Amber’s Tale Ch. 03

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Hi and thanks for reading. This is a work of fiction and all characters are made up (although based on people I know.) You might want to read the first two chapters first or you might be lost. Or not. Your prerogative. Thanks again to my editor, Tangentjoker. If you aren’t reading his stuff you should, right after you read this and leave a nice comment. It doesn’t have to even be a positive comment, just let me know someone is reading. Else wise there seems little point in writing, ya know? Anyway, our story begins where Amber’s Tale II ended.


Job hunting with the warm tingling of our earlier sexual escapades meant we didn’t really go a lot of places, nor did we care to. We were perfectly happy slinging résumés at jobs we knew we didn’t want, and wouldn’t get, so long as we got to hang out together all day. Other than driving around, most of our day was spent kissing at every red light and stop sign we came to. I could barely keep my hands off Michael and he was much the same with me.

As promised, a few minutes before one, I was at my mother’s real estate brokerage, or more accurately the one she worked as an agent at. The main broker, Don Roberson, was looking for a part time receptionist and my mother had agreed to put in a good word for me. I didn’t really want a job. I didn’t feel I had any need for one and it would only cut into the time I would have to spend my last summer before college hanging out by the pool and smoking blunts with Michael and the rest of the condo gangstas. But Mom insisted that I do something and if I were to lose this battle of wills I certainly didn’t want to be standing at a fast food counter 8 hours a day while some loser assistant manager checked out my ass.

I guess I was being cynical, but I had never had to work before. My dates were obliged to take care of me and Mom got enough child support from my father so that any needs I had were met.

Still, some extra cash in the fall would be nice and Roberson paid better for part time than flipping burgers did for full. At one o’clock, I found myself waiting outside his office for an interview. Michael went to a local computer networking shop to sling a résumé and nerd out for a while until I called him for a pick up.

One o’clock came and went, and it wasn’t until one-thirty that Mr. Roberson finally saw me. He was dark skinned, like perpetually tanned, and I would later find out his mother was Hispanic. He had startling dark eyes, just a touch of gray over his ears, was impeccably dressed, and had a million dollar smile. He was the exact sort of guy any woman in her thirties or forties would go for and I wondered if he and mom had ever gone out. He looked to be maybe late forties or early fifties, it was hard to tell, but was quite handsome and had a reserved way of talking so that you couldn’t tell what he was thinking.

Now, I wasn’t attracted to him. Don’t get me wrong.

Sure, he was fit and took care of himself and was certainly an attractive man but way out of my age appropriate group. On the other hand, I could not see how Mom could work around him all day and not notice him.

We spoke for several minutes, mostly about my lack of experience and what a great agent my mother was. Then he turned to real estate. I told him I hoped to follow my mom into the business but that I wanted to get a degree and brokerage license and focus on commercial properties and development. This was true. I had long thought this would be a great business to be in, and since I didn’t want to go into a medical field, business – in particular real estate – made sense to me.

Finally, after a half hour or so, he announced that I had the job and could start on Monday. Even though I hadn’t been looking for a job, really, this made me quite happy. He said I would answer the phones in the afternoons three to four days a week but since I had an interest in development I could do open houses at one of the several projects he had going. I could not sell without a license but you don’t need a license to stand there, answer questions and “be nice to people.”

I left his office and went straight to my mom’s to tell her but she was out showing a property. I could have swore Mr. Roberson was checking me out as I stood to leave but I was used to that from my cheer days. Men just like to look and, as long as they don’t touch, I might as well accept it for the compliment it is; provided they aren’t total perverts.

Once outside, I was going to walk to coffee nişantaşı escort shop two buildings down and call Michael but he was there waiting for me.

“Well, I got the job!” I announced.

“So did I!” he replied with a smile.

“That’s awesome! Doing what?” I asked.

“Oh, just boring stuff. Planning networks and installing them, fixing computers, setting up servers and keeping them running. They do tech support for most of the small businesses in town. I may even get to write some code every now and then. What about you?”

“Just answering the phone, occasionally showing houses at one of Mr. Roberson’s developments, and looking pretty,” I smiled.

“You’ll be awesome!”

“Yeah, well, it’s not like it’s a hard job, but the money is good. And we should still be able to spend the summer together until you leave for school.”

Michael smiled at this. I think it was more than I had ever seen him smile.

“Let’s go celebrate!” I suggested.

“Sure, where to?” he asked.

“What do you want to do?”

“Uh, I don’t know,” he laughed. “This morning’s ‘celebration’ has left me without the ability to think about much else.” He made air quotes with his fingers as he said “celebration” as if I couldn’t figure out his innuendo.

“Well…” I said, only to be interrupted by my phone. It was my mother calling.

“Hey, Mom! I got the job!”

“So I hear. Are you going back to school now?”

“Ugh. Really? By the time I changed and got there it would be almost…”

“Relax,” she interrupted. “I was teasing. Take the day off and have fun. Oh! I have to work late, so do you mind cooking?”

“I guess not. Okay if Michael joins us?” I asked, smiling at him.

“That would be great. I… Oh! Don’t forget, your sister is supposed to be home today. Anyway, Michael is always welcome. Besides, I need to make sure he’s fit to date my daughter,” she joked.

We said our byes and hung up.

“Where was I?” I asked.

“Uh, am I coming over or something?”

“Yeah, Mom is working late. She wants me to cook. You can keep me company. I mean, if you want to.”

“I’d like that.” He smiled.

“Okay so… What was I talking about? Don’t you hate to get interrupted and lose your train of thought?” I asked.

“Yeah, one distraction can blow a whole day for me. Oh, celebrations. You were about to suggest something.”

“Right!” I said, then sipped my coffee. The truth was, even though Michael had throughly fucked me that morning, it was so good I craved more. Before, sex had been nice, but all about making the guy I was with orgasm. With Michael, he made it, well, he didn’t make it so much, but it was, well, balanced. We both enjoyed it. We were pretty comfortable together, at least so far, and it was fun. Before there had always been pressure but with Michael I could relax and enjoy it and that made all the difference.

“I was thinking,” I said as I smiled, “Why don’t we go to my place? My mom is going to be working late.”

“Okay, what do you want to do there?” He grinned.

I reached across the table and held his hand and smiled at him. His faux innocence was really quite endearing. After a moment, though, he figured it out and remembered he had been suggesting the same thing before my mom called.

“Oh,” he finally said with the biggest smile he had ever shown me.

We drove just over the speed limit all the way home. There was a pickup in the usually empty space in front of our condo but I didn’t think anything of it. Spaces were assigned but it wasn’t uncommon for someone to borrow one, especially during the day when most residents were gone. In any event, we just parked at Michael’s since we were in his car anyway. Since his mother would get home first, we decided to walk back to the condo I shared with my mom.

As soon as I unlocked the door and we were inside, Michael’s hands were on me, first around my waist then, as our lips met, he began to explore me. One slid down to the small of my back while the other gently cupped a breast. Our lips entwined but there was no rush as there had been earlier.

I purred as he sensually caressed me. His other hand had found my tush and was giving it a soft but firm squeeze that made me subconsciously lift my knee and slide my thigh against him. I was really getting worked up fast. My body remembered the joy he had given me that morning, just a couple hours before, and my flesh was demanding çapa escort a repeat performance.

Now, I’m not a trashy slut. I had never had sex twice in one day before, and never had I instigated a repeat performance. but Michael had awoken a sense of lust inside me and it demanded satisfaction. Plus, he was my boyfriend. So, in my mind, that made it okay. I was basically out of high school. I could call myself a college coed in just a few days, and I just knew this was part of being in a mature, adult relationship. Never had I desired someone before. Well, not like this, anyway. Not on this primal level, even though I had dated quite a few guys who were certainly more athletic and such. None of them had lit a fire like this inside me, though.

This was where my thoughts were wandering to when Michael suddenly stopped and I abruptly came down to earth.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Uh, is there someone here? I thought I heard someone upstairs just now.”

“Oh.” I immediately remembered Mom telling me that Andrea, my sister, was due home today. “Andrea may be back. Let me check. Just wait here,” I said.

If she was back, I really did not want to see her. At least not until Michael and I had our little afternoon fun. I figured to sneak upstairs and if I heard her, sneak back down and go to Michael’s. Surely his mother wouldn’t be home for a while. Andrea had always dominated life around the complex for us, and right now, I wanted to spend time with my boyfriend, in bed. I did not want to spend it talking to her about how awesome she is, which was her favorite topic most days.

I heard noises from her room, sort of like voices, but not with any distinguishable words. So I crept to her door as quietly as I could. Fortunately, her door was cracked just open and I was able to open it further without making any noise. I figured if she was on the phone I would just wave, then say “hi” and leave before she could take over the day.

She was in no position to talk, though. I stuck my head in to see a muscular black guy, maybe about 25 or so. It’s hard to tell a person’s age when they are naked with their back turned as they shove their cock into your moaning sister. She was on all fours on the bed, facing away from me, her ass in the air as her black friend stuffed her pussy full of cock.

Her face was busy swallowing the dick of another guy, this one also ripped and lean. He was tanned and gripped her head

in his hands as he fucked her mouth. Andrea had one hand on his cock pumping it into her mouth. I could have set off a bomb and no one would have noticed. The guy getting his cock sucked had his eyes closed and was doing most of the moaning. Apparently, big sis had some serious skills in this area.

I was too stunned to move and watched the scene unfold before me for a minute or so. The three of them fucked in a constant steady rhythm. Andrea’s whore juice ran down her thighs, and she had slobber all over her hair and face. I realized that some of the white goo in her hair was discharge from one of the two guys, but I had no way of knowing which.

Neither dude noticed me as they continued to use Andrea as their clearly willing fuck toy. She had always been wild, but this was beyond anything I had ever imagined. I realized, too, that as horny as I had been before I was even more so now. It was time for Michael to take care of me.

I crept back into the hall and slipped down the stairs. I took Michael by the hand and pulled him towards the front door.

“So, is Andrea here?” He asked.

“Shhhhh! She’s, uh, busy right now. Let’s go to your place.”

As we walked, I asked, “How long until your mom gets home?”

“Not for two or three hours, why?”

“Good. That should give us enough time.”

We rushed to Michael’s and he scanned the parking lot for his mom’s car before we entered. Once in, he gave a shout and a quick look around to confirm she wasn’t home and led me to the bedroom.

Here, I was the aggressor. I threw my arms around his neck and kissed him passionately as his hands began to explore my body. A caress of my breast was followed by a groping of my ass and I instinctively raised my leg and ran my thigh up his again as before.

He tugged hard on my skirt in an effort to pull it down but it was unyielding.

“Wait,” I whispered and turned to face the bed. “I have hips, ya know! You have to unbutton it and unzip it first.” I purred with my tush pointed at him fatih escort and a grin on my face as I looked over my shoulder.

His hands trembled as he undid the closures and my skirt slid

down to the floor, exposing my panty covered ass and my bare legs to him. Michael yanked down my panties and shoved his face into my rear, his tongue reaching into my wet pussy.

I moaned my approval. I closed my eyes and remembered what I had seen a few minutes before as he practiced his oral talents on me – sliding his tongue from my ass to my clit and taking me ever higher in arousal. I thought about Amber on all fours like this with a black cock fucking her cunt and another raging dick fucking her face and wondered how she found herself in that position, but I didn’t really care. The image excited me. Perhaps because the queen of the condos was just a fuck toy to those two guys. Perhaps because her sluttiness tapped into feelings I had been having since Michael had gotten me off that morning. I needed cock, and I needed it now.

“Fuck me,” I moaned. “Fuck me with that big cock! Please! I need you to fuck me!”

Michael was happy to oblige. He stopped eating me right as I was on the edge of ecstasy and I heard his zipper come down.

The head of his dick felt huge against my wet labia and I made no effort to adjust my position to accommodate him. I wanted it hard and big and only he had managed to give me that before. I hoped he could again.

He did not disappoint. He slid his rod into my depths until I felt that slightly painful cunt punch from a cock that was just too long for me, then pulled back until I could adjust. I recovered in seconds and began to buck my hips back against him and he responded in perfect time.

We rocked our bodies together, his cock plunging in and out of me, its head stretching me to my limits while his shaft slid smoothly. I can’t describe the feeling but it was joyous!

Soon, I was sucking my thumb wondering how it would feel to be blowing a different cock while Michael pounded my snatch. The image made me feel like a dirty slut and sex had never made me feel that way before. Yet the pleasure in my body was too much to resist. My imagination ran wild with lustful thoughts about fucking multiple guys. First two, then three, then a never ending chain of cock. At some point, Michael rolled me on my back and fucked me missionary. I didn’t even notice the change. My body and mind were so lost in sexual pleasure and desire.

As his shaft dragged against my clit with each stroke my body noticed though and wave after wave of orgasm overcame me. I was no longer thinking about multiple guys or anything else. I was just a fuck toy for Michael and nothing pleased me more. I came and came and my vag contracted on his shaft as he continued to drive that amazing cock into me.

Finally, he began to lose his rhythm and I knew he was close. I was about to explode if I came anymore. It already felt like I had lost control of my bladder (Though, thankfully, I had not!), and I suddenly had a desire to swallow his cum.

“Cum for me, honey, cum in my mouth.”

“You sure?”

“Yes, you bastard, let me taste your cum! Now!” I demanded.

He dutifully pulled out and lifted from the bed. His dick was wet with my fuck juice. Its head was swollen and throbbing with a greyish white glaze of my natural lube slathered on it.

I sat up and stuffed him into my mouth. I had tasted myself out of curiosity before, but not this much. There was a peppery tartness to his dick which wasn’t altogether expected or unpleasant. The odor of our sex was overpowering with its earthy nastiness but I didn’t have time to worry about that.

Almost as soon as my tongue hit the tip and I sucked him into my mouth, maybe a second later as I grasped his shaft gently with one hand, he let out a guttural groan and emptied his balls in my hungry slut mouth. Even though he had cum just a few hours before, his discharge was productive and there was so much it was impossible to swallow it all. Jet after jet of his tart protein shake shot into my mouth as I sucked his head and pumped his shaft with my hand. Some leaked out the side of my lips and smeared on my face but I didn’t care.

I was addicted to fucking his cock and sucking down his cream. I was a total slut for my Michael and I was giddy with delight at the notion of exposing my inner sluttiness to such a wonderful guy. Even though I had never acted this way, or felt this way before, I was at ease with him.

He grew soft in my mouth and I finally pumped the last of his delicious seed from him.

Even though sated for the moment, my inner slut was awakened and she wanted more.

The summer was just beginning.

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