An Extra Special Night

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I hadn’t expected to have sex this evening. You and I had such a mindblowing session this morning I figured the night would be uneventful. I love it when life is unpredictable in such a hot, sexy way!

I woke up this morning to find my cock sliding in an out of your mouth. The shock was terrific and the sight was amazing. You brought me deep into your throat, then closed your lips tight around my shaft and tugged your lips slowly upward, stopping just before I popped out of your sweet, buttery mouth. You swirled your tongue swiftly around the head of my cock, sending an electrical storm throughout my entire body.

“Oh, baby,” I said. “What started this fire?”

I bunched up my pillow to raise my head so I could gaze at you while you performed your wonderful service. You told me you had just had the hottest dream. You were in bed with Barack and Michelle Obama. You were sitting low on Michelle Obama’s face while Barack was kneeling behind you, taking you anally. It turns out the President is not only a master politician but a master assfucker as well. After only a few vigorous thrusts of his thick cock into your backdoor, and some expert licking by the First Lady around your throbbing clit, you were soaring into orgasm after orgasm, shaking violently while you came. And not just in your dream–you were cumming in real life, too, and it was the shaking that awakened you! And sent your beautiful face down to awaken my sleeping dick.

Suddenly your head dipped down and I felt the tip of your tongue tapping against my balls. It gave me such a thrill my hips involuntarily rose up off the bed. This raised my asshole directly in line with your tongue. You immediately took advantage and stabbed your wet tongue deep into my startled asshole. There Escort Bayan was nothing I could do. Cum began shooting out of my cock, onto my belly, into your hair. Quickly, you brought your face back up to swallow my cock and suck down the last few blasts of cum. Your sexual imagination, both unconscious and conscious, had made my morning a paradise!

So, as I said, I wasn’t really anticipating having sex before going to sleep that night. But there we were, sitting side by side on the couch, sipping wine, talking, laughing, an old movie playing low on the television.

I kissed you. Your cheekbone looked so pretty in the blue TV light. I leaned over, without thinking, and gently kissed your face. I didn’t stop there. I kissed your chin. I kissed your temple. I kissed your closed eyes.

I love kissing. I love necking. I could sit next to you for hours, I think, doing nothing but kissing you. I love putting my lips on your neck and gently tugging at your skin with my pursed lips. I love our lips pressed together. There is no greater thrill than sucking on your tongue or having you suck on mine. It gives me a very sweet feeling knowing you feel the same.

But tonight it didn’t stop there. After a while, I was feeling quite warm. It was the wine, it was your skin. My hand had a mind of its own and before long was sneaking up under your tee shirt. Since you were bra-less it had no trouble finding your breast and came to rest upon your exquisite left nipple, which I promptly pinched between my thumb and finger. I fingered, squeezed and massaged your breast and nipple with considerable urgency.

With an urgency of your own you pulled your tee up over your breasts. There was a pleading look in your eyes. You put your hand around Escort your right breast and held it up to me.

“This one needs some attention, too!” you said.

I brought my mouth down onto your other tit and I sucked it. I was rough, I was forceful. I sucked it, pulling the nipple sharply into my mouth. I rapidly ran my tongue across and around your nipple. I took it between my teeth and bit down. Your shoulders rose and your chest pulled back, but I didn’t give. I was savage. I sucked at your breast with a ferocious hunger.

Suddenly I knew what I needed to do.

“May I fuck your tits?” I said.

“Please fuck my tits,” you said.

You stood up and gave me a delightful striptease. You pulled your shirt over your head, revealing your wondrous breasts. You loosened and stepped out of your pants, then turned your back to me. Slowly, you slipped your panties down over your ass. When I saw the beginnings of the soft curve of your ass cheeks, the promising top of your inviting crack, all I could do was sigh.

But you were all business. You stood me up and sat down in front of me. You loosened my belt, opened my pants, pulled them off. You pulled down my underwear. You liberated me. I had one of the hardest hard-ons I have ever had. You closed your hand around it, and damn if it didn’t get even harder!

You were still holding on while I climbed onto the couch and straddled your legs. You let go of my raging cock only to mash your breasts against it as I pushed it deeply between your tits. I thrusted, you pushed and pulled against me, I was nearly out of my mind with heat and pleasure.

At this point I was facing an old, familiar dilemma. Do I want to cum like this? Of course I do, it feels so fucking fantastic! Bayan Escort But am I more in the mood to come in your mouth? You weren’t making things any easier, as you kept bending your head down, kissing and licking the head of my crazed cock on each up-thrust.

And then I knew. I took your lovely face in my hands, kissed your lips, and then commanded you.

“Show me your pussy!” I said.

You jumped at my raunchiness. But there was no mistaking that sparkle in your eye. I stood up, then had you lean on the ottoman, your head down and your ass up high into the air. I could have fainted at this miraculous sight. I rubbed my fingers into your pussy lips. Oh, you were so wet! I bent my head down and thrilled at the sight of your sweet asshole. I pressed my tongue into it. Your moan told me this was exactly the right thing to do. I licked my tongue across it, I licked around and around. My fingers sank deeper into your pussy.

Then I knew how I wanted this to end. I lifted you, had you lie back on the couch with your ass resting on the cushioned armrest. This gave your gorgeous ass the perfect elevation. I knelt down between your legs. I gave your beautiful pussy a kiss, licked your inner and outer lips once or twice, then settled in to a long, slow licking of your clitoris. With the softest, gentlest of touches, I circled the tip of my tongue around your clit, resisting every urge to press harder against it. We then both enjoyed a tremendously long licking, during which you resisted pressing your pussy harder against my face, or pushing my mouth forcefully into you. You told me afterward it was the most explosive orgasm you had ever had.

Not much to say after that. Except that I put me inside you, hard and urgent. I moved in and out, at first slowly, then beyond all my power I thrusted faster and faster, and came gloriously, copiously, shuddering, feeling a fire and a glow that made me thrilled to be a man. I felt master of my universe, and so grateful that you were my woman.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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