An Enlightened Family Pt. 02


The story of an enlightened family Pt 2….. Father. Daughter, grand-daughters and uni friend.

This is tied to Gramps enlightenment series. So it might be advisable to read those first but this is a story that can be read independently.

All characters are over the age of 18.

‘So this is the last lot Gramps…… Sian and Michelle are gonna have trouble with her……. You seemed to like her though.’ Nicky teases as they skip back down the stairs.

‘She seemed a nice girl……. and 25….. so only a couple of years older than you,’

‘Bet she doesn’t do with her gramps what I wanna do with you…….. he is that miserable old fucker we saw at the services…….. Look he is talking to mum……. He better not be moaning at her!!!!’

‘Mum can look after herself…… anyway we will be gone in a minute if he is gobbing off, mum can help you take the last few bits up and I’ll tell him to fuck off.’ James growls as he hears something he hasn’t heard for a long time……. Patsy laughing!

**** **** **** ****

Having taken the last bits up and found Sian, Michelle and Lauren, appearing to be getting on well and the Mother at the end of the corridor getting quite annoyed with whoever she is talking to on the phone.

James and Nicky cuddle Sian and Michelle ‘We are stopping just down the road at Kings Inn and Suites so if you need anything give me a call and we will pop back tomorrow.’ James assures them, as he gently squeezes their bums for one last time. He heads out to go back to the car so they can’t get underway. ‘Come on missy.’

‘Aye Papi.’ Nicky giggles as she waves her fingers at Sian and mouths (It is my turn to get fucked now)

**** **** **** ****

Lauren waits and then tells the girls ‘King’s that is my grandfather’s place….’

Sian looks at her ‘Well it is cheap as chips and has hot tubs apparently…… Gramps is happy it is only £75 for all three of them and with breakfast.’

‘No it is £75 each.’ Lauren assures her.

‘Oh bugger, gramps won’t like that…… Nicky really fucked up then…… he told her to check it properly.’ Sian utters as she thinks that Nicky might have blown her chance of getting anything from Grampa James.

**** **** **** ****

Having had an early call to pop back up and collect some bits to go back home from his Grand-Daughter but also a request to look at a shelf in the other girl’s room James could only hope that Lauren was a late riser and liked to be casual first thing. After all she had tits to die for and didn’t seem fazed when he had accidentally pinched her nipple the previous evening.

Pulling into the Car Park James sees Sian and Michelle heading up the side of the building ‘Where are you off to?’

‘We gotta pick up our Uni admission passes, it is alphabetical so we have to go now as we are C and D……. Lauren gotta to wait until the W’s…… We won’t be long…… Lauren is still in the room if you want to go and look at her shelf, she knows you are coming…….. Mum why don’t you and Nicky come with us.’ Sian splutters.

‘OK, is your stuff ready to go back?’ James enquires as Patsy and Nicky jump out of the car.

‘Yeah it is just by our bedroom door….. 4 bags and 2 cases.’

**** **** **** ****

Knocking on the outer door James calls ‘Lauren, you decent?’

‘Yeah, come in.’

James walks in ‘Where is this shelf then?’

Pointing towards the wall Lauren’s bathrobe falls open to reveal she has panties on but nothing else and her tits are swinging free with hard pointed nipples jutting out. ‘Oops, sorry!’ Lauren simpers as she notices James look and smile.

‘No worries…… I like to see a nice curvy figure.’ James mumbles.

‘Oh you do, do you?’ Lauren lifts an eyebrow as she lets her robe fall open again. ‘Well I like older men looking at me and touching me.’

Gulping James stammers ‘Well I fit the first category and would very much like to fulfil the second part….. but the others will be here soon.’

‘You can have a quick feel and a nibble though.’ Lauren coaxes him as she lifts her tits up for his inspection.

‘Be rude not to.’ James responds as he pulls her towards him, kisses her and weighs her breasts in his hands, scraping a thumbnail across each nipple.

‘Oh, Mr………’ Lauren falters searching for his name.

‘You can call me Grampa or James if you want to.’

‘Oh thank you so much…….. Do I get the same privileges as the other granddaughters?’ Lauren chuckles as she reaches down to cup his balls.

‘I don’t know what you mean.’

‘Sian and Michelle said you had fucked them in the car yesterday.’

‘They wanted to.’ James cries pushing Lauren away.

‘Well can I get a fucking sometime? I know we can’t now, but it appears we only live about 10 miles apart and I could really do with a nice older man to enjoy my body.’ Lauren coos as she grasps his erection through his trousers and leans in to kiss him once again.

‘It would be my pleasure……. I haven’t have tits like that to enjoy since my Gwen passed.’ James confides Girne Escort as he once again weighs her ample bosom in his hands.

Hearing voices they pull apart and Lauren ties her robe tight around her, James looks at the shelf and tightens a screw up.

‘I look forward to when I can enjoy your ministrations.’ Lauren whispers ‘Sian said I wouldn’t be disappointed.’

**** **** **** ****

Collecting the stuff to take back home James skips up and down the stairs thinking how lovely his life had just become.

**** **** **** ****

Patsy hanging back a bit as they walk back from collecting the passes that Sian and Michelle need, she pulls the card Laurence had given her last night to see if it was just the office number on it or a personal mobile number as well she dialled it just to be sure it was a direct line.

Not recognising the number as his phone rang, but being stood by the reception desk at King’s Resort he answers it politely and professionally. ‘Good morning, Laurence Kingman speaking.’

Patsy sighing ‘Oh god it is your personal number’ Feeling flushed and her pussy becoming moist ‘This is Patsy, from the Hot Tub last night……… Sorry I had to leave without saying goodbye this morning….. I did look for you but thought it best not to ask to see you.’

‘Yes, I did hope to see you before you left this morning……. You could have asked at the front desk, they would have rang through to my lodge or paged me.’

‘I didn’t want to cause any problems, the staff might tell your wife that a strange woman wanted to see you.’

‘You are far from strange, to be honest in this game there are all sorts that ask to talk to me.’ Chuckling as he replies. ‘as for the other part. That is not an issue as there isn’t one.’

Feeling flustered ‘Oh I didn’t know that…….I just wanted to thank you for making me feel nice last night.’

‘It was my pleasure. We try to cater for our guests requirements.’

‘Oh so you often get to do that…….. Do you??’

‘No, definitely not…….. it was most definitely my pleasure.’

‘Just a shame I couldn’t repay the favour…….. It must have been an animal to trigger the light as both Dad and Nicky were indoors when I got in.’

‘No problem….. another opportunity will arise at a later date!!!’ Laurence croons, knowing full well Nicky had seen him between her mother’s thighs.

‘Well, I have to go now I can see my Dad getting back in the car…… Bye.’ Patsy cuts the call before he can answer and feels the moisture from her pussy drenching her pubic bush, as she has no underwear on she needed to be careful.

**** **** **** ****

‘I bet Gramps was well pissed with you when he found out you had cocked up on the hotel booking?’ Sian teases ‘So that put paid to you joining our little club…… Oh well, more of Gramps cock for me when I come back home in a little while.’

‘He never said anything actually……. And did you know it was Miss Stuck Up’s Grandfather who owns the place and what’s more Gramps and that miserable tosser know each other, but didn’t realise until at the hotel.’

‘Yeah we found out it was Larry that owned it…… Laur is so different when not with her family.’

‘Anyway……. I did join your little club as you put it….. I was surprised that Gramps could actually fuck me last night after you two shagging him in every imaginable way yesterday……. I would have just been happy to feel him skin to skin and resting his cock in my arse crease……… but the thing that really surprised me, was Mum climbed in bed with us……. Gramps didn’t fuck her but did finger her whilst pumping into me!’

‘Oh My God……… I don’t want to stay here now…….. You will be getting all of Gramps attention!’ Sian growls, as she pinches her sister on the arm.

‘Don’t be silly……. I wish I could have gone to UNI but Gramma wouldn’t let Mum and Dad send me……… I think if Gramps can fuck you all day and then me last night I am sure there will be plenty of him to go around……. Now let’s get back so Miss Stuck Up doesn’t stick her tits in his hand again……. So funny yesterday…… I bet she was pissed about it!’

‘Not at all…….. Like I said she is way different when her family isn’t about……. And trust me her nipples are lush.’

‘You saw her getting dressed did you?…….. She won’t like you perving on her……. She is so up herself.’

Looking around and seeing her mum looking flustered….. ‘Oh by the way Dad finally phoned mum this morning…… I think he just called her again……. She looks annoyed.’

Climbing the stairs but making sure they made enough noise to warn Lauren, just in case she had managed to get James to fondle her tits, which Sian thought was a definite probability.

**** **** **** ****

(Back to the previous evening)

Lauren wanders down the hallway in a sheer peignoir with just a tiny thong covering her pussy, but a light sprinkling of pubic hair poking out of the top. Her breasts swinging happily Magosa Escort as she dries her hair with the towel in her hand…….

‘Fuck me Lauren if I had a dick I would be wanting to get a titty wank from those bangers!’ Michelle squeals.

Returning 2 seconds later with a strap on hanging from her finger Lauren crows ‘Who said we can’t get creative?’

‘Fucking hell, you are so different when on your own…… and so much prettier without all that makeup as well.’ Sian asserts as Lauren slowly climbs onto the bed.

‘I have to wear it for work, and you have seen my mum, she expects me to reach up to her standards.’

‘Are you rich then?’

‘I’m not, but Larry has a good potfull.’


‘Mr Missog…. My Grandfather……. But enough about him, what about your Grampa? Did you really get naked? How, didn’t your mum see? Or does she know?’ Lauren frantically asks.

‘Oh you heard…… but we enjoyed it…… don’t get us in trouble.’ Pleads Sian.

Leaning across and taking Sian’s chin in her hand ‘Trust me I love older guys and when your gramps was holding my tit earlier it sent sparks to my clit……. My thong was still saturated just now when I went for a shower….. by the way…… that showerhead on pulse is perfect for getting off on.’ Lauren purrs, slipping her hand inside her robe and tweaking her already hardened nipple. ‘I think we can be great friends. That is if you don’t mind a third pussy to join in.’

Sitting up and leaning forwards Michelle and Sian take one nipple each between their teeth and set about teasing Lauren into rapture.

‘Welcome to the sisterhood……. Grampa would love to see this….. and he would be desperate to play with your tits…… he hasn’t had any big ones to play with since Gramma died.’ Sian coos as she slides her top off to bare her tiny tits.

Cuddling the two new friends into her side as they lavish great attention to her sensitive nipples Lauren is virtually in heaven and thinks that finally she has found people to understand her……. Her phone PINGS so she quickly picks it up to see who it is……. ‘Where the fuck are you???…….. I have a sack load of cum with your name on it and my family are away for a couple of days so we can frolic all we want and not have to worry about getting caught…….. Ring me MC.’

Typing back ‘You are kidding right…… 2 and a 1/2 weeks I have been gagging for you……. But no, you prefer to be shagging around with Naomi over at the Franley……. Or even the brainless, titless tart from housekeeping at Larry’s place, yes we have cameras you wanker…… This fanny is out of your league……. Loser!’

Tossing her phone back onto the quilt behind her and seeing Michelle examining the strap on with a look of wonderment on her face. ‘So girls, what do we plan on doing tonight now that it is just us?’

Both girls looked at her and sighed……. ‘Well you have showered so smell gorgeous where as we stink of sweat from moving in and my minge is all crusty with Grampa’s juice’ Sian purrs as she runs her hand up across her shorts ‘So I am heading to the shower and then who knows!’ she mutters taking another huge suck on the massive nipple starring at her.

‘I am the same except I want you to explain how this thing works.’ Michelle coos as she waves the strap-on in the air.

‘Oooo I think we are gonna enjoy our time here…… I just hope we don’t get anyone else to spoil our time together.’

Leaning forward and cupping Sian’s crotch ‘Yeah crusty minge is not pleasant…… But I bet when it was fresh it was amazing…….. Wait, I thought you were both gymnasts, don’t they all have smooth pussies?…… I feel a soft cushion here……. Are you hairy as well Michelle?’

Dropping her shorts and running her fingers through her curls Michelle sighs ‘Oh yes.’

‘Oh, OK I sense a great story here……. Right both of you slip off to the showers….. I will unpack…… back here in 20 minutes?…….. and no funny business……. I want to explore what we have here…… All my dreams are coming true….. I was dreading coming here and finding out it was all silly little girls and boys.’ Lauren purrs as she pulls her gusset aside to slide a finger between her blood infused lips.

‘I thought you said no funny business’ Michelle giggles as she points the gadget at Lauren’s already obviously juicy cunt.

Walking to the showers Sian looks at Michelle ‘I am missing Gramps already but I am so gonna bury my face in your hotbox tonight……… and maybe we can see if Laur will play!’

‘Did you see the size of her clit……. It is like a mini dick.’ Michelle sighs as she grabs a handful of ass.

**** **** **** ****

Settling themselves in a comfy configuration on the pushed together beds…… All in light weight bathrobes the three girls now feel slightly awkward after their previous gaiety….

‘I am gonna be so jealous of you two cuddled up together later.’ Lauren mutters….. ‘I think we all got swept up in the craziness of Kıbrıs Escort the day.’

‘Oh shit, you are gonna cause us shit aren’t you?…….. If you try to report us about what we told you about Gramps or claim he assaulted you……. We will deny it!’ Sian growls.

‘Oh no, nothing is further from my mind…….. I just realised whilst you were in the shower I am the oldest and should be more sensible one……… But I haven’t been turned on so much for so long……. I have a few issues at home and it is only because my Grandmother is funding me and encouraging me to come here that I have escaped.’

‘So where was your Grandmother today?’

‘Larry and her are not together but she owns 40% of the hotels, Larry owns 51% and Mum has 9% but Mum and her don’t get on at all and Larry panders to everything my mum wants…….. Sherry, that is my Grandmother, is actually the rich and posh one and funded the hotels in the beginning……. But and this will sound awful, but is why I think I was drawn to you two, is she is as horny as they come and also used to fuck her Dad and Grand-Dad on a regular basis……… in fact she once told me that when her Grand-Dad was dying she rode his cock whilst her Grandmother played with both of their arseholes…………. She was the first one to ever show me how it feels to have another woman teasing my clit……… But she was caught fucking the Pool Engineer and also her own brother so Mum worked on Larry to leave her……… The funny thing is about a month later my dad left us and moved in temporarily with Sherry.’

As she was saying this Sian and Michelle had moved closer so that all of their knees were touching as they sat cross legged.

‘We only took a chance with Grampa today as we knew we would be away from him for the next few years if he got annoyed……… My Gramma was so strict on all of us including Gramps……. Always moaning if we wore our skirts too short, or went without a bra.’ Baring her chest Sian looks directly in Lauren’s eyes ‘With these little fried eggs they aren’t gonna turn anyone’s head……… But my Gramma was like you and had huge boobs…… But the only one that could get away with being cheeky was my Dad…… It was like she enjoyed flirting with him but knowing he wouldn’t do anything.’

‘We all come from a little village just outside Wells, so all know each other pretty well……… I was lucky my parents are pretty laidback and also slightly twisted so it was normal for me to see my dad naked and walk around him naked myself…… then when I turned 18 somehow I ended up giving my Dad a blow job one night and a few days later he said that he wanted to fuck me……. Claiming it was better that my needs were taken care of by family as opposed to the boys that were around…….. apparently, it has been the practice of most of the mothers to entertain the boys to stop the daughters getting pregnant…….. if the boys touched the mums they fulfilled a Mummy Fantasy but didn’t fuck their own mums, which is illegal………. But that didn’t seem to occur to my Dad that it was also illegal.’ Michelle added.

‘Wait you come from near Wells?………. Our first Hotel was there and our Head Office is still there now……. So we come from the same area!’ Lauren utters as she leans back to reach her glass of water, thus causing her robe to both lift up and fall open………’Oops, sorry.’ As she closes it up.

‘Don’t apologise…….. I like seeing your body, it is so perfect and curvy……. Not like our skinny little frames.’ Sian mumbles as she reaches out to stop Lauren closing her robe……. sitting with her small boobs out on display, her nipples jutting out.

‘So we are here to get some qualifications towards becoming involved in eventually coaching Athletics and Gymnastics…….. But why are you here?’ Michelle asks also shrugging her robe off.

‘Ummm because we have gyms, pools and spas Sherry thought it would be better to have someone with professional qualifications within the family…….. The laws are changing now to how it used to be in the early days……. In fact we are moving towards integrated changing facilities as well……. So men and women can choose to change together, be better for couples and families……….. To be honest, about 3 months ago I was checking them when Larry came out of the shower after a swim…….. My god has he got a cock on him!!!!……… I wish I had the same relationship with my Grandfather that you have with yours.’ As Lauren says this a tear runs down her cheek.

Both jumping up to hug her and reassure her Sian and Michelle literally sit on her knees as they lean in and both wipe her eyes and gently kiss her on the forehead.

‘Lauren, don’t cry…….. Like Sian said we took a chance with James today……. He might have been really angry with us………. But since Gwen, Sian’s Gramma, died I noticed he watches us closer and is always moving his cock about when we are there……. Sian lives next door to James and we have all started dressing more relaxed since Gwen isn’t there to whine and moan………. I encouraged Sian to be naughty and wear no panties today, knowing she would be sat on his lap in the car…….. Who can resist a 20 year olds pussy when it is glistening right in front of you?’ Michelle assures……… grinding her pussy on Lauren’s knee.

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