An Anonymous Relationship Pt. 05


I woke up to the sound of the front door shutting at my parent’s farmhouse. I looked and watched Stacy sleeping peacefully when I heard my Dad’s pickup rumble to life. I quickly looked out the window to see him driving away.

“Now where is he going to?” I wondered as I lay back down on the bed.

Again I looked at my blonde friend as she lay on her side with her back to me. My father’s flannel shirt was pulled up and I could see her ass covered by her thin blue panties. I started to wonder again what it would be like to have sex with another woman.

Stacy had always just been a friend to me. Neither of us had ever even talked about girl sex. As I sat there my mom and Melanie again came to my mind. Did they really love each other? Somehow it just seemed strange to me that they had shared themselves with my Dad for almost twenty years and then just stopped. Could lesbian lovemaking be enough when you had always had a man?

I lay on my side and I looked at my friend again. Her very female shape was intriguing and I could see her body was lean and firm. I really wanted to touch her and my curiosity grew as I watched her slow steady breathing. I thought about it and decided I would spoon with her. If she woke up and started to fuss I would just pretend it was an accident.

I pushed my body against her. I could feel her warm body as my tits pressed into her back. Her large and very firm ass pushed into my stomach. Slowly I allowed my arm to hug her just below her large tits.

My body flushed with excitement as I held my friend. I could smell her perfume as my face brushed against the back of her neck. I started to wonder what it would be like to kiss her and to touch her in sexual way. My pussy was throbbing and begging to be touched. My arm that was around her moved up until it was just lightly brushed the bottom of her ample tits. I wanted so badly to kiss her neck.

I felt her stir just a little and wondered if I should stop. I stayed still for what seemed an eternity but was probably only a moment before I pushed my face back into her hair. Again her fragrance was like an aphrodisiac.

Then her hand moved onto mine and I felt my hand placed on her tit. She held it there. I started to pull away but she held me and pressed my hand onto her large firm tit. I was ready to panic but then I felt her move her back so that she was rubbing my tits. I let my hand squeeze her tit. I would have never thought that feeling another woman’s breast would be so stimulating.

Her hand left mine but I continued to play with her tit as I felt her doing something. Then she again took my hand in hers and she pushed it into the shirt so that my hand was on her bare tit. My fingers toyed with her large and hard nipple.

Then she rolled on her back and looked at me. Her large blue eyes looked at me. Then her hand came up to the back of my head and pulled me down. Our lips met and even as I thought about how different they were from every boy I had ever kissed they opened. Her tongue probed my lips which quickly opened. Our kiss seemed to go on for long time. My hand continued to gently play with her tits. She moaned into my mouth as I pulled on first one and then the other nipple. I felt her hand running up and down my leg and then come to rest on my hip just under my own shirt.

We broke our kiss and looked at each other. I began to have second thoughts and she seemed to be aware that I was getting ready to chicken out. She sat up and gently pushed me back. She then put her finger to my lips and gave me a gentle shush. Stacy slowly unbuttoned my shirt revealing my perky tits and slender body. She then lowered her mouth down on to my right tit. Her tongue slowly teased my hard nipple. I watched as her lips opened and she gently sucked in my tit. Her hand was stroking my leg as she released my nipple. She then slowly kissed her way down my body. Her tongue probed my belly button as her body settled between my legs.

She then continued her journey that clearly going to end with her face buried between my legs. As she did I raised my legs up in the air and spread myself open. She looked at my pussy and then I jerked as her fingers explored my pussy lips. I felt her hands placed on both sides of my pussy and then her two thumbs spread me open.

I heard her moan as she looked into my open pussy. I could feel my pussy dripping with excitement. Then her warm breath hit my excited pussy and I moaned with anticipation. My own hands found my tits and I pulled on my nipples which multiplied the sensation of my aroused pussy.

Then I jerked as my friend, my very best friend ever slid her tongue along the outer lips if my pussy. Then the tip of her tongue pushed into my opened and exposed vaginal passage. My eyes fluttered as the initial push of her tongue became a steady lapping. I could hear her slurping my juices down as she ate my pussy.

Her tongue moved from my sweet fuck hole up to my clit. My ass was bouncing on the bed as she probed it with her tongue. Then I exploded Gümüşhane Escort as she gently sucked my little nub between her lips. I was screaming as she continued to use her tongue and lips on my pussy until I had to push her away. My body could not take anymore!

I looked down to see her face covered with my pussy juice. She was grinning at me. I pulled her up to me and we kissed like only lovers would do. As we pulled apart she held my face in her hands.

“I have wanting to do that for a long time!” She said as she looked in my eyes.

“Really?” I asked.

“Yes, but right now I am about to explode so would you help me cum?” She asked as she lightly kissed my lips.

I started to move to where I would be able to eat her pussy. My mind raced as I thought about it being my first time to eat pussy. Then I felt my stomach tighten as I realized that I had no idea of what to do. I had always been on the receiving end.

“Do you have vibrator?” Stacy asked.

“Well of course! What kind of a girl do you think I am?” I said as I giggled.

I reached into the drawer next my bed and I brought out buzzy. Stacy smiled and then moved into a doggy position. She looked back at me over her shoulder and kind of blushed.

“This is the only way that I can cum with woman. Lay on your back.” She said and I quickly found myself looking up at her pussy.

“Put your vibrator in my pussy.” She moaned.

I turned on buzzy and rubbed it up and down swollen pussy lips. I could see her juices shimmering on the toy as the vibrator began to rub her. I heard her inhale sharply as the tip pressed between her lips. Then I watched as buzzy slowly pushed into my friend’s pussy.

“Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck! On My Fucking god!” She moaned as buzzy sank into her.

I listened to the slightly oscillating sound of the buzz from the vibrator sliding in and out as her breath became more labored. I watched as her clit grew larger. Then I just felt compelled to lick her love button. My tongue moved out of my mouth and then I felt her flesh in the tip of my tongue. Then the taste of pussy filled my mouth. Her hips jerked as my tongue licked her while my hand steadily fucked buzzy in and out of her pussy. I was overwhelmed with pleasure as I listened to her moans of sexual bliss.

“Yes! That’s it Heather! Oh fuck yes! Fuck my pussy!” Stacy groaned as her pussy ground into my face.

She was getting close but then she seemed to hit a plateau and while she enjoyed it she was not getting an orgasm.

“Oh Heather I need to cum! Please put the vibrator in my ass!” She pleaded.

I was stunned when she told me to move buzzy from her pussy into ass! I did not know what to do and I found myself in my knees behind her. My hand was still fucking buzzy in and out if her pussy. She looked back at me and her face had a panicked look on it.

“Please Heather fuck my ass! It is the only way I can cum!” She pleaded as her hands came back and spread her cheeks apart.

I pulled the toy from her pussy and it was dripping with her juices. I put the tip against her tight brown hole. I began to push and she moaned loudly. I pushed and pulled so that just the tip was going in and out. Then her hand gripped my wrist as her eyes looked at me burning with lust.

“Push it up my fucking ass! Make me your bitch and fuck me hard!” She screamed.

My hand was positioned so that flat end was in my palm. I shoved had hard and watched her face melted into ecstasy. Soon only an inch of buzzy was sticking out. I pulled the toy back and heard Stacy sigh but then I pushed hard back into her ass.

“Yes! Fuck my ass! I’m such a fucking slut! Fuck me!” She screamed as I pumped her ass.

My other hand reached under her and I rubbed her pussy and clit as I fucked her asshole. She buried her face into the mattress. I watched as she seemed be unable to breath then a wale began deep in her and continued for the longest time. Finally she dropped down on her stomach as I looked at my orgasming friend with buzzy in my hand.

Suddenly she jumped up off the bed and ran out of the bedroom. Then I heard the bathroom door slam shut. I was still sitting there stunned. My mind whirled around as I thought about how I had just had my first lesbian sex.

The toilet flushed and a minute later Stacy walked back into the bedroom. She looked at me and I at her. It seemed like neither of us wanted to say anything at first.

“I’m glad that we did that. It has been so hard keeping it from you but I was really afraid that if you found out that I wanted to have sex with you that it would ruin our friendship.” Stacy said.

“I never really thought about you sexually but when I found out about my mom and Melanie it just started me wondering what it would be like.” I said as I looked at her.

“So did you like it?” She asked as she grinned.

“It was better than I thought it would be. I still think I would rather fuck a guy though!” I said as I giggled.

“You mean you would Gümüşhane Escort Bayan rather fuck your Daddy! OMG he is so good!” Stacy laughed as her eyes glowed with excitement,

“Well you got the full deal last night. I have only had him through a hole in the wall but he is a good fuck!” I said but deep down I was really jealous of her. I decided it was time to change the subject away from my father.

“So where did you learn about have sex with another woman and what is up with wanting something in your butt to cum?” I asked really curious as to why my friend who shared everything with me never told me she had sex with another woman.

“I really cannot tell you too much as it is a big secret. I could get into really big trouble if anyone found out about how I was introduced girl sex.” She said and seemed a little sad.

“Stacy! I am your best friend and well you know that I am having incest with my Dad. How bad could your secret be?” I asked with growing curiosity.

Stacy seemed to have some dark thoughts pass through her head. She looked deeply at me and suddenly seemed afraid.

“You must promise to never tell anyone else! The people involved are very powerful around here. In fact they are the ones that probably made my father leave town!” She said as a tear rolled down cheek.

Suddenly I was aware that my friend has gone through something terrible. I put my arm around her and pulled her close.

“What happened?” I asked with real concern.

“It started innocently enough. Ms. Peterson started to help me on my homework. She was always real nice you remember?” She said.

“Yeah, she seemed to really enjoy helping you.” I said as I remembered that Ms. Peterson was always helpful to the girls in her classes.

“Anyways she started to have me come to her house after school. We would do my homework and then watch a movie or we would dance while we listened to music. One night she was having a glass of wine and she asked if I would like one. It seemed cool so I said yes. She told me perhaps I should call my mom and tell her that I was spending the night with a friend. I called my mom and told her I was with you.” She said as she looked at me and more tears streamed down her face.

“Go on.” I said as my nerves stood on edge.

“There was something in that wine and in a few minutes I was there but it was like a dream. My body felt tingly and everything around me slowed down. Then I must have passed out and when I came to, Ms. Peterson was eating my pussy. Then I noticed that there were a lot of bright lights on. I looked around and there several cameras pointed at the bed recording. She smiled at me and moved up and squatted over my face. She pushed her pussy on my mouth but I did not know what to do. She seemed to be unhappy and flipped me so that I was face down she then put handcuffs on me and attached them to something from the ceiling. I was just touching the bed with my knees and elbows.” Stacy said her eyes seemed to look back in that moment with terror.

“Oh my god! You were being raped!” I said.

“Yes. She then put my face her pussy and told me to eat her. She then reached over and grabbed a thing that had a lot of small leather straps. She then hit me on the ass with it. It really hurt! Then she would push my face into her cunt and tell me to eat it. Each time she was not happy she would hit me with her whip again. Then I must have got better as she started to moan. She was cumming and I was glad it was all about to be over! I just wanted to get out of there!” Stacy said as more tears flowed down her cheeks.

“Why didn’t you go to the police? That bitch abused you!” I said outraged.

“Because that was not the end. I was still feeling lightheaded when I heard her and two men talking. I could not make out what they were saying but then I heard them all laugh. Suddenly there were two naked men wearing masks in front of me. They both had big cocks. Before I knew what they were fucking my mouth. Heather it was my first time with a man and I did not know anything. Then the larger one got behind me and fucked me. I felt so dirty but my body suddenly began to orgasm. When they were done using me they shot their cum all over me and laughed.” Stacy said but now she was just talking as if in shock.

“Why did you not get the police involved?” I asked again.

“When they finished they started to get dressed and they removed their masks and it was the Sheriff and the Mayor. Ms. Peterson then made me rehearse a script that they filmed. They made say that everything I did was consensual and that I asked them to make my rape fantasy come true. They made it clear to me that if I did not do a good job they would make me disappear! Heather, all I could think of was that my father must have been made to disappear by them.” She said as she looked at me.

“I’m so sorry! That is terrible!” I said trying to comfort my friend.

“Well that was not the end. You see they continued to use me for over a year. Escort Gümüşhane I was basically a sex slave to those three perverts. Anyways the only lesbian sex I had ever had was with Ms. Peterson but even a slave starts to enjoy some of sex. One of the things she liked to do was use a strap-on dildo on me. Whenever she was unhappy with how I performed oral sex on her she would fuck me in the ass. The first few times it was horrible but then I started cumming when she did it. After that she stopped doing it. I will say I learned a lot from her but until you I had no desire to have sex with a girl!” She said as she kissed me.

“What about the guys using you?” I asked.

“Well that was even stranger. After Ms. Peterson stopped fucking my ass because I liked it too much I decided to if the same was true for guys. I started looking forward to what they would do to me. The more I enjoyed what they did to me the less they did it. Then after one final night they told me to never come back but if I ever told anyone about it they would deal with me. It made me shiver!” She said as she finished her story.

I just hugged her to me while she cried softly.

“Anyways now you know the deepest secret of this town! If they find out I talked about it to you we would both in big trouble and likely we would disappear too!” She said as she started to calm down.

We both took a shower and spent much of the day just being friends. Then it was time for her to leave. We walked out to her car and we stopped and looked at each other. So much had happened in just twenty four hours. She knew about my incestuous relation with my unsuspecting father, she had seduced him into a fuck session and she and I had crossed the line to explore our sexual desire for each other. In my mind I was still struggling with how I felt about her having sex with my father? On one level I had no claim on him as the only physical contact we had ever shared was through a glory hole. On the other hand deep down I love my Daddy.

We hugged and Stacy got in her car and drove away. As I walked back to the house my thoughts about loving my Daddy returned and my mind flashed on so many things from me sitting cuddled up to him on the couch as he rubbed my back to being bent over and feeling his cock pound my pussy.

I climbed the stairs and went my room. I started to straighten up. I heard the door open and then my mom call my name.

“Heather? Are you upstairs?” She shouted.

“Yes Mom! I am just getting my laundry ready to bring down.” I said as I saw my cum stained black thong on top of the dirty clothes.

“Better put these somewhere else. Be a shame to let mom see my cum stained panties.” I said to myself and smiled at the thought of who’s cum it was.

“Where is your dad?” Mom called up,

“Not sure. He left before I got up this morning.” I replied as I started down the stairs.

I carried the laundry down and as I about to come into the kitchen I could hear the two women talking in a hushed tone. As I drew closer I could start to make out their words.

“Are you serious? You have lived here all your life! They cannot make you move!” Mom said as I entered the kitchen.

“Bev! Please wait a minute.” Melanie said under her breath as her eyes looked towards me.

“Hi Heather! It has been a long time since I have seen you! How are your college classes going?” Melanie said in a pleasant tone but I noticed that mom just stared at her.

“Everything is going fine. It is a lot different than high school though.” I said as I tried to make polite conversation with the woman who was causing my father so much pain.

I heard the two women whispering as I put my clothes in the washer. Then I came back in the kitchen.

“So did you two have a lot of fun shopping in Chicago?” I asked trying to act normal.

“It such a big city and there are some wonderful stores on the Miracle Mile! The food was fantastic and we did have an awesome spa treatment! It was fun right Bev?” Melanie asked my mom but her mind seemed to be elsewhere.

“Well I have some reading to do so I’m going back upstairs. It was nice to see you again Aunt Melanie!” I said.

“You too Heather!” She replied.

I made noise headed to the stairway but then snuck back to the kitchen door.

“Melanie! You have to fight this! What do they have on you that has you so scarred and just what have they been up to that they want you gone so badly!” My mom asked.

“Bev that is really dangerous for anyone to know! Believe you me; you do not want to get on their wrong side!” Melanie replied.

“Melanie I love you! I have loved you since the day you seduced me. If you move away I will move with you!” My mom said as her voice cracked with emotion.

“Bev! You know that I love you too but you still have a husband and a daughter and they need you more!” Melanie replied emotionally.

“I am not sure that I do have husband. You have seen how he has been lately.” Mom said as her voice continued in a sad tone.

“Honey! Start fucking him again. I never told you to not have sex with him. Hell he thinks we have both crossed over! Just because I broke up with him does not mean you have to do so! He really does love you and he is a wonderful man and lover!” Melanie said as my mouth hung open.

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