Amy and the Sox

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Amy and I work together. She is the hottest girl I know. No porn start look, a true girl next door beauty. I have as big a crush on her as I have ever had on anyone, even my wife. The thought of her makes my heart skip a beat, and my cock go hard.

Amy is about 5″7″ tall, slender, but not bony. Her curves so perfect. They sure did break the mold after the made her. She dresses like a woman, but doesn’t act prissy or high maintenance.

Last week we went to a local business group dinner meeting to represent our company. We went in separate cars, we are after all if marriages with other people. Amy doesn’t know of my crush or so I thought. I arrived first and found a good table with some other folks we knew, and what looked like a good place to watch the goings on.

I waited patiently for Amy to arrive. I couldn’t wait for her to get there. What would she wear? When she arrived, I walked over to the door to meet her and walk her over to the table I had already found. She touched me on the side of the arm drawing me closer to her. She had this way of touching your arm or what ever while she talked to you, she had no idea that touch was like electricity to me. I leaned in and she told me something funny she had just watched with the people walking in behind her. We laughed all the time. Amy wore a nice black dress, and heals. Simple, just like her, yet elegant, and sexy. Her dress had a slit on the side where I sat, so I was going to be tortured all night with her legs. I was about the burst by the end of the night. Her hand touching me all night on my arm, shoulder, leg was just too much. My mind had wandered up her leg more than once past where you could see with the slit in her skirt. Does she go thong or commando? Having checked her ass out more than a million times in the past I know there are never any panty lines, ever…

An account of mine got tickets to a Red Sox’s playoff game and Amy is a huge Red Sox fan. My wife couldn’t care less about baseball so she said to invite Amy. What a mistake that was in hindsight, but it looked harmless, two married co-workers going with other work related people to a baseball game… Happens all the time.

We drove into Boston in my car, I picked Amy up at her house. This was the dream date for me, I picked my favorite outfit, washed the car, the whole bit. It is about 1 ½ hours into Boston. Amy and I talked about a million things. She had worn a shirt that showed just a smidge of midriff, and I watched that sliver of skin more than the road. Her lovely talent of touching you while talking wasn’t overlooked during the drive, and my leg was easier to reach than my arm. How could she miss the Kastamonu Escort fact that my cock had been at half mast for the last 60 miles? Being both married, she was probably not even thinking about it…

At the game we meet up with our account and found our seats. Nice, close to 1st. base, great. Throughout the night her leg was pressed against mine, and she was leaning into my seat (turns out she thought the guy on her other side to be a bit freaky) All of this contact was to much for me. Mentally I had pulled all of her clothes off a few times right there in the stands. A beach ball came our way, and my mind goes to what would that rocking body look like in a bikini? Amy jumped out of her seat to punch the ball back into the air, and lost her balance coming back down. Her hand landed just inches from my rock hard cock. That could have been hard to explain. “Well… I just mentally undressed you into this nice black bikini…” Sure, she would be cool with that, NOT!

The Sox’s took the lead and she high 5’d me. As our hand connected, I could have sworn she was trying to hold my hand after. Soon afterwards she leaned into me with her arm around me. She told me about her thoughts on the freaky guy next to her. I suggested it was our turn to get beers for everyone and we could fill up and switch seats on our return. As we headed up the stairs to the concession stand, she grabbed my hand, pulled me tight and thanked my for saving her from the freaky guy. I must have creamed my pants right then. Here was my dream chick holding my hand, and thanking me for a chivalrous act. When we returned to our seats, Amy whispered “thanks” in my ear. Her hair is like heaven, soft, and each strand charging electricity through my face. My now I can’t concentrate on the game.

A win in tonight’s game sends the Sox’s to the World Series. A win tonight is going to get me laid by my dream date. I didn’t know that then.

The game is a nail bighter, what else could be expected? We have only a 1 run lead at the end of the 8th, and everyone standing. A lifetime of waiting is holding on 3 more outs. The game finally ends with a 1 2 3 pitch strike out. Amy goes wild and jumps on me. Her legs wrap around my waist and her arms around my shoulders. She kissed me… Holy cow, she just kissed me. She was so excited she was screaming, like everyone. My mind couldn’t processes all the information right now. The Sox’s are going to the World Series, and Amy is wrapped around me and just planed a smooch on my lips! Amy jumped off of me, but kept her arm around me. She was so excited, she was jumping up and down. She pulled me down so I could hear her. Kastamonu Escort Bayan “Hey you want to stay in Boston tonight? I am a bit tired and don’t feel like going all the way home tonight, it is so late” More over load, was she really tired, was she making a pass at me? “Sure, that would be cool!” We said goodbye and thank you to our customer for the tickets and made our way to the car. If I had any question on Amy’s intentions, her holding my hand as we walked to the car was pretty clear. I gave up trying to hide my hard on which was now ragging!

We both called our spouses and made up stories about what we were going to be doing, and both got complete blessings for our alleged stories.

As I closed my cell from calling my wife, I pulled Amy to me leaned against my car and started to kiss her. She reached for my cock through my jeans and said “let’s get that room so I can play with my own bat and balls” This girl next door was turning into the sex kitten next door.

No sooner had we closed the door to our room than Amy jumped on my like at the game. She told me she didn’t get to finish what she had stated since we had the account there. We made out for what seemed like hours. I reached under her shirt for her heavenly breasts. Full, firm, but not to large. Her nipples stood at attention, hard as rocks. I moved from her right to her left breast and felt a ring on her left nipple. My girl next door is such a babe. As I pulled her shirt over her head, she looked down at her breasts and smiled as she looked at her left nipple. “Bet you never imagined that. I have watched you stare at them since we met. I just chose to pretend to not notice. But tonight I am throwing caution to the wind. I told myself I would fuck you if the Red Sox made the World Series. Well they did, so I need to make good on my promise to myself. Who would have imagined this? I thought it would be safe, as a dire hard Sox fan I always wanted to them go all the way, but never expected it.” I had to suck on her nipples right then. That piercing was to cool.

She pulled way “Now let me show you what you have been wondering about. She removed her bra, boots, socks, belt… this was torture, she was removing each piece so slowly. Finally she started to unbutton her pants, and undo her zipper. She turned around and started to pull her pants down. Her ass was more wonderful than ever imagined. As she stepped out of her pants she turned around, and I got my first look at the hottest babe in the world. As she threw her pants at me, she said “commando, in case you were wondering, always. You can always keep staring, looking for lines in the future Escort Kastamonu if you want though. I feel sexy with you checking out my ass.” I keep staring at her. Her curves naked were twice as hot as clothed. Her snatch was perfectly bare, her toe nails painted the same red as her fingers. Her breasts would pass the pencil test 10 times over, and had pale pink areola’s about ½ dollar sized. Her breasts had to be C cup in size.

“Now for you. Here I am naked and all turned on, wet and ready for you and you are standing there in all your clothes.” She ran a finger up her bare snatch and placed it to my lips. Honey of the gods. I couldn’t speak. She pulled my shirt over my head, and pushed me onto the bed. Undoing my belt she proceeded to take my pants, boxes, socks, and shoes all in one pull. A master at this, the pile fell to the floor a few seconds later, as her mouth fell to my cock. She licked the cum that had leaked out so far. She then took my cock in her hands and held it like a baseball bat. “How do I look? Do I stand a chance?” “In getting laid, oh yeah, it a major league contract, you might have to show the owner your hot rack and point out that you prefer to go commando” She moved on top of me, lining up her shaved, wet snatch with my cock. “Well let’s see if you would be my agent” she said as she slid down on my cock, letting the whole length slide into her tight snatch.

About a ½ hour later, there were no sheets left on the bed, both of us had come in ways we hadn’t imagined possible, tried new positions, and made positions up. Amy lay there with Goosebumps all over her body, her skin so smooth otherwise. I kissed her on her nipple ring and said I was going to get a shower. A few minutes later as I leaned back into the shower and Amy joined me. It was a nice two person shower, with plenty of room for games. She bent over and leaned into the built in seat, spread her legs and demanded that I get my cock into her right away. After she came again, she told me to have a seat and proceeded to give me a blow job. Claiming I needed to get cleaned up she sucked, and licked my entire cock, and balls. I had fully exhausted any cum supply I might have had already in the night otherwise Amy would have gotten to taste my cum which she said she desperately needed to taste right then.

We put the bed together well enough to sleep and fell asleep in each others arms. Amy said that we were going to be fuck buddies from now on and I better be prepared for what that means.

In the morning Amy woke me by starting to suck on my cock. She said she hadn’t gotten that cum she needed last night. She got what she wanted shortly after she had moved into a 69 position on top of me. Her snatch was heaven. I licked, sucked, blew, caressed her snatch until she clamped her legs around my head. We decided we better get going and head home.

The Red Sox are in the World Series, and Amy is fucking me every chance we get. Life is good. Go Sox.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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