Alene Raven’s New Life Ch. 31


A gift to the amazing Square, thank you.

Alene kept her eyes closed, she took a moment to savor the delight she felt. She knew her cock was in a pussy, a very deep, moist and inviting pussy. She couldn’t tell, by feeling alone, how big she was but that didn’t matter, what mattered was the feeling, her cock was pumping cum at a maddening pace.

She also felt her pussy, it was filled to the brim, the invader was huge, touching her in all the right places, a never-ending orgasm washed over her as the rod launched insane amounts of spunk into her.

Alene opened her eyes and saw a mirror, or so she thought. Her figure suddenly smiled and kissed her. She took the world around her in, she was in space again, fucking and being fucked by herself. Her cock and the one in her were colossal, far bigger than anything she could imagine.

Alene didn’t speak, she took a moment to internalize. How was she breathing in space? How was such a size possible? Was she even breathing? She closed her eyes, a frightening thought ran through her mind, Was she even alive?

Suddenly, Alene smelled something strange, it was smoke. Her eyes flung open, she was no longer in space, instead, she was in her car, the world around her was a blur. Alene felt her whole body ache. As the world came back into focus, her sense of direction kicked in and she noticed she was upside down. Somehow, she was involved in a car accident, outside the windshield fire started engulfing the car.

“Help,” Alene called, her voice raspy. She looked around the car, she was alone, held in place by her seatbelt. “Please, someone help me!” she cried, smoke started filling the car and Alene coughed hard. Alene clicked the seat belt release button, it clicked but nothing happened, she was stuck. She couldn’t stop it, she kept coughing as her lungs screamed for clean air. She looked deep into herself, fighting the involuntary cough, she opened her mouth to call for help again but nothing came out, her lungs were empty, she could feel the scorching heat of the flames on her skin. The world turned black. Alene didn’t feel anything, she faded into the void.

“How are we doing Nadia?” Alene asked as she entered the room. Nadia was sitting on the computer looking at a few erotica sites.

“Mostly, rather well Alene, seems most people really like you, we even got a few requests for sex from girls.” Nadia smiled.

“Really? Tell me a little about them,”

“Ok, what I see is most people want you to fuck them like you fucked Paula or the first time you fucked me and Jen.” Nadia looked at the numbers while Alene took a seat next to her.

“Well… We might fulfill one of those wishes someday.” Alene said with a giggle.

“There is one thing…” Nadia hesitate.

“I’m listening,”

“There’s this one user, I have to admit it’s really strange…” Nadia stalled.

Alene looked at her with concern. “Out with it Nadia, what is it?”

“Okay, okay. This weirdo spent a ton of time giving each and every one of our episodes a one-star review…” Nadia opened the charts and sure enough, all of the episodes had a one-star review.

“Okay, probably has something personal with me. Who is this user, Nadia? Let’s write him a message.” Alene offered.

“We can’t Alene,” Nadia said in a flat voice, “he is using an anonymous user.”

A smile started spreading across Alene’s face, “I see now, an internet chicken…”

“You mean troll, Alene,” Nadia started laughing out loud.

“No, I mean what I said. An internet chicken, a person that’s only brave behind a keyboard but has no backbone to come out of anonymity.”

“Well enough,” Nadia consented, “internet chicken it is, what do you want to do with him?”

“Nothing to do, haters gonna hate.” Alene kissed her lover.

Fireworks filled her world, bright flashes that blurred her sight, “I am so lucky to have this amazing woman by my side,” she said as the world came back into focus. Alene was watching, an observer of a show she had no control over.

Angie opened her eyes, by some miraculous fortune she was still alive. The world around her was pitch black. She needed a moment to understand what happened. A moment ago she was having sex with Nicky, she felt like that was a good starting point and found her inflated belly was still there, just as big as before, she also felt Nicky’s cock in her, still spewing its load into her and inflating her already massive midsection. While they were having sex she remembered Alene’s cock, bigger than anything she imagined, it grew and was headed for them. The thought jumped to her head, somehow Alene’s cock grew so big they were now underneath it, trapped in a cave created by its massive folds and veins. It was a terrifying realization, but as Angie’s belly grew she felt it, the end of the cave they were in. Her belly touched the wall, she could feel it pulsating.

“Nicky? Are you alive?” No answer came back, she felt her cock, it was a poor estimation of the situation but it illegal bahis was the best Angie had. She closed her eyes and focused on her love tunnel. Angie felt Nicky pulse, her cock grew by a tiny margin, but Angie noticed it, she felt the cum entering her, the force was incredible to her. She guessed Nicky was lost in her orgasm but was still alive.

“Alene,” her voice trailed, “I never imagined this could happen, I… I…” Angie found it strange to say the words, they felt like knives in her throat, “Wow, this is hard… You are amazing Alene, I’m sure Nicky feels the same way.” Tears started filling her eyes and running down her cheeks, “Thank you, Alene, it was a pleasure to know you and take part in your life.” The cave moved and shifted, the world trembled, above them, Alene was erupting. Angie wished she could see it one last time.

The world became pitch black once more, Angie and Nicky disappeared. Alene regained control, she was no longer an observer.

“Are you ready Nadia?” Alene asked, her eyes fixed on her lover’s.

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” Nadia answered with a smile.

“There’s no turning back now, I don’t think I’ll be able to pull out if we go any farther.”

Nadia leaned in and kissed Alene, it was a kiss full of love, “I never want you to pull out, my dear goddess wife, I want you to stay there forever.”

“I love you,” Alene said with a smile and she felt the first contraction in her balls. It felt strange, different… This was not the earth-shattering orgasm Alene knew and loved, but it was just as intense.

Nadia’s eyes were shiny, her face showed shock, “wow, Alene, it’s so different from your usual cum, I… ah” Nadia moaned, her belly started to expand and she placed her hands to feel the ejaculation in her. She felt the cock in her contracting as her midsection moved up, she looked nine months pregnant as more and more cum rushed into her womb.

Alene felt her legs getting wet, cum started to leave the overfilled Nadia and pool on the bed, it was so thick one could think it was solid. As her orgasm came to an end she hugged her fat wife.

“Thank you, Alene,” Nadia whispered in her ear.

“Don’t thank me yet wife, we still have the whole night ahead of us.” Alene giggle and started moving her cock in and out of Nadia, riding to her next orgasm as the world around her exploded into blackness. she could feel her control slipping away.

“Goddammit!” Nicky shouted, she felt her head exploding. She remembered seeing Alene’s cock before losing consciousness. There was still light outside, she probably wasn’t out long. She got on her feet and listened, people were screaming in panic. She felt sorry for the people around her, she herself was shocked by what was happening, and she knew Alene personally.

A single voice grabbed Nicky’s attention, “Nicky! Over here!” It was Sabrina, she came into the park, stark naked. Her chest was flat, for a change.

“Thank god I found you, Nicky, are you okay?” Sabrina asked.

“The shockwave knocked me out but I’m unharmed. What happened?”

“We… We don’t know Nicky… Nadia was with Alene, I haven’t heard from them…” Sabrina’s voice was shaking.

“What about Jen and Angie?” Nicky wondered.

“We managed to talk over the phone before the signal went out. Angie is close by. Jen is on the other side of Alene, near the sex shop.” Sabrina looked at Nicky with the hope she will have the answers, “What are we going to do Nicky?”

“I… I don’t know, what can we do?” Nicky was helpless. A tremor passed them, Alene grew again. “We don’t have much time Sabrina. You go get Jen, I’ll get Angie, we’ll meet back at the tip and make our way to Alene, Sounds good?”

“Sounds like a plan,” Sabrina confirmed, “I hope we have a chance to find Nadia along the way.” The girls hugged and looked at the monolithic cock ripping the city apart.

“I never imagined something like this would happen,” Nicky said.

“Neither did I girl, neither did I…” Sabrina agreed as the girls parted ways.

“AHHHHH” Nadia shrieked with glee.

The fear something might have happened to her wife snapped Alene back from her dream. Nicky was gone, Sabrina was no longer in the park, she was impaled on Alene’s cock as they were making love in her room. “Are you okay girl?” Alene paused and asked.

She listened intently for a response but heard Nicky, “Nadia, is everything well?”

“Oh My God! Oh My God!!” came Nadia’s screams once more.

Alene stood up, her cock erect, taking Sabrina up with her. The girl rested on her pole, every now and then a pulse of electricity ran through her and squeezed a yelp of pleasure out of her lungs. “I am sorry Sabrina, but off you go. I have to see what is happening with Nadia,”

Alene attempted to lift Sabrina but she resisted, “No, no, take me with you.” Alene felt the pussy around her clench hard, holding on to the invader for dear life.

“Have it your way…” Alene consented and started making her way illegal bahis siteleri to the hall where she found Nicky, Jen, and Angie huddled together before the bathroom door. Both Angie’s and Jen’s pussies were heavily leaking cum onto the floor, Alene understood what happened right away, Jen took Angie while Nicky fucked her.

“Make way!” Alene announced but the girls stood still, she noticed they were all crying. Alene reached the doorway and pushed Sabrina against the girls, making them part ways. Once in the bathroom, she turned and looked at Nadia. She was holding a stick in her hand and tears streamed down her face.

“Is that what I think it is?” Alene asked in a fearful voice.

Nadia nodded yes.

“Are you serious?”

“Yes,” Nadia answered, her voice shattered “We did it.”

Alene started crying herself, she couldn’t believe the words she heard from Nadia. Her mind was a mess, a hurricane raging in her soul, it worked. She lost all connection with the world, The girls around her didn’t interest her, nor did she care about Sabrina who was still impaled on her cock. Her world was comprised of herself, Nadia, and the exchange of word between them.

Alene’s cry mixed into a gleeful laugh as she listened to her body, it was overwhelmed with emotions, screaming for release. Deep down she felt it, her physical reaction, a primal need, it was taking over. She vaguely heard Sabrina scream, “You’re growing inside me! My goodness, Alene, you are a true goddess…” Alene’s body did what it did best, she was on the edge of an orgasm, something she never imagined would happen, this one was a monster even in her standards.

Alene was oblivious to the world around her, she didn’t feel the ground under her feet or the air on her skin, she didn’t even notice Sabrina’s pussy around her cock, struggling to contain the tip of her cock as it grew to match the upcoming flood. Alene was reduced to a pair of balls, a cum tube and an ungodly amount of cum.

Her balls clenched, each pushing hundreds of gallons into the narrow tube that flexed to contain the rush and move it up the cock. Alene felt the tube contract in an attempt to fight back, moving the cum along the tube until it reached the tip where she could no longer feel the liquid. Before she had a moment to think about what happened her mind ran back to her balls, they contracted once again, even tighter than before.

This was different, like a tsunami, her balls pushed even more cum into the tube, it was so thick, but her cum tube was far from overwhelmed, it simply reacted by pulsating and pushing out more and more cum. The process repeated thousands of times. Within a trance Alene faded once more, lost in the bliss, she no longer held command over the world.

Sabrina honked the horn, a loud beep filled the street. She sat in the car and waited for the traffic jam to clear, “Come on bitch, get a move on.” She snarled at the car before her, she was about a mile away from the shop and, hopefully, Jen. She felt a wobble go through the car, it was mostly dampened by the shock absorbers on the car but she still felt it. turning her head left she saw Alene’s cock, it was gargantuan, Sabrina knew it was all Alene but it was hard to grasp that the cute, skinny woman was attached to this colossal monolith of flesh.

While Alene was impressive, her true might only became apparent to Sabrina when she looked outside the window of her car at the street. Everywhere, people became extremely sexual. Every man and woman were doing something sexual, people ripped off their clothes and fucked each other, Both men and women collapsed into countless orgasms. A pair of women walked onto the road, embraced in each other’s arms, they crushed onto the car before Sabrina and continued to make sweet love.

The woman in the car beeped to no avail, the couple ignored her. She opened the door and got out of the car “Get off the fucking road,” she raised her voice to scare the couple away but froze in place. Sabrina thought it was very odd that the girl was in a rush a moment ago just stopped in her tracks, she remained motionless.

Suddenly, the girl moaned loudly and ripped off her dress, she too was naked and Sabrina noticed her pussy was slightly dripping onto the asphalt. She stormed the two girls and joined the love-making. A realization struck Sabrina, Alene was doing more them growing and filling the town with cum, she was spreading some form of pheromones that get people hyper-aroused, slowly she inched her way in the car, she feared going outside and getting swept up in the rave, she had a job to do, she needed to focus.

The girls didn’t notice Sabrina’s car as she pushed against their own to make way, Sabrina saw the road to the sex shop was now clear, she floored the gas pedal.

Jen was outside the shop, naked, Her cock deep in a brunette girl Sabrina didn’t know. She was clearly exposed to the pheromones and lose control, a normal woman would never let Jen fuck her the way she did the brunette. canlı bahis siteleri The girl was off the ground, held only by the cock, her body was limp, clearly overwhelmed by the feeling of being held up by a monster cock. Each pulse that ran along the cock rocked the limp girl and stretched her wider than before, she was nothing more than a condom for Jen.

Sabrina knew she had to intervene, but feared losing control herself. If she lost control she and Jen would never stop fucking, they were both a few more sexually prolific than any other girls on the block. Sabrina argued with herself on a course of action when her focus came back to the screaming Jen. The cock started pulsing and launching her load into the brunette. The girl inflated in less than 5 seconds, Jen’s voice gave as the next pulse came. it was so powerful the cock was pushed back out of the girl mid-shot. A stream sailed to the opposite building, as thick as Sabrina’s waist, it crushed against the wall and covered the building with a thick white coat. Sabrina knew she had to act.

“Are you crazy Alene?” Nadia shouted. The shout jolted Alene back, gone was Sabrina, Jen and the sex-crazed mob, she was in her living room.

“Calm down Nadia. What’s the big deal?” Alene said. She got up on her feet, positioned her hands on the girl’s thighs and pushed her away. Her cock left the abused slit with a loud pop and a strong stream of cum followed, hitting Alene’s stomach. The blue haired girl convulsed and moaned in protest, after a minute she came to a rest on her inflated belly and joined the other cum balloons on the ground.

Nadia was silent for a moment, she counted the girls Alene used, “34 girls Alene? you really need them? Aren’t we enough for you?”

“Not since that night Nadia,” Alene said, her eyes blazing, “right now I don’t think nothing short of flooding the whole country could help.” Alene didn’t stop, she picked up a purple haired girl that was hiding behind one of the cum balloons and impaled her on the still erect cock.

“We need to talk to a therapist Alene, this isn’t natural.” Nadia tried to protest one last time. Alene moaned as she hilted the girl, ignoring Nadia, she exploded the girl’s abdomen to match the others.

“You can talk to a therapist all you want Nadia, I believe Sabrina is in her room recovering from our love-making. This is just the way I am now!”

The world darkened into emptiness, Alene almost felt it creeping in on her. She couldn’t see, taste or smell anything, she could only hear a faint whisper, a soft feminine voice she couldn’t quite understand. “This is just the way I am now…” her thoughts trailed off.

Alene opened her eyes, she was in space again. In her embrace was the other Alene.

“Where are we?” she asked.

The other Alene giggled, “In space love.”

“How did we get here?”

“You got us here, you saved us, Alene,”

“I don’t understand what’s going on…” Alene said, she was truly baffled and this deeply frustrated her.

“Don’t yank my cords Love, did you bump your head?”

Alene looked into her double’s eyes, “I really don’t understand… ” Alene’s brain snapped onto the only thing it could at that moment, “Since when do I say, love?”

The figure before her started to change, it was no longer Alene, her body became curvier, her hair grew longer, bit by bit the other Alene turned into a more familiar figure.

“Nadia, what is going on?” Alene was truly lost.

“I am here with you my dear wife, we are together forever and that’s what count right?”

The world faded into darkness, Nothingness, a lightless void.

Her eyes opened faintly, taking in the blinding light. Alene closed them and focused on her body, on what she was feeling. She was resting in a bed, she couldn’t tell whose bed it was but the smell gave it away, it was the bed she shared with Nadia. A faint voice filled the room, it was Nadia’s.

“Girls! come here, she just opened her eyes!” The voice was full with emotions Alene didn’t really understand, a strange combination of anxiety and joy. She opened her eyes again and let them adjust to the light, she heard the shuffle of feet for a moment and the world came into focus.

Nadia was by her right behind her peeked Angie, her huge breasts protruding from Naida’s sides. On her left was Jen, behind her Nicky. at the foot of the bed was Sabrina.

“Alene, are you with us.”

“I..” the moment she started to speak Alene felt her throat, it was bone dry, she started to cough.

“Quickly, Get her some water, Nadia said and Jen reached for a drawer by the bed, she handed Alene a bottle which she drank.

“Thank you, What happened?” Alene wondered.

Suddenly, the room was dead quiet; The usually noisy girls were speechless. Alene waited for a moment, fear and uncertainty filled her heart.

“I think…” Sabrina started to speak but broke mid-sentence, Angie picked up “We think it would be best if you saw the news first…” and with that Sabrina opened the TV. On the screen was the transition into the news Alene knew all too well, it hardly changed over the past 20 years. In the studio was a middle-aged presenter who waited patiently for the intro to end.

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