Alex , Jason Ch. 02

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“Hello!” Jason called out as he walked through the door. Not hearing any immediate response, he pulled his keys from the door. Closing the door behind him, he dropped his keys on the coffee table. He picked up the pile of mail sitting on the end of the coffee table and, flipping through it, he walked into the small office just off the living room and dropped his bag on the desk chair.

Back in the living room, he noticed the black heel lying solitarily in the middle of the floor. Jason bent and picked it up on his way to the kitchen. As he walked into the kitchen, he noticed the shoe’s mate lying in the middle of the floor, which he bent to retrieve as well. Setting them both on the counter, he dug in the fridge for a beer. Taking a long drink from the bottle, Jason turned and headed off to the bedroom. Halfway there, he heard the sound of running water coming from the bathroom. There was something hanging on the doorknob.

A white dress shirt.

Turning the knob, Jason announced his presence by entering the room as noisily as possible. Alex wasn’t the biggest fan of surprises. Once Jason had tried the whole Psycho/Janet Lee in the shower thing; for his trouble he walked away with a black eye and two almost nearly but not quite broken ear drums. She definitely had the scream down pat.

This time Jason was assaulted not by flying fists, but by a wall of steam that smelled rather pungently of peaches … or was it vanilla? Whatever it was, it was one of those intensely girl smells that seemed to have arrived just before Alex’s stuff.

“Jason? Is that you?” Alex called out from behind the curtain.

“Nope. Just your friendly neighborhood ax murderer,” he deadpanned back.

“Oh, good. Why don’t you come on in and join me? You’ll have to hurry, though. My boyfriend will be home any minute now.” she giggled.

Jason stripped off his clothes and threw them into a pile in the corner. The magic corner. The one that seemed to eat his clothes every night, only to spit them out in his closet, clean and pressed. He loved that little corner of the bathroom. If he and Alex ever moved, he was definitely taking that corner with them.

Pulling back the curtain, Jason stepped into the shower. It was an entirely unremarkable shower in an even more unremarkable bathroom, entirely unremarkable, that is, except for the naked woman standing under the spray. Her back was turned to him as she rinsed the soap from her hair. He moved behind her and pressed his chest against her back. Bending his head, he softly kissed the nape of her neck, right where it met her shoulder. Melting back into him, she arched her back and leaned her head to give him better access to her favorite place to be kissed.

Well, second favorite.

“Hi,” Jason whispered into her ear as his arms snaked around her waist.

Spinning around to face him, the water cascading down around them. In Jason’s eyes she was a vision. Of course, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone that wouldn’t call her a vision, all 5’8″ of blonde hair and blue eyes of her. Her light brown hair hung to just above her shoulders. The water flowing from the shower head traced the line down her front, past her long, sleek neck to a pair of high-riding firm breasts that were just a little bit bigger than her frame demanded, capped with a pair of half dollar sized pink nipples that appeared to be hard every single day of the year.

As Jason continued his inspection of her neck, Alex stretched her arms behind Escort Eryaman her and encircled his head. Sighing deeply, she spun in his arms and met his mouth with hers. The kiss quickly turned more passionate, their tongues dueling as if for the freedom of the civilized world. Jason ran his hands softly across her back as Alex’s were planted firmly on the back of his head, holding it in place and prolonging the kiss. When they finally broke apart, a smile broke across his face as he saw that her eyes were still closed, savoring the lingering afterthoughts of the kiss. Slowly her eyes opened and connected with his. Jason recognized that naughty little twinkle that a girl reserves for her man.

Jason slid his hands to Alex’s waist, resting them on top of her hips. He turned her and pressed her back against the side wall of the shower. Reaching up to adjust the shower head, he directed the spray so that it hit her in the middle of her chest. He then kissed her neck again, starting just below her left ear. Trailing down from her ear, past the top of her shoulder, he finally came to her breasts. Alex loved having her nipples sucked. Really loved it. Jason didn’t like to brag, but he did take more than a little pride in the fact that, on a number of occasions, he had brought Alex to orgasm just by sucking on her nipples.

Rather than diving right in, which never seemed to bother Alex all that much, Jason decided to tease her a little. He traced the outside of one breast with his tongue while mirroring the pattern on the other breast with his fingertips. Alex rested her hands on the sides of Jason’s neck and arched her back just a little, clearly enjoying the tease. Jason lifted both breasts in his hands, gently feeling their weight. He brought her left nipple almost but not quite to his mouth and lingered over it, letting her feel his breath. After a long moment he sucked it into his mouth as he pinched the other nipple between his thumb and index finger.

Alex threw he head back even further, which caused her back to arch and her chest to stick out. She heard herself groan in frustration as Jason’s mouth and hands left her breasts as quickly as they had assaulted. She could almost feel his sly grin as his kisses trailed down from the spot between her breasts and across her stomach. Just as he came to her favorite spot to be kissed, Jason stopped, only letting his nose brush gently against her pubic hair.

Alex kept herself neatly trimmed. An almost religious combination of waxing and shaving left her with just a small strip of hair framing her lips and reaching up towards her stomach an inch or two. Even though he had never come right out and asked, Alex knew that one of Jason’s secret desires was for her to shave it all off. She would have, too, except for the fact that she could never quite find the courage to do it.

Jason reached over to the side of the tub and grabbed a pink disposable razor. Noticing his movements, Alex opened her eyes and looked down at him.

“What are you doing?” she asked softly.

“I was going to help you shave your legs,” he replied.

“I already shaved them,” she told him.

Running a hand over her leg, Jason found that they were, in fact, smooth as the proverbial baby’s bottom. He looked at the razor still in his right hand for a moment before Alex noticed a devilish little look come across his face. He looked back at the spot between her legs, then at the razor, the at her again. He stared Eryaman Escort at her for a moment as if debating whether to even ask the question. Slowly his gaze drifted up and met hers. Rather than speaking, however, Jason simply arched an eyebrow and tilted his head almost imperceptibly. Alex looked down at him for a moment and then answered with a head tilt of her own and a small shrug followed by an equally small nod of her head. As Jason reached for the soap she took a deep breath, trying to clam her mounting nerves.

I can’t believe I’m doing this, Alex thought to herself. But she was feeling rather playful tonight, not to mention more than a little naughty, so she decided to just go with it. Not to mention that she trusted Jason completely, knowing as he did that if he so much as nicked her, even just a little, the evening’s fun would be taken out back and summarily shot in the head.

Jason lifted Alex’s left leg and moved it so her foot was resting on the side of the tub. Starting at her bent knee, he slowly kissed his way up her leg, across her thigh, coming to rest at the crease where her leg met the rest of her body. As he softly licked and nuzzled her, careful to avoid her most sensitive of areas, Jason picked up the soap and lathered his hands.

Alex groaned her frustration when she felt Jason’s lips leave her. There were days that she really and truly enjoyed the teasing. Most days, actually, she loved to be teased. She loved the slow, almost tortuous building of anticipation and excitement which invariably led to an explosive, gut wrenching, toe curling, “rocket’s red glare and the bomb’s bursting in air” release that made the entire experience well more than worthwhile.

Today, however, was not one of those days.

Today, right here, right now, she wanted to orgasm. She needed an orgasm. She was on the verge of orgasming, with or without Jason’s help.

Alex was brought back to reality by the light touch of a razor on her most intimate of areas. A gasp caught in her throat as she felt the hair slowly being stripped away, the breath held back as much from excitement as from apprehension. But as the soft strokes continued, and more and more hair fell away, she began to relax more and more.

Jason had shaved away all the hair save a thin strip surrounding Alex’s lips. She felt a momentary pause in his ministrations and was about to look down to see what was going on when the most exquisite sensation: Jason’s lips closing around hers.

Jason placed his mouth directly over Alex’s lips, covering them completely. For a second he just held them there, lightly running his tongue around the outside of her labia. He then kissed her lips as if he was kissing her mouth: in one long, fluid motion he closed his lips, finishing in a pucker that centered right over her clit.

Breaking contact, he looked up to see Alex’s reaction. Her head was thrown back against the shower wall and her arms were splayed out, her hands trying desperately to grip on to the tile. He took that as a sign of encouragement.

Turning his attention back down, Jason lightly ran his tongue along the outside of Alex’s labia. Pink and puffy, they were open and engorged and her clit was just peaking out at him from beneath the folds. When he felt Alex’s hands grab his hair and nearly rip it out by the root, he figured the time for teasing was over. She shoved his face into her pussy as she arched her hips up. Obviously this woman meant business Eryaman Escort Bayan and, really, who was he to argue?

Jason closed his lips over her clit and sucked the soft folds into his mouth. Using his tongue he coaxed her clit out from its hiding place and started a full on assault of it with his tongue, flicking it back and forth, up and down, and around in circles, all the while sucking it in and out of his mouth.

With a deep, guttural moan, Alex tensed up and started to cum. Just as Jason felt her stomach muscles start to clench and shake, he reached up, took a nipple between each thumb and forefinger, and ever so slightly pinched and rolled them. Alex’s quiet moans suddenly turned to much louder moans and then, just as suddenly, turned into an almost scream punctuated by an “Oh, my GOD!!!”.

This, of course, was exactly the effect Jason was after.

Jason, however, had little time to ponder his new found state of Grace, as his thoughts of “No, no applause! Just throw money!” were soon replaced with the realization that Alex’s hands had found their way to the back of his head, and it seemed they had no intention of letting him move. Alex’s orgasm showed no sign’s of waning, or of wavering, for that matter, so he did what any man lucky enough to be in his position would do: he just went with it.

Letting her lips slip from his, he settled into a all too familiar yet highly effective rhythm of circling her clit with his flattened tongue. At times Alex enjoyed Jason spelling out the alphabet. Today, however, she much preferred him skipping to her favorite letter, the O. It MUST be her favorite letter, he though, because she was chanting it over and over.

Alex’s second orgasm hit her just as fast as the first had. She had barely come down when she felt herself going right back up, and even before the second had fully realized the light of day, the third one came rushing out, begging for attention.

Completely spent, her stomach muscles sore despite their regular conditioning at the gym, Alex slumped against the slick tile. Jason, however, had not received the memo that now was, in fact, the time to stop, and he continued on, happily swirling away. The sensitivity got to be too much and she had to forcefully push him away.

Jason waited patiently, still crouched between her legs, letting her enjoy the moment. It wasn’t often that he could make her cum three time all right in a row. To say that it was good for his ego would be an understatement. But rather than gloat, he just felt happy that he could make this woman, his love, his light that shined, as happy as she made him.

Or at least that’s what he told himself WHILE he was gloating.

Once she had calmed down a bit and caught her breath, Jason again turned his attention back to the razor and the unfinished business before him. For her part, Alex just didn’t have the strength to be apprehensive in the least, thinking that if he did nick her, it would have been well worth it.

Stripping away the last vestiges of hair, Jason leaned back to admire his work. He didn’t know exactly why it was, but seeing her like this, completely bare, was really turning him on. Not that that was a particularly difficult thing to do at the moment, but still.

Jason leaned in and started planting soft kisses on the newly exposed skin. Just before he reached her clit, however, Alex finally spoke.

“Uh uh, no.”

“What? Why?” came his confused and almost pouting reply.

“Settle down there, Sparky,” she laughed at him.

Quite casually Alex stepped from the shower and grabbed a towel, leaving him on his knees under the spray. She was towel drying her hair as she walked out of the bathroom without so much as a glance in his direction.

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