All Grown Up

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A trip to Orlando traditionally meant a vacation, typically one related to a famous mouse and a castle belonging to a princess. Consequently, heading to Orlando for a work-related conference with nary enough free time to visit any theme parks was a major bummer. I was assuming that I’d be hanging around the hotel for several days, just staying out of the heat before heading right back home, so I wasn’t even bothering with a rental car. Until she brought it up, I hadn’t even considered trying to hook up with Kim. I knew she lived in Florida, but I guess I was under the impression that she didn’t live anywhere close to Orlando. When she clued me in otherwise and offered to drive down to meet me for dinner one night, I definitely felt a sense of relief…but that wasn’t all I felt.

I hadn’t seen Kim since my freshman year in college but, prior to that, we’d been more than intimate. She’d contacted me online more recently and, soon after we started reminiscing, things started to heat up again…virtually, of course. At the time, I didn’t see myself getting to Florida any time soon, so I never expected things to go beyond exchanging some dirty emails and a few revealing photos and, by the time this trip came up, things had calmed down quite a bit between us. This, of course, caused me to question whether anything might happen were we to get together but, either way, I looked forward to seeing her again.

When the day in question arrived, I’d managed to make it through a full day of monotonous presentations mainly by keeping in mind that I’d be seeing Kim that evening. As she walked into the hotel lobby, I realized quickly that the photos she’d shared really hadn’t done her justice. Facially, she didn’t look as though she’d aged a bit over the past 20 years but her body had gone from slight and developing to a force to be reckoned with; I tried not to stare at her much larger tits as I immediately considered how badly I wanted to get my hands on them. She was wearing a short sundress, snug around the top and showing her curves and her legs. I went in for a hug but she reached up to take my face in her hands and planted a kiss on my lips; there was no tongue, but I know that I felt a surge of something. Her arms then went around my neck as I took her by the waist before hugging her back.

“You look good,” I said, looking at her as we finally broke apart.

“You like the dress?” she asked, stepping back and executing a spin. When I nodded appreciatively, she continued, “It’s the only thing I’m wearing.”

“You’re telling me this as we’re heading out to eat?” I asked while trying in vain to see through the material.

“This place has room service,” she replied, “We don’t have to go anywhere. Let’s go to your room.”

I definitely didn’t have any complaints about the direction this reunion was taking and, when we ended up alone in the elevator, I decided to make use of the time. After an initial passionate kiss, I dropped to my knees as she leaned against the wall. I pushed the hem of her skirt up and confirmed that she was, indeed, sans panties; her brown bush was trimmed down to a little landing strip above her pussy, but her lips were shaved smooth. I started to run my tongue up her slit, tasting the pungent nectar that had collected there and causing her to moan gutturally. She grabbed me by the head and started pushing her pussy toward my face as I lapped up her juices. Before I had a izmit escort bayan chance to get much further, the elevator slowed down and I reluctantly let Kim’s dress drop back into place as I stood.

Her eyes were a bit glazed as I led Kim from the elevator to my room and unlocked the door. I followed her in and relocked the door, then reached for the bottom of her dress again from behind and started to raise it as she lifted her arms. My eyes were locked on her ass as it came into view, even as I slid the dress up over her head and arms and tossed it aside. She crawled onto the bed and, though I was distracted by her swinging tits as she did, I stopped her before she got too far so that I could continue to lap at her pussy from behind before running my tongue up between her ass cheeks and sending a shiver through her. I had her crawl up a bit further then flip onto her back, admiring her naked body all laid out before I lowered my head between her spread thighs.

Kim grabbed my head again as I started to lick her smooth pussy before slipping first one, then a second finger into her. She was rocking her hips and moaning as I lapped at her clit while fingering her slick pussy. I can’t say that I was having any flashbacks to the many times I’d eaten her pussy when we’d been younger but I was looking up to see her big tits squeezed together between her arms, her hard nipples pointing at the ceiling. My cock was a rock but I was planning to get Kim off before pulling it out and putting it to use. I did recall that Kim never had trouble cumming when we used to hang out, so I wasn’t too worried about not being able to get her there, not that I wasn’t happy spending time with my face buried between her thighs.

The longer I licked and sucked her clit while pumping my fingers in and out of her hot, wet pussy, the louder Kim was moaning and the harder and faster she was forcing her pussy toward my face. Her pussy actually felt as though it was getting even wetter as my fingers sloshed in and out until she finally went rigid, holding her breath, before exhaling harshly as her entire body convulsed. I continued to eat her as long as her body was twitching, raising my head once she’d gone completely still. As she lay there, her eyes closed and her chest heaving while she caught her breath, I got up and, as I looked over her naked body, I started to undress.

By the time I’d shed my shirt and was unzipping my shorts, I had Kim’s attention again; she focused on my bulging briefs as my shorts hit my ankles. A wide smile split her face as my throbbing cock sprung out of my briefs before they joined my shorts. I got up onto the bed on my knees and moved toward her as she sat up, taking my cock in her hand before lowering her hot mouth over it. I held her head and pushed my cock into her mouth for a couple of minutes before pushing her onto her back again and lowering myself over her. I guided my cock between her smooth lips, easily sliding into her hot, wet pussy and causing both of us to moan. I brought my lips down to hers, feeling her tits against my chest, as I started to slowly fuck her.

It felt nice to have her warm body below mine and my cock buried in her pussy without the awkwardness of youth. She was raising her hips to receive each of my long, slow thrusts as her tongue explored my mouth and mine explored hers. As much as I was relishing fucking her again, kocaeli escort I knew that we wouldn’t remain in the missionary position for very long; we’d always been pretty aerobic when we were having sex. Missionary was nice for reconnecting, though, but once we’d spent some time getting back into synch again, I was thinking about how much nicer fucking her would be if I had her big titties in my hands. Eventually I rolled off of her and flopped onto my back beside her as she got up and straddled my hips.

I was caressing her big knockers even before she’d grasped my throbbing tool and guided it back to her pussy. We both moaned again as she lowered herself down on it and started to slowly ride me. She was sitting straight upright, bouncing up and down as I played with her tits and gently stroked her hard nipples, so I could also see her trim bush and her shaved lips wrapped around my tool. Kim experimented with her movements until she found something that worked for her then started to ride me harder and faster. Her pussy felt fantastic, but I was still entranced by her tits because they were so much different than the last time I’d had my hands on them. When she finally leaned forward, supporting herself with her arms planted on either side of my head, her tits were close enough to lick and suck, so I didn’t waste any time getting my mouth and tongue on them.

Kim had been noisy the entire time we’d been fucking, but as I was licking her areolas and sucking her hard nipples, she was getting louder. I ended up reaching around to grip her ass in both hands as she slammed herself down on my cock repeatedly and I started pushing up harder into her. I could feel her pussy getting hotter and wetter the closer she got to cumming and was savoring the feel of it on my throbbing tool. I was also appreciating the feel of her ass in my hands as well as the opportunity to slobber all over her luscious titties. Her ass was slapping against my upper thighs as our fucking was becoming quite frantic until she finally let out a long, low moan and her body started to quake. I just watched the look of raw passion on her face as she came and waited to see what was next.

When she blinked the fog from her eyes, she smiled and leaned down to kiss me briefly before dismounting my still throbbing tool and turning around to take it in her hand then lower her mouth over it again. I moaned as her hot mouth engulfed me and she started to pump the base while sliding her lips up and down my stiff shaft. I was caressing her ass, which was close by, as she sucked my cock and soon had my fingers between her thighs, playing with her dripping pussy again. While I’d always appreciated her cocksucking when we’d been younger, she’d definitely refined her skills in the ensuing years. Maybe I should have just indulged myself and focused on the high level of pleasure she was providing, but I couldn’t resist her pussy being so close by and soon encouraged her to position it over my face.

I ran both hands over her round ass while lapping at her pussy once again, tasting her flowing secretions. She continued to slide her hot mouth up and down my appreciative shaft while occasionally pausing to run her tongue over my balls. My hands eventually moved so that I could slip a couple of fingers on one into her pussy while licking and sucking her clit as the other index finger slid between her ass cheeks. sınırsız escort She didn’t seem averse to a little bit of anal stimulation though I didn’t naturally assume that I’d be sliding my cock in there before the night was through. I was surprised, though, that we weren’t in a sixty-nine for very long before she stopped sucking my cock and started to move down the bed, taking her pussy away from my fingers and tongue.

Positioning herself over my hips again, with her ass facing toward me this time, she guided my cock back into her hot pussy once more and lowered herself onto it. I had no issue with staring right at her ass and immediately started to caress it again as she went back to riding my tool. She was moaning louder again and it looked as though she was also stroking her clit as she was riding me, definitely pursuing another orgasm. I’d take her by the hips occasionally and pull her down harder on my cock as I pushed up into her, but mostly let her set the pace while I caressed and squeezed her ass. It didn’t take long before I could tell that she was on the verge of cumming once again, so I figured I’d see if I could push her over the edge. Sucking on one finger until it was slippery with saliva, I then started to massage her asshole with my fingertip. I figured if she didn’t cum right away, I slip my finger into her ass, but I had barely touched her asshole when she let out a cry and started to shake.

When she finally stopped cumming, she climbed off of my cock and crawled around to kiss me again. I couldn’t resist her dangling tits as she knelt on all-fours beside me and we made out a bit, my throbbing cock momentarily unattended.

“I’m sorry,” she said when she pulled her mouth just slightly away from mine and looked into my eyes, “I’ve been selfish.”

“That’s okay,” I replied, “You’re going to make it up to me by lying on your back and letting me fuck your tits.”

She smiled and immediately rolled onto her back while I got up and straddled her ribs, laying my cock between her tits as she squeezed them together around it. The soft, smooth flesh felt heavenly as I slid my cock in and out of her cleavage and finally started to feel the stirrings of my own orgasm. I was looking down at her hard nipples and pink areolas but Kim’s focus was on the head of my cock as it slid across her sternum. I don’t know if she was waiting for a blast of cum so that she could try to catch it on her tongue but I was already planning to make sure that she didn’t miss a single drop of my cum when I finally let loose. In the meantime, I was just enjoying the slow build thanks to her luscious boobies.

When I did finally get close to cumming, I fucked her tits for as long as I could before moving forward enough to slip my cock back into her hot mouth. She let go of her tits and grabbed my ass, pulling me deeply into her mouth as I gripped the headboard above her. The pleasure continued to build to unprecedented levels as I slid my cock in and out of her mouth and my orgasm built up even more quickly. My cock was swelling even more as she worked her oral magic on me until I finally exploded down her throat with a grunt. She swallowed my load and continued to nurse my spent cock until I pulled away to lie beside her.

I lay on my side and fondled her tits while she remained on her back, turning her face toward me.

“Not exactly like old times,” she said, softly, “but definitely fucking awesome nonetheless.”

“No doubt,” I agreed, “And as soon as we’ve recovered, we’re going to recreate that morning in your bathroom.”

“Ooh,” Kim purred, “That was fucking hot. We better order you up some dinner, then, because you’re going to need some strength and stamina to get through that again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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