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Nine hours. That’s how long I’d spent in the conference room, putting together the pitch and practicing it with Ryan. Usually, an hour or two in his company made my life difficult, but an entire workday? Under extreme pressure?

I had to admit, I was freakishly good with self-control.

Ryan was everything a woman could conjure up in a wet dream. He stood tall and athletic, had an angular face with a sexy, crooked smile that produced a deep dimple in his right cheek, piercing blue eyes and dark hair that was perfectly messed up like he’d just rolled out of bed handsome. He had a perpetual five o’clock shadow, large hands, and luscious lips. Best of all, he was a truly nice guy with a sense of humor that a girl could fall in love with.

Mostly, I just wanted to fall in bed with him.

But we were an incredibly team at work, and our chemistry stayed in the conference rooms where we worked our magic on new business clients. We were the top producing sales team at the advertising firm, and I knew better than to jinx it.

After all, aside from pro sports players, few people are as superstitious about their jobs as salespeople. I wouldn’t do anything to risk our soaring numbers, no matter how much I just wanted to, just once, brush against his crotch and see if the prominent bulge was due to a large cock or perhaps a semi-erection because he wanted me as bad as I wanted him.

I rode the train home, glad I actually found a seat. I was so turned on I had to press my knees together because my clit was throbbing, and I was terrified that standing up would allow the moisture of my perma-arousal to drip down my legs and give me away. I kept noticing how the guy sitting next to me glanced at me over and over, as if he could smell sex on me, and I crossed my legs tighter, biting my lip as the friction of clenching so hard served the opposite purpose of my intent, driving my arousal higher.

I tried to think of anything to stop it as I hurried the three blocks from the train station to my apartment. I pictured our boss, Steve, in a thong with his big, hairy belly hanging out. But when I did, Ryan stepped in front of him and reached out to hold me and hide my face from the horrid sight. And when he drew me against him, I felt his hard-on pressing against me.

I tried thinking of my parents having sex, something that had kept me a virgin for a very long time, but my father morphed into Ryan, and I imagined him moving with the precision of a well oiled machine.

My hands were shaking by the time I took out my keys to unlock the door, and I tossed my purse angrily at the couch, breathing a little heavier than I should have been. It wasn’t like the short walk to my apartment was all that invigorating. It was all downhill. No, that wasn’t the cause of my lungs burning and my heart trying to beat its way out of my chest as it raced.

It was the thought of Ryan’s hands on me, his fingers sliding along my slit and feeling just how wet he made me with just a smile and a wink. It was the idea of him drawing the blinds of the conference room, bending me over the table in the midst of all our hard work, shoving my skirt up, and ripping my panties off before driving into me and owning me. It was the fact that I’d watched him like a hawk for the last two years, waiting to see if he got attached to anyone, and he’d never stuck with a woman for more than three dates before shrugging her off with a casual, “I’m waiting for someone more like me.”

And I liked to think we were two peas in a pod.

Did he go home and think about me the way I thought about him? Did he jerk off in the shower with my face in mind? Or his imagination conjuring up my naked body?

I moaned aloud at the idea and covered my mouth, as if my lonely apartment would judge me for it. Then, I scowled. So what if I was incredibly attracted to my sales partner? Who wouldn’t be? I heard other women at work commenting about güvenilir bahis Ryan, and I only stayed out of the conversation because I didn’t need rumors about us setting us up for failure. It might cause too much tension between us, and then we wouldn’t function as well together in the workspace.

Grunting, I stood straight, as if defying some external source that told me I was wrong for feeling this way. I glared at the empty apartment, and I marched to the bathroom, deciding to run a bath. I added rose-scented bubble bath and lit candles around the edges. What I needed was a few minutes of self-indulgence to cure me of my issues, and I knew exactly how to deal with it.

While the tub filled, I went to my bedroom and stripped down to nothing. I stared at myself in the bedroom mirror, ignoring the ache between my thighs, and tried to evaluate what I saw with an open mind. My breasts were full and round, my stomach flat. I’d had plenty of lovers who worshiped my body and didn’t find myself lacking in any way. I just wondered what Ryan saw when he looked at me. Did he see me as a fierce saleswoman, driven to success? Or did he see my softer side, the part of me that craved his approval and desire?

It didn’t matter. Here, in my space, I could convince myself of anything, and then I would just tamp it down again tomorrow, when we went to the potential client’s office to give our spiel. I’d sit beside him in the company car and act demure but confident, and I wouldn’t think about whether or not he was trying to keep his hands to himself.

I padded back to the bathroom, turned off the tap, and sank into the deliciously hot water, surrounded by steam and candlelight. I closed my eyes and focused on breathing, but I couldn’t seem to slow it down. My lips parted, and I panted a little, brushing my fingers over my thigh. It made my stomach clench and my back arch, and my other hand fell on one breast. I squeezed lightly, sucking in air between my teeth as a spark of electricity went straight from where I touched to my pussy.

I pressed my legs together, telling myself to relax and move past it, but my body wouldn’t comply with my brain’s sensible request. Instead, my heart pumped harder, and my clit swelled. I wanted Ryan, and my anatomy spoke to the desperation of two years of wanting without relief. My skin tingled, and my knees fell open, far apart until they touched the sides of the tub.

Where it rested on top of my thigh, my hand slipped lower, tracing across my belly and down lower, until two fingers pressed just above the throbbing bundle of nerves that was currently the bane of my existence. Maybe if I just rubbed a little, I could scratch the itch enough to make the pain lessen.

I dipped my fingers lower, pressing against the button, and my eyes popped open with a gasp. “Oh!” I cried, the sensation so strong that my hips bucked. I rolled my fingers, circling around my clit, and the absolute pleasure made me groan. I pressed my lips together and shifted in the tub, finding an angle that allowed me to spread my legs further. Even under water, I could feel how slick I was, how willing and able my body was to take something in.

I squeezed my breast tighter and pinched my nipple, fighting the desire to do anything more, but the shock of elation as I twisted the taut peak between my finger and thumb only heightened my arousal, made me want more, and I was powerless to resist. I conjured up an image of Ryan’s smile, but this time, his eyes filled with more than amusement. There was seduction, a clear promise of pleasure in them.

I pinched harder, thinking that maybe tomorrow, if things went well, I could suggest stopping at a hotel and staying the night, rather than making the long drive back. As if they had a will of their own, my fingers rubbed harder over my cleft, and then they drew a line along my slit, making me shiver in delight. My core ached, and the inner walls türkçe bahis clenched, looking for something to hold onto.

I gave them what they asked, slipping a finger inside and whimpering with the force of the shudder that coursed through me, first through my legs and then warming my stomach and chest and finding its way to my head, making me dizzy with need. I moved my finger around, pressing against every side, and it still wasn’t enough, so I pulled out and shoved two fingers inside, harder. The friction made me cry out again, and I gripped my breast with bruising force.

With those two fingers still inside, I cupped my sex and moved my hips, riding my hand with abandon. It felt utterly amazing, filling me with such great amounts of delight that the pressure of orgasm began to build low in my gut.

I moved my hand from one breast to the other, squeezing and molding while I moved, the water disturbed with my eagerness, and I let go of my hindrance. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d touched myself, but the careful control shattered, and I knew I wasn’t going to quit until I struck gold. Otherwise, I doubted I could face Ryan tomorrow with any sense.

And that thought, the idea of just being alone with him for a few hours, drove me harder. I thrust my fingers in and out, riding the waves of pleasure that didn’t quite culminate in the ultimate reward but built toward a very promising release. I moved faster, and I curled them to find that internal button that would push me over the edge. Still, it wasn’t enough, and I wondered if I just didn’t know my own body anymore.

A bit frustrated, I shifted in the tub, sitting up a little further and splashing water out the side as I moved. I didn’t care; I had a goal, and I wasn’t going to quit till I achieved it. I let go of my breast, nipple forgotten, and I shoved that hand down to join the other. With two fingers still inside, I pressed my other thumb against my clit, rubbing it almost violently. My thighs tried to close in response, but I forced them to stay open, spreading my pussy lips so I could access every part of me.

I started thrusting with my fingers again, and I flicked my clit with a thumping motion of finger and thumb. “Oh, my god!”

The words popped out as my eyes shut tight, and the image of Ryan came to mind again. His face, full of the pain and pleasure of coming, the way I pictured it, sent me into overdrive. I kept the image clear, and I knew I was close, so close.

The need built and filled me like a ball of heat, heavy in my gut, and I worked myself over, pinching and tugging on the bundle of nerves that was swollen and throbbing, stroking myself inside with as much power and speed as I could muster.

I bit my lip, preparing for the onslaught of ecstasy, and then I stopped. The denial of completion nearly broke me in half, and I whimpered at myself.

But I wasn’t ready.

With my body buzzing and demanding I finish, I quickly bathed, careful not to rub too hard as I cleaned my most sensitive spots. I didn’t want to inadvertently set off the fireworks just yet. I got out of the tub and dried, hissing in a sharp breath as I rubbed the tormented nerves at my center, and I headed into the bedroom, still nude, and dug to the back of my underwear drawer.

The vibrator had been back there for years, untouched, and I looked at it, trying to decide if that was what I really wanted. Of course, it wasn’t. I wanted Ryan’s hard cock inside me. But for now, this was going to have to do, and I still remembered how phenomenal the payout was when I used it.

I crawled onto my bed with the device in hand, and I didn’t cover up. It felt more dangerous, more real, to be exposed to the cool air around me. I turned the toy on full blast, and the vibration crawled up my arm, making me smile at the way my skin tingled already. I took a deep breath and touched the tip to my clit. “Fuck!” It was so delicious güvenilir bahis siteleri it almost hurt, and I bucked and yanked it away.

Not too fast. I didn’t want to come too fast. This time, I slid it lightly along my seam, and then I teased my opening, still drenched, until I thought I might cry with need. Then, I pushed the vibrator in, two inches, then halfway, and I shuddered at the sensation.

My brain conjured up the situation – Ryan, looming over me as he drove deeper and deeper. My hands worked the motions that his body would have, thrusting and stroking and taking the vibrator deeper and deeper. It stretched me wide, and it found the end of me. I moaned and circled my clit with my fingers, moving the toy around to press against every inch of me.

The ball of energy inside me grew larger, and it threatened to explode as it swelled to epic proportions. I felt the levee break, and I screamed as the orgasm struck, blasting into me like a tidal wave. Still, I rode the vibrator, rocking my hips to extract every sensation I could, and my whole being shook and convulsed, like an earthquake shaking my foundation. I cried out again as another explosion came, my clit on fire with its release. I squeezed my legs together, holding onto the elation and letting it consume me.

I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t control my movements, and I didn’t care. I’d held this in for what seemed like ages, and it had to come out. I milked myself, feeling the moisture pouring from me and all over my hands. It lasted forever and not long enough, all at the same time.

When I finally found myself coming down from wherever I’d floated off to in my ultimate bliss, my lungs burned, and I fought to catch my breath, my head spinning and every nerve ending tingling. I opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling, and I felt a smile creep across my face. That had been exactly what I needed to bring down my libido to a manageable level.

Even as I removed the vibrator and stood on wobbly legs to go clean myself and the toy, I still had urges that made my center clench inside as I thought of Ryan and what he would look like in the afterglow. I couldn’t believe I had anything left, but the buildup of my desire had simply gone too far to be remedied in a single – or as it was, double – orgasm. I needed more, but at least I could control myself now. I didn’t feel the need to go another round right away, and I knew I’d be fine tomorrow, not acting like some desperate woman and making a big mistake I’d regret.

But as I dressed in a soft satin gown and padded into the kitchen to find a snack, I also realized something else. I could take a risk.

Ryan and I were too good at what we did to let a little sexual tension get in the way of our success. And I was too sure of myself to sit back and not pursue something that obviously meant so much. Sure, I could finger myself and come on demand, but it would never satisfy that true itch, the one that longed for Ryan.

With the delicious warmth and satisfaction still strong between my legs and in my chest, I knew what I would do. Tomorrow, I’d ride with Ryan to the client like any normal day, and we’d give the presentation of a lifetime and win the business. Then, when we left, I’d suggest a celebratory drink, like we’d had so many times before.

At the bar, I’d play my hand, show my cards, and make sure everything was out on the table. Ryan would know how I felt and what I wanted, and I’d make it clear that if he gave it to me, it wouldn’t change our work dynamic at all. Then, the ball was in his court.

If he accepted my proposal, we’d have an insane night of incredible sex, relieving the tension of two years of waiting. And if he denied me, I’d come home, run a bath, and dig in the drawer for my vibrator again. I didn’t need a man to take care of my sexual needs. Obviously, I still had what it took to get myself off. It was just like riding a bike.

But I wanted Ryan.

If I reached for the stars, I was more likely to get the ultimate reward than if I sat back and waited for one to fall into my hand. Now, I was excited, and I knew that, however things went, I would be completely satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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