Alice Grey: An Awakening

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Alice Grey was sat at the bar, her favourite concoction of rum and coke in her hand, a row of empty glasses in front if her. She gulped it down lazily, barely registering the taste, and caught a glimpse of a woman in black staring at her from across the room. She felt her cheeks redden with a rush of blood, and returned attention to her drink.

She felt guilty for having lied to her boyfriend and leaving him alone, but she couldn’t deal with another second of his moaning. It was as though he took utterly no pleasure from life — even her — all the while just living for the sake of living. She was heavily motivated, but Todd… he just didn’t care. They were in a rut, both of them knew it, it was just so hard to admit they were falling out of love.

A shot of raspberry Sambuca was placed in front of her, unordered, and so Alice felt the need to inquire as to who had paid for it. He indicated over her shoulder to where the woman was sitting in her tiny black dress. She felt something stir inside her, butterflies almost, and smiled when the woman rose to her feet and headed her way.

Her long blonde hair bordered her tanned face, lips painted red with a light tint of eyeliner bordering her bright blue eyes. She was average height and skinny, her extremely revealing dress barely covering a magnificent pair of tits. It flowing tightly over her petite torso and ended prematurely, roughly a third of the way down her thighs. Her legs were nothing short of perfect, long and slender down to the pair of glossy red heels that Alice thought she could hear even over the booming bass of the club anthem.

“I’ve never seen you here before.” the woman spoke as she set merely inches away from her.

“Its not really my scene.”

“How about I take you somewhere more comfortable, set out our own little scene?”

The woman winked as she finished speaking and finished the bright red drink that she was holding, putting it down hard on the bar. Alice knew exactly what she was being offered, as anyone would. Prior to that moment she would have sworn she was one hundred percent straight, and yet she found herself wanting nothing more than sex with this stranger.

Alice found herself imagining the feel of her tongue, the taste of her mouth as they held each other, her fingers deep inside her. Confused yet liberated, Alice knew that she’d say yes.

“I’ve never done this before.” she admitted.

“Come with me and you’ll wonder why you never did this before.”

Her mind made, Alice nodded as she picked up her bag, sending a message to the man who was waiting for her. As far as he would know she was staying with a friend, and would be out all night. What he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him, she figured. The woman leaned forward and kissed her cheek, before whispering seductively into her ear.

“I will make you orgasm until sunrise.”


Ten short minutes later and they arrived at her apartment, Alice feeling nervous and excited all at once. She had discovered the woman’s name was Robyn, and on seeing her home was stunned by the clean, sharp beauty of it. Her heels were off and she was led into the apartment.

The hallway took her into a majestic living room, three white walls contrasting canlı bahis şirketleri with a single red, a large flat-screen television placed opposite a three-piece leather sofa. She walked forward into this welcoming room and felt the thick, soft rug beneath her feet. Robyn put their bags down upon the sofa and turned to face her, a seductive glint in her eye.

Robyn stepped forwards and held her cheek gently, kissing her lips with a passion Alice desperately sought. Locked in this embrace, Robyn unzipped the back of her dress and allowed the red fabric to fall to the floor, where it would remain. She felt nervous, then, standing in front of a woman in a tiny thong and her bra, sex their only intent. Robyn’s eyes tore off her underwear yet she tackled her own dress first, leaving it beside Alice’s and leading her into the bedroom.

A sweeping glass panel backed the bed; the large window giving a spectacular view of the city skylines. Alice had no time to admire it, however, and she found herself on her back with Robyn atop her. They kissed passionately, tongues wrestling for total dominance until Robyn broke off, kissing and biting her way down her neck and collar bones.

Her bra was off in a swift movement, Robyn’s mouth pressed firmly over her right nipple while fingers twisted and pulled its counterpart. Pleasure began to mount and Alice moaned softly, slightly louder when Robyn switched nipples. Minutes passed until Robyn pulled off her thong and revealed the tight pussy beneath, already wet from these sexual advances.

She felt lips kiss around her pussy, atop her legs and around the neatly trimmed red landing strip. Suddenly and unexpectedly, Robyn locked her lips around Alice’s clit and began to flick it with her tongue, alternating between fast and slow patterns of movement, direction consistent. Alice had never received such expect oral sex, and found her orgasm building rapidly within a minute of the act.

Closer and closer she rode the wave of pleasure until she finally hit the peak, moaning loudly as her sensitive clit exploded, the tongue slowing down as her orgasm waned. Robyn had no intention of stopping, however, and immediately built up speed once again, this time invading with a finger. Slow at first, Robyn drove her finger inside her like a piston, not stopping as Alice came once more, pussy clenching around her digit. A second finger was brought into play, and then a third, and fifteen minutes later Alice had lost count of how many times she had been made to come.

Her clit had never been so sensitive and still Robyn devoured it; the pain and pleasure intertwining into an explosion of ecstasy in every passing second. Less than a minute had passed and yet she would come again, the expert tongue driving her over the edge. Lost in an abyss of pleasure she bucked her hips ferociously until she lost all grip on reality and screamed out Robyn’s name, feeling a torrent of liquid squirting from her pussy as she relaxed into the bed beneath her.

Alice regained composure and looked down to where Robyn was gently kissing her, and noticed that her face and hair were wet and dripping. Robyn grinned at her and Alice smiled weakly back, exhausted from a countless string of orgasms that canlı kaçak iddaa she had been subjected to.

Robyn directed her onto her knees and bent her forward so that her face was against the soft mattress, her pussy open for access.

“Do not move, my pet.”

She left the room and Alice quivered, her legs weak from pleasure. She did not think she could take much more and yet was not willing to make Robyn stop, and then she heard her walk in. Alice turned her head to look and saw that Robyn was now sporting a large strap-on and was casually rubbing it with what looked like lubrication.

Not using her tool immediately, she leaned forward and lapped at the still-dripping pussy just waiting to be filled, and smiled as Alice groaned at her tongue. Robyn was beyond horny, and turned her attention to the other orifice in close proximity; looking as appealing as the finest meal she could imagine.

Alice had never had a man tongue her ass, and so the sensations were new and exciting as Robyn licked and kissed her asshole. Robyn was turned on by Alice’s reaction, and rimmed the girl despite her own inexperience. Probing with her tongue she wanted more and more, and after only seconds she found herself addicted.

The tight ring of muscle surrendered slightly to the invasion of Robyn’s tongue, allowing her a temporary residence as the flicked back and forwards. Alice’s ass began to open and close at her will, saliva coating the newly-discovered source of pleasure. Both wanted more, it seemed, yet the need for instant gratification came before the patience they would need.

Not able to take the suspense anymore, Robyn pulled away and drove her fake cock into the waiting pussy, almost coming herself at the sound of Alice’s pleasure. The base vibrated on her clit as she fucked her relentlessly, ploughing through two of Alice’s orgasms until her own was unbearably close.

The sound of her wet cunt was music to Robyn’s ears, driving her to thrust faster and harder, as deep as the dildo would allow. She slapped Alice’s ass as hard as she was able to the sound of a scream of pained pleasure, and gripped her hips tightly. She had never fucked with such a carnal desire, never felt such a need with any other woman.

She got closer and closer by the second, and found her thumb circling the perfect little asshole while she fucked her. Making a mental note she’d never forget, Robyn knew that she would fuck Alice again. Unable to take it anymore the strap-on was off and thrown across the room as she flipped Alice around.

Alice had never been close to giving oral sex to a woman before, but as Robyn began to ride her face she was lost to the full spectrum of sensations. The taste at the forefront with the texture and pure taboo of it, and as Robyn screamed in pleasure Alice did all she could to make her come. And she did.

With the power of an atom bomb she exploded, drenching Alice in her juices as she came furiously, riding slower and slower until she collapsed from the pleasure.


Alice woke to find her arms around a woman, and for a second had totally forgotten what she had done. It was the dead of night, 2am according to the bedside clock, and somehow she was still horny. Aching canlı kaçak bahis for more she freed herself from Robyn’s clutches and rolled the gorgeous woman onto her back.

She was still nervous about the entire situation but was in no way regretting what she had done. The taste of Robyn’s juices remained present as she stared at her body. Her tits were fantastic, larger than her own, and her waist was slender and not too skinny. The tuft of blonde pubic hair topped an enamouring vagina, glistening slightly in the gentle light.

Her inexperience was her only limiting factor, however Alice found herself kneeling in front of the sexual organ, desiring only to taste her again. She breathed in the scent of Robyn and felt herself getting excited, wetting her lips out of anticipation. Leaning forward she delicately licked the length of her and settled at her clit.

Alice began to run her tongue backwards and forwards, smiling to herself when she felt Robyn stir, loving her success. She moved her tongue a little faster with shorter strokes and felt her clit harden, heard a moan escape her unconscious throat. Alice became lost to the taste and was getting hornier by the second as she ate Robyn’s pussy, barely registering the hand placed on top of her head as she woke up.

“Yes baby… don’t stop… right there.” Robyn breathed out almost inaudibly.

Alice had no intention of stopping and built up speed as she had experienced herself, not showing signs of slowing until Robyn began to buck her hips. It had been little over fifteen minutes since Alice had woken yet it felt like thirty seconds.

Time distorted around the two as Alice ate and ate, devouring the pink flower as though she was ravenous, taking Robyn through a second orgasm without showing signs of slowing. Her fingers began to strum her own pussy and it wasn’t long until she would come herself, join Robyn in the throes of bliss.

And it didn’t take long, not at all, as the two of them came almost instantaneously. Legs and arms wrapped around each other they kissed passionately while they calmed down, naked bodies intertwining in a way Alice had never felt before. Alice was shocked to see that it was gone 3am, the hour having vanished, and so she closed her eyes.

Wondering if she had found everything she had been looking for, she fell asleep in the arms of her new secret lover, absolutely content.


Sunrise came and passed, the sun shining brilliantly through the large window. Alice and Robyn woke together though neither spoke a word, thoroughly caught up in the beauty of the moment they were sharing. But silence was breached, in time, as it always would be.

“You didn’t lie.” Alice smiled, never having experienced such an intense pleasure.

“Are you sure that was your first time with a woman?” Robyn quizzed with a smirk, not having expected such a wondrous experience.

“It was. I’m sure you can show me all there is to know.” Alice winked, and they


Author Note:

This is my first attempt at an erotic story, and so any feedback would be truly welcome! This will be the start of a little series, hopefully, so if you like it (or not) let me know!

Thank you for reading, and thanks for any comments in advance.


I’ve had some really nice comments so far with the majority feeling this was a bit short, so I’ve fleshed it out a bit and hopefully this is a better submission for it.



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