Alex and I Ch. 01

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I walked up to the trailer on the construction site eager to make a good impression on my first day. Moving to Florida from New York and leaving my family and friends behind hadn’t been easy. Finding work there proved even more problematic but I luckily and literally stumbled into a man about to post an ad looking for help and begged for the job before he put the ad in. I was given a two week trial basis and a vague “we’ll see how you work out” as warning. I had worked with my dad doing heating ventilating and air conditioning in New York so I knew that I could do it and it would bring in money but I had recently become an E.M.T. back home and would have preferred to do that.

Changing my license over wasn’t as easy and being able to support myself on a basic E.M.T. salary was almost laughable. So here I was. Knocking on the trailer door and receiving a gruff command to enter. I opened the door.

“Who are you?” Came the curt

interrogative. The interrogator was an older man sitting behind a large desk barely looking up from the architectural drawings in front of him.

“My name’s Josh. David told me to come in and that you would give me a job.”

“You’re the kid that my brother wants to try out?”

“I guess so.”

“You have experience?”

“I worked for my dad doing H.V.A.C. I know how to hold a hammer.”

“All right, fine. You have two weeks to show us we need you, otherwise you’re out. And if you’re late, even once, don’t bother coming in the next day.”

“Got it. And you are?” I asked.

“Pete. I own half this business with my brother.”

“Right. Thanks Pete.”

“Just get out and go do something.”

“Right. Um… what do you want me to do?”

“Jeezus!” The older man swore and finally looked up from what he was doing and gave me a once over. “At least you look like you can handle the work.” He said.

It was true. I stood 6’1”, and was pretty beefy from all the work I’d done in New York. I could stand to lose a pound or two but wasn’t that overweight. I had dark brown hair which was already showing highlights from the week and a half that I’d been there. What hair I didn’t have on my head was darker black and covered most of my body. My beard was trimmed up neat to make a good impression. “Go outside and talk to Tiny. He’ll tell you what to do.”

“Tiny. Right. Got it.”

I left to find who I assumed was the foreman named Tiny. I was steered toward one of the tiniest men I had ever seen. He wasn’t quite a little person but he was by no means tall. Tiny took me quickly around the site and put me to work moving cement bags, loads of brick, basically any job he didn’t want his better paid construction workers doing. I was happy to do it even under the brutal Floridian sun. I knew I was going to be burned to hell that day and was glad that I had put sunblock on.

Before I knew it, lunch time hit and everyone stopped and pulled out their box lunches. Not being anti-social but I chose to sit away from everyone else since they were sitting directly in the hot sun and I needed some shade to cool off. It did afford me the ability to check out the guys without being too obvious. Most of them were cute, good looking guys with deep bronze tans and rippling muscles. There were a few older guys but most of them seemed to be about my own age. No one tripped my heart strings and after my recent break up I wasn’t really looking to get back into one so I closed my eyes and rested while they finished their lunch.

The rest of the day went quickly and when I headed out to my car, Tiny shouted for me to come back. I trotted over to see what he wanted, fearful that he was going to tell me not to come in tomorrow.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“Good job today, kid.”

“Thanks, Tiny!” I was pleased that he had liked my work and thankful that I still had a job.

“Yeah, don’t fuck it up! Get here early tomorrow and keep it up.”

“I will.” I said, not taking any offense to his crassness. Construction men generally barked and yelled as if it were the only way to get things done. “Thanks Tiny.”

“Yeah, get the fuck out of here.”

I got in my car and burned my back as I forgot to leave a cracked window or block the streaming sunshine heating the vinyl seats to near fusion temperatures. Not letting that bring me down, I drove to my friend Maryellen’s house. She was my best friend from New York and had moved down to Florida about a year before and had been nagging me to move down ever since. After my break up I figured I had no more excuses and welcomed the change.

Maryellen’s house was chaotic to say the least. It was a nice double wide trailer with a small room in the back off the car port. Still she lived with four other adults, five kids, perabet four dogs, three ferrets and something called a sugar glider. I pulled up in front of her house and opened the gate to a cacophony of dogs barking and kids screaming. Ignoring that, I opened the door and called out her name.

“Hey.” She said coming around the corner. Maryellen was my hag and had been my best friend since she sat down at my table and announced that she was my new best friend. I had laughed at the notion but here we were ten years later. “How was work?” She asked, grabbing two iced coffees from the kitchen. They were her favorite drink and always on hand.

“It was good. Hard work, sucks being in the sun, and some of the guys seem funny.” I pushed one of the dogs out of the way and flopped down on the couch.

“But it’s a paycheck.” As she flopped down next to me.

“Yeah. If I can save up some money pretty quick I’ll be able to move out of Aunt Dee and Uncle Gerard’s house and get a place of my own.”

Aunt Dee and Uncle Gerard were Maryellen’s great aunt and uncle who lived a few blocks away and were up visiting their children and grandchildren in New York. They had agreed to let me stay in their guest room till I found a job and was able to support myself. I thanked them from the bottom of my soul since trying to squeeze in here would have been an unholy mess. Besides, Aunt Dee and Uncle Gerard had a pool!

“So were there any hotties?” Maryellen asked.

“I’m not there looking for hotties. I’m there to work.”

“What’s that shit?”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re not dead. You can still tell if someone’s hot or not.”

“I’m not really interested in that. I just want to do my work and get paid.” She didn’t answer, but sat staring at me. “All right, no there are no hotties.”

“That sucks, Man!”

“I really couldn’t care less.”

“At least if there’s a hottie there’s something nice to look at while you work.” Maryellen stated with her particular brand of worldly wisdom.

“I guess.” I sighed and took a sip of iced coffee. “Coconut and cinnamon?” I asked.

“Nutmeg. I ran out of cinnamon.”

“It’s nice.”

“Thank you. Look Josh,” I sighed again waiting for the speech. She hadn’t given it to me since I got down here but I figured it was time. “Victor left you and did you a big ass favor. He wasn’t right for you that’s why you guys could never make it. I mean, you were on again off again for what?”

“Five years.”

“Five years! That’s time you’re not getting back. It’s admirable that you tried so hard. You’ll know how to fight for a relationship when it means something but you were just beating a dead horse there.”

“I know.”

“So it’s time to get out there and start dating. Find someone better suited for you.”

“I’m just not ready yet. We only broke up two months ago.”

“In gay years that’s like four years. You should be living with some guy and raising an asian kid.”

“This isn’t t.v. You can’t simplify my life to read like an episode of Will and Grace. Happy endings are only a sure thing in massage parlors.”

“Yeah, well go to a couple of those!”

“Oh that’s tacky! I’m not paying for sex.”

“Oh suddenly you’re so high and mighty?!”

“That was one time and I didn’t know he was a prostitute till he was already in my house. How was I supposed to get him to leave?”

“Well, do something. You’re starting to get all depressed and shit.”

“I just moved a thousand miles from the only home I’ve ever known and had to deal with a break up, and finding a new job which really isn’t the one I want. I’m sorry I’m not Mr. Sunshine.”

“It could be worse.”


“You could be one of those people standing by the road dressed like the Statue of Liberty and dancing for the traffic.”

“There is that.” I agreed.

The next few days passed in relative peace and hard work. I got up, went to the job site, did my eight hours and went home. Sometimes I went to Maryellen’s for dinner, sometimes I cooked at home and took a dip in the pool. And on Friday when my paycheck came I felt relieved that at least I was on my way to being independent again. I was tempted to go out and have a nice weekend, even got some invites from the guys to go to a couple of strip clubs, but I turned them down and squirreled away the money.

Monday came shortly enough and I was back at the job site bright and early moving a load of brick from the lower foundation to one of the upper floors. I had just filled the cart and was heading up to the lift when I heard a shout.

I turned to look and my breath caught in my lungs. The most beautiful man I’d ever seen was walking onto the job site being greeted by the crew. perabet giriş I vaguely heard someone yell something about him finally getting his lazy ass back from vacation, but from what I could see lazy wasn’t a descriptive adjective that I’d use for it. Hot, beautiful, mouth-watering, bubble, sensuous, tantalizing, God cried at such perfection, and they should have sent a poet would be a few of the descriptive words and phrases to describe it.

His shoulders were wide and looked as if they could carry the weight of the world upon them. His strong back was muscled underneath the tight shirt he was wearing and just beginning to run with sweat in the morning heat. His legs looked to be long, thick pillars wrapped in faded jean which both lead one’s gaze back to that perfect ass. Then I realized that I was enthralled and my Adonis hadn’t even turned around.

But what was lucky was I had been paying so much attention to the God of the Job Site that I had lost my grip on the cart and it careened into a ditch and spilled my load. Of bricks. Spilled THE load of bricks. Geez, you people.

God-of-the-job-site heard the noise and turned around. His arms were thick, long and covered in black hair. His chest was one of those beautiful sculpted male chests that photographers take pictures of with a baby sleeping against it. His belly was flat and though covered by the t-shirt I imagined that it was ripped with abdominal muscles of steel. I could feel their texture on my face and even imagined that there were covered with the softest down of hair leading to his naval. Then there was the bulge. I’m pretty sure I blushed at this point. I felt faint and kept thinking ‘Oh God. Oh God. Oh God.’ Just then Pete came out of the trailer.

“Jeezus, Tiny!! The new kid’s sun sick and it isn’t even 11 yet! Get him some water and make him sit down for an hour!!”

“Sure Pete!” Called Tiny, though I could hear that he was pissed about it. He ran over and threw a bottle of water at me.

“No, Tiny. It was just a mistake. I can pick this up.”

“No you won’t. You’ll sit down over there and drink the fucking water and not let yourself get dehydrated again.”

“Tiny, I’m not dehydrated.”

“No? Then why did you drop all the brick?” I couldn’t think of an answer that would incriminate the shit out of me.

“I didn’t drink enough water.” Was the only thing I had.

“Damn, you are sun sick. Maybe we should send you home.”

“No!! I’ll just sit over there and drink the water. I’ll be good as new in no time.” I walked away before he could argue and sat in some shade on the other side of the job out of sight of the rest of the men. I drank the water, got a hold of myself and within a half hour felt like I could return to work and not screw anything else up. I made my way back to where I had been loading the brick and took up work again. I didn’t see the demi god I had made such an ass of myself over and took that as a good sign. Hopefully he didn’t work here and I wouldn’t have to be distracted by him. I could keep my job and everything would be fine. Tiny found me a bit later about to take the cart upstairs.

“Don’t worry about that kid. They’ve got enough brick up there for now. I need you to follow Alex around and help him out. He’ll need you to go get stuff. He’s my best contractor so whatever he needs, you do alright?”

“Sure, Tiny. Where is he?”

“Upstairs. Just ask around for Alex.”

I went upstairs with a warning squirmy feeling in my gut. Perhaps the reason I hadn’t seen the demi god was because he was upstairs already working. I had only been there a short time but I knew that none of the other men were named Alex. The feeling grew as I reached the top of the stairs and shouted to one of the guys asking where Alex was. They pointed and I walked in the direction they had pointed to. And sure as shit, there was the demi god. I walked up to him.

“Alex?” He turned around. His face was perfect. I could see now that he was latino, probably Mexican with olive skin, black hair, and eyes so dark you couldn’t tell if they were brown or black. He smiled and I saw his perfect teeth. He wasn’t a demi god. He was a devil sent to tempt me and I feared I was going to lose.

“Hey. You’re Josh?”

“Yeah. Tiny sent me up to get you whatever you needed.”

“Yeah, well I’m good for right now but you can go over and clean up all that shit in the corner. I’ll be working there right after I’m done here.”


The rest of the day dragged on as a constant struggle, and I do mean struggle, not to stare too long at Alex. I just focused on the tasks at hand and after a while was almost able to forget his presence entirely. When I had finished clearing the space he wanted perabet güvenilir mi me to, I turned and saw him stretching up to drill in a metal support and watched his t-shirt ride up baring his stomach. It wasn’t as muscled as I had thought, but that slight imperfection only seemed to make him seem approachable in some way. It was as hairy as I thought and his treasure trail lead down into the top of his boxers or briefs which could be seen above his jeans. My mouth dried up and I felt light headed again. Alex finished drilling and stretching and all his parts were once again covered by his clothes. He noticed me standing there and gave me a questioning look.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.


“You need more water?”

“No. I finished the corner.”

“Oh cool.”

Just then someone called four o’clock and we cleaned up our tools and headed out. As fast as I could I bolted to my car but as I passed the trailer, the door slammed open and Pete stuck his head out.

“New kid, come here!!” I trotted over to see what the boss wanted.

“Yeah, Pete?”

“You better drink your water tonight! I don’t want this shit happening again.”

“I’m fine, Pete. I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.”

“It’d better not. So drink your water so it won’t. Get me?” He was giving me a look that told me he wasn’t talking about water but I wasn’t really sure what the hell he was talking about.

“Um… yeah Pete. Ok.” I turned and headed to my car and prayed for the embarrassing day to be over. Of course it wasn’t.

“So wait, then you dumped all the bricks and were just staring at him?!” Maryellen laughed and almost spit out her soda. I had invited her over for dinner and to let the kids swim in the pool. Of course I had also made the horrendous mistake of telling her what had happened earlier that day.

“Yeah pretty much.”

“And then you had to work with him all day?”


“And he caught you staring again?”

“I’ve told you this. Yes, he caught me staring again.”

“What did he say?”

“I’ve told you that too.”

“Come on.”

“He asked me if I needed more water.”

She laughed so hard, tears streamed out of her tightly clasped eyes.

“You’d understand if you saw him.”

“Yeah. But I don’t think I’d just sit there and stare.”

“Maybe, maybe not. But it’s what I did. It’s all part of my plan to make him fall in love with me. First, I embarrass the hell out of myself a couple of times, then I just reel him in.”

“Yeah, let me know how that works out for you.”

“Jesus, Maryellen make up your fucking mind. First you’re telling me to go out and get a date, now you’re telling me not to. What the hell?”

“Josh, I love you. You know this.”


“You do this, though. You don’t want to take risks so you pick the unachievable and then you say ‘see I told you so’ when it doesn’t work out.”

“Wow. I think if I had any ego left at the moment I would tell you to get the fuck out.”

“We’re friends. I’m only telling you the truth.” She said, and what made it worse was she was being sincere.

“So you think he’s unattainable for me?”

“No, I think you think he’s unattainable which is why you’re talking about him like some god or something. And then there’s the fact that he’s probably straight anyway. I’ve known you for too long. This is what you do.”

I turned away from her and watched the kids in the pool. If an outside observer had seen them they wouldn’t know if they were trying to kill each other or just swim. With Maryellen’s kids it was a little bit of both. I thought over her words and realized that she was probably right. I did like to set goals which were probably unattainable and feel vindicated when they didn’t pan out. It was sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy which left me alone and miserable. But at least I didn’t have to deal with change.

“All right.” I said after a while. “I guess you’re right. So what should I do?”

“Find out if he’s gay. If he is, go for it. If he’s not, forget him.”

“Sounds like good advice.”

“Would I ever steer you wrong?” I shot her a look. “Purposefully?”

“No. All right. I’ll see if I can find out tomorrow.”

“Good. We’d better get going.” She shouted for the kids to get out of the pool. “Oh, I need to borrow your car tomorrow.”


“Cause mine died and I have to pick up Mondo from the airport.”

Mondo was our third best friend who had moved to North Carolina when Maryellen moved down to Florida. He was coming for a visit and hopefully to look for a job in the area.

“How am I getting home from work?”

“I can have Aunt Aubrey pick you up?”

“No, that’s all right. I’ll try to get a ride from someone at work. I think Digger lives not too far away.”

“All right. Well, I’ll see you tomorrow. I’ll give you a call when I get back from the airport.”

Maryellen left leaving me to my thoughts, and the dishes. She was good like that.

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