Alex and Dylan

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Disclaimer: This is fiction. The author does not condone these acts, or any acts of betrayal in any way. I hope that you enjoy this story – but that’s all it is, a story.


I’d known Dylan since we’d been at school. His family moved up when we were both in Year 8 and both of us being 12-year-old natural loners, we bonded almost immediately. We used to hang out by the tennis courts during break and lunch all through the next five years, discussing how much we hated school, our parents and most of all the girls who never looked twice at us. Of course, those who did, we weren’t interested in. I guess it’s a teenage thing, a subconscious desire to be cool, but the reason that the popular girl is so often stereotyped as a bitch is that kids are cruel and are drawn to cruelty – especially in a pretty package. It’s only as we mature that we realise that advertising signs con you and the most beautiful, ivy covered buildings are often decadent and crumbling inside. Hell, when I meet people, they often think that I’m a nice guy. I’ll let you make your own judgments.

The one person who was off-limits for our bile-filled rants was Dylan’s younger, by two years, sister. Dylan was always protective of Alex, I recall once he ploughed into a group of four or five boys – what our American friends would call “sport jocks” – who were teasing Alex by holding her hands over her head. Sitting with him later in the medical room, whilst the nurse went off to collect more cotton wool to mop up his bloody nose, I asked him why he’d done it.

“Because she’s my sister,” he said, looking at me like I was a Martian. “What was I meant to do?” I had no answer. I guess being an only child that feeling of sibling solidarity was an alien concept. I got plenty of chances to see it up close, though, watching Dylan and Alex together. When I visited the maelstrom of his house I could see how Alex acted as the solid point that enabled him to lever off the abuse hurled at him by his mother. As for her, she clearly loved and trusted her brother. Some of that rubbed off on me, which I didn’t mind one bit. She was cute as a child and as she grew older, she became beautiful. She had long straw-blonde hair, contrasting with Dylan’s short, light brown hair, but shared his bright blue eyes. We chatted some times but as she grew prettier I became more and more awkward around her. I would have died before I admitted it to Dylan, but I was developing a huge crush on his sister. To be honest, I’ve never really lost it. She was the first girl I ever felt that strong, sexual desire for. More than one girlfriend has had to be placated after a Freudian slip in a moment of unguarded passion. As far as I know, Dylan was never aware of how I felt. Nor, for that matter, was Alex.

Life went on and Dylan and I passed our GCSE’s and then our A-levels and ended up at the same university, middle-ranking, middle-England and as bland as university can be. Those American films portraying College life as one long beer-infused party seemed like some kind of cruel joke. I guess going to the same place as Dylan was a mistake, we were just as insular as at school. This time however, we both had more of a desire to spread our social wings, as it were. We joined clubs, I a film-shooting club and Dylan a debating society. We also started hanging out with other friends and I, god knows how, found myself a girlfriend. Sara was amazing; gentle, understanding and hot. She used to delight in sex in unusual places – blowjobs at the back of the double-decker bus, frigging her in the cinema, creeping off mid-meal at the local restaurant for a quickie in the toilets. I used to call Dylan up each week and recount these episodes in all the glorious detail. She was my first girlfriend and I just badly needed to tell someone about it all. Somehow it didn’t seem quite right to talk to my mum about it. Dylan used to get morose as I was telling him about Sara – I have to admit that I enjoyed this. Sometimes, I’d make up stories so as to have an excuse to phone him. I was suddenly the superior in our previously equal relationship. More than once he’d sigh and tell me he wished he could meet someone like Sara – even the eighteen year-old Alex had a boyfriend now. I’d tell him that he would meet someone eventually – if he ever had, of course, I’d have been gutted.

It was indirectly through Sara that the first seeds were planted. She liked role-play; dressing me up as a policeman, her as a hooker, that sort of thing. I always felt a bit uneasy, as if it wasn’t me fucking her anymore, but went along with it partly out of love and partly because, in my inexperience, anything Sara suggested seemed like it was an integral part of a healthy sex life. One night she suggested that we pretended to be brother and sister. I shrugged and said ok, thinking that it would just be another night of dressing up as someone else. As I’ve said, I was an only child, so it was quite a surprise when I found that, as I stroked my cock in and out of her pussy whilst she told me how bad her ‘brother’ was for fucking her, I felt an unfamiliar excitement churning Gaziantep Escort in my stomach. The thought of Sara lying on her back, legs wrapped around her brother’s back whilst he pumped his seed into her, turned me on like never before. I came long and hard into her, surprising her into her own orgasm.

We played the same role-play a couple of times more but Sara soon got bored of any of our fantasies and was always looking for a new thrill. I tried probing her about her feelings for her brother, but my clumsy attempts only caused arguments about the separation of fantasy and reality. A perfectly reasonable position, my head told me – my cock, however, disagreed. There was still a problem, though. However turned on I was by the thought of incest between brother and sister, the thought of Sara actually fucking someone else was a major turn-off. It was when I found her in bed with a one-night stand two years down the line that I finally drew the line under all the arguments and petty squabbling that had developed a barrier between us. At the time, though, I was still deeply in love, not just lust. No, what I needed was another way to get my kicks. The opportunity that presented itself wasn’t exactly planned. I’d not constructed anything more than loose fantasy until that night.

Alex had split up with her boyfriend and had come down for the weekend to visit Dylan. She was pretty upset, very cut up. He’d dumped her – something about needing more space, which really meant he fancied her friend – and she was feeling unattractive and unwanted. Dylan and I did our best to cheer her up took her to a hairdressers who cut her hair to shoulder length and even arranged to head out to a coursemate’s party. As Alex was getting ready, Dylan told me to look out for her.

“She’s vulnerable at the moment,” he said. “I want you to help me look after her.”

“No problem.” I said.

The party itself was pretty boring – loud music, loud shirts and loud people but Alex seemed to enjoy being amongst the ‘grown up students’. She was dancing and getting a lot of attention. A couple of times Dylan or I had to give warning glances to drive away a predatory male who got too close.

“Isn’t this fantastic,” Alex gushed as Dylan headed off to the kitchen to get us another drink. “everyone is so cool!”

“You’re having a good time then?” I laughed.

“Oh yes, I always do with you and Dylan.” Alex paused. “Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure. Fire away.”

“It’s just that with you and Dylan being so close, I’ve always thought of you as a kind of half-brother, only you’re not my brother, so…” By this time, my trousers were starting to get uncomfortably tight. I tried to concentrate on Alex’s words to take my mind off of it. What she said next didn’t help.

“Do you think any of these guys would sleep with me?” I choked in amazement.

“I’m sure lots would.”

“Oh one would be enough. Trouble is, with Dylan, there’s no way he’d let me go off with someone. I like the idea of just, you know, doing it with a stranger…” she trailed off as Dylan came up with our drinks.

“You ok?” he asked, giving me a funny look.

“Yeah.” I croaked. “Actually, do you think you could get me a glass of water?”

“Sure.” Dylan said amiably and wandered off back to the kitchen.

“I take it you got rid of him for a reason?” Alex asked me.

“Yeah, I mean, yes.” I stuttered. “It’s just that, well, I wanted you to know that you can use my room.” And then, in a sudden flash of inspiration. “Actually, we have a sort of club on campus.”

“A club? What do you mean?”

“It’s a kind of sex club… what happens is that any girl who wants no-frills, no-questions sex, goes into her room and puts a piece of red clothing in the window. A few minutes, maybe half an hour later, some guy comes up to her room and they, you know. The only condition is that the lights have to be off and there can be no talking. That way it’s kept a secret.”

Alex was looking at me with a fair degree of scepticism. Not surprising, really as I’d just spun her a plotline out of a bad B-movie. I smiled at her, much cooler than I was feeling.

“You wait – I’ll show you, if you want.”

“I guess.” She said, as Dylan came back with my water. I was trembling with excitement.

“I tell you what,” I said. “Let’s do shots.” Without giving Alex and Dylan a chance to object, I headed off to the kitchen, in search of the bottle of vodka I’d seen earlier.

Five shots each and a bit of dancing later, Alex was getting giggly. Dylan was definitely the drunker side of tipsy. I knew that if my plan was going to work, I’d need to get the two separated somehow. Then I got lucky.

“I want to go home,” said Alex, abruptly. I looked at her sharply and saw that she was staring across the room at a guy making out with a girl. The guy looked a bit like her ex-boyfriend and she was obviously making some unpleasant associations.

“Aww not yet,” moaned Dylan. He had been staring at a girl for the last ten minutes. I knew that he’d sit there watching her, fantasising Gaziantep Escort Bayan about approaching her for about half an hour, before sloping home disconsolate.

“I’ll take you,” I offered Alex.

“Ok. Dylan, you ok?” she said.

“Yeah sure.” He said a bit distracted. Alex shrugged and grabbed her coat.

“Come on.” She said to me.

On our way back to our house, I deliberately steered her a slightly different way. Suddenly she stopped and pointed at a window.

“Is that…?” she asked, gazing in astonishment at the red bra hanging in the window.

“A-hah.” I said, not mentioning that it had been hanging there for at least two weeks – a trophy I guess. Alex was silent for the rest of the journey home. As soon as we got into our house, she turned to me.

“You really don’t mind if I use your room?”

“Not at all – just give me a few moments to tidy up, change the sheets…” I said. She nodded and bounced – no lie – off to the bathroom. I hurried to my room – we wouldn’t have long. I’d already changed my sheets that morning and my room was pretty tidy. What I wanted to do however was set up my video camera on the shelf opposite the bed. I’d bought a pretty hot camera for my latest project and it had a night-vision function, which I switched on. Sara and I had already worked out that placing the camera there gave a perfect view of the bed. I hit record and was just rearranging the pillows when Alex walked in. She looked fantastic, she’d put her hair up in a bun and had changed into a black negligee. I was surprised that she’d brought something so sexy to visit her brother – I guess that she was hoping that the American movies weren’t lying about college.

“Remember,” I told her as I placed my red t-shirt in the window. ” No talking and no lights.”

Alex nodded nervously as I walked out the room.

“And have a good time!” I fired over my shoulder as I switched off the lights.

I went into Dylan’s room and sat on his bed. I didn’t have to wait long. Just a few minutes had passed when Dylan stumbled in, morose and drunk.

“You ok?” I asked.

“Huh.” He grunted.

“Didn’t go well then?” I asked.

“No,” he sighed. “Where’s Alex?”

“In the shower.” I lied. “Sara’s come over.”

“Oh?” Dylan’s shoulder’s slumped.

“Yeah – she wants to play another of her fantasies.”

“Which one this time.” Dylan was like a fish on a line, unable to resist being drawn in.

“She’s got this thing about pretending to be strangers. I don’t know, I don’t really feel like it. She wants to fuck in the dark, with no talking or anything.”

“No talking? So how will she know it’s you?”

“That’s the point. She won’t. It could be anyone, me, Steve, you…” I trailed off and let Dylan mull this over.

“So,” he said at last. “How would you feel about someone else sleeping with her?”

“What?” I acted surprised at the thought. “She’d never cheat on me. I’d dump her if she did and never talk to the guy again. I mean, she’s a good girlfriend, really.”

“Right. So what are you going to do?”

“Just leave her there to stew, I guess. I tell you what, though, I’m starving. I’m going to head down to the supermarket – you want anything?”

“Um, no.” said Dylan, preoccupied with his thoughts.

“Ok – I’ll be about half an hour.” I said and headed out of the room and down the stairs. I opened the door and headed outside. I watched as Dylan’s light was switched off and then headed down to the supermarket. I grabbed a pack of biscuits and had to force myself not to run down the road back to our dorm. I’d taken about twenty-five minutes and when I got back, Dylan’s light was still out. I waited outside until I saw the light switch back on. I then quietly crept upstairs and knocked gently on my door.

“Come in.” said Alex and I pushed the door open and turned the light on. She was sitting in my bed, her hair down and the duvet wrapped around her. On her face was a big smile.

“That was fantastic. Thank you so much!” she said and spontaneously grabbed me and kissed me. I had to stop myself throwing myself on her and contented myself with kissing her cheek.

“You’d better get dressed – no actually, I told Dylan that you were in the shower. You’d better go wet your hair.”

Alex nodded and I watched as she shimmied out of the room to the shower. I switched the camera off and went over to Dylan’s room.

“Hey, how are you?” I asked tossing him the biscuits.

“Not bad, I’ve just been reading a book.” He replied chirpily.

“Oh? Any good?” I said.

“Not bad,” he replied, turning as Alex came in, towelling down her hair.

“I’ve just had a shower.” She said.

“Well, we’d better get to bed,” Dylan said. “Alex, I’ve got a mattress on the floor for you.”

“Thanks.” She scrunched up her nose.

“I’m going to head off to bed.” I said, eager to see what I’d captured on tape.

“Right,” said Dylan with a grin and turned to Alex. “Sara’s over.”

“Oh?” said Alex flashing me a grin.

“Uh, yeah,” I said, Escort Gaziantep heading out the room to giggles.

The camera had been placed perfectly, The first shot was of me rearranging the pillows and then Alex came into the room. Cue our conversation and then, as I fired off my parting shot and switched the light off, the night-vision picked up Alex climbing onto the bed. Lying down, she eased her panties down, over her knees and dropped them to the floor. Spreading her legs she slowly started to rub herself at the top of her pussy, slowly at first and then speeding up. Every now and then she dipped her fingers into her cunt, first one and then two until she was eventually finger-fucking herself at speed whilst rubbing her clit with her thumb. She was uttering little stifled moans, until with a gasp she arched her back and came. Continuing to slowly rub her pussy, she drew her legs together and rolled onto her side, like a reclining Venus. It was at this moment that the door opened a crack. No light was cast from outside – the hall light must have been switched off – but with the night-vision you could easily make out the shape of Dylan making his way, slowly in the dark across the room. The microphone picked up his heavy breathing as well as Alex’s more shallow breaths. As Dylan reached the bed, his hand touched Alex’s hip and he drew it back as if he’d received an electric shock. The affect on Alex was no less dramatic – she gasped and pushed her hips forward. Dylan hesitantly reached out again and this time, Alex took his hand and guided it to her breasts. Dylan slowly rubbed her breasts through her negligee and then ran one of his hands along her thigh. Leaning down he kissed her surprisingly firmly on the mouth. Alex wrapped her hands around Dylan’s neck and pulled him down on top of her. Their breathing was becoming more ragged but strangely synchronous, it was as if they were breathing the same piece of air. Suddenly Dylan broke the embrace and ripped off his shirt and trousers. From the first uncertain moves, he’d grown in confidence and instinct was taking over. Alex kissed his neck, then his chest, down his stomach to his cock, which sprung erect, knocking her on her cheek when she pulled his pants down. Grasping it she licked it from the base to the tip and then took the tip into her mouth. Dylan put his hands on the back of her head, playing with her hair and pulling it out of it’s bun and letting it hang down to her shoulders. Alex was now flicking the tip of his cock with her tongue – she had obviously had experience giving head, experience that her brother was now benefiting from. Suddenly Dylan pushed her away onto her back and climbed between her legs. Taking his cock in his hands he lined it up against his sister’s slit and clumsily pushed. By now I had my dick in my hands and was stroking it furiously as I watched Dylan’s cock slide into his sister’s pussy. Suddenly I had a thought – Dylan was not using a condom! I had told Dylan many times that Sara was on the pill – she liked the freedom it gave us. He thought he was fucking Sara, so he thought that no condom was necessary. Alex certainly hadn’t taken any kind of pill all that day, so what he was in fact doing was sliding his cock into his unprotected sister’s twat. If he came inside her, she would have no defence to stop his incestuous sperm entering right up to her womb and to the fertile eggs that lay there. I watched in fascination as he pushed in and Alex’s hips rose to meet him. Slowly at first, but then their rhythm built until they were pounding against each other. My hand was stroking my dick, matching each thrust of Dylan’s hips. Their groaning grew – Alex’s was shriller than Dylan but both were muffled. Dylan was obviously afraid he’d be recognised, Alex maybe that Dylan would hear her next door. Little did she know that the man pushing his cock in and out of her twat was in fact her brother. Suddenly, Dylan’s arse muscles twitched and he let out a grunt. With one last thrust he lay there twitching; Alex was impaled on her brother’s cock as it pumped sperm into her and she orgasmed around it. Gently Dylan kissed her and pulled out. As he gathered his clothes clumsily in the dark, Alex lay back against the pillow, her legs spread wide and her pussy glistening with her and her brother’s fluids. Dylan having gathered his clothes, left the room as silently as he could. Alex just lay on the bed, her negligee bunched up around her chest a happy smile on her lips. It was only when my knock was heard on the door that she grabbed her panties and wrapped the duvet around her.

I lay back exhausted. I’d cum just before Alex and Dylan had and felt drained. I wiped up the mess and lay down on the bed. The same bed as the brother and sister had fucked on, unknowingly, just an hour before.

Alex went back the next day – apparently much happier. A week later came the news that she was back with her boyfriend – the fling in my room was never mentioned. Dylan was a bit funny around Sara for a bit, causing her to suggest to me that he’d started to fancy her. I just shrugged – our sex life had never been better and we were going through what I’d later look back on as the best period of our relationship. Dylan himself became much more extrovert. When he did find himself a girlfriend, I wasn’t as disappointed as I thought I’d be – I guess the knowledge of what was contained on the video tape in my room gave me my security.

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