watched her face as I began to thrust, marveling how her expressions, moans, groans, screams and cries told of a thirst-driven mix of pain and pleasure. I slid out, then back in, over and over again, going from the tip to my balls with each and every stroke, making her feel every inch I had to give her. And feel it she did!

“Unnnngggg! Ohh my, that was a deep one!” she groaned, putting a hand on her abdomen. “I can feel you in my belly every time!”

I just moaned in response, lost in my own world of pleasure. Bella’s ass was hotter and tighter than an excited virgin on prom night, and the last girl I did in the ass could only take half my dick. This girl was amazing! I began to thrust faster as my excitement mounted, but the length of my stroke kept me from really pounding her, which was a good thing. I didn’t want to hurt such a delicate-looking little flower. But Bella had other ideas. She grabbed onto the edge of the desk and pulled her ass onto me, meeting my thrusts with her own. She screamed and swore, her face pinching up in a grimace of pain, but she only pushed harder!

“Oh!Oh!Oh! Yes, that’s it! Fuck me! Slide that cock up my butt, oh yeah! Oh yes! Oh! Unnngg!!”

Her big tits bounced and the desk shook as my cock rammed deep into her bowels, making her scream in pain and pleasure, and she loved every second of it. Our eyes were still locked as we fucked, my cock sliding back and forth, up and down in her ass, her tight sphincter nearly wringing the blood from my cock as it squeezed and milked me.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck I’m gonna come!” she squealed. She could come just from getting fucked in the butt! I pushed faster and harder, and was rewarded with even louder and more frequent screams and squeals from Bella. “Ooo! Oooobaby I’m coming! Oh God don’t stop! Don’t stop fucking me! Ohhhh!…OH!OHHHH!OH!OH!OH!!!”

Bella’s body shook and writhed on my cock as she came, her rectum rippling around my cock, squeezing me again and again. I kept ramming my cock deep up her butt, over and over. I was right on the edge!

“Come in my ass!” she squealed. That did it. I roared with pleasure, grabbing her hips and pushing every millimeter of meat I could muster straight up her butt. She screamed and held onto my arms as my cock exploded into her rectum, spurt after spurt of come shooting deep into her ass.

“Aaahh!…Aahhhh!…Ahhhhh!!” I cried, moaning out each rope as I filled her bottom with semen. She wrapped her legs around me, holding me deep within her and looking up at my face with a wicked smile. I gasp and groaned as I felt her ass expertly milking my cock of every last drop of come. When she was finally satisfied that she had gotten it all, she released me, her tight hole pushing out my softened cock with a wet little slurp. I had come so deep that only a tiny little thread of pure white dripped from her tightly closed pucker and down one smooth, tanned cheek. She slowly sat up and stood on shaky legs and wrapped her arms over my shoulders. I kissed her breathlessly.

“That was amazing,” she gasped.

“You’re the best I’ve ever had,” I added with a disbelieving chuckle.

“Likewise! *whew!*” she said, releasing me and turning to pick up her panties. As she bent over I could see my come between her buttocks where it had started to leak. She didn’t even care, though, and pulled on her thong right on top of it. She turned to smile at me.

“That should hold it in there,” she laughed. We talked as we dressed, and I found out that I was the first man she had anal sex with! The “other things” she did when she was alone happened to be fucking her own ass with a dildo. She hadn’t let on that she was an anal virgin before so I wouldn’t be scared off.

“Paid off in the end, didn’t it?” she laughed, giving my crotch a squeeze. I gasped.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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