Amanda’s Filthy Stable Girls


Please read the story tags before continuing as the themes within are not for everyone. This story was inspired by Bri Gets Sexy Twisted Assistance by user Daniels69 so please check that story out if you enjoy this adaptation.

Amanda rode down the muddy track at a steady trot. She hated being late so had spurred Viggo into a gallop most of the way, eager to arrive on time. Though there had been rain just hours earlier, the clouds had since parted and the heat from the summer sun, combined with the exertion of riding, now left her sweating.

Owing to her increased pace she arrived back at the stables only a couple of minutes later than intended. Dismounting, she led the chestnut steed inside to one of the vacant stalls. Amanda filled her lungs with the unmistakable equine scents that surrounded her. She recalled pleasantly the many horses that had resided here over her 42 years. Her father had always said that Amanda could ride before she could walk. It was no surprise to anyone when she purchased the stables she had spent most of her childhood visiting.

Though she had plenty of time to prepare, Amanda was still a little annoyed about being delayed by the roadworks going on in town. It was the last annoyance in a week of one frustration after another. Amanda took a deep breath, reminding herself why she was here. The mere thought made her tingle. Her end of the week routine always made her feel better, and this week she needed it more than usual. It had been going on for nearly a year now, though things had changed a lot since then. She wondered how long she could keep the arrangement going and to what extremes it would lead.

Accustomed to Amanda’s thoughts on time-keeping (and knowing the consequences of tardiness) Ellie and Mia arrived as punctual as ever, just as Amanda was tending to Viggo. The pair of 20-year-olds were both horse-crazy, almost as passionate about horses as Amanda herself, but neither could afford a horse of their own, nor even had the money for riding lessons, as they were hard-working college students with little time for paying jobs.

As kids they would visit the stables and surrounding fields often, joyous just to catch a glimpse of the horses. Amanda got to know the pair from these frequent visits which continued as they blossomed into beautiful young women. Seeing that they would do just about anything to get close to her horses, Amanda decided to approach them each with an offer. She would allow them to tend to the horses; doing jobs like feeding, brushing and sweeping out the stalls. In return for allowing them that intimate closeness with the horses that they craved, the girls would need to be intimately close with Amanda. She never really expected them to agree. After all, it should have been Amanda paying them to do these jobs. Nevertheless, that first time neither of them had hesitated.

Over the year that followed Amanda allowed the pair more and more privileges; horseback riding, discounts on equipment and eventually full free access to the stables and their inhabitants. But in return for each added benefit, the payments increased also. Amanda slowly introduced them to all of her kinks, one at a time, each more perverse than the last, but the pair took every request in their stride. There was reluctance at times, to be sure, and certain requests required slowly building up their tolerance for the extreme depravity. Though they began their adventures with naivety, they were also curious and showed much willingness to experiment.

The arrangement worked well for the three of them. It was clear to Amanda that over time the two were starting to enjoy their ‘payment’. Where once there were upturned noses, retching and pulling away, there was now eagerness, sighs of pleasure and unmistakable wetness between the legs after performing the most vile of acts. They had even, on occasion, suggested their own naughty additions to their activities, to Amanda’s delight.

They rode up to the stables, returning from a ride around the lake. As they approached, Amanda could see the glistening sheen of sweat on each of their brows. She licked her lips eagerly, but knew that they first had to deal with the chores before the fun began. The three women exchanged pleasantries and went about their usual business of mucking out the dirty stalls and putting down fresh straw, brushing the horses, tidying away equipment and all the other jobs a stable requires.

Once everything was as it should be Amanda walked over to the big double doors, pulled them closed and slid the bolt across. It was unlikely anyone would approach the remote stables at this time but it’s better to be safe than sorry, she thought. This was the signal to the other two that now they had finished cleaning, it was time to get dirty.

The girls and Amanda approached each other. Even at several paces away Amanda could pick out the scents that emanated from them. It was the smell of manure from cleaning the stables, and the smell of horses from riding. It was also the smell of the two’s own sweat and this was Amanda’s samsun seks hikayeleri favourite. She inhaled as they approached and knew for a certainty that they had obeyed their instructions, as they always did, and had refrained from showering for the past few days, just like Amanda herself.

Amanda lifted her arms, allowing the two younger women to pull off her tight sweater. The white short sleeve top that lay beneath had large damp, yellow stains under each armpit. This too was removed and discarded onto the floor. Amanda stood there in just a pair of mud spattered jodhpurs, filthy riding boots and a white bra that accentuated her large breasts.

With her arms still in the air her tangled bushes of glistening armpit hair were on prominent display. A drop of sweat began to trickle from one of them down her side. Instinctively, Ellie thrust her face forward and stopped the liquid with her tongue. She trailed her tongue up the path it had come down until she reached the humid jungle it had descended from. She inhaled deeply through her nose, taking in the musky stench. The sharp smell triggered in Ellie a reaction in her loins, a warmth that spread and tingled.

Mia embedded her face in the other reeking armpit. She rubbed her face on the bushy pit, coating herself in Amanda’s musk, sniffing to take in the aroma as she did so. Both girls stuck out their tongues and passionately licked the sweaty, hairy armpits. Amanda relished in the attention the two beautiful 20-year-olds applied to her retched under-arms. It felt delightful to be licked there but that delight was multiplied by the knowledge that the pair’s senses must be being overwhelmed by a hellish odour and flavour. Yet they worshipped her as though she tasted like something made in heaven.

Usually, Amanda would let the pair finish cleaning her pits before moving on. Today, however, she was feeling more impatient than usual, probably due to the frustrations she had dealt with over the past week. She lowered her arms and told the girls to finish undressing her. They did as she commanded with pleasure. First they removed her bra, letting her plump breasts hang free. Her muddy boots went next. The once white socks inside were heavily stained with sweat, having been worn for the past two days through work, exercise, horse riding and more. Mia, unable to resist, stuck her face into the opening of the boot she had just removed and breathed in the pungent smell of leather, mud and Amanda’s cheesy foot. Next they helped Amanda out of her skin tight jodhpurs that clung to her clammy skin as they were drawn down. The panties beneath did a poor job of containing Amanda’s pubes, with long curly dark hair sprouting from all sides. The outside of the white cotton seemed to have retained its colour better than the socks, though as Ellie slowly pulled the underwear down Amanda’s thighs, she found the inside streaked with yellow and brown and the gusset was damp, from sweat, stale piss and the pussy juice she was now leaking.

With Amanda left standing in just her socks, the other two began stripping each other, as was their custom, with a synchronicity that revealed the practised nature of their act. They relished in each other’s various scents as they disrobed one another.

As the two beauties undressed, Amanda made her way into one of the empty stalls. In there, upon the freshly laid straw lay a blanket, heavily stained from previous evenings just like this one. She lay down on the blanket, making herself comfortable and watched the others through the open stall door as they finished unwrapping one another. With the two completely naked, Amanda marvelled at the unshaven goddesses before her. She remembered how they both looked the first time she had seen them in the nude; practically hairless from the neck down. At Amanda’s request however, they had both given up shaving long ago.

Kneeling down, Mia continued where she had left off with Amanda’s armpit, licking and sucking at the salty hair, consuming the sweat and the dirt trapped there, cleaning Amanda’s stinky pits just as she had been taught to do. Meanwhile, Ellie knelt at Amanda’s feet. She bowed low as though in prayer, inhaling as her nose closed in on Amanda’s sock covered feet. The stench was grotesque, like a blue cheese that had been left out in the sun all day. The underside of the socks were black with filth. Ellie pressed her face against the sole of Amanda’s foot, her nose underneath her stinky toes, feeling how drenched with sweat the sock was. She inhaled deeply once more then gave the darkest patch of sock a delicate kiss. Next she took the very end of the sock between her teeth, crunching a few grains of dirt, and expertly pulled it off. She repeated the routine with the second sock revealing the second dirty foot. Ellie licked the soles that glistened with sweat. She licked the thick skinned heels that were dark with dirt. Then she got to the toes, sucking each one individually and sticking her tongue between them to get at the filth deposited there. She swallowed it all gladly, savouring everything, the smell, the taste, the texture, all of it disgusting, all of it arousing.

As Amanda enjoyed her foot cleaning she pushed Mia’s face deep into one of her hairy armpits making sure she got every last drop of sweat. It was difficult to breath in that reeking pit, but the way her Mistress forced her head down anyway only added to Mia’s pleasure. As Mia knelt there, head trapped, Amanda witnessed a sticky transparent glob slowly drip from between the girl’s lower lips onto the large blanket, adding to its many stains. Amanda loved pushing her two girls to their limits. A year ago, having one clean her filthy feet while the other did the same to her armpits was a distant dream, but now, that dream was only the warm up for the evening’s escapade. Mia licked away and swallowed as much of the sweat and stench from the unwashed lady’s pits as she could, as Ellie did the same with her feet.

Often this stage would go on until both feet and pits were spotlessly clean. After that, the girls would clean each other, with help from Amanda. Tonight however, Amanda was feeling impatient with a desperate need to cum. She ordered her servants to skip the usual protocol and instead to change to her next desired positions.

“You’ll have the chance to clean each other later.” she promised.

Ellie moved up from Amanda’s feet to place her head between the woman’s open legs. A thick bush covered her crotch. It was obvious that no attempt had been made to clear this jungle. The dense nest of the mons pubis spread out in all directions, gradually fading away well beyond the bikini line. If her mound was a jungle, her pussy was a swamp, a stinking wet tangle of weeds, not quite dense enough to completely hide the pink lips beneath. Ellie dived straight in. The musky scent was overpowering. Spreading Amanda’s lips, Ellie could see the creamy white and clear fluids oozing from within. She licked the unwashed folds and found them lined with cheesy smegma. She stuck her tongue deep into the pink cave, scooping out its salty-sweet secretion and swallowing it down. She rubbed her face all over the stinking wetness, covering herself in those sexual juices, sweat and stale piss. Finally she brought her tongue up to flick at Amanda’s swollen clit. The direct clitoral contact was too much too soon for Amanda. She wanted to cum. She was desperate to cum. But not yet. She could wait just a little bit longer. There was something else she wanted first.

Raising her butt off the ground, Amanda instructed Mia to slip beneath her a pillow that they had waiting on hand, giving easier access to her rear while she continued to lie on her back. Once in place Amanda used her hands to spread her own round cheeks. Ellie stared down at the older woman’s perfectly positioned asshole and the hole winked back at her. Dark pubic hair continued down the length of the woman’s crack, though slightly less thickly. With her hands spreading her cheeks wide Amanda’s anus opened up slightly revealing the pink within. Around the pinkness however, the skin was darker. Ellie leaned in close. If it wasn’t already clear from the smell (and it most definitely was), the crusty brown detritus she saw was evidence that Amanda had not paid all that much attention to wiping in the past day or two.

When all this first began, Amanda had felt sympathy for the poor girls. She remembered the sweet, flowery perfumes they used to wear. The first time she had Ellie lick her sweaty armpit the girl looked like she might vomit from the smell alone. Despite Amanda’s love of all things disgusting, she knew how bad her unwashed body must smell and taste to those with less refined palettes. But the pair soldiered on, tasting and smelling whatever Amanda desired them to. Eventually, neither girl was retching at her putrid smell. It helped once Amanda began to bid them not to wash themselves for several days prior to their encounters. With their olfactory senses continually barraged by their own dirty, smelly bodies for a few days it seemed to dull them of that sense when it came to playtime. Amanda saw it as a turning point when she realised that both girls had altogether stopped wearing perfumes or deodorant, even when they were not due to play together any time soon. This change excited Amanda, as despite getting some sadistic pleasure from having the two youngsters perform acts that repulsed them, she took more pleasure in knowing that she had twisted their young minds, turning them from pretty princesses, to dirty perverts. The mere thought of such things drenched Amanda’s pussy.

With Ellie still down between Amanda’s legs, Mia straddled her chest. As Mia pinched her own very erect nipples with one hand, she slid the other down her body, down to her own crop of pubes and further still, slipping one, and then two fingers deep inside her moist pussy. Amanda enjoyed watching the erotic display before her, as Mia thrust her fingers slowly in and out of her own sloppy cunt. Juices oozed out, dripping onto Amanda’s chest as Mia inserted a third finger, pressing it deep inside herself. When she finally extracted her fingers they were soaked in clear, sticky goo. She presented those fingers to Amanda’s lips and the lips parted to take the pussy-moistened digits into her craving mouth. Amanda sucked the viscous fluid from Mia’s fingers and delighted in the flavour. Mia was submissive by nature but also enjoyed being on top in the right situation. This was one of them.

Sometimes Mia simply allowed Amanda to lick and suck off all the juices and funky stickiness at her own pace. She discovered some time ago, however, that if she forced her fingers deeper into Amanda’s mouth, past her tonsils and into her throat, inducing her gag reflex, the result, without exception, was to cause Amanda to go wild with arousal.

They had come a long way in the course of a year, Ellie thought as she stared deep into Amanda’s wide open shithole. Sweat, piss and dirt was nothing to her now, she had consumed them all and loved doing it. But there was always something else. Something worse. Something dirtier. Once a repugnant task became commonplace for Ellie, Amanda would push her to the next level. She loved Amanda for that, for taking her hand and guiding her up this mountain of filth. Ellie didn’t want to stop until she reached the summit, until she was no longer a person but a pile of filth, a garbage dump, a cleaning rag, a… toilet.

She knew this day was coming. This was by no means Ellie’s first time giving Amanda a rim-job. That was almost vanilla by their standards at this point. She adored to lick and sniff the sweat from her Mistress’s hairy crack. This was the first time, however, that Ellie had looked down at her lovely meal, to find a ring of dried on excrement awaiting her. Brown flakes left over from her mentor’s most recent bowel movement. Ellie gulped. Though poop had played a role in their fun for some time in one way or another, this was the first time Ellie was being expected to taste it. Sticking out her neck, bringing her nose close to the offending orifice she inhaled tentatively. The smell of shit was unmistakable. She was torn between disgust and arousal.

“Don’t take all day about it.” Amanda told Ellie between sucking Mia’s finger. Those words were all it took to swing the balance in Ellie’s mind. Disappointing her Mistress was unthinkable to Ellie. She stuck out her tongue and gave one long lick up the length of Amanda’s crack. The saltiness of Amanda’s ass sweat that Mia was used to was cut through with an earthy bitterness. She licked again and this time some of the dry flakes that had been softened by Mia’s spit came free and she swallowed them without hesitation. As she continued to lick, the ring of scat melted against her tongue leaving it with a brown streak. The acrid taste of shit intensified. It was vile. She wedged her tongue into Amanda’s anus. She thrust it deep into the older woman’s dirty ass hole. Ellie was disgusted at herself for what she was doing. Yet with every stab of her tongue she found herself getting wetter and wetter.

Amanda sighed with pleasure as she felt the wet tongue prodding her anus. She felt a sudden need to do some tongue prodding of her own; to receive the flavours coating Mia’s fingers directly from the source. She pushed the hand away and directed Mia to sit over her face so she could get to work thoroughly cleaning the unwashed young pussy with her mouth and tongue.

Amanda licked skilfully, having had a lot of training at such things. She lapped up the dripping juices and flicked her tongue over Mia’s lips and then finally to her clit. Amanda knew exactly how to push Mia’s buttons. Her pussy leaked constantly as Amanda used her practised tongue all over it and she lapped up and swallowed every drop that was produced. Amanda knew from experience that she could have the girl in a beautiful shaking orgasm within minutes if she so desired. Tonight, however, Amanda was too focussed on her own pleasure.

Mia was disappointed and frustrated when Amanda moved her mouth away from her pussy and towards her ass. As much as she liked having her asshole played with, Amanda had just left Mia mere moments away from finishing.

Amanda marvelled at the incredible smooth, sexy ass that hovered a mere inch from her face. Unlike Amanda, Mia’s ass-crack was practically hairless. Amanda spread the cheeks above her and saw with glee that Mia had followed her instruction not to wipe after her most recent toilet visit. The brown smudge was clear to see. Amanda pressed her tongue against Mia’s unwiped and sweaty anus, pushing deep into the hole and then darting it in and out. Amanda felt a warmth inside her at how perfect this all was; lovingly tasting this young woman’s shitty asshole while another beauty did the same to her. She held Mia’s waist tightly as she pushed her face between her cheeks. As the intoxicating smells and tastes overwhelmed her, the glorious sensation of the tongue in her rear tipped her over the edge. Her thighs tightening uncontrollably around Ellie’s face as waves of ecstasy washed over her again and again. The stress of the past week dissolved away and was replaced by a warm haze that submerged her.

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