All the Young Girls Love Laura Pt. 01

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All characters depicted in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Chapter 1

“What the hell?” expostulated the burly cop. “Step out of the car, you two.”

Shit. I had broken one of my cardinal rules, and now I was caught.

“Oh shit…oh shit,” Maria Lansifer murmured in my ear, her thick, glossy black hair now in my face. “What’ll we do, should we run for it?”

“I’m thinking ‘no,’ Maria, with my shorts around my ankles and him carrying a gun,” I responded, swinging my blonde hair out of my eyes. I would really prefer cutting it short, boy short, but most of the women want me femme.

“And wipe around your mouth, you’ve got some…yeah, that’s it,” I said. She swiped at it with a hand thick with rings on every finger and an uncountable number of bracelets on her wrist. Middle aged women are funny with shiny stuff.

She giggled. “It was worth it…I wonder what the girls in prison are like?” She zipped her skirt where my hand had been.

“From what I hear, you don’t want to find out,” I said, struggling to pull up my khaki cargo shorts.

“Coming officer,” I said through the fogged up window of Maria’s car, a present from her husband just last Christmas, and a fucking nice present at that – a red Lexus 350 Sport. Maria giggled again.

“I should hope so,” she said, “The way I was tongue lashing you!”

“C’mon,” the cop said impatiently. I struggled to get the door open – 2 door cars are really nice looking, but that back seat can be tough – and I slithered out, followed by Maria, who was just finishing the buttons on her blouse.

“What the fuck were you two – no, don’t answer, I don’t want to know,” he said. “Fucking dykes,” he said under his breath.

I looked at his name badge, ‘Hanratty,’ and thought about launching into a tirade about gay rights and the rights of women, but quickly thought better of it. A second cardinal rule popped into my head – “Never mix politics and business.” And this had been business, so I really didn’t need Officer Hanratty sticking his nose in it.

“I’m so sorry officer, we weren’t really doing anything, just talking for quite a while and the windows…”

“In the back seat?” he said, clearly not believing me. I didn’t care if he believed me or not as long as he didn’t take us in for something, or charge me with ‘providing sexual services in exchange for money or other compensation.’ Of course, that kind of thing could also apply to marriage, but c’est la vie.

As a 20 year old college student and an ‘independent business woman’, I did not need the aggravation of cops being involved in my life.

“IDs, please,” he said, sighing. He looked at them both, then went back to his car and finally returned ten minutes later.

“Okay, Miss Hendricks, and Mrs. Lansifer – he really hit down hard on the “Mrs.” – there’s no wants or warrants out on either of you, so I’m letting you go. But be aware, you could have been charged with lewdness in public, both of you.” He handed our IDs back, then turned and walked back to his car.

“That was kind of exciting,” Maria said, a big smile on her face.

“It would have been even more exciting if your husband found out,” I said. “Now, can we continue on to my apartment?” She giggled, and nodded. It must be nice to have money, even some man’s.

I like to think I have more self respect than that, plus I can’t stand men – sexually, anyway. They’re fun to hang out with, but if they have the slightest sexual interest in a woman – in other words, if she has breasts and a vagina – they can be a pain in the ass. And I’m not humble bragging or anything, but I am pretty good looking and men just automatically assume that I’d love to be fucked by them. God, no!

For some reason, men do not seem to comprehend anything about how to turn a woman on, or please her. I’m not complaining, because with all the unsatisfied ‘straight’ women out there, I could do my business of satisfying them – yeah, for money and other considerations – 24/7 and not keep up with the demand. I’m not ambitious enough to do that, and to my shame, I’m also not fair minded about other women’s looks. If I don’t think another woman is attractive, I won’t take her business.

It’s not a matter of looks or age, exactly, many of my customers are a good bit older, or rather plain or even sorta shapeless, but personality is a big, big part of it. Like pornography, as a Supreme Court justice once said, “I know it when I see it.” I won’t lie, though, a hot, young chick with a great personality can wrap me around her little finger.

Anyway, I’ve been doing this – fucking women for money (or something) – since I was a senior in high school. I was in an advanced placement program where I took classes in high school in the morning, and classes in college in the afternoon. When you have a split schedule like that, people tend not to be bothered when you’re not where you’re supposed to be, figuring that you’re in the other place.

So, when casino oyna I wasn’t in high school some mornings, I was in some woman’s bed. And when I wasn’t in college in the afternoon, I was in some woman’s bed. I didn’t overdo it, plus I’m pretty intelligent and could easily catch up on what I missed. Best of all, most of my high school teachers and college professors were horny females, so we’d usually work something out anyway.

Oh, and I’m pretty, tall and a little bit plump(er than I wanna be). Long, blonde hair, only a little wavy. Okay breasts and butt, but a really, really nice smile. And I bet as long as I had that smile I’d still get as many women, because that’s important to another woman, not looks. And I can pretend to have a really nice personality. If I let the other woman do all the talking, then I have a ‘really nice personality.’ Usually they talk about what jackasses their husbands are, but they probably wouldn’t do that if they didn’t still love them somehow, so it’s all good.

I’m the midweek cookie treat they promise themselves if they don’t kill him over the weekend.

Anyway, Maria and I headed back to my apartment. Instead of her face between my legs, she just had her fingers there as she let me drive, and I was almost inclined to let her fuck me for free, I was getting so hot. Fortunately my business sense kicked in and I didn’t say anything about free pussy.

“Can’t you hurry,” Maria said, sucking on her finger as she stood behind me at my apartment door. I continued fumbling with my keys, finally getting it in the lock and we fell inside. She pinned me against the wall next to the door as I blindly fumbled to close the door, and her red lips were hot on mine.

“Ahh,” we both sighed together, her tongue slipping inside my mouth, her right hand caressing my breast through my red checked shirt and her other hand squeezing my ass.

“God, I’ve got to fuck you, that coed little body of your is so fuckable,” Maria moaned, her face now inches from mine, her brown eyes locked on my eyes, her fingers rapidly unbuttoning my long sleeved cotton blouse. It was almost intimidating, I don’t think I’d seen her quite so hot during preliminaries before – during and after eating each other was a different matter. But with her starting so passionately, I had the feeling she might cum a couple of times this time. That would make for a great tip.

She pulled the blouse down off my shoulders, tying up my arms a little bit, and I pretended that I couldn’t move them much, tossing my head back and whining a little. Of course, I had no bra, and my little pink nipples were like little rocks. Maria looked at them triumphantly, leaned in and pressed her mouth over one, while her hands had my arms immobile against the wall.

I moaned as she swirled her tongue around my nipple, her breath racing hotly from her nose over my breast. I didn’t have to pretend very much at that point, as I adore feeling a woman’s mouth on my breasts.

“You taste so fucking good,” she growled around my nipple in her mouth, as I struggled a little, whetting her appetite to dominate me. She pushed into me, and I kind of wished we were both naked then, but we would be soon enough. She raised up and kissed me hard, her lips grinding against mine, fucking my mouth with her tongue as she ground her skirt covered hips into mine.

We were both moaning a little. I know I was wet, and I was pretty sure she was too. At least she had been in the back seat with my finger fucking her, before the cop interrupted. She brought her mouth to my throat and I lifted my chin to let her kiss and lick me, another sign of my submission to her passion, the touch of her on my throat sending chills of delight through me. She let go of my arm with her left hand to caress my neck and the back of my head with her hand, her fingers running through my dark golden hair.

“I am going to fuck the piss out of you, sweetheart,” she said, her black eyes fierce on my baby blues.

“If piss is involved, that’s gonna cost extra,” I thought to myself, even though I really enjoy water sports. Hey, why give away anything when you can get paid? And water sports and even other, nastier stuff really turns pretty much everyone on and brings in good money and tips, so I have no objection to that at all, I just don’t do real pain stuff. But then, I’ve never met a woman who was into pain anyway. I guess we get enough of that in real life.

Maria grabbed me by a wrist and led me to my bedroom. She knew where it was, as she’s a regular and we usually end up in my bed about once a month, though she prefers fucking in the bed she shares with her husband. Though I have a couple of customers who like to do it in their marital bed so that their husbands can hide in the closet and watch (and video it, too), Maria did it as a way of pissing on her husband, who she really didn’t like that much anymore. It’s kind of sad, but her life isn’t my life.

If I had a guy I didn’t like I’d kick his ass out, but for whatever reason she wouldn’t slot oyna do that. It wasn’t financial because she could easily divorce him and take him for a fortune, but they just had some weird thing going where he’d cheat on her with other girls but still loved her passionately. And she probably loved me more as her ‘paid companion’ than she loved him as her husband. People are strange, as the song said.

Maria sat me down on the bed, and sat next to me. “I love you so much, Laura,” she whispered, holding my hands in hers.

“I love you, too,” I breathed back. I felt a nice tingle of pleasure at saying that, even though I didn’t exactly love her, at least not more than any of my other clients, and there isn’t anybody special yet in my real life. But almost all of my clients profess their love for me, and I always return it. I think women have an infinite capacity for love, especially for other women. Maybe women only love one man at a time, but our affection for women is a much more wonderful thing to me anyway, and something that I value much more highly.

Maria and I kissed again, this time more as equals, her urge to dominate sublimated some. Again, in my mind, women do the whole domination and submission thing a lot better than men and women, with our roles constantly changing by the minute or even the second in our relationships. It was entirely possible that at some point in this get together that I’d be fucking her with one of my strap ons, or she’d be spanking my bottom. It’s just how women roll together.

I savored the warmth and softness of her lips on mine, and the lingering flavor and feel of her lipstick. Most of my clients are femme too, which is probably why we shift so much in our lovemaking. I like fucking butch girls too, but they tend to want to dominate throughout the fuck, and then be more girly when we’re just doing stuff, like shopping or eating, whatever. It would be interesting to spend some time with a butch, like in a relationship. Maybe someday…

Maria finished removing my shirt, pulling it off me so that I was topless, and I began unbuttoning her silk blouse. She sighed and shivered with pleasure, as though this was the official signal that she was going to be making love and having an orgasm. I guess I was the high spot of her week every week. So – what was her week like, she had one or two climaxes with me every week, and I was certain she had none with Harold, her husband. And she had to jill herself throughout the week, maybe once a day?

I compared that to my life with a usual three orgasms or so every day, seven days a week. If I didn’t have clients, I’d just jill a couple of times anyway. I thought that I had the better of things, and I didn’t have to live with some guy. Some girl to come home to would be nice, though, I thought, a little wistfully. I was distracted when Maria really got to teasing me.

“Lay back, honey,” she said, pulling on my shorts. I laid back flat on the mattress and Maria bent over me, unbuttoning the brass rivet, then unzipping and tugging the shorts down my thighs, leaving me just in my panties. There was a big wet spot at my pussy from her licking me in the car, and Maria giggled at that.

“You’re one hot mama,” she said, smiling.

“How could I be any other way when I’m with you?” I grinned back. “You’re so fucking sexy, I love being with you and being in your arms, baby.” I was sincere, she was always fun to be with, partially because she was so impetuous and uninhibited when we were together. If she wasn’t married and if she had a little more ambition and a job, I thought I could get serious about her.

But it’s dangerous for a ‘companion’ to get too serious with a client because we’re always one call or text away from not being in their lives anymore. If she didn’t confirm her set appointments with me, I’d follow up once to make sure she was okay, but I couldn’t flood her with texts or calls to get her business back like the local car dealer or something. If she lost interest in me that’d be it and we’d both move on. So it was always in my best interest to be fun for her.

“Let’s see if you kept your oven hot for me,” she whispered, her forefinger tracing over my labia, the skin wet and hot. “So smooth,” she crooned, her head already dipping down, my legs spreading wider so that she could fit her 37 year old body in between my thighs.

“Mmm, you smell scrumptious…even better than you did an hour ago,” she moaned, her breath hot and moist on my own wet heat.

“Ahh,” I whispered softly, the first touch of tongue on labia always making me jump a little, soft tendrils of delight spreading through my vulva into my clit, like a dynamo storing energy. She began lapping upwards along my lips, repeating strokes of her rough, wet tongue so that her progress was slow, which was fine with me – the longer we fucked, the better. Time was never a factor in my transactions. I got paid enough that putting a time limit on another woman’s pleasure would be both an insult and just bad business.

“Mmm, canlı casino siteleri you’re dripping for me,” she said, smiling again as she raised her head briefly, her finger at the bottom of my pelvis, at the perineum where my sweet honey was dripping down from cunt toward my ass. She took her wet finger and began slowly corkscrewing it inside my pussy, the intrusion briefly uncomfortable, then growing into a sweet dream of her fucking me with a tremendous girl cock, our bodies writhing in pleasure.

I gasped with the shock of the feeling. “Oh god, Maria, fuck me like that,” I pleaded. “So good…” Her finger continued inexorably inside me. It had been a few days since I’d had anything there, at least inside me, and every time it takes getting used to. The feeling was delightful, and growing ever more so. If men knew how to use their dicks, or even their finger, in the ways that so many woman do, I’d be out of business – well, not really, because men will never have a tasty wet cunt for their women to eat – but still, it would be bad for business if men were better at fucking than they are.

Maria’s finger was all the way inside. She turned her hand palm up, so that her finger was stroking me inside behind my clit, hitting my G spot perfectly. Then she began kissing around my clit in a spiral with my clit at the center.

“Ahh, aah…just…just…oh yesssss,” I moaned, hot crescents of ecstasy slicing through my clitoris and pussy, my hips rotating and lifting up and lowering, like a demented hula dancer. “Fuck, fuck, fuck godyessyess do me do me DO ME!” I exclaimed, orgasm filling me like a balloon full of air – or more likely, helium, as squeaky as my voice became.

“Goddamn fuck oh fuck, yess, I love you Maria, love you love you…” my voice trailed off as my climax began to subside, my thighs shaking and trembling. Her face stayed down by my pussy the whole time, somewhat expertly kissing me in such a way as to maintain my orgasm at a high level, but not stepping on it by overdoing the sensation, and altering her touch to match my release of tension, until finally she was just resting her cheek on my moist cunt.

I pulled her up to lay next to me in a warm embrace – me completely naked, her completely dressed. I kissed her, our lips meeting familiarly, my scent just all over her face and especially her mouth and lips. My tongue slithered wetly into her mouth, her taste musky, salty and sweet, I suppose the closest I could ever come to licking my own cunt.

I began kissing her face and throat like a mother cat and she my kitten, my tongue removing every trace of cum as she giggled and rubbed my naked back. I unbuttoned her blouse as I worked my way down. Her chest was covered with freckles. Maria had complained about them and blamed them on her teenage years when she’d spent entire years in the sun, and at the beach.

“Maria, they’re beautiful,” I had told her at the time. “It’s kind of like a pointillism painting by Georges Seurat on your chest, but way more beautiful than anything he ever did.” She pretended not to believe me, but her deep blush told me that I had made her proud of her body, and I felt really good about that.

“Well, if you like them, I guess I’ll keep them,” she laughed, as I kissed her all over there.

There in my bed, I pulled her blouse open but left it still on her shoulders, and reached under her to undo her bra, lifting the cups up to look at her plump breasts, her skin there olive-toned and her nipples a dark brown. “Your breasts are so pretty, sweetie,” I murmured, kissing her nipples with their wide areolae, sucking on them a little. Maria liked it to hurt, so I’d suck a little harder and a little harder yet until I could feel her first little yelp growing in her throat.

Then I’d release my suction and lick her there for a while, then suck again, harder until she yelped a bit louder and make some other little noise. She usually liked it to progress harder. This time I caught her nipple between my front teeth, squeezing it between them lightly, then harder and harder, way beyond anything I’d done before until I tasted copper on my tongue and she yelped and shuddered at the same time.

I immediately released her nipple and pulled my face away, and there was a perfectly formed, ruby-colored droplet of liquid on the end of her nipple, and at first I thought, “What the hell is that?” Then I realized it was her blood.

“Oh god, Maria, are you okay? I’m so sorry-“

“No, baby, I really wanted that,” she responded, her hands framing my face as I loomed above her. “As a matter of fact, I came from having you do that, biting my nipple, making me bleed…to cum, in your mouth, on your lips.” Her finger traced along my lower lip and came away with a thin streak of red, and then she lifted her head up and kissed me, her tongue swirling along my lip.

Holy fuck, that was erotic. I learn more from my clients than I could ever teach them.

We kissed for the longest time, then I attended to her nipple, which was dark red, maybe even bruised, and the drop of blood had smeared along her breast. Fortunately there was no more blood. I had an image of me dragging her into the emergency room to repair a nipple that was either bitten off or wouldn’t stop bleeding.

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