Ali’s Taboo Sex Continues

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Big Dick

After my first sexual encounter with Basundhara, we met and had sex couple of times. Unfortunately by then her husband had succumbed to his illness which prompted her to go back to her home town. By then i was too smitten and enamored by her. My every waking moment whether in class or having coffee with my friends was pre-occupied by my thoughts of her. It was not unusual for me to have flash backs of her pert nipples or her wet , hairy pussy at the most awkward of times, Even teachers started noticing that i am absent minded in classes and my grades started slipping.

After 2 months of this dazed, always half erect state, i decided that i need to catch a glimpse of her, to sate my obsession. I managed to find her address from our hospital records and figured that her village is close to one of my friend’s home. So i decided to take a long weekend off and went and stayed in the village as a guest at my friend’s place. This was the village of my friend’s grand parents and only one old couple was staying there. i went and made up some story about needing a break from studies and love for nature.

I had already figured out Basundhara’s house and in the evening started roaming about her home. But since this was almost impossible to do without arousing suspicion in a small village, i had to abandon my hopes of being able to catch a glimpse of her. I noticed a thick patch of woods at the back yard to her house and after night fall came back and his myself on top of a tree. As the night wore on, the noises became clearer and i was able to catch snippets of Basundhara’s voice. Hearing her voice after such a long duration made me giddy with excitement. I could recollect her gasps for pleasure and her murmuring when we had made love to each other. Her sweet lips wet with her saliva as she bit her lower lip, the sweet nectar dripping from her pussy lips as she lowered herself over my turgid penis and her sweet gasp of pure pleasure.

Shaking myself from my reverie, i could feel my heart pounding as it pumped blood into my growing erection. I was beginning to feel the familiar dampness in my briefs from the pre-cum. I waited till all the lights went out in the house. But still i could not catch a glimpse of her. By around midnight i was falling asleep and at risk of falling from the tree and had to go back.

The next day again i was hoping to see her. I was only able to sneak into my hiding place by night. Waited patiently the night till everybody fell asleep. My plan was to sneak into the house and meet her or leave some sort of message for her.

As i waited for everybody i the house to fall asleep, i could see a small flicker of light in the kitchen. Cursing to myself, thinking who would be awake at this time, i could see the back door being opened. And there stepping out into the darkness was none other than Basundhara. I could not contain my excitement and almost jumped out of the tree and broke my ankle. Limping softly , i crept behind her wondering what she was doing at this Kuşadası Escort time. Suddenly i could not see her silhouette against the starry night sky. As i groped in the darkness, i could hear the rustle of clothe being untied, followed by loud splatter of water.

Of course she must have come out to relieve herself as most houses in villages do not have a bathroom. The backyard served the purpose and it also fertilized the ground for crops. I listened to the dripping sound of her urine, and could imagine the urine gushing out of her wet hairy pussy. Taking care not to startle her too much i crept behind her and called out to her. I could see her startle and she almost cried out i surprise. I jumped out and held her mouth holding her struggling bod against my body as i tried to soothe her and identified myself.

She could not believe herself and it did a quite a bit of convincing, before she accepted that it was me. I professed that i could not forget her and hence i came to see her. I apologized for startling her. She sighed deeply and hugged me and in that moment all my worries melted away and felt myself the happiest man alive. i could not contain myself as i pressed myself against her and started exploring her soft well shaped breasts. I felt the soft curve of her breasts and her pert nipples and realized that she was not wearing her bra. I smothered her in kisses as she stuck her tongue inside my mouth, as both of us hugged and explored each other’s bodies.

Unable to contain myself i lifted up her night dress exposing her sweet hairy pussy to the chill night sky. i could see her belly button quivering with excitement as her slim abdomen moved up and down with her panting and excitement. In the silvery moon light, i could see shining drops of dampness in her pussy hair. it could have been her excitement or it could have been her piss which had dribbled onto her pussy, But instead of feeling disgusted, the thought of her pussy hairs and her urine dribbling down her pussy lips made me incredibly horny. i pulled down my pants unshackling my raging erection. As she saw my raging manhood and the plans i had for her, she started pushing me back and mumbling. Unfortunately for her her tongue was still entangled with mine and before she could do anything, i thrust myself deep into the soft moist confines of her wet pussy.

Basundhara broke the silence of the night with her deep guttural sigh of pleasure. She hugged me close, as i thrust my penis deep into her. Her pussy was wet and slack and sticky and as i was wondering how aroused she must be, the thought struck me as I saw the tears streaming down her face. What i had thought as a wet excited pussy was nothing but a recently well fucked cunt and i was balls deep in another man’s cum.

As i mulled over the sticky situation I was stuck in, my dick seemed to have a mind of its own. It kept growing stiffer making me rub my turgid member inside her pussy. I could feel her juices and probably the other Kuşadası Escort Bayan man’s cum lubing my dick’s entry into this divine pussy. I kept fondling her soft ass cheeks, pulling them apart and squeezing them together. My fingers were wet with her juices and probably even the cum from this recent fuck My fingers started inching up along her sides, exploring her soft milk laden breasts. I twisted her pert stiff nipples making her moan softly into my chest as she pressed her face into my chest. Grunting back in response, i managed to reach her arm pits and was surprised to find a smooth silky pits as opposed to her hirsute self.

This surprise was too much for my raging hard-on and before I could even say “Here, I come, ” my prick started twitching as my boiling cum raced its way from my distended balls sending slivers of ecstasy shooting from the tip of my penis with each stroke as I emptied myself into the waiting hairy maw of this goddess.

I sighed deeply as waves of pleasure started to slowly radiate from my dick to the rest of my body spreading lassitude through my whole self as I sank deeper into the wet grass under her. Gazing at her tear stricken face in the moon light lent an ethereal quality to her face making my penis spasm almost painfully inside her before it shrank to its normal self. My gaze must have conveyed my thoughts as images of Basundhara and a new lover raced through my mind.

Basundhara explained how her life had been once she returned as a widow. In Indian rural communities, a widow is an unwanted person by the family and society. So when her husband’s younger uncle who was himself a widower agreed to marry her, she agreed without any second thoughts even though he was 12 years elder to her. Though their marriage had been scheduled to occur in few months, this did not stop the horny old man and desperate woman from fucking each other since they were part of the same extended household. So as usual he had blown his load inside her and was snoring away when Basundhara ended up on top of me with my dick inside her.

After this I was still laying under the influence of the post coital glow, when she moved aside and started fondling my flaccid manhood. She was moaning about how much she missed my beautiful, clean cut cock, She was happy with my glistening cock head instead of the other uncut cocks in her life. She was mentioning that the smell and sight of her current lover’s cock as she pulled his skin back almost made her vomit the first time.

All this talk about my cock soon started to pump life back into it as my member started to get turgid for round two with my lover. I caressed her ass as I nuzzled into her sweet shaven pits, deeply inhaling her musky sweaty woman smell. She noticed my surprise at her shaved pits and whispered that her fiance insists on shaving. i gently caressed her long tresses with one hand as i explored her back and the sides of her breasts with the other hand. My cock started to get Escort Kuşadası painfully rigid as it started digging into her pubic area and both of us were mutually lost in our exploration of each other.

Basundhara was soon spooning against me as she enjoyed my caresses. I was feeling her soft pillowy breasts and rolling her erect nipples between my fingers. She was gasping with pleasure as she bucked against my erect penis with her buttocks. Lost in ecstasy my erect cock seemed to have a mind of its own as i pressed and humped my throbbing manhood on her ass. We were both panting and lost in our own pleasure world, as sweat and love juices were pouring from our inflamed bodies. As i moved my hip to reposition my penis, i could see the wet, slick marks of my leaking penis on her bum.

Seeing the pre cum freely flowing from my turgid member, filled me with joy till then inexperienced by me. Grabbing my member in my right palm, i gave a couple of gentle tugs, running my cupped palms along the length of its shaft. This filled me with lust as i squeezed and started to suck her nipples hungrily in the throes of my lust.

Grabbing her by her body i turned her around facing me as i kissed her with wanton passion. My thrusting hips found her gaping wet pussy and entered it without any resistance as the root of my penis slammed into her pussy lips making her whimper, “Hare Krishna”, the name of her God.

I kept pumping my dick into her repeatedly, making her shudder with each of my thrusts. Her wet vagina was too slippery, barely giving me any pleasure, other than the intense heat radiating her cunt. I sucked her lips into my mouth, as my arms held her tightly against my body as i continued to ravage her pussy. Lost in pleasure, muttering deliriously to her gods Basundhara sighed deeply as her eyeballs rolled back inside her head. Grinning from ear to ear she relaxed, raising her arms above her head, giving me a clean access to her shaved pits. Leaning forward i dug my nose into the soft folds of skin under her arm, tasting the salty pungent taste of her sweat. I kept pumping her pussy as if there is no tomorrow and her mutterings started rising in pitch. Looking on her face, I could see gentle frown lines gathering on her beautiful forehead as her breath quickened. Her face became flushed and i could feel her overtly gaping pussy twitch over my cock. Hugging her i kissed her beautiful frown lines, as i lost control of myself and started cumming. Despite my recent nut, and even though there was no more cum left, my dick continued to throb and twitch with orgasm for what seemed like an eternity as i blanked out

As my mind cleared, i found myself still lying on top with Basundhara lying splayed underneath me. I felt the wetness from her cunt seeping into me. I lifted myself off her, leaving a new splash of cum to leak from inside her pussy. Her pussy was matted with our love juices and i took her in my arms to kiss her. She muttered that i have to go before somebody suspects about her whereabouts. As we parted she asked me to come the next day. When i inquired about her fiance, she reassured me that since he had come today, he won’t disturb again for a week.

Grinning to myself, and filed with joy i sneaked back to my house, with a song on my lips and cum on my dick.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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