An Awakening Desire Ch. 04

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The months passed much as they had before Will. Even though he and I kept in touch via Skype and email it would be over a year before he and I met again. Things began to change for the three of us after 9/11. Our schedules really got scrambled so that it was rare that we saw each other at work or at home except on weekends. If we weren’t too tired we were often busy making up for lost time. For all the reduction in frequency we made up for it with sexual intensity.

But then both Josh and Stephen were deployed. Literally overnight they had to pack and report for deployment. Luckily they had made arrangements for the rent to be paid while they were away so they would have a place to come back to. Just like that they were gone and I was living alone. That didn’t bother me at first. But after having spent over year and a half with them with the last year as a full sexual partner I started getting lonely not to mention horny from the lack of attention I had grown accustomed to receiving.

Every few weeks or so they’d call. Of course as they were monitored by NIS there wasn’t any overt sexual banter that we could engage in. Their letters were much more entertaining but again were filtered due to the censors possibly getting a clue of the nature of our relationship. I often wondered what would happen if I sent them a pornographic letter with full descriptions of the things I wanted them to do to me when they got back. Those letters were often sealed and left on their mattress instead of actually sending them. There was simply too much risk involved.

I had no concerns for their safety as they were both non-combatant personnel and seldom anywhere outside the base. But as the months passed their calls became less frequent until an entire month rolled by with my not hearing from them, then two months…three. At the end of the third month we had heard that they had gone missing. They had been part of a convoy of trucks when they disappeared. No attacks were reported, their Humvee had simply disappeared. One minute they were riding between two trucks carrying tanks to a forward base and the next their humvee was gone. Nobody had seen them turn off and there was no place for them to turn off. No cliff faces to drive off of and no roads to turn onto. The only thing that could be agreed on was that a sudden sand storm had blown up and when it passed they were gone.

They were the only two people in the vehicle when it disappeared. The shock of losing them both shook me badly. I had hope that they would turn up eventually but after six months I’d began to lose hope. I could not afford the rent by myself and had no desire for another roommate, my heart simply wasn’t in it. So I hired a moving company and moved their stuff into a storage unit, I set it up like a tiny apartment so I still had a place I could disappear to. I moved back into the barracks and simply lived life one day at a time.

Six months after they disappeared their humvee was found undamaged on the top of a mountain. There were no roads for them to have used to drive up and the cliff face was sheer rock all the way around it. The altitude was too high for a helicopter to have carried it because the air was far too thin at that altitude. Both Josh and Steven where nowhere to be seen. The military simply left the Humvee where they found it having no way to bring it back down the mountain. Even disassembling it would have been impossible given the fact that nobody could have carried the parts back down the mountain. I was numb when I heard the news. I couldn’t display my heart break for fear of what NIS might conclude. I mean they weren’t all that bright. That and they were often gung ho about performing their duties in the absence of evidence or reason. So I kept my heartache to myself the best I could.

Late one Friday night I decided to get the letters I had written to them and burn them in memory of them, not to mention burning evidence of our relationship. I drove to the storage unit and went to the drawer where I’d stashed them. They were gone. The box I’d put them in had been locked and so was the false bottomed drawer. Nobody had been in the unit, that I was aware, and there was no way anybody could have known to look for them much less where to look. For a brief moment I thought I’d forgotten where I’d put them, but I distinctly remember putting them in the silk bag and placing them in the wooden box and that box had been placed in the false bottomed drawer and locked. The box was still locked and the bag was still there tied up and folded as I’d left it but the letters were gone. Panic took hold of me. I was sure that NIS had them and were going to arrive at my storage unit evidence in hand to arrest me for my homosexual relationship with Josh and Stephen. I started picturing the headlines ‘Surviving member of a gay threesome arrested!!”

In my panic I ran to the open door turned off the light and listened for sirens and flashing lights to come racing down the isle. A highway güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri patrol rolled by sirens blaring nearly sending me over the edge. As my heart beat came back to normal I slowly closed the unit door and got into my truck and headed out. I didn’t know what to think as I drove down the highway. Was I going to be arrested in my barracks? Was I being paranoid? Where had the letters gone? Had I been careless? My mind raced with all sorts of scenarios. In my frenzied thought I had worked myself back into a panic as I approached the base gate. I showed my ID and passed the gate and drove to the barracks. I was sweating now heart in my throat beating like a trip hammer.

Waiting in my truck I looked up at my barracks door wondering if I was being watched. Were they going to rush me as I entered my room? Was I being foolish? I waited for ten minutes in the dark wondering if I was noticed pulling up. It was then I noticed the entire barracks was blacked out. The barracks to the right and left of my building were fully lit as usual for evening, but mine was blacked out. All the curtains were pulled closed.

My panic returned. Why were my barracks lights out? What problem were they having that the other barracks weren’t? So I decided that I’d drive to the base clinic where I worked and call the duty officer. If I reported a problem from a different location I might have a better answer.

The duty officer reported it to maintenance division. Turns out someone had blown a circuit breaker by spilling beer on the box as he was making out with his girlfriend. So once again my fears were laid to rest but this time I decided to stay in the clinic duty bunk room. I changed into my scrubs and went to bed. I woke up early the next day and got out before the duty crew had stirred and went to my barracks as the sun peaked over the mountains. I had on my scrubs and canvas shoes I’d been wearing the night before with my clothes in the duffle bag I kept in the truck.

Entering my room I closed the door behind me tossed the duffle on my bunk and went to take a shower. While in the shower I did my usual cleanse as if I were prepping for a night of fun with Josh and Stephen. I

had decided to use the dildo and play a little. It was something I’d taken to doing now that I was living alone. Sadly it did nothing to ease my being lonely. I’d usually rest it against the rail of the bunk and back myself onto it. It wasn’t nearly as satisfying as it had been with either Josh or Stephen but it was all I had and it would have to do.

When I got out of the shower I dried off and wrapped a towel around my waist and walked to my bunk. Halfway across the room I realized the lights were out and the shades pulled down so that I could barely see. I had opened the shades immediately before I went to shower. “Whose there?” I asked. No answer came but a shuffling noise met me. I had no roommate so I had no reason to believe it was anyone I knew. “Hello?” I called out in a shaky voice.

I walked to the window and moved to open the shade again. “Don’t open the shade Rich” a voice said. It was Will, I recognized his voice in the dark.

“Will?” I asked almost afraid to believe it.

“Yes, I heard about Josh and Steven. I’m sorry I couldn’t get here sooner. The NIS is all over the place on Okinawa..I even had to watch my computer activity. They haven’t been very subtle about their search for homosexual servicemen.” Stepping into what light shown through the shade he had only a pair of boxers on. “I’ve missed talking to you’ his voice faded ‘I’ve missed you” he added nervously. Dropping my towel in the shadows I stepped forward and let his arms wrap around my naked body and laid my head on his shoulder.

“I’ve missed you to” I said as I felt his cock begin to harden against my thigh. His hands began to slide up and down my back grazing my ass cheeks sliding down further each time. It was as if he was nervous about touching me, like the first time we’d been together. I fought the urge to tell him was ok to touch me..but I enjoyed the slow, easy ‘getting to know each other again’ touches. After a few minutes I asked “Have you been with anyone since…?” my voice trailed off not finishing the question.

“No…I tried..but there simply wasn’t anyone I was interested in” he said. Then with a deliberate and direct stroke of his hand he had one of my cheeks in his firm grip. “You and your ass have been all I could think of” he said a his other hand gripped my other cheek. I could feel his fully erect cock now protruding through his boxers and under my ass. His body heat radiating into my hungry, wanting ass. My long hiatus from sex was finally over. His lips grazed my neck, cheek and ear before he whispered. “Did you happen to..umm..cleanse down there?”

I smiled to myself still hugging his shoulder and upper body close. “Yes..I did.” Without a word I slowly fell to my knees and began to examine his cock in the shadows. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I was beginning to get a little nervous..because it had been a long time since I’d sucked a cock. I felt his soft hands find my head…and his hot cock head touch my lips…and I took him into me again…remembering how I’d missed it. It was not long before I’d recaptured my talent and was taking him into my throat again and again. He had lost none of his gentleness..and I enjoyed the fact that he was pumping his cock into and out of my mouth…and down my throat every third stroke.

“I’ve missed this…Oh..I’ve missed this.” he whispered. Looking down at me he watched as my lips took his cock in and out..for a while before he spoke up. “Where should I cum?” My answer was simple. I reached up to his hips and increased my own stroking…taking him deep each time rather than every third. His cock disappeared into my mouth…leaving a few inches exposed..but I was getting the job done. As it had been a long time since he’d had head…it wasn’t long before he was twitching and moaning, whispering “I’m going to cummmm” He held off for a good while before I felt the first spurt of hot cum hit my throat..after which I swallowed him as far as I could as he shot hot jets of cum down my throat.

Since we were in the barracks he didn’t cry out. We didn’t believe anyone could hear us..but given the attitude of the Navy at the time…we didn’t want to chance it. So he came in silence biting his lip as his pelvis jerked and spasmed shooting his load into my mouth. When he had finished he looked down and smiled at me. “I’ve waited a long time for that” he said with a sigh. I slowly pulled my mouth off of his cock and he gasped as his head cleared my lips. He never softened not even a little. I stood up and he spun me around and pulled my back to his chest and began kissing my neck and he had done the first night we’d been together. I wiggled my ass onto his cock so that it parted my cheeks and I could feel the heat of his hardness against me. My hand reached for the protruding shaft that now jut out in front of me pulling it hard, but not too hard against my own raging..cock. I loved feeling his cock..amazed at how soft it was in spite of it being so hard.

The morning sun moved the triangle of light from where we were to a point on my desk next to my bunk. We were in no hurry to move as his lips grazed and kissed my neck and ears. I do not know how long we stood there but when I opened my eyes again..the light from the shade had moved so that it hit my bunk. “Take me, Will” I said.

Will didn’t waist a moment but he didn’t rush. “I have a hotel room..but…I don’t want to wait…Would you mind if we..if we…fucked here?”

In response I ground my ass onto his still hard shaft turning my head to his ear I whispered “Will….’ my voice dropped off as I absorbed the heat of his hot pulsing shaft..’I want you…don’t make me wait” Grabbing his wrist I led him to my bunk reaching for the lube I had planned to use with the dildo. I squeezed a great deal of lube onto his shaft and coated his beautiful cock with it. Grabbing my towel off the floor I wiped my hands off turned my back to him and grabbed the rail of the top bunk and looked at Will as he lubed my hole. I loved the delicious feel of his fingers. I leaned my forehead against the rail and whispered..”I want you…Please..take me…Will take me..take me..Fuck me….Please ” my last words came as whispers of desperate pleading.

His lips crazed my ears “Gentle?” he asked as he placed the tip of his cock at my entrance. I turned my head to meet his lips and I kissed Will for the first time in a raw expression of unhinged passion and shoved my ass onto his cock impaling myself with a moan of ecstatic bliss .

Though it had been well over a year since I’d felt a cock…what discomfort I felt was nothing compared to the bliss of having a warm, flesh and blood cock penetrating me once again. Then breaking the kiss after several inches of his cock had slid into me. “No…Just fuck me Will…” my lips closed on his again..and I pushed back sliding him into me further. I felt the hot, hard hands of my lover…grasp my waist…as he pushed his cock into me…My insides were forced to take him but there was no discomfort as he impaled me. In a fit of blissful ecstasy I exclaimed “Yes…Oh fuck, Oh fuck..yes!!!”

Pressing my forehead against the cold steel of the rail I pushed myself onto him meeting his intrusion. At nine inches I felt the first real resistance and my body went tense as the pressure of his head pressing the inner ring released and his cock forced itself passed as the remainder of this magnificent cock fully impaled me. Arching back I pressed my ass down on his cock until I felt his hot pubic bone pressing against my ass cheeks. “Will…YESS!!!” I bellowed unable to contain myself. “Yes” I whispered as my head came to rest on his shoulder my ass grinding itself güvenilir bahis şirketleri down against his hard, magnificent length and thickness.

“Shh…” he whispered into my ear. “Fuck, you’re hot” he whispered nibbling on my ear then grinding his pelvis hard against me driving his cock just a little deeper.

“Hmmmmmmmm….more” I whispered as my body quivered with passion as his body heat mixed with mine. “P..please..Please fuck me” I whispered. “Fill me with your cum” With that he bit into where my neck met the shoulder and began fucking me in short strokes increasing his strokes until he was soon gripping my waist and pulling my ass out so that my legs were dangling freely as the silence of the room was replaced with the sound of his pelvis slapping mine..Puk..puk..puk..puk mixed with my moans of pleasure..”mmmm…Will…Yes…Yes…More..don’t stop..please” I moaned.

Because he had come recently he had stamina. So we fucked for a few minutes and rest then he’d begin again fucking me slowly,, then fast…then slowly again. Finally when I could tell that he was about to lose control he gripped my hips again…said “Hold on…” and he savaged my ass filling the room with the sound of our skin slappng together. It was at this point I started to feel my own orgasm building. It had been along time since I’d come this way…so it was slow to build..but as it built my insides taught and pulled as he thrust his cock deep each time..unti he tensed up..drove his cock deep and unloaded his cum deep inside me…My own orgasm was on the brink..just waiting…and as he jolted..and moaned biting into my shoulder….he shoved his cock deep one last time….I unloaded my cum on my bunk..I spasmed and jolted…as my lover continued to unload his cum into me.

When our spasms settled…we panted and groaned still connected at the hip. Will leaned in against me..wrapped his arm around me..and laid me down on the bed. “I want to stay like this for a while…ok?” he said. We lay there connected at the hip panting softly from our exertion as we listened to our fellow servicemen walk by. The excitement of fucking while feet away people were walking back and forth was intense. The forbidden nature of what we were doing only added to the excitement. Laying there as we were was dangerous because unscheduled inspections were common and it would be rather hard to explain why we were lying naked on a bunk. Which is why we didn’t allow ourselves to fall asleep. We spooned this way until it was time to go to his hotel where we could continue without fear of discovery.

In less than a half hour we were in his hotel room and in the shower. This time we were able to enjoy ourselves and let the hot water and soap lubricate our lust. It was the first time I looked into his eyes directly and actually kissed another man face to face, tongue to tongue as my hand gripped his hard cock and stroked it.

Twenty minutes later we were drying each other off and heading to the bed. My naked body was soon lying across the bed face up as his cock was slowly being driven into my throat. I had yet to deep throat Will completely. I wanted to do it for him. I wanted to feel his 12 inch cock in my throat. Each time I felt his cock reach the limit of my ability I would pull his pelvis a little deeper. I was determined to take him balls deep. His hands were interlocked behind my neck as he slowly pumped his cock into me. After ten minutes of determined effort on my part and infinite patients on Wills part I felt my throat give in to his intrusion and a few brief minutes later my lips were pressing against his pubic bone.

Since he’d already cum twice in less than two hours he wasn’t going to cum quickly. We used the time to train my throat to this new depth of intrusion. Every third or fourth stroke he’d make he’d pull out enough for me to take a breath and then he’d bury his cock into my throat again. “You are the first person whose ever taken me this deep..ever” he said during a brief intermission. We did this for about 30 minutes before Will wanted to fuck again. “Babe,..I want to fuck you” he whispered. In moments I was on my knees gripping the headboard as he crawled between my legs, lubed himself and me then slowly buried his cock into my ass again. As his pubic bone came to rest against my cheeks and I was savoring is beautiful length and exquisite girth he whispered into my ear “Did you know Stephen wanted to watch me fuck you that first night we met?”

“No, he never mentioned that. But it doesn’t surprise me, watching was his thing. He used to love watching Josh fuck me” I said.

Will started a slow grinding fuck that drove me crazy with pleasure. “How did things begin with you three?” he asked as he drove his cock into my depths. I told him the story in brief, between moans. I told him everything from my early suspicions to the first time Stephen and I played while Josh gave us instruction over the phone and about the first time Josh fucked me while Stephen watched.

My story had the effect of driving him crazy with lust which pushed our conversation to the side as the quiet of the afternoon was broken up by the sounds of flesh slapping flesh and a loud grunt of exertion as for the third time Will emptied the contents of this balls into my ass.

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