An Unnaturally Natural Desire Ch. 02


This must be a dream. I just can’t believe that I am sitting here in my bed kissing this sexy surfer, his hand groping my young tits, and his gorgeous cock just inches away. This sexy surfer isn’t just anyone though… He’s my father.

Up until a few months ago, I had never met my father. Mom married again and I moved here, to this lovely ocean front home. The attraction was immediate between he and I. And after a few months I just couldn’t control myself any longer. I had to have him. I needed him. And lucky for me, he felt the same. Oh this really must be a dream…

I groaned into his eager mouth as he pinched my left nipple. Shivers of pain and delight slid down my spine. Pulling my head back gently with my hair, he leaned his head down and took my other pink nipple into his warm, moist mouth. A soft whimper escaped my lips, lost and burning in this delightful torture. I blindly reached for his steadily growing member. Running my nails softly up his thigh I cupped his balls in my hand, stroking his scrotum with the tip of my index finger. He groaned and sucked my nipple in deeper, causing my whole body to convulse. I wrapped my fingers around his cock and began stroking him up and down. I heard his breathing get heavier which made my young pussy drip with delight. I pushed his head away from my breasts and gripping his cock, pulled him closer to the bed.

Looking up into his deep blue eyes I bent over and slowly ran my tongue up the length of his dick. I traced my tongue around the head. Closing my eyes I pulled him in to my mouth tasting his warm precum and the residual salt on his skin from this mornings surf. He moaned as I sucked him deeper and deeper. He gently ran his fingers through my hair, placing his hands on the back of my head. I continued with my slow, steady pace, listening to his breathing and reveling in the feel of his delicious skin. I heard his breath quicken the same instant his hands griped my hair. He started trusting in to my eager mouth, grunting and moaning as I sucked even harder. Suddenly he stopped and took a step back. Looking down at me he smiled and with an adorable shrug said “Wasn’t going to last much longer. Just give me a sec.”

As he stood there watching I pushed my covers down to the foot of my bed. Lying back, I gave him a full view of smooth toned body. I spread my legs just enough to tease as I slid a finger in to my mouth. I trailed my wet fingertip down my body, circling one nipple, tracing my navel, and ever so slowly finding my warm center. Wet with desire I easily slid my finger in, arching my back and moaning in pleasure as I kept eye contact with him. Rubbing my clit I spread my legs a little more and was delightedly repaid by a deep moan from a few feet away. I reached over and once again gently pulled him to the bed by his cock. He stood just above me, eyes roaming my young naked body. He slipped a hand between istanbul escort my thighs pushing his own fingers into my pussy. Rubbing my clit with his thumb he started to finger fuck me faster, and faster, and all too soon I was involuntarily bucking my hips against his hand. Just in time I sat up and quickly shoved his hand away. His eyes meet mine and I could see his concern. With a big mocking grin I said “Wasn’t going to last much longer.”

We stayed that way for a moment, our blue eyes keeping contact. His fingers slick with my juices fondling my nipple, my hand slowly stroking his hard cock. I closed my eyes and took a big breath. Pulling him a little closer I looked back up and all but whispered “Fuck me… Fuck me please…”

Not a second passed before his desperately yearning body was on top of me. And oh how I loved the feel of him! His hard chiseled chest pressing against my soft breasts. His long, lean thighs settling between my own. And his hot hard cock pressing against my pussy. Eagerly and passionately, all desire evident, he ravaged my mouth, kissing as hard and deep as he could. His large rough hands fiercely roamed my body. I wrapped my thighs around his ass, my nails softly scratching at his broad sexy back. After too short a time he reigned in his desperate passion and slowed down. Trailing kisses along my jaw he began such wicked torture as he softly bit and sucked below my ear. Grinding his hips against mine I could feel his cock sliding up and down my pussy lips. It felt delicious, but I wanted him in me. I needed him now. Sliding a hand between us I grab his cock and guided the head toward my dripping entrance. I looked into his deep blue eyes and with a sweet smile whispered “I need you to fuck me, Daddy. Do you want to fuck me?”

With a deep groan I could feel rumble through his chest he answered by thrusting his cock deep inside my. The initial surprise forced the air from my lungs as my back arched, pressing me against him. He groaned my name against my ear and for just a moment that seemed like forever that’s how we stayed. My arms and legs wrapped around him. One of his hands beneath my head, fingers entwined in my hair, the other hand holding on to my soft tit. I could feel his breath on my skin with his head tucked against my neck. Slowly my body relaxed its tense arch as I become accustomed to his size. I had never had anything quite so long, and certainly nothing quite so wide, inside me before. Even after my body relaxed he still just laid there, hardly moving. I pushed my ass down against the bed letting some of his dick slide out and then lifted back up, reveling in the feel of his huge hot rod.

He pushed himself up onto his arms and looked down at me. He leaned in and softly kissed the tip of my nose. Leaning back again (as I melt against the feeling of his hips pressing down on me) he released a shaky unsure breath halkalı escort and said “I love you Rory” and before I had a chance to reply he pulled back and thrust his cock back inside, as deep as he could go. I could feel the electricity running through my body as he pumped in and out, in and out. Every shove in feeling deeper then the one before, and every pull out leaving my pussy achingly empty and eager.

Slowing down his pace he wrapped an arm around the back of my head laying his weight on top of me and seeking my mouth with his own. His other hand slid back and forth between groping my tit, massaging my side, and squeezing my tight ass. I felt like I was floating. I was higher then I’ve ever been. I have never felt like this. Aside from his mind blowing skill and impressive size, I have never felt this… loved before.

As his cock pressed along my g-spot a growl escaped me and with a desperate groan I pulled him to me. My lips beside his ear I moaned out “Daddy… Oh Daddy… I love you! Never stop, please! Ooooh fuck! Daddy!!” Every time “Daddy” would escape my lips his next thrust would be harder, more demanding. I knew with this pace I wouldn’t last much longer, but I didn’t want to cum yet. I started to ask him to slow down, but almost as though he could ready my mind he slowed down in mid thrust.

Tucking his head against my neck he laid his weight on top of me. Rather then thrusting in and out he began to drag his body up mine just a little, then drag back down. The sensation of this was amazing! His pelvic bone would drag against my clit as his cock pulled from inside me with just enough change of angle to send all kinds of new signals running wildly through my body. I must have stopped breathing, though I hadn’t noticed, so caught up in the new sensations. His hand gently caressed my face and he whispered into my neck “Breath baby. My beautiful angel. Breath.”

I took in a lung full of air but the breath stopped abruptly when he quickly pulled himself up and slammed his cock hard into me. My arms flailing wildly, reaching for his body he continued to thrust hard in to me, steadily picking up the pace. He dragged my body down the bed a little, lifting my hips just enough. And that was it. I began screaming out “Daddy! Daddy! Oooooh!! My! Daaaaddy!” He fell forward, his hands on either side of my head; his body still arched above me and continued to crash his hips against mind. “Come on baby! Cum for me! Let me feel it baby! Let me feel you cum!” And with one last scream of his name an orgasm so powerful I was literally seeing stars washed over my body. Arching up, my muscles shaking, my pussy clamped down on his burning cock. He slowed his pace and came to a near stop.

As I came back down from my high I could tell by the look on his face that it was taking immense effort for his part not to cum. For a minute mecidiyeköy escort we just laid there, giving me a moment to recover, and giving him some time to maintain his resolve to not cum just yet. After a moment I pushed against him and rolled him on to his back. I crawled on top of him, straddling his hips, and slowly slid down the length of his cock. His groan was satisfyingly deep as I gasped at the glorious feeling of still feeling so filled up even after so intense an orgasm. I placed my hands on his smooth hard stomach and looking in to his eyes began to rock back and forth.

He reached up and began squeezing my chest, tweaking my nipples, and sending shockwaves through my body. I picked up the pace a little, leaning back with my hands on his knees. He took the opportunity, with my pussy so visible, to begin stroking my clit with his thumb. And that was too much. That was just too much. I reached up, grabbing my own tits. Squeezing them, pulling them, pushing them together as I rode his cock harder then I’ve ever ridden before. Unable to formulate any verbal strain of thought I just kept breathing “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy… Daddy!” over and over.

Suddenly he gripped on to my hips, grabbing them roughly, and began slamming his cock up in to me. Unable to balance, I nearly fell foreword, catching myself with a hand on his chest. As he slammed in to me harder and faster my glazed eyes met his, mutual electric lust coursing between us. He leaned up enough to wrap his arms around my waist pulling the lower half of me down against him. Gripping my ass he pushed in to me faster and harder, faster and harder. Both of us breathing in ragged, desperate gasps. Still leaning back, looking into his enchanting eyes, I could feel a knot in the pit of my sex building and building.

“Daddy, I’m going to cum! Oh Daddy please cum! Cum inside me!” My whole body tensed and for just a second the world stopped. Then with a crash the wave of my orgasm slammed in to me. I felt my pussy squeezing his cock even tighter. But instead of my vision going blurry, everything became suddenly sharp and intense. My mouth hung open in awe as wave after wave of soul wrenching pleasure ripped through me. I watched as his face contorted. His whole body went stiff and I grinned as his eyes flew open, letting out a groaning shout of “Baaaby!” and then his warm cum shot out. Deep inside me I could feel his cock shoot more and more of his eager cum.

When all movement had stopped, aside from the desperate rise and fall of our lungs, it felt as though time had stopped. Stroking my face with his fingers he whispered “My sweet angel…” and pulled me down for a tender kiss. When the kiss broke I began to pull myself away, my whole body screaming not to. And again, almost as though he had read my mind, he wrapped his arms around my waist tighter and said “Don’t get up baby. Stay.”

I laid down on his warm chest. And in the savory afterglow of our amazing journey, I fell asleep listening to the steady beat of his heart. His gentle finger tips traced the length of my spine. And I thought to myself “If this is a dream… it’s the best damn dream I’ve ever had.”

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