Allen , Ashlyn: Valentines Day


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(Allen) After watching Ashlyn’s plane take off I walked back to my car to return home. I couldn’t help but to have a few tears streaming down my cheek as I walked with my head down. As I walked I asked myself “what have I done”? “How did I let this happen”? “Did I ruin my daughter’s life”? As I sat down in my car I just held the wheel thinking about the hot sex we just had before she left back to college. I had to admit to myself that my own daughter was the best fuck of my life. But I knew one thing for sure. What we did was wrong and unacceptable to society.

I started my car and pulled out of the airport and headed home. It seemed like such a long drive because Ashlyn wasn’t with me. I parked my car in the garage and went inside to watch television to try to rid my mind of these guilty thoughts I was having.

The days began to pass rather quickly. As time went by it seemed easier to handle my situation. Mrs. Henderson called and asked for Ashlyn one day so I gave her Ashlyn’s phone number at college. Those two seemed to hit it off pretty well at the New Years Eve party. Actually I hit it off pretty well with her as well.

Ashlyn and I conversed almost every day either by phone, letters in the mail, or E-mail. We would spend hours instant messaging each other in the evenings once or twice a week. On this one particular day Ashlyn instant messaged me and told me she was alone. I couldn’t believe what happened. I cybered my real daughter. I have to admit that I came so hard I couldn’t believe it. Then she made me cum a second time. I was amazed at the affect my daughter had on me and my body.

Shortly thereafter Ashlyn called me one night and told me that her roommate was at the library studying. We ended up having the kinkiest wildest phone sex. We whispered things into each other’s ears that a father and daughter should never say to each other. I think that’s what causes so much arousal on both of our parts. This one particular night Ashlyn disguised her voice occasionally and played the part of Mrs. Henderson. I swear I felt like I was with both my daughter and Catherine Henderson.

Ashlyn and I were becoming so into each other. It was like we were more than just lovers. I have to admit that I was falling in love with my own daughter, my own flesh and blood. I was getting butterflies in my stomach every time we talked. My palms were sweaty, and my heart raced whenever I heard her soft voice. I began waiting for the phone to ring in the evenings.

I knew I had to go see Ashlyn soon. I had to go to her college which was my alma matter also. It had been nearly twenty five years since I was at that college. I reminisced about all my hang outs and wondered if they were still there. I knew where all the clubs used to be at. I even knew where the sex clubs were located.

Before I knew it January was over and I turned the calendar to February. I knew tomorrow I needed to go to my travel agent to get my plane ticket to go see Ashlyn. Just the thought of seeing her caused a stirring in my pants.

(Ashlyn) When I got back to school, the cold days seemed to be a little colder than usual. It snowed in the middle of January, which I loved. One day, I had to go to the store because I had no bread left in the apartment. I hustled out in the elements wearing waffled thermals under a sweat suit and my long wool coat. Looking in the foyer mirror as I walked out, I chuckled to myself. I was horrid looking, almost puffy because of the clothing, gloves, and a hat. If daddy could had seen me then, he would not think I was very attractive, I thought to myself.

On the way to the store, one of the boys that was in my algebra class passed me but then stopped, “Hi Ashlyn.” I smiled and said, “Hi Justin.” He smiled back asking where I was off to and I told him the store. He asked if he could join me so I wouldn’t be out alone and I agreed to let him. As we walked in the store he said, “My mom only lives 15 minutes from here, I bet she would make us some soup. I know your folks don’t live close by.” I looked at him and said, “Is that a date?” Kinda chuckling, but I thought he was cute. He said, “Well, my mom will be there so probably not. Look, I’m sorry, I just thought you might like and well… I don’t know, just a kind gesture. I hope I didn’t offend you.” I smiled and said, “No, you didn’t, it’s OK. I think I would like to go to your moms for dinner as long as you go with me and she won’t try to cook me.” He laughed and told me that she loves to cook and that she was probably one of the best moms in the world.

That Friday night, Justin picked me up at 5:00 to go eat soup with his mother. I told dad I was going and I worried that he may get mad at me for going over to a boy’s house. I missed daddy so much, but I needed to get away from the apartment for awhile and well, there Giresun Escort wasn’t much to do in the middle of winter.

Justin was right, his mom was very sweet and I was glad I went. When he took me back to my apartment, he gave me a hug and thanked me for accompanying him and I thanked him for inviting me. Justin lived in my apartment complex and he let me know that if I needed anything, just let him know. I thanked him and then he left for the evening. When I returned, there was a message on my answering machine from Catherine Henderson. I wondered how she got my phone number. Her message was for me to call her collect as soon as I arrived, so I did just that.

As soon as she knew it was me, she sounded all excited. She was just wondering how I was and if I needed anything. She said, “If you need anything, just let me know, OK?” I said, “Yes ma’am” and that made her laugh. She asked me if I had the Internet and I told her yes and then she said, “We should e-mail each other.” I thought that was a pretty good idea, I liked her, very sweet.

The next morning when I checked my e-mail, I had an e-mail from her. She said that it was nice to hear my voice and that she had hated that she didn’t get a chance to say good-bye before I left and that she would really like to get together one day and go shopping. A week later, she flew to see me. I don’t think daddy knew that, for some reason, I didn’t know if I should tell him.

She rented a car and drove it to my place which was easy to find from the airport. I watched from the window, awaiting her arrival. Soon, I saw her car pull up and she stepped out of the car, wearing only a mini shirt, and a tight sweater. I knew she had to be cold. As soon as I opened the door, she hugged me and told me how wonderful it was to see me. I hugged her back. We took her bags to my room. I planned on sleeping on the couch. She sat her suitcase on the floor and hopped on the bed, “So, tell me, whatcha been doing?” I sat beside her and told her about Justin and she said, “Very nice.” She brushed my hair from my face and said, “Now, you haven’t told daddy about Justin, have you?” I said, “There’s not much to tell. We’re just friends, nothing has happened.”

She smiled and said, “What a shame.” She reached over and brushed my leg. “Ready to go shopping?” I smiled, “Sure.”

We went to the mall and bought so much. I told her she didn’t have to buy me anything, but she insisted and well, I was a female in college. I ‘needed’ stuff.

When we got back to the apartment, my roommate had left a note saying that she was spending the night with her boyfriend which she usually does. So, Catherine and I ordered a pizza and watched movies all night. It was a girls night of all nights. Catherine spent 2 more nights and then back home she went. I really enjoyed her stay, we had such a good time, shopping, going to the movies and out to dinner. I even took her to a play that was put on by the drama department of my school. We agreed that we needed to do that more often, she felt more like my sister than anything.

I told daddy I was kinda busy and just e-mailed him on those days. That night however, I called him and pretended to be Catherine. I really think he got off on that. I know I did.

Daddy and I talked or wrote each other everyday, cybering and having phone sex.

The first week in February, daddy let me know that he was coming to see me for Valentine’s Day. I was so excited.

(Allen) The following day after work I stopped by my travel agency office. I was greeted by a very lovely young girl who reminded me of my daughter. Her name was Becca. She had me sit down in her cubicle and we went over the details of my planned trip. As we talked I was consumed by her beauty as our eyes looked into each other’s. I don’t know if it was because I was so horny, but all I could think of right now was taking this cute little girl and bending her over her desk and fucking the hell out of her. Internally I smiled, thinking I might get a discount if I did. However, I refrained so I wouldn’t get arrested.

Becca handed me all of my papers including my air line tickets. We made small talk for a few minutes before she told me that she had one more client to see. I thanked her for her help again and went out to my car. On the way home I stopped by a burger joint and picked up a value meal for dinner. I sure wished that Ashlyn was here to eat dinner with.

After I finished reading I showered and walked back to my room naked. I grabbed the phone and called Ashlyn. After three rings she answered the phone. “Hey baby” I said. “MMMMMMMMMMM…daddyyyyyy” Ashlyn replied. Just hearing her moan my name caused my cock to rise and tower high in the air faster then at any time in my life. We skipped the small talk. “Daddy, I love you” Ashlyn whispered into my ear through the phone. “I love you too baby” I moaned back. “I wish you were here right now daddy” Ashlyn whispered. “Me Giresun Escort Bayan too” I replied.

In the phone I could hear some squishy kind of noise. “Do you hear that daddy” Ashlyn asked me? “Yes”, I whispered as I stroked my cock to her lovely voice. “I was touching myself and thinking about you when you called daddy”. “See how wet you make me” Ashlyn said.

“Oh daddy, pretend I am kissing your chest and licking your nipples”. “MMMMMMM” Ashlyn moaned. “Now I am running my tongue up and down your cock daddy, mmmmm your pre cum tastes so good daddy” Ashlyn moaned. With my eyes closed I could see my daughter wrapping her lips around my cock as her head bobs up and down. “Oh daddy you taste so good”. “MMMMMM, do you like when your baby sucks on your cock daddy”? Ashlyn asked. “God yes” I replied.

“Oh daddy I’m crawling on top of you right now. I am sliding my leg over you so I am straddling you” Ashlyn said softly. “Oh daddy I feel your cock touching my pussy as I slowly slide down on your pole.” “Oh daddy, does that feel good”? Ashlyn asked. “God yes” I moaned. “Fuck me daddy” Ashlyn said. With that we both began to furiously get off on the phone. No words were spoken, only heavy breathing and moaning. After about five minutes Ashlyn moaned loudly. “Oh fuck yeah daddyyyyyyy, I’m cummingggggggggg”. At the same time my balls tightened and I shot an arc of cum high into the air and onto my chest and belly. When we finished we both giggled for a few minutes. Before we hung up I told her that my trip for Valentines Day was set and that I would definitely be there. “I love you daddy” Ashlyn said to me. “I love you too Ashlyn” I said right before we hung up the phone.

I got off of my bed and went to the bathroom to clean my cum off of myself. I returned to my room and climbed into bed. I couldn’t wait to go to see my daughter, rather to fuck my daughter.

(Ashlyn) Two days before daddy was to come see me, Justin came over and we cooked dinner together. My roommate was out with her boyfriend, so we had the whole place to ourselves. As I opened the door, he stood there with flowers and a big bag from the import store in town. I smiled and told him he was such a sweetie. I took the flowers and walked towards the kitchen, leaving him to close the door and follow.

I reached in the cupboard and got a vase for the beautiful arrangement. They were perfect for the vase. As I made sure they were perfect, Justin began to empty the bag, full of candles. He had tapers for the table, and some of various sizes to go all around the living room which was the same room as the dining room. Then, he showed me what else he got, a starter log for the fire place.

I smiled, “Did you think this was going to be romantic or something?” He grinned, “Of course not.” We both laughed and he began placing the candles and lighting them, soon the large, divided room was well lit with candle light and he made his way back into the kitchen as I finished the lasagna. “OK, I brought 2 more things, you ready?” I laughed and said, “Sure silly.” He brought out a bottle of wine and a Frank Sinatra CD. He said, “Just because, I think you’ll like it.”

He opened the bottle and poured the wine into two glasses and took them to the table as I made my way with two heaping plates full of lasagna. We sat and began to enjoy the dinner, listening to Old Blue Eyes. After the first glass of wine, Justin poured me another, reaching over with his other hand and rubbing my leg under the table. “You plan on getting drunk, gorgeous?” I laughed and said, “Maybe.” We laughed and then continued to eat. He told me how good the food was and asked me where I had learned to cook like that and when I told him about mom leaving and me taking care of daddy, well, except how I had been taking care of him since Christmas. After dinner, Justin told me to sit on the couch and relax while he cleared the table and started the fire.

He sat beside me and we cuddled, listening to Sinatra and watching the fire. My cat, Max jumped up on my lap and just laid there. Justin whispered in my ear. “I am so jealous.” I looked up at him and he leaned down and kissed me. It was tender and sweet and afterwards, he apologized, saying he wanted to take things slow.

We enjoyed the music and wine for a little longer and then, Michelle came home. She and her boyfriend had gotten into a fight. Justin said he was gonna leave and he’d see me the next day. I told him about daddy coming to town and he said, “You can just let me know when it’s a good time, OK?” I asked him if he wanted to meet daddy and he said, “If you want me to meet him, then, of course.”

That night on the telephone with daddy was so hot, I came so much as he told me how he was gonna fuck me. He told me about some scarves he had purchased and how he wanted to use them on me. He spoke of how rough he would be right then and I came so hard.

As I hung up, I smiled and drifted off to sleep, Escort Giresun thinking of daddy tying me up.

(Allen) The night before Valentines Day finally arrived. I came home from work and ate a quick dinner. After I cleaned up the mess I went and took a quick shower. The whole time I showered I could not stop thinking about my gorgeous daughter. As I lathered myself up my cock stood out in front of me like a flag pole. I had to concentrate on my shower as I wanted to save myself for Ashlyn the following day. I managed to think about something disgusting like milking cows or mowing the lawn and my erection finally went down. I dried off and returned to my room. I dressed in my sweats and began to pack.

I pulled my suit case out of the closet and unzipped it. As I raised the top I saw a pair of panties laying in it. I lifted the red panties up and noticed that there was a note attached to them. I lifted the note up and read it. “If you are reading this note then you are packing your bags to cum see me. I am yours now daddy and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for having the courage to make your little girl a woman. No matter what daddy, you will have a special place in my heart. I am looking foreword to seeing you soon. I love you daddy! Ashlyn.” “PS It would be so nice if you would wear these when you cum see me!”

My cock was now rock hard as I lifted my baby’s red panties to my face. I realized that it was a sexy thong and that there was dried cum in the crotch. My heart was pounding again and I wanted to rip one off right now but I decided to save myself for tomorrow. I placed the red thong on my night stand and place the note in my personal private box.

I continued to pack. I packed socks and underwear. I packed extra shirts and an extra pair of jeans. Next I packed my toiletry items making sure I did not forget my razor. I reached into the closet and pulled out this bag I had containing several different colored scarves. They were of different length and colors. A wicked smile grew across my face as I thought about what my naked daughter would look like stretched out on her bed all tied up. I zipped up my suitcase and carried it to the side door. I gathered my airline tickets and made sure I had everything. I returned to my room and laid down on my bed. I undressed myself and pulled a blanket over myself. I had a difficult time falling asleep as I continued to think about how badly I wanted to fuck my daughter.

(Ashlyn) The day before Valentine’s Day, there was a knock on my door at 9:00 in the morning. I went to open the door and there stood a man holding a beautiful dozen of red roses. The man smiled as I stood there in my nightshirt and said, “Ashlyn?” I wiped my eyes because he had woken me and I said, “Yes?” He said, “These are for you and if I may say, I would have brought two dozen if I would have known you were so pretty.” I smiled and thanked him and took the flowers.

The card simply said, “To the most beautiful girl in the world. Your ‘secret’ admirer.”

Oh how I hated that. I wondered if they were from daddy or Justin or could they have been from someone else?

I placed the flowers on the table in the den and went to take a shower. If daddy had sent them, then I was sure gonna treat him to a nice thank you. As I showered, I thought about his cock sliding in me and I got so wet and bothered that before I knew it, I was touching myself. I wished daddy was there right then, in the shower with me, bending me over in front of him, but he wasn’t.

Just then, there was a knock on the bathroom door and Michelle poked her head in. “Morning.” I said, “Good morning.” She said, “I really need to go, do you mind?” I said “no” as she walked in and lifted the toilet seat.

“What time is your dad coming in tomorrow?” I smiled to myself and said, “I think midday, why? Did you need me for something?” She said, “I was just wondering, you guys are staying in his hotel room, right?” I affirmed the statement and she said, “Don’t forget to at least bring him by, OK?” “OK”

After she left, I figured if I didn’t get out soon, the water would turn cold so I finished and stepped out of the shower.

I wondered if daddy had found his present that I had left for him in his suitcase yet. A simple red thong, god, I hoped he’d wear them.

I went into the kitchen, wearing my short black silk robe that I had gotten from mom for Christmas and Michelle was making an omelet. “Mmmmm,” I said, “smells good.” She turned and said, “Want one?” I said, “sure” and she said she’d make me one.

“You cold?” she asked me. I looked at her funny and I said, “No, I am fine.” She reached out to my silk covered breasts, flicking my nipple. “You must be horny then, huh?” She kinda chuckled and then, she took it in between her fingers. A soft moan escaped my lips and she said, “That’s what it is… little Ashlyn is horny.”

She took the frying pan from the eye on the stove and untied my robe with the other. I stood frozen because I never thought of Michelle as being bisexual. My robe slipped to the floor and Michelle said, “God, you have a perfect body.” I said, “Well, Michelle, yours isn’t bad.” She sank her mouth onto my nipple and I was so wet in mere seconds.

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