An Enlightening Meet Up

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I fucking hated being single. I craved everything that came with a relationship, right from the crazed sessions of snogging to the simple things like walking hand in hand down the street and snuggling up to each other on the sofa. I had never had a girlfriend for my whole life and I doubted I ever would have one. Turned out I was right, but it wasn’t because they didn’t want me. It turned out I was gay.

The realisation came out of nowhere for me. I had always looked at certain guys and been aroused. In fact, I quite often masturbated thinking of gay sex acts. There was a certain thrill to it for me, going against what I thought was my sexuality. I never connected those desires to actually being homosexual, but that was before Joe Samson came into my life.

He fucking changed everything. Soon, I was a happy gay guy with the most intelligent and gorgeous boyfriend on the planet. Everything I had wanted for so long existed and I had a cock to play with that wasn’t my own. Could life have been any better?


It all started when we randomly bumped into each other in town. Quite literally, we bumped into each other. I was texting the latest girl I had my deluded eyes on and wasn’t watching where I was going. Before knowing who it was, I hastily apologised as I gathered up the bags they had dropped from the floor.

“Thanks Hunter,” said the familiar voice and I realised that it was Joe.

As I turned my head upwards to shoot him a friendly smile, I found my eyes level with his crotch. He was wearing a tight pair of skinny jeans and the bulge in front of me was quite sizeable. I felt a twitch in my pants as the thought of Joe’s dick made me aroused.

Hastily handing his bags back and standing upright, I shot him a friendly smile. After taking a quick look around, I realised that he was unaccompanied.

“No-one else with you today?” I asked.

“Nah, Pete is spending time with Rose and Dan is busy with Becky. Don’t have a fucking clue what Sean is doing, but he was getting pretty ‘friendly’ with some blonde at the party last night. I mean, she had her hand round his dick when I left and he was licking beer off her neck.”

“Oh yeah, I know the feeling. Jack is back with Katie and is probably balls deep inside her right now. I don’t even know the girl Stuart is with today, but he is almost certainly getting his knob sucked as we speak. Flying solo is good though.”

I meant that. I loved going into town alone as it let me think about things. Worryingly though, this let my mind wander and I didn’t always like where it went.

“Well I’ve never liked being on my own. Actually, I haven’t been round yours for a while and I used to like our table tennis playing days. Can I come over?” Now normally I would have been happy about this kind of thing, but the leap my heart gave this time told me that I was actually fucking elated. I had always thought of Joe as attractive and I liked him as a person, but why was I so happy that I’d have him alone at my house.

This was fucking weird.


We sat chatting at the bus stop for a while, giggling away at tales of the party from last night and me taking the piss out of the people there and parties in general. A series of ominous black clouds had appeared on the horizon, but for now bahis firmaları the weather remained warm and bright.

The bus turned up just as the rain began to trickle down from the sky and we joked about the smooth timing as we got aboard. He took the window seat and I lowered myself next to him, getting just enough of a brush against his leg to send the horny side of my mind racing.

As we continued our little chat, I realised how beautiful his facial structure was and his lips looked soft and moist. Why the fuck was I thinking about a guy’s lips? I was a straight male, albeit a very camp one and I definitely should not have been getting aroused by Joe’s crotch bulge and perfect cheekbones.

Little did I know that this was probably the least gay I was going to get that day.


The idea of playing table tennis flew straight out of the window as we noticed that the rain was now, for want of a better term, pissing it down. My heart gave another involuntary leap as Joe suggested we go up to my bedroom. I needed to stop being such a poof today.

It seemed like we spent hours there, just both sat on my bed talking about all sorts of stuff before we got onto the subject of relationships. Usually, I tried to avoid this subject at all costs due to my lack of a relationship at any point in my past. I decided to bring Joe’s recent barren spell into the fray.

“So, haven’t seen your relationship status change on Facebook for a while?”

“Yeah, well, errmmm,” Joe paused and I wondered if he had as much resentment for the subject as I did. “I’ve never actually had a girlfriend.”

This was a shocking revelation and I knew it took a lot for him to reveal that. He prided himself as being one of the cool gang, so this can’t have been the kind of information he divulged to just anyone. My resolve was bolstered by this, so I decided to divulge my own lack of a sexual past.

“I haven’t either. Boyfriend?” The question was a joke, but Joe’s shifty reaction told me everything I needed to know. “Seriously?” I asked.

“I’ve known I was gay for three years now. Had a couple of boyfriends. I even kissed Tim Cosgrove. I’ve fucked Sam Gilbert. He had a tiny cock though.” This memory seemed to make him laugh and he flashed me that amazing smile of his.

“You are shitting me? Why didn’t you just tell people?” Loads of people in our school year were out of the closet since we had left school and it sounded like Joe had been intimate with most of them. My fleeting thought that he might be as inexperienced as me was completely lost now.

“Well I don’t know really. Just couldn’t even admit it to myself. I mean, Adams is gay and he is still part of our friend group.”

“Adams is gay?” The revelations just kept on coming and I was confused as hell.

“Yeah, I ended up sucking his cock when we got drunk one night. Then we were together for about six months.”

“Wow! I thought he shagged your cousin.”

“Yeah,” Joe giggled. “That was him in denial. He said himself that the memory makes him sick these days. Apparently she had the smelliest cunt ever and her arse was fat.”

I laughed heartily and then suddenly felt a hand on my leg. Joe was leaning in close and was smiling, his hand warm against me.

“What the fuck are you kaçak iddaa doing?” I questioned as his index finger traced circles on my thigh.

“I am trying to seduce you. I think you’re fucking amazing Robbie and I have always wondered how awesome it would be if you were gay. In fact, fuck it, I’ll say it. I love you.”

“Well then, it’s a good thing that I love you too isn’t it?”


We both leant in, closing the short distance between us and our lips met briefly. Joe’s were definitely as soft as they looked and I craved the feel of them against mine as soon as he broke away.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait long as his moist lips were soon entwined with mine once again. This time, we held the kiss longer and began to move in time with each other, feelings of sheer passion running through both of us. I opened my mouth slightly, inviting Joe to poke his tongue into the mix. Soon, our tongues met and we began to snog each other deeply, enjoying the taste of another male in our mouths.

I had barely noticed my hands naturally exploring and was surprised to note my right hand under Joe’s shirt, caressing his clean shaven torso that was already starting to slick with sweat.

For reasons I didn’t quite understand, it was me who was taking the lead in our endeavours, despite my lack of experience. I broke the kiss and began to suckle on the soft flesh of Joe’s neck, causing my new boyfriend to moan with pleasure. A quick glance down showed me that every inch of his cock was standing to attention at the pleasure I was causing.

Breaking away from his neck, I pulled his t-shirt over his head and allowed him to do the same to me. As his eyes devoured my upper body I thanked god for all that exercise I had done. I was no longer as overweight as I had been for most of my early teens and now I could feel comfortable topless in someone else’s company.

Resuming my attack on his neck and kissing down his torso, I paused briefly at Joe’s large nipples, each surrounded by a series of tiny moles. I teased each nipple with my tongue, feeling them harden as I licked and then took one into my mouth and sucked. Joe emitted a gasp at this unexpected pleasure.

“Fucking hell Robbie. I need you to suck my cock right now.”

I fully intended to satisfy his desires eventually, but I wasn’t done teasing yet. My tongue graced every inch of his upper body, savouring the manly taste of his skin, rubbing the front of his jeans as I did this. I continued to feel his cock stiffening and thought that it was now time to show this hot guy just what I could do.

I unzipped him slowly and discarded his jeans into the far corner of the room. Then, I took the waistband of his tight boxer shorts in my mouth and pulled them down with my teeth, all the way down his leg and off. I paused briefly to suck one of his toes, feeling that there was no taste as manly as this.

Tracing a line up his leg with my tongue, I placed tantalising kisses all the way along his thigh ending with one short kiss on the head of his cock, giving me a taste of the precum that was forming as he grew increasingly aroused.

He was massive. I had known he was big as soon as I saw that crotch bulge in town, but I hadn’t expected the eight inches of penis that were in front of me now. Placing kaçak bahis my hand round him, I began to rub slowly. Joe threw his head back and moaned at the pleasure.

“That’s fucking good. Wank me harder and then let me fuck your little mouth.”

Obediently, I increased the intensity of the handjob I was giving and felt his precum run down onto my hand. I then moved my hand down to cradle his balls as I took the head of his cock into my mouth, spiralling around the head with my tongue as I did so. The bucking of his hips told me that I was causing him a lot of pleasure as I built up a swift rhythm up and down on his erection as I continued to tease him with my tongue, easing it into the slit at the top, tasting his fluids.

I pulled his cock out of my mouth and resumed wanking it with my right hand as I sucked each of his balls in turn, followed by a long lick all the way up his throbbing shaft. Resuming my sucking, I allowed him to buck his hips in time with my head movements, fucking my throat harder and harder.

“Ah fuuuuck, I’m gonna come,” he moaned as his breathing intensified and his hips bucked harder and harder.

Soon, I felt hot streams of warm liquid empty into my mouth as he climaxed and I greedily drank down every single drop of his jizz, licking the head of his penis to clean off the rest.

Leaning on top of him, I gave him a deep kiss and he was able to taste his own come on my lips. This only made him more determined to give me the explosive pleasure that I had just caused him to experience.

He wasted no time in removing my shorts and boxers, exposing my erection.

“Yeah, it’s… smaller than yours,” I said, ruing the five and a half inch member that I had been given. It seemed tiny when compared to the monster that Joe was packing in his pants.

“As long as I can do this, I don’t mind,” whispered Joe, clasping a hand tightly around my hardness and slowly rubbing me, his thumb moving around the head of my cock, causing me to bunch my fists together as the ripples of sexual ecstasy shot through me.

He licked the precum off his thumb and then began to suck me. The way he gave a blowjob was like nothing I had ever seen, despite my excessive porn watching. He kept up a breakneck rhythm and took my whole dick into his mouth. It was like he had no gag reflex as I continuously felt my cock hit the back of his throat.

Before long, I was shooting my semen into him and shuddering as I rode out the most explosive orgasm I had ever experienced. I lay back on the bed, my head nestling on his chest. He gently ran his fingers lovingly through my hair as we both got our breath back after our exhausting oral sex session.

“Robbie,” Joe began, winking at me. “I want to fuck your ass.”

“But we don’t have a…” I paused as Joe smiled. “…condom.” I finished as Joe produced a small packet from his pocket.

I allowed him to guide me onto all fours and I soon felt his sheathed penis rubbing against my arse cheeks. Soon, his soft hands were spreading my arse cheeks and he was easing himself inside me. Initially, I winced as he opened me up further, but as he began to rock slowly against me, I felt a pleasure more potent than anything I had felt before run through me.

Within five minutes, I felt Joe shoot another warm jet of come inside me. It was a bizarre sensation, but my first bout of anal sex had certainly been better than I had imagined.

I was now a proud gay man and I had a proud gay boyfriend too. Life was good.

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