Always Check Mom’s Phone

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Son’s Perspective: Naked Office Selfies

Because of generous subsidies from the government, our law firm was able to provide free legal assistance to small businesses in need. It was our way of helping people get their lives back on track after the statewide lockdown.

For some extra background, let me tell you this; my mother is a partner at this law firm. She’s exactly the kind of person you’d imagine when thinking of a legal professional. Sharply dressed, intelligent, and well-spoken.

I was recently hired to perform smaller tasks after graduating law school and passing the Bar exam (on my second attempt). But now, in addition to writing case briefs and doing legal research, I was also involved with new hirings.

As mom put it, “It’s going to be hectic around here and I really need your help. I’m going to give you access to my office email and we’ll be working closely together. Think of this as a promotion!”

She gave me access to her email account and she’d leave her phone on her desk whenever she had a meeting. We shared the same large office space, so trading information was easy.

One day, mom notified me of a job applicant she wanted me to look at; a former Assistant District Attorney who later became a corporate lawyer. This person had a wealth of knowledge when it comes to dealing with government bureaucracy, which is what we needed.

As mom explained, “She’s a good friend of mine. She’ll definitely be working here, but I want you to go through all the formalities of the hiring process so you get more experience.”

I conducted an hour-long job interview with a woman named Amira. She had a lot in common with my mother. They were both the same age and had the same impeccable dedication to the legal profession.

The job interview went as expected. Basic questions and she gave me thorough answers. I was surprised by how attractive she was and by how clinical she remained. Every time she spoke, it was like she was in a courtroom giving a deposition.

When the interview was almost done, she finally relaxed a bit.

“What’s it like working with your mother?” Amira asked with a slight crinkling of her nose and gleam in her eyes.

It was the first time in the job interview that she expressed any sort of positive human emotion, aside from the initial smile from when we first met.

“Great,” I replied humorously. “She knows a lot and she’s got a ton of experience. I’m learning something new everyday.”

She looked amused. “Sorry, I meant what’s it like working for your own mother. Meaning, is there any awkward tension? Any arguments spilling over from home? It seems like the plot of a sitcom, if you don’t mind me saying.”

“Ah, that. Yeah, we get asked about that a lot. The truth is, there’s no way in hell that I could have gotten a job like this without my mom’s help. So I’m not complaining about anything.”

“Don’t be hard on yourself,” she said politely. “You can fit in to any major law firm in this country.”

“Thank you. Obviously I can say the same about you.”

I gestured to her lengthy resume and she laughed.

“Fair point,” she giggled. “I count my blessings daily.”

“How long have you known my mom?” I asked.

Amira smiled and thought for a moment. “We met at a legal seminar, I believe two years ago in April. We were sitting at the same table at the convention hall and we sort of hit it off. We stayed in touch ever since.”

“Oh yeah, I remember mom going to that event.”

We had more banter, before hitting an awkward silence.

“What happens next?” she asked.

“Well, obviously you already have the job. But sticking with formalities, I’ll need your references and consent to do a background check.”

“Is your mother making you do all this?”

“Yep. For practice. She enjoys mentoring me.”

Amira nodded. “That’s good. Your mother is an extremely thorough woman. I love that about her. It’s why I wanted to provide my time and expertise to this law firm. Because your mother is doing something positive and I want to assist.”


A few days later, I was alone in the private office that I shared with mom, sifting through internship applications. Everything was routine.

Then mom’s phone beeped. By that point, I was accustomed to scooting over to mom’s desk from the wheels on my chair and checking her phone.

Mom had sent Amira an email with the heading Congratulations! and this was the reply. Mom authorized me to check all of her business related emails and then to mark them as ‘unread’ so she could view them later.

Clicking open the message, I read the email, Re: Congratulations!

Hi Joan,

I’m so glad your background check hadn’t unearthed any major secrets about me (joke!).

My record is indeed perfect. And I’m thrilled to join your firm. It was great meeting your son along with the rest of your colleagues. I’m certain we can help a lot of people during these difficult times. That’s what this career is all about, bursa otele gelen eskort right?

As a token of my gratitude, here are old 3 pictures of me from when I used to work at the DA’s office years ago. I know how much it turns you on that I was a prosecutor.

kiss kiss,


There were 3 files attached to the email.

Naturally, it struck me as bizarre that a consummate professional like Amira would talk about ‘turn ons’ and end an email with ‘kiss kiss’ to my mother. The tone of the email was far more informal than any of the conversations they had in the office.

I wondered if I should look at the pictures or not. Mom set a clear boundary that when I was on her phone, it was only for emails, nothing else. But then again, this was attached to a work-related message.

So I opened the first image.

To my shock, there was a crystal clear image of Amira taking a selfie of herself in her old office, sitting on top of her desk. She was wearing a nice suit with a bright smile on her face. What made the image so shocking was that her office skirt was hiked up and her thighs were visible.

The next image was of Amira’s fingers gently lifting the front of her skirt. Her face wasn’t in that picture. It was a close-up of her lower body and her bare crotch was showing. She was cleanly shaven and it was obvious what the final image would be.

Amira showed a close-up image of her pussy. The camera on her phone had been placed right between her legs for that shot. Her labia was dark, matching her complexion, but her entrance was a rosy shade of pink. She was wet and glistening. This was something she truly enjoyed doing.

With my mother coming back to the office at any moment, I deleted the pics and marked that email as unread, deciding that I wasn’t going to say anything about this.

Naturally, the only question on my mind was, why the hell was Amira sending these pictures to my mother? Was it an accident? Or were they more than just friends? My mother is a known workaholic, as most people who become partners in major firms are. She enjoys the grind and long hours, and as a result, she hadn’t dated much in the past several years. And when she did go on dates, it was with men, particularly other lawyers.

As I skimmed through mom’s other recent correspondence with Amira, there was a clear flirtation between them. Even though I wasn’t supposed to, I felt a strong urge to dig deeper.

I made sure I’d have privacy by checking through the glass wall. Mom wasn’t in sight. Then I did something I thought I’d never do, which was to open mom’s picture gallery. Like any modern woman, my mother takes a fair amount of pictures with her phone. Sometimes it’s work related, sometimes it’s ordinary.

As expected, the first row of pictures were of legal documents and food cooked by her friends (they often traded pictures of their cooking and shared recipes).

Scrolling down, it hit me.

Mom took a scantily-clad selfie of herself in the bathroom in this building. Her blouse was undone and her black bra was showing. It was a sheer bra, and I could faintly see the color of her nipples. Unable to resist, I zoomed in and saw that her nipples were dark pink.

Quickly sifting through her private images, mom’s picture gallery was a mixture of business, personal, and her secret sexual side. One image would be a billing statement, the next would be a close-up of mom’s panties in the office. Sifting further, there’d be more crystal clear images of mom’s bra and/or panties in this office, in between pictures of food.

Sifting further into the gallery, I saw it. Mom’s breasts. They were beautifully shaped globes with large pink nipples. Her face was in the same selfie, which she had taken right here in her office while her top was open. She was expressionless in the picture, which made it all the more sexier.

Delving deeper, I saw a picture of mom’s pussy, with the phone having been placed in between her legs, underneath the desk. She used one hand to hold the phone, and another hand to pull her panties aside. Her pussy was pink and wet, with curly pubic hairs surrounding her entrance. In the next picture, two of her fingers were plunged inside of her vaginal canal.

There were also more downloaded pictures of Amira in the mixture. Like my mother, Amira enjoyed taking pictures of herself and her body parts while at work. But unlike my mother, Amira was much more brazen, taking scandalous pictures throughout the workplace when no one was there. I also saw her breasts and dark nipples.

Was this mom’s secret fetish? Was this why she was such good friends with Amira? Was this something they bonded over?

My mind was swirling and I knew I could never look at mom the same way, at least in the office. No one would guess that a professional woman like my mom could have a phone filled with dirty pictures taken in the office, let alone trading pictures with a fellow lawyer.

Not bursa eve gelen escort bayan wanting to get caught, I put the phone down and went back to work. It was best to pretend that none of this ever happened, but I knew that would be impossible.

Mom’s Perspective: Admission & Indulgence

Joan remained in the conference room after a meeting with the partners and associates of the firm. She was gathering her laptop and documents from the presentation she had given while the others had left.

As she had anticipated, Amira hung around with a smile, and they both stood at the front of the room while Joan closed her laptop. They were standing near the window where there was a beautiful view of the downtown skyline.

“You seemed a little off your game,” Amira casually noted.

“Did I?”

“This is our first time working together, but I could tell something was on your mind. Stress? Or is it something else?”

Joan folded her laptop’s power cord. “I’m 95% sure my son knows.”


“You know, this,” Joan said, gesturing towards the hem of her office skirt and giving it a slight lift to expose her thigh for a second.

Amira’s eyes narrowed and her nose crinkled. “Oh my.”

“Yep. I’m starting to think that hiring my own son was a mistake. It was supposed to be every mother’s dream. I get to spend all my time with him, mentor him, keep a watchful eye on him.”

“You’re still doing all of those things. That’s the hallmark of any great mother.”

Joan shrugged. “I gave him limited access to my phone since the lockdown ended. I figured it would streamline our workflow, but you can guess how I think it’s turned out.”

“Oh!” Amira said, this time with a wry smile.

“You’re not supposed to take enjoyment in that,” Joan playfully rebuked.

“I’m not?”

“No, you’re definitely not.”

Amira lifted an eyebrow. “I’ll be the judge of that. Tell me more.”

“I’m sure you get the idea. I noticed subtle changes in him. Most young men think they’re sneaky, but a mother always knows. It’s a maternal instinct that men never know that women possess.”

“So I’ve heard. Any direct evidence of his knowledge?”

“Take my word for it. I’m pretty sure he saw what was on my phone, even though I expressly told him what the boundaries were.”

“Let’s suppose that’s true,” Amira opined after some deep thought. “Suppose your son stumbled across your secret collection. What’s the harm?”

Joan pursed her lips. “Okay, now you’ve officially lost your mind.”

“No, I’m serious. What’s the harm in your son knowing?”

“I think you need your Bar license re-examined.”

“For the sake of argument, this might be a good thing,” Amira said with a sly confidence.

Joan’s jaw nearly dropped. “You can’t be serious.”

“Think about it. You don’t have to hide it anymore. Your work and personal life would both be easier.”

“Of all the things you’ve made me do, this might be our first actual fight. Or would that turn you on, too?”

Amira laughed. “We’ll get to that. For now, give me your panties.”

In an instant, Joan’s eyes scanned the glass walls of the conference room. There were only a few people in sight, and as expected, they were busy with their workload. Then her eyes darted to the window, towards the office building across the street. The other building was still closed on most floors, but some businesses had already re-opened.

Turning her attention back to her friend, Joan reached underneath her skirt and slid her black panties down to her heels. She stepped out of them and handed it to Amira, who gladly accepted the offering.

“A welcoming gift,” Joan said, pushing it deep into her friend’s hand.

Amira tucked the panties into her blazer pocket. “Sit down and face the window.”

“Do I have a choice?”

“You never do.”

Hearing those words sent a rush of blood to her vagina. She loved surrendering control to a rightful person. So she sat down on the chair at the end of the table and scooted a little closer to the window.

“Is this what you want?” Joan asked, allowing her legs to spread a little further.

“Skirt up. Two fingers in. We’ll see if anyone in the other building is lucky enough to catch a glimpse of this.”

“That would make their day, I’m sure.”

Joan pulled her skirt up and her bare butt was rested on the fancy chair. She plunged two fingers and fingered her pussy. All while Amira occasionally glanced around to make sure no one would catch them. Because in their secret games, neither of them wanted to get caught. Both of them had too much to lose.

They loved the secrecy of this. They were respectable and upright women who got amazing rushes from these sorts of exhibitionist acts in the office. It was something they had in common besides their education and status.

“Tell me what to think about,” Joan said in a low voice, digging her fingers in deeper.

“You bayan eskort bursa already know.”

“Really? Are you still serious about that?”

Amira licked her lower lip. “Imagine being on your knees, underneath a desk, giving your son oral. A sweet, loving kind. But fast enough so that neither of you would get caught.”

“That’s so, so bad.”

Allowing her mind to wander towards this heinous idea, Joan pleasured herself. In all honesty, this wasn’t her first time masturbating while thinking about her son. But it was the first time that she did so with the possibility that it could happen.

She knew that Amira was an unstoppable force. Together, they pushed each other’s boundaries to new sexual heights. Deep down, she knew it would only be a matter of time before Amira’s wishes came true and she was made to orally pleasure her own son.

While masturbating in front of the window, she imagined herself on her knees, sucking her son’s dick so lovingly with her head bobbing. Her eyes scanned the other building for voyeurs. None so far. She kept on rubbing while her mind wandered to these dark places. The image of her mouth flooding with cum was so vivid she could almost taste it.

“I’m close,” Joan moaned, rubbing faster.

Amira looked to make sure no one in the office was watching. “Go on, cum. This is something I need a record of. It’s too intense.”

While bringing herself to an orgasm, she spread her legs further so that Amira could get on her knees and take pictures of this. Joan’s pussy was drenched and her fingers were drilling herself. The sight of Amira holding a phone to her pussy was exciting. She loved the focused expression on Amira’s face, who was trying to capture the perfect images.

When she came, she watched Amira take several pictures at various angles and distances. This would be a picture collection for the ages because it was their first time playing together at the firm.

After the orgasm coated her fingers, Joan giggled at the absurdity of the moment and pulled her office skirt down, in case anyone were to walk by. Amira also stood upright and tried to act natural.

“You see,” Amira said with a smirk. “You did what I said. And the result speaks for itself.”

“As if you know what I’m thinking when I masturbate.”

Amira gestured towards Joan’s crotch. “Your orgasm was different today. You became wet faster. And the look on your face was conflicted, which made you so much more aroused.”

“Maybe, maybe not,” Joan said playfully. “I decline to state what I was thinking about. But thank you.”

Amira leaned down and put her hands on the armrest. “I know you thought about your son while you came. Let’s make a deal. If you send me blowjob pictures of you and him, then I’ll send you pictures of me sucking off a partner at this firm.”

They were almost face to face and Joan could see that Amira was dead serious about this offer. This was something that lit a fire under Amira. Frankly, this fantasy did a number on both of them.

“You’re going to suck off a partner at this firm?” Joan asked, knowing it would probably happen.

“I’ve never done anything sexual with a colleague. But if we’re going to play games, then let’s play games. I’m only going to be at this firm for a while, so we might as well make the best of it.”

Joan sucked in a breath of air. “I would masturbate until the end of time to pictures of you sucking cock.”

“So you’ll think about it?” Amira asked with an eyebrow raised.

“I already have. Why do you think I came so fast?”

She watched Amira become breathless for a moment.


As she sat at her desk the next day, watching her son work diligently on his computer, she wondered if Amira had a point. To her, Amira was a goddess of body and mind. Amira was a woman who could do no wrong.

“You’ve become faster with writing memos,” she observed.

He stopped typing. “It gets easier, thankfully, but god it’s boring.”

This was all Joan could think about. From last night until now, whenever she had a moment of free time, this crossed her mind. The ultimate sexual perversion. It did excite her when she thought about it last night in bed, but she resisted the urge to masturbate. Some things are better left untouched, she had thought.

But now, as she looked at her son’s tired eyes, the idea seemed better and better. If anyone deserved oral relief in this law firm, it was definitely her son. She had put him through the wringer. She gave him a workload that was probably too much in hindsight because she had treated him like a lawyer, instead of a novice.

Perhaps it was time to give an early bonus? She pushed that thought away.

“It’s okay to have a break,” she said casually. “You look a little tired. If you want to play Starcraft 2 on your computer, go ahead.”

He laughed. “I never thought you’d encourage me to play video games, especially at work.”

“You’ve earned it. I’m proud of you. I mean that.”

“Thanks mom,” he replied, appreciating the gratitude. “Honestly, I’m too embarrassed to play games here. Someone would walk by and look through the glass and see what’s on my screen.”

“Does that embarrass you? Would you feel like less of a lawyer?”

“Basically, yeah. Wouldn’t you feel the same way if you saw a lawyer playing video games during work hours?”

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