An Unexpected Bonus

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I had made an appointment with my usual hairdresser for midday, as I would be meeting friends for lunch afterwards and thought that it would give me plenty of time to get to the restaurant for 1pm, the time we had arranged to meet. The hairdressing salon, where I have been going for a number of years, is unisex and is owned and run by a middle aged lady, who knows me as a regular client.

I am in my early forties and considered not unattractive to the opposite sex. My dark hair seems to grow quite quickly and as I like to keep it looking reasonably well groomed, so I visit the salon once every few weeks.

It was a beautiful warm July day, hardly a cloud to be seen; I was dressed smartly, but casual, in light cargo shorts and a short sleeved, button-up shirt. The restaurants around here aren’t too fussy about dress code and we would probably be eating outside on the terrace as it was such a pleasantly warm day

There was a young lady behind the reception desk as I entered the salon, which was unusual, as I know the owner runs the salon herself. She looked up and smiled as I approached the desk.

“Hi,” I said, “I have come for my 12 o’clock appointment for a trim, the name’s Pete Blake.”

“Ok, let me just check your booking,” she replied, and looked down at the appointment book.

As I waited, listening to the usual music playing in the background, I looked more closely at her and could see she was quite attractive; slim, perhaps early twenties, hair shoulder length, light coloured, but with clearly professionally styled streaks of other light and dark colours mixed in. I watched her running her finger down the page and could see that her fingernails were also carefully manicured and then painted with straight lines across the ends, in a different colour to the main nail colour. She was leaning forwards and as I was standing and she seated, it afforded me small glimpse down the front of her loose top, just enough to see a small amount of cleavage and surmise that she had smallish breasts hiding under there…

“What do you think?” I suddenly heard her say, a bit louder than I thought necessary.

“Err… what about,” I stuttered, feeling my face warming up and assuming she had caught me looking down her top.

“I asked you if you would mind me washing and cutting your hair today, as I qualified from college a few weeks ago and I would like to gain more experience,” she said. “Don’t worry, I have been cutting hair for a while and my aunt will be supervising me.”

“Your aunt,” I said, a bit stupidly, recovering a little from what I thought was going to be an embarrassing incident and a bit lost in this conversation.

At that moment the owner who had been finishing up with another customer came over.

“I’m sorry,” she said, glaring a little at the girl, “I should have been the one to ask you first if Sarah could wash and cut your hair. There will be a small reduction to the normal charge of course, if you agree.”

“Yes, it’s fine,” I said, glad to finally understand what was happening and that I hadn’t been caught staring.

“Thank you,” Sarah said, “please come this way, Mr. Blake.”

She stood up and moved from behind the desk, heading towards the area where there were a couple of hair washbasins.

As she walked in front of me, I could see she was about five foot six, wearing a light, flowery skirt, that came just few inches above her knees, slip-on sandals on her feet, and her tanned legs were bare. Her hips moved from side to side as she walked, the thin skirt flicking this way and that, giving me tantalizing glimpses of more thigh.

She helped me into the back fastening coverall, sat me down with my back to the basin and positioned my head backwards over it, my neck in the basin cut-out.

I heard the water start as she got the temperature right, then she began to wet my hair, brushing her fingers through it to wet it thoroughly. There was a brief delay and then I felt her lather my hair with shampoo. It was very pleasant. Normally, her aunt takes only a minutes and then washes it off, but Sarah seemed to be giving me a head massage too.

“Mmm, that very relaxing,” I said.

“They said at college that it helps to relax the scalp and makes the styling easier. I am not sure if it is true, but the customers seem to like it,” she replied, with a smile in her voice, all the time gently moving her fingers all over my head, around my temples and through my hair.

“Well, I agree with that,” I murmured, starting to feel that it was a little arousing having a young, attractive girl running her fingers through my hair in such a sensual way.

Just as I was letting my thoughts drift under her ministrations, the salon’s ‘phone rang out loudly. As Sarah had her hands covered in shampoo and was busy with me, her aunt answered it.

“Hmm, hm…yes…Oh Zonguldak Escort no! Ok, I will come straight away,” I heard her saying into the ‘phone.

She came over to us, “I’m really sorry, but I have to go to the college and fetch my son, he is not feeling well, so I am going to collect him and take him home. The trouble is that I said I would supervise Sarah cutting your hair, but if you prefer, she can dry it and I will make another appointment for you. I will cut you hair free, to make up for the inconvenience.”

“I am sure I can manage ok,” Sarah replied, “as long as Mr. Blake doesn’t mind.”

“I don’t know,” her aunt mused, “what would you prefer Mr. Blake?”

I thought for a moment, “It’s ok,” I said, “I’m meeting friends afterwards and it is a bit untidy, so I do want it cut. I am sure Sarah will do a good job.”

I felt Sara’s fingers just rub my head a little like a sort of ‘thank you’ message.

“Well, alright, as long as you don’t mind,” her aunt said. “There are no more clients due until 2pm and I should be back by then. I will put the ‘Closed’ sign up and drop the latch on the door, so no one will distract you by coming in and wanting to book appointments.”

She grabbed her handbag, “See you later, Sarah,” she called, “and thank you, Mr. Blake,” she added, picking up her car keys as she left.

“Thank you for trusting me,” Sarah said quietly and began to massage my scalp again.

“It’s fine,” I replied and closed my eyes.

Her hands were warm and her fingers knew what they were doing. She teased and stroked, gently pressed and stretched, easing any stress there might have been there. I can’t remember having anything like this before and I was sure she didn’t normally take so long, but was extending this as a ‘thank you’. She could certainly do this for a living if she wanted.

I was feeling very relaxed and just a little turned on by the sensations this attractive girl was giving me and had involuntarily moved my hand under the coverall to touch my slightly hardened cock. I suddenly realized what I was doing and hastily put my hand to the side and my thoughts back in place just as she turned the water on again and began rinsing my hair with warm water.

“Ok, let’s get you over to the other chair and I can start getting your hair into shape,” she said, putting the towel over my wet hair.

Having made myself comfortable in the styling chair in front of the long mirror, I watched her reflection as she moved around me, combing and positioning my hair and then starting to cut it. She didn’t seem nervous, so I sat back and let her get on with it.

As you sit in those chairs, with the nylon coverall on you, it is natural for you to rest your arms on the arms of the chair, your hands in your lap and your elbows sticking out. That is how it was when I felt her move to the side and her thighs brush over my elbow. The massage had certainly got some of my hormones aroused…”If only I had fingers on the end of my elbow,” I thought to myself. Then I immediately chastised myself for thinking that way about her, as she went about her work.

She moved around to the other side and once again my elbow grazed her thighs, but this time she stopped and began cutting with my ‘sticking out elbow’, sandwiched slightly between them. “Was this just accidental,” I wondered, feeling the warmth on my skin through her thin skirt from each thigh, around my elbow.

She gave no sign and I thought I would just enjoy the feeling while it lasted, until I felt her move even closer to cut over the top of my head. Now I could distinctly feel that my elbow was at the same level as where her legs joined together and was touching her mound through her thin skirt. My cock was now interested and starting to harden. I still wasn’t sure what was happening, as she just kept on cutting and combing.

The background music was still playing quietly, but then the song changed to a more ‘up-beat’ number.

As she was cutting my hair, she started to move her hips side to side in time with the music. I still wasn’t sure whether it was just accidental, but as she moved, it seemed she was rubbing herself on my elbow. I didn’t know if I should just ignore it or what. After all, we were alone, she could say anything and I would be the perverted older male if it came to her word against mine.

Feeling that she was actually moving against me, my cock was now at half-mast. It was definitely a bit of an erotic sensation for me. After the second song started and she was apparently still moving against me, I decided to see if she was doing it deliberately and how far I could go, although with scissors in her hand I was a bit worried! If she screamed or shouted out, I thought I could just say ‘Sorry it was an accident’.

Nervously, but I hoped nonchalantly, I moved my arm outwards and dropped Zonguldak Escort Bayan my arm over the armrest so it hung down, and my elbow lost contact with her. I then let my fingers touch her lower leg.

She didn’t stop cutting my hair.

I touched her calf, then let the back of my hand just stroke the front of her leg up to her knee. Getting no negative reaction, I let my hand wander up her leg a little higher, the back of my hand feeling the soft warmth of her skin. I reached the hemline of her skirt and stopped, turning my hand around so that my fingers were touching her upper leg instead.

Gaining confidence that she wasn’t about to stab me with her scissors, I moved my slightly shaking hand higher, right under her skirt. She stopped cutting, leaning against the chair, her breathing quickening. I was still a bit anxious that she might perhaps have just been teasing a little, but I wanted to find out. I felt the hem of her skirt over my wrist as my hand moved higher under it. Her thighs felt so toned and smooth. She didn’t object as I stroked up and down the inside of her thigh and then I reached her panties. Positioned as I was, my hand naturally followed the line up the back of her leg and then up and over her panty clad bottom. It was firm and round, just as I had thought it would be when she walked in front of me earlier. I moved my hand around, feeling the shape of her hips and thighs, my cock now growing with every move I made. Her panties clung to her shapely bottom like a second skin as I felt around and over her warm bum cheeks, just letting my finger touch lightly between her slightly open legs.

She was just letting me explore, doing and saying nothing, still leaning against the chair. I let my fingers travel around and over her delicious bottom again, then bringing them round, stroked upwards over her mound. She opened her legs a little then, giving me better access between her legs and my fingers stroked up and down over her panties under her skirt. I knew then that she wanted me to touch her, but not how far she might go.

She stayed still and said nothing as my index finger slid up and down over the front of her panties, slightly pressing the material into her crease. I could feel the swell of her labia either side as I gently moved the back of my finger up and down.

Feeling more confident, I slipped my finger under the gusset of her panties. I grazed the back of it upwards, along her slit, surprised to find a thin patch of short, soft hair, neatly trimmed, covering her mound. Sliding the knuckle downwards, it slipped between her outer lips and into the wetness that had accumulated there. She moaned a little, put the comb and scissors down on the nearby shelf and gripped the back of the chair with both hands, as I let my finger move up and down her slit, wetting it with her juices. I looked in the mirror to see that she had her eyes half closed and was biting her lower lip in that very sexy way women have. I let it slide up until I touched her erect little clit. She shuddered then, a sigh escaping her mouth and her body flexing, her legs tightened together then relaxed again.

I repeated this movement several times, feeling her body sort of ‘tremble’ each time I touched her clit, my finger getting wetter each time from her secretions.

The next time I moved my finger down, I straightened it out and moved the tip deeper between her lips. I felt around in the wetness there until I found her entrance. I slowly slid my index finger inside her a bit at a time. Slowly, she allowed all of my finger inside, until it was buried up to my palm. I wiggled it about, feeling how wet she had become, all thoughts of a haircut now forgotten. She let out another moan and moved her hips back and forth on my finger.

I looked around and saw that there were no windows apart from the main door, which had glass panels in it, but where we were, we could not be seen by anyone looking in.

She was very wet now and a second finger easily slid up inside her alongside the first. Gently I moved them in and out of her, a slight squelching noise accompanying the movement and a musky, erotic smell began to surround her. She was now moving her hips in time with me, her knuckles white, as she gripped the chair. I curved my fingers round, rubbing against the front inside of her vagina, hoping to find her most sensitive spot. She let out a little high pitched groan.

I still wasn’t sure how far she might go. She was clearly enjoying what was happening, but had not said a word all this time, just sighed and moaned when I hit the right spots. My cock was so hard now and feeling uncomfortable, that I needed to release it from my clothes, and I was sure it was leaking pre-cum.

Removing my fingers from her pussy, I pulled my coverall off and pulling her gently, sat her on my lap sideways. She lay her Escort Zonguldak head down on my chest and lifted her head so I could kiss her. I wasted no time in letting my tongue enter her mouth and play with hers, as my hand went straight to her breasts under her top. I was right, in that she had small breasts, but such hard erect nipples. As I squeezed and stroked them, she buried her tongue deep in my mouth for me to suck on it, breathing heavily through her nose.

I moved my hand back down, up her leg and under her skirt, straight to her panties that were now quite damp at the front. I let my finger run up and down her slit over her panties again, pushing the material a little into her. They sucked up the moisture from her pussy and became even wetter. Moving up to the waistband, I gripped it and maneuverer her panties down her thighs, while she raised her bottom so that I could slide them right off.

By now, we were both breathing heavily. We had not said a word, but both knew what we wanted to do.

I lifted her slightly, enough to undo the top button of my shorts and pull the zip down. Grabbing the elastic of my underwear, I pulled both my shorts and boxers down to mid-thigh, down over my fully erect cock, releasing it into the fresh air. As I lowered her, my cock slid between her thighs, resting against her pussy lips, the swollen purple head sticking up above her thighs as though it was hers.

She kissed me harder, pushing her tongue deep into my mouth. Turning around so she was facing me, she slid her slim legs on either side of me, down through the open sides of the chair under the arms, to straddle my legs. With her legs in this position, her skirt was around her waist and her pussy, covered in what I could now see was fine blonde hair was wide open in front of me. My cock, hard and erect sat between her wet outer lips, glistening with her nectar and my freely flowing pre-cum, the head touching her clit.

She had her eyes closed, her arms round my neck and was using the leverage to just move slightly backward and forwards, allowing my cock to slide up and down between those sexy pussy lips. I couldn’t take my eyes off the sight as I felt it engulfed by warm, wet, soft skin. I thought that this was as far as she was prepared to go, a bit further than mutual masturbation, moving our genitals against one another, skin against skin, but not actual intercourse. As I had not been expecting anything like this when I walked in, I would have been satisfied with just this. I soon found out I was wrong.

Still without saying a word, Sarah lifted herself up, moved backwards a little and positioned the head of my cock just inside her pussy at her entrance. She opened her eyes, steadily looked into mine as she slowly sank down. I felt the head of my cock slowly opening up her puffy outer lips. I looked down as she let me enter her. The head of my cock was almost all inside and deliciously, inch by inch, the rest of my cock slid into her warm wet tube, as she sank down onto my thighs until she could go no further and I felt the tip of my cock so deep inside her, touch her cervix.

Her head was thrown back and her eyes were closed as she savoured the feeling of having a stranger’s thick cock inside her. With her hands now on my shoulders, gradually she started to move. Slowly at first, just little movements, then deeper and faster. I reached for her breasts under her top and massaged each of them in turn, feeling her hard nipples under my palms.

Sarah was really going for it now, her breath coming quick and shallow, moaning each time I bottomed out inside her. I kept her skirt around her waist, so I could see my hard cock moving in and out of her. I almost came at that point, it was so erotic, but I held on, knowing she was close to coming. I wanted this experience to last, as I was sure it was a one-off that would never happen again. I tried to think about non-sexual, mundane things as she rode me building up to her own orgasm, but seeing her there, my cock moving in and out of her in front of me, through her damp, hairy lips, it was almost impossible.

I felt her vagina start to pulse and grip my cock. I thrust upwards to meet her downwards movements and get that extra bit into her, as she threw her head back and with multiple grunting and quiet little shrieks she came, flooding my cock with her juices. I couldn’t hold back any longer after that and let go, filling her with my own hot cum, spurt after spurt, high up in her vagina. She fell against my chest, little ‘after shocks’ squeezing my cock and making her body tremble, my arms around her, both of us breathing heavily. We just stayed that way for a while as our combined cum dripped out of her and onto my thighs. I rubbed and stroked her back gently revelling in the afterglow of our unexpected mating.

Gradually she came to, sitting up on my lap, my cock still inside her.

She looked at me and said, “Thank you, perhaps I should finish what I started?”

I said, “I think you already have.”

She smiled and getting off my lap, gave me a tissue from the box on the shelf and picked up the scissors.

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