An Anal Seduction Tale Ch. 02

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Chapter 2

Bree awoke with a start. The memory of the previous night suddenly came back to her, and she didn’t know whether to smile or cry. She just had the best sex of her life, yet she wasn’t sure if Rose would ever talk to her again.

All day long she thought of nothing but Rose, though it eluded her why Rose had run away after the fantastic sex they shared. Did she freak? Was it all too much?

Bree was torn between feelings of anxiety and pure anger. Part of her wanted to give Rose the benefit of the doubt and be kind and understanding. At the end of the day, however, her anger took over. Why the hell did Rose not call her? Was it regret? What was she afraid of? Maybe she was just too damn stupid to waste another thought on her.

This was not easy in the least. Bree wondered if she should call her… what were the chances Rose would pick up and actually talk to her? Maybe Rose needed more time to think things over.

After two days (though it seemed like an eternity) she couldn’t wait anymore. She made the call and Rose picked up. It was a short and awkward conversation, but Rose agreed to meet her for drinks later that night.

Bree went to the bar with much trepidation, not knowing what to expect. She didn’t even know what she herself wanted, but she knew one thing: she really wanted to meet Rose.

Rose was already waiting for her, sitting at the bar with a cocktail. Bree’s heart skipped a beat and she smiled. Bree hoped that Rose would hug her hello. Indeed Rose got up to greet her. They smiled at each other and then there was a brief moment of hestiation. It’s not like they never hugged before, but suddenly it seemed like a very private thing to Bree.

She wasn’t sure anymore if it was appropriate or not but she opened her arms ever so slightly. In response Rose did the same and in the fraction of a second Bree decided to just go for it. Rose flung her arms around her shoulders and pushed warmly against her. Bree’s hand travelled around her waist and her wrists crossed on Rose’s back.

Rose felt so warm and alive in her arms. Rose felt so good that Bree didn’t want to let her go and held her a little longer, but she didn’t want to seem too demanding, so she pulled back a little. Then she immediately felt like leaning back into the embrace again but it was too late. Rose had already retreated as well and was looking at her now.
“Thanks for meeting me, Rose.”
“It’s good to see you.”

As it was a weekday they didn’t drink very much, and they didn’t talk much either. Neither of them wanted to address what had happened between them. Bree finally plucked up her courage, and asked,
“Come home with me?”
For a long time Rose didn’t reply.
“Just to talk, Rose.”
After another long silence Rose finally nodded.

At Bree’s place they sat on the couch next to each other at a safe distance. Talking proved to be much more difficult than Bree had thought. Finally Rose took the initiative.

“Bree, what happened on Saturday…,” then she cleared her throat and started again.
“It was wonderful. But I feel it’s just not me, you know.”

Now it was Bree who just nodded. She had anticipated this.
“I don’t want to lose you, Bree. I just don’t think I can…” she buried her face in her hands, unable to continue.

Rose’s face was reddening and tears were welling in her eyes. Bree put an arm around her friend’s shoulder. Rose looked at her. She had reacted intuitively, like a friend.

Rose was an actual friend after all, wasn’t she? Now that Bree felt Rose close by her side she wasn’t so sure anymore. She started stroking her shoulder ever so gently. Rose leaned towards her and they drew a little closer together. Bree began feeling canlı bahis nervous again and that mixture of up-tight-ness and too-wideness in her stomach returned.

What the hell was she thinking? She was glad they were on talking terms again and Rose was devastated and she was… well, what exactly was she? Bree felt like she was taking advantage of Rose’s hurt feelings in a way. Yet it felt too good to make her let go of Rose. She didn’t take her arm away and she hardly dared to move. She could feel Rose breathing next to her and she didn’t wish for anything except for this moment to last.

Rose started to relax into their half embrace and Bree gently grazed her hand against her shoulder. Rose’s hand started moving ever so slightly too. Bree found her way up to Rose’s neck and started running her fingers along her hairline, slowly and soft, touching her lightly. Rose sighed.
As Bree continued she grew more confident. Her stomach was flipping and aching but she didn’t stop. Her heartbeat accelerated and she could feel it in her fingertips. She leaned her head closer to Rose’s and pressed against her. Rose did not move much, nor did she pull away. Bree took this as a good sign.

She began turning her face towards Rose’s temples. She closed her eyes and her lips found a spot right next to Rose’s ear. She pursed her lips and kissed the soft skin underneath. Rose inhaled sharply, her breathing barely audible. Now she was not moving at all. Bree didn’t know how to proceed. She wanted to continue, she just didn’t know how. She had stopped moving without realising it.

She was breathing against Rose’s temple now and she felt Rose’s arms tightening around her waist. She opened her eyes and drew away a little. She caught a glimpse of Rose, eyes closed, breathing with her mouth open, biting her lip on one side.
“Don’t stop,” Rose whispered, her eyes still closed. Bree kissed her temple, sliding her lips down to her cheek. Rose’s hand started stroking the small of her back. Bree felt her lips tremble. She was so insecure, contrary to her usual behaviour. She longed to just kiss her but Rose’s words echoed in her head. What if she didn’t want to kiss her?

She had whispered, “Don’t stop.” hadn’t she? But that seemed like ages ago. Her jaw started shaking mildly and she had to clench it, and her courage faded. With her heart beating a wild tattoo against her chest, she drew away. Rose turned her head and looked at her, surprised, then puzzled.

Bree involuntarily moved closer to Rose again, she was so drawn to her. It was time to show some commitment after all. It was now or never. Bree just couldn’t wait for Rose’s reaction any longer and in one fluid motion she inched closer and took Rose’s right hand between both her hands.
There was so much to say, so many unanswered questions, but it just felt like the right thing to do. Rose had let her take her hand and was returning the gesture. Bree was surprised when Rose placed her left hand on top of their entangled hands. She was still looking at Bree with a slightly tilted head and an unreadable expression.

The two women were sitting on the couch and for a long time neither of them said a word. They were still sitting close together, hands entangled. Rose hadn’t said a world since Bree took her hand so boldly, but speaking didn’t seem appropriate right now.

Bree didn’t want to destroy the magic of the moment with some lame words so she kept quiet and let her feelings wash over her. Rose had looked deeply into her eyes for a long time. Then she had just retreated to watching their hands. Bree caressed Rose’s hands slowly, gently. It felt just too good to be true, despite her own uncertainty.

It felt so good to touch Rose again. Rose still allowed bahis siteleri Bree to hold her hands and was beginning to stroke tiny circles with her fingertips. Bree cleared her throat. “Rose, this feels good.” It came out in a whisper and Rose just nodded, stroking wider circles over Bree’s hands and wrists now. With a rush of confidence Bree bent forwards towards Rose who had her face cast down, still observing their hands.

Bree pursed her lips and kissed Rose’s forehead lightly, not drawing back after the kiss but lingering, feather kissing till she reached the temple and hairline. Rose’s face was moving upwards to meet hers until their cheeks were pressed next to each other. Bree wanted to know what this was all about, what it meant, where it was going.

She decided it was time for more. If Rose rejected her she would be heartbroken, not to mention drop dead embarrassed. Finally her longing pushed her over the edge. She was so insecure that her lips started trembling as she turned her face towards Rose’s. She kissed her cheek and could feel Rose’s tense breathing. This time there was no going back, this time she did not intend to stop. Even though the fear was overwhelming and a thousand questions where burning a hole in her brain and part of her wanted to run away as fast as her legs would carry her to hide her embarrassment and her wild heartbeat, she stayed.

Instead, she closed her eyes and searched Rose’s lips with her own.
She missed Rose’s lips by inches, hitting the side of her lips rather than the center of her mouth.
But Rose’s lips found hers.
And she pressed her lips ever so lightly against Bree’s.

Rose’s lips were so soft, Bree was totally lost in the sensation. Their kissing was gentle, light, sensuous. It was a total pleasure and time stood still as their lips locked and moved against each other with more pressure.

Rose’s lips parted ever so slightly and Bree pushed her tongue lightly into the inviting softness. The tips of their tongues found each other and it was as if a pleasant electric shock went through Bree. She pushed further and soon their tongues were playing a gentle game of entwining and releasing. Rose’s taste was neutral, yet sweet. Her mouth smooth, her tongue cold at first, then heating up as their kiss grew more passionate.

Bree moved closer and embraced her. She had been wanting to hold Rose again like this ever since the weekend. All her wanting and longing had finally been answered and she held Rose close. She swore she could feel Rose’s heart against her chest, beating even wilder than her own. She drew away her lips to rest her head onto Rose’s shoulder.

After regaining her breath again she just took in Rose’s sweet scent and the emotion and the electric stirring beneath them. She was just thinking that lying down would be much more comfortable when Rose lowered herself onto the sofa and drew Bree with her almost simultaneously.

They were lying close together, next to each other. Silently they found each other’s lips again and went diving into a more forceful kiss. Bree chased Rose’s tongue back and forth and back and forth and Rose obediently picked up her pace and directions. Bree pushed Rose to one side with her weight until Rose rolled over and Bree lay on top of her. Their kiss grew even more urgent, faster and faster their tongues circled around each other, leaving Bree breathless. She felt the heat rising in her body, a tightness around her chest and that familiar tingling sensation in the middle of her body. Rose was sighing beneath her, eyes closed, lost in the feeling. She grabbed Bree tightly and Bree pressed up against her.
After an eternity of kissing, Bree supported her head onto her elbow and looked at Rose. bahis şirketleri She was looking at Bree as well and smiling.
“Mhm…” Rose said.
“Mhm what?” teased Bree.
“Just… You…” sighed Rose and pushed against Bree for another heated kiss.

Bree held Rose close while her hands explored Rose’s side, grazing and stroking her all over. She broke from her kiss only to nibble at Rose’s neck, making her way toward her cleavage, using her lips and tongue. Rose couldn’t hold back any more and a loud, dark moan escaped her lips. Bree knew she was on the right track…

She traced a string of kisses over Rose’s torso, stopping a moment to marvel at Rose’s juicy breasts under the fabric of her clothes. Then she gently slipped her hand under the material and started stroking Rose’s nipple. She glanced up to observe Rose, eyes shut, breath bated, biting her lips. The soft nipple turned into a tiny rock hard marble under her fingertips.

She rolled the marble between her thumb and index finger while pushing her bra up with her free hand. Rose was silently enjoying the sensation. Then she got rid of her shirt and her breasts lay now before Bree, fully exposed. Bree pushed herself against Rose and massaged both breasts desperately, being too aroused for slow and soft petting.

She swore she could feel the sliding wetness of her pussy, but it was hidden well in the depth of cloth. Rose rapidly shifting beneath her answered all the concern she had about being to straightforward. Then Rose sprang into motion as well, her hands were all over Bree, rapidly tugging to free her breasts. Rose grabbed both and massaged them hard, then she turned towards the nipples and rolled them between index and thumb simultaneously. Bree’s moans grew louder and Rose looked at her while sighing deeply herself. This was too good to stop, and she was so aroused.

Without further hesitation she pushed Rose’s skirt up and found her way into her panties. She pushed her hand down into Rose’s slit.
Rose was so wet. Her pussy was begging to be touched. She circled Rose’s clit with her thumb while her middle finger traced her pussy’s entrance. Rose was very slippery and over the edge aroused.

She moaned under Bree’s touch. Bree was rubbing her clit faster now and she could feel Rose was almost there. All of a sudden she slowed down, and Rose cried in agony. Then sped up her pace again on her clit and Rose responded with moans instantly.

Then Bree alternated between painfully slowly rolling her clit between thumb and index finger and giving it fast but super light strides. Finally she settled on pumping her clit fast with her thumb. Her index and middle finger found their way downwards and came to rest on Rose’s perineum, brushing it lightly.

Suddenly bold, she asked demandingly, “What do you want?” Rose opened her eyes and looked straight into Bree’s light blues. She swallowed hard and moaned shakily, “My ass. Cover my asshole.”

If Bree was a little shocked by that command, she didn’t show it. She moved down to Rose’s pink wrinkled hole and circled it lightly. She rubbed her clit faster and faster, but not with much pressure. Then she increased the pressure of her fingers against both Rose’s clit and her backhole.

“Oh Bree, yes!” Rose cried out, arching towards her hand. “Faster, I need more….” she moaned breathlessly. Bree rocked her clit up and down and stiffened her middle finger against her anus. She massaged Rose’s pleasure point faster and faster, dancing wild pirouettes on her clit and whipping her asshole into a frenzy.

She circled her fingers faster and faster, back and forth, back and forth in an ancient rhythm. Rose’s whole body clenched and she bucked hard against Bree’s fingers as Bree thrust against her flesh hard, rubbing her clit furiously.

Rose came and Bree could feel the spasms of her orgasm rocking her ass muscle. She rubbed her slowly and hard until Rose lay still and breathless…

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