Anal Adventure

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The family was in the studio preparing to begin filming the newest movie, Anal Adventures. Currently, Kyle was offset, Sharona hungrily sucking his dick while he was fingering her asshole. Wendall was setting up the final arrangements as the various actors and crew mingled about.

“Oh fuck…” Kyle grunted as he shot his thick load down Sharona’s throat, “I’ve been holding that in all day.”

Sharona smiled and licked her lips. “Well I didn’t think it was fair all the actresses got to have all the fun.”

“Fair enough,” Kyle replied with a grin, kissing her as the bell rung to announce shooting was about to begin.

As everyone hurried to their places, Kyle went and stood with the other performers, Thomas, Craig and Rex as they joked around.

“Hey Dad,” Thomas greeted him, kissing him hard as he tugged at his father’s massive dong. “God, I wish this was a bi film. I could really use that dick turning my ass into mush.”

“Me too,” Rex replied, biting his lip as he watched Kyle’s cock throb.

“Meet me upstairs after we’re done for the day,” Kyle said with a laugh. “I’ll have you both in traction.”

“Mmm…” Rex replied, tracing the famous purple vein running along Kyle’s dick, “I’ll definitely be there.”

Scene 1: Kyle and Emily


The scene began with Kyle and Emily kissing lewdly, both of them fully naked as Kyle groped her ass, Emily pumping his dick slowly. Their tongues meshed together as Kyle spread her cheeks and slid two fingers into her asshole, Emily gasping and giving a yelp of surprise.

“Naughty boy,” she whispered, Kyle grinning as he pushed her onto the bed.

Emily laughed. “Jesus Christ!”

“He won’t be able to save you from what I’m about to do to you,” Kyle chuckled, approaching her.

“Oh no?” she asked seductively, their lips meeting again.

He pushed her onto her back and began kissing and sucking her tits, Emily moaning softly as she fondled his head. He kissed down her stomach to her pussy, giving a long and slow lick to her folds. Emily continued moaning, playing with her boobs as Kyle ate her out perfectly.

“Oh fuck…” she panted, Kyle kissing her clit before sucking and slurping on her stiff nub before flicking it with his tongue. She moaned louder and louder, Kyle bringing her to the very edge of an orgasm before she pushed him off.

“Alright lover boy,” she panted with a laugh, “my turn.”

In seconds, she was sucking Kyle’s dick, stroking his shaft and rubbing his nuts as Kyle moaned softly, Emily bobbing her head up and down on his prick. She slurped and slobbered on his hard shaft even more aggressively, Kyle gripping her hair as he experienced her talented mouth.

“Oh fuck yeah…” he grunted.

Emily pulled off and pushed him back, mounting his dick and moaning as he slid into her. Instantly, he started fucking, Emily’s ass clapping against his thighs as she moaned louder, Kyle sucking her tits aggressively as he palmed her juicy ass.

“Ooooh yes!!!” she screamed, bouncing hard on his dick.

“Oh…” Kyle groaned, holding her tits, “ride that dick good!”

Emily moaned and grunted louder, their fucking getting all the more aggressive as Kyle fucked into her with all he had. She cried out as she came, dismounting and sucking him off again, staring into his eyes as she deepthroated his cock.

“Oh god, yeah…” Kyle groaned.

He stood above her and began fucking her face, Emily taking his forceful thrusts as she rubbed her pussy in sync with his speed. Slobber oozed down her chin as Kyle’s dick pounded her throat, Emily barely able to breathe until he pulled his thick, wet dick out.

“Turn over,” he ordered simply, Emily complying.

From the corner of her eye, she could see Kyle’s dick twitch as her asshole winked at him. She then let out a long, low groan as she felt his tongue beginning rimming her, rolling slowly but surely around her back entrance. He then used his left hand to slowly rub her pussy as his right was stroking his rock hard dick.

He pulled back and slapped her ass, shoving his index finger into it, slick with pussy juice and saliva. Emily was practically screaming, playing with her tits as she kept moaning.

“Fuck my ass baby… fucking destroy my ass.”

Kyle grinned and stood, spreading her cheeks wide and sliding his cock in, Emily screaming as she bit onto the bedspread. It was tight fit but he pressed on, Emily’s ass stretching more and more to accommodate him. He began to fuck her, Emily getting more and more vocal as he rammed her good and deep.

“YES!” she screamed, “God, yeah! Fuck me just like that!”

Kyle picked up speed, gripping her hips and driving his dick in deep. Both of them moaned and panted in unison, Emily’s ass swallowing Kyle’s massive dick on each relentless thrust he gave her. She was so fucking tight as he pulled her toward him, smacking her ass hard as he gripped her hair.

“Oh fuck yeah… fuck…” Kyle groaned, pounding her ass like a jackhammer.

“YES!!!!” she cried.

“Take amsterdam shemale it slut!” Kyle roared, driving his cock into her.

He repeatedly spanked her, Emily loving every second of it as he viciously fucked her ass. Her quivering hand found her clit and she began to rub herself, Kyle grunting and pushing her face into the bed, fucking her with even more speed. An orgasm them gripped her, her ass spamming and clenching on Kyle’s dick.

This made her arch her back even more, giving Kyle even more access to her ass and he began to fuck her without mercy. He grabbed a tit in each hand and began going crazy, the impact of their bodies nearly deafening to anyone in attendance.

Emily kept cumming as Kyle kept fucking. He was in heaven as his dick continued slamming into her ass, his balls swinging against her wet pussy. She shot her head and let out a frightening scream, Kyle gripping her hair and throat as he fucked as hard as he possibly could. He felt his nuts tingle and he could hold back no more.

“OH GOD!!!” Kyle yelled, arching his back and blasting a massive load into Emily’s ass. The flood of nearly biblical proportions stuffed Emily’s cunt until it was firing back out onto Kyle’s crotch and Emily’s thighs. His dick wilted and he fell on top of her, both of them kissing with a fiery passion.

Scene 2: Rex and Victoria


The scene opened with a sexy shower shot, Rex behind Victoria as he kissed her neck, squeezing her soapy tits as his huge dick hung between his legs. She turned around and kissed him hard, Rex slapping and groping her ass as her tits were squished against his solid chest.

She kissed across his chest, flicking her tongue on his nipples and gripping his dick tightly. He grunted as she began to stroke him, Rex moaning softly and thrusting into her hand. She could feel he was about ready to cum and she smiled, pulling back.

“Now,” Victoria said, “wash me.”

Rex grinned, washing her tits. God, he loved those. He remembered when he was 10, having stumbled upon IncestIsBest. Victoria was getting fucked by several men, her massive rack bouncing and getting creamed on and he knew one day he had to experience them. He imagined them being squeezed around his cock and he smiled as he felt her nipples getting hard.

“Mmmm… that feels good…” she moaned softly.

She turned her back to him and Rex grinded his dick against it. He grabbed a bottle of oil and lubed his dick, his mouth watering as he looked at her puckered hole. Eagerly, he grabbed his dick and slid into her, Victoria letting a mixed gasp of pleasure and pain as he slid deeper and deeper.

“Ooooh yeah…” she moaned.

He soon began fucking her, watching in awe as his dick slid in and out of her ass. He slapped her wet skin, squeezing her tits as he railed her hard. Rex grunted, Victoria letting out deep, guttural moans as he pinched and pulled at her nipples.

“YES!!!!” she screamed, “Bash my ass in you bastard!!”

Rex could only groan in pleasure, fucking her ass harder and faster. Victoria was frantically rubbing her clit, her body jolting with every brutal pound of Rex’s dick into her ass. The harder he fucked, the louder her groans, grunts and screams, Victoria lifting her leg which he hooked in the bend of her elbow and he drove into her madly.

“Oh fuck… oh god…” Victoria moaned.

“Oh god yeah!” Rex yelled, their lips meshing together hard.

She screamed loudly and squirted, Rex picking up speed and slapping her ass hard. His bloated nuts smacked her cunt, his dick anticipating its approaching release.

“Oh shit!!!” he yelled, feeling his nuts tensing.

“Cum inside me!” Victoria screamed.

He groaned and gripped her hair, fucking her brutally as their bodies slammed into each other. They kissed again and he knew he was past the point of no return, yelling out and dumping his thick, hot load into her ass. Victoria came again, loving the feeling of Rex’s burning cream filling her tight ass.

“Oh shit…” Rex groaned as he pulled out, his cock throbbing as he watched his cum ooze from her asshole.

Victoria caught her breath and panted, wiping up some of his jizz and sucking it from her fingers. “Simply perfect.”

Scene 3: Craig and Melanie


Craig was sitting on the bed as Melanie was on her knees beside him, the two of them kissing passionately as he groped her big tits. Meanwhile, her hand was stroking his lubed dick. Craig then began her tits, Melanie moaning as she jacked him off faster. He loved her tits, nothing short of magnificent as he sucked her milky nipples.

He pulled back, her sweet tit juice running down his chin as she kissed him again and giggled, playing with her beautiful tits. As he watched, she raised her massive left tit to her mouth and began licking and sucking the nipple, Craig jacking off as he watched.

Unable to hold back any further, he began sucking her tits hungrily, Melanie moaning as he sucked as much of her warm tit flesh rotterdam shemale into his mouth as possible. He licked, slobbered and sucked over her wonderful breasts, his hard dick laying across her thigh.

She laughed and pushed him back. “I think we should get your friend taken care of too…”

Craig grinned and Melanie got to her knees between his legs, and began stroking him again as she cupped his balls. She then slid her plump purple lips over the tip, Craig groaning loudly.

“OH FUCK!!” he yelled, Melanie sliding her mouth down his thick veiny shaft.

She hummed softly, giving him a truly amazing blowjob. Craig groaned louder, Melanie filling her mouth with saliva and plunging it down his cock. His balls tingled in her warm hands but she gripped him at the base, holding back his explosion as she slowly pulled off his glistening cock.

She smiled and looked up at him, Craig leaning down and kissing her, tasting the flavor of his dick as she continued to slowly stroke him, their tongues in the other’s mouth. Once they separated, she reached for a bottle of lube.

“Just lay back and enjoy baby,” she giggled, smearing the cool gel along his shaft before applying it to her massive tits. Craig, staring at the ceiling nearly cried out as he felt her tits drape his dick and tightly close around it.

“Oh fuck…” he groaned, Melanie hammering his dick with them.

“You like that baby?” Melanie teased, “that big, hard cock between my huge tits?”

“FUCK YEAH!!” Craig yelled, “I fucking love it!”

It was incredible, his dick shrouded in such softness, like a warm blanket fresh from the dryer. As she continued to fuck his cock with her huge juggs, she slid her mouth over the tip and began sucking again, Craig groaning louder.

“Holy shit…” he groaned.

“That’s it baby,” Melanie moaned, “slide that thick cock between my tits.”

“Oh fuck yeah…” he groaned, slamming his dick between them, thrusting his hips into the soft, mature mounds that so greatly accommodated his dick.

Just as it again seemed that he was on the verge of cumming, she removed her tits from his mouth and slid him back into her mouth. Craig moaned as she sucked his meat hard, gripping his ass as she plunged him down her throat just enough to get all his length well lubricated while not aggressively enough to make him cum just yet.

“Ready to destroy me, Craig?” she asked, looking up at him, her lips glazed in precum and saliva.

“Fuck yeah!” he replied.

She stood and then began to kiss again, their tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouths as Craig groped her tits and slapped her ass, Melanie moaning softly. He sucked her nipples and she jacked his dick off as they continued to kiss. His hands then made it back down to her fine Latina ass and began to squeeze the juicy ripe booty.

Melanie moaned in pleasure, Craig pulling back and she jiggled her ass for him. “You want this ass, Daddy?”

“God, yes!” Craig basically pleaded.

Melanie got on the bed on all fours, Craig soon approaching with his hard dick in hand. He grabbed some oil and applied it to her sphincter and then to his cock as well. He then stood on the bed behind her, his dick almost instinctively pointed at her brown hole, Melanie holding her oiled cheeks open as best she could.

“Shove it in there, big boy!” she begged.

Without any further adieu, Craig slid his cock inside, both of them letting out a loud grunt. Slapping her ass, he began fucking her her, feeling her beginning to open up as he gave it to her hard.

“YES!” Melanie screamed, her ass clapping against Craig’s thighs. “Right there you bastard!”

He was practically foaming at the mouth as he gave it to her harder and harder each time, his nuts slapping against her pussy as she rubbed her clit. Melanie screamed in pleasure with each hard thrust, Craig getting a hard pinch on her right nipple.

“Yesss…” Melanie groaned, Craig hammering harder and harder.

She began moaning louder, Craig fucking her at a hard and steady pace. Melanie drooled as her mouth hung open, Craig fucking her like an absolute beast, gripping her hair and pulling her head back to kiss her, grunting into her mouth as he sodomized her even more aggressively.

He released her and began slamming his cock into her as fast as she could. Melanie’s screams filled his ears as he came, his cock feeling as if it was tearing apart as he emptied his nuts in her ass. He nearly passed out from the intensity of his orgasm, finally pulling out with a loud grunt, his dick coated in his jizz.

“God, that was amazing!” she panted, his hot cream oozing from her hole.

“Fuck yeah it was,” Craig chuckled.

They began kissing again, Melanie jacking him off as the scene ended.

Scene 4: Thomas and Emily


Thomas was sucking his mother’s tits as the scene opened, Emily stroking his fat dick as he sucked as much of her huge soft breasts as he get into his mouth.

“Ohhh fuck…” she moaned, blog shemale Thomas twirling his tongue around her areolas. He then lay on his back, Emily sitting on his stomach and brushing her tits over his face, Thomas kissing and licking any that he could before grabbing them and sucking them aggressively, his mother’s sweet milk bursting into his mouth.

“God, that feels good baby…” Emily moaned.

She pushed him back again and kissed down his neck and chest to his cock, full and swollen before taking it into her mouth. Thomas groaned in pleasure, Emily’s tits enveloping his length as she deepthroated him.

“Oh fuck Mom!” he groaned, “Fuck, that feels good!”

He grabbed her and flipped her onto her side, spitting in his hand and stroking his dick before sliding it into her tight ass. Emily moaned but took it as her son fucked her hard. Both of them moaned and groaned together, Thomas squeezing her tits as they kissed.

“Yes baby! Oooh, fuck Mommy good!” Emily screamed as Thomas held her leg and began ramming his dick into her.

“Holy shit!” he groaned, picking up speed. “Oh yeah!”

He pulled out and got between her legs, sliding his dick back into her as he held legs wide and and began fucking with all he had, watching her huge tits bounce as Emily moaned beneath him.

“Yeah big boy!” she moaned, “fuck that asshole deep!”

Thomas kept at it, squeezing and slapping her tits as she kept her eyes fixed on him, both of them moaning together before he pulled out again, Emily launching forward to take his dick in her mouth. Thomas groaned in pleasure as she sucked his shaft, fondling his nuts.

He began fucking her mouth, gripping her hair and thrusting aggressively. Emily gagged, drool running down his dick as he fucked her throat hard. He then began fucking her tits, holding her tits around his cock as he slammed his dick between them, Emily sucking the tip.

“Fucking shit…” he panted. “Get on fucking all fours you slut!”

Emily complied and laughed, Thomas getting behind her and sliding back into her ass. He wasted no time, beginning to fuck her hard, Emily moaning loudly as he tots swung beneath her.

“Oh shit… oh shit…” she panted under her breath, rubbing her clit as Thomas plunged his dick deep inside her.

“Oh YESSS!!” Thomas yelled, bashing her ass in more and more.

“Fuck Mommy baby!” she pleaded, breathing heavily, “oh yeah!”

“Yeah!” Thomas groaned, “you fucking like that?!”

“God yeah!” she screamed, “don’t fucking stop!”

Emily moaned louder, she and Thomas fucking at one another, his mother throwing her ass back in sync with his desperate thrusts. He kept building speed, groping her tits and kissing her, pulling his dick from ass and sliding into her cunt.

“YES!!” Emily howled, screaming as he began to wail on her pussy. “Fuck that pussy you dirty boy!”

“Oh my god…” he moaned, rapidly sliding into her pussy before sliding his slick cock back into her ass.

“So nasty baby… so nasty…” Emily panted, “switching that dick between my pussy and ass…”

“It feels so fucking good…” Thomas panted, increasing the rate of his alternations from her ass and pussy.

“Oh fuck…” Emily panted, “Yes… Yes… don’t hold back…”

Thomas picked up speed, hammering her ass furiously as Emily rubbed her clit, screaming and squirting on the bed. Following her orgasm, she again mounted her son, Thomas instantly taking her tits into his mouth as Emily slid her ass down his dick.

“Fuck, that feels good…” she moaned, “that dick filling up my fucking ass…”

“Oh shit…” Thomas groaned, biting her nipple.

Emily moaned. “Yeah baby. Does that feel good? Mommy bouncing her ass on your cock like that?”

She began to ride his shaft even faster, Thomas groaning as her tight and hot asshole gripped his dick. He sucked her tits as she rode him, slapping and squeezing her ass as she screamed, riding him even harder. Thomas was soon fucking her in doggy again, fucking her brutally.

“Yeah baby!” she cried, “fuck me as hard as you want! Give me that cock!”

He groaned and slapped her ass, beginning to tense.

“Are you close already?” she teased, “I’m not done with that dick just yet.”

Thomas groaned again and picked up speed, grabbing her hips and pounding her with his dick. Emily moaned and played with her bouncing tits as Thomas slid his dick in and out of her ass at an even faster speed, grunting as he felt his nuts heave.

“I’m cumming!” he yelled, “FUCK!”

Ropes of his thick jizz shot into Emily’s asshole, stuffing her within minutes, his dick continuing to fire rapidly, cum oozing out around his cock to her pussy and onto the bed.

“That feels so fucking good baby!” Emily cried, “… so fucking good…”

Thomas grunted and pulled out, his dick limp. “Damn right Mom.”

Scene 5: Craig and Selena


Craig was rimming Selena’s asshole, lapping as deep as he could, slurping her salty rear as best he could, stroking his dick. Selena moaned softly, Craig slapping her ass as he probed her deep, Selena moaning louder.

“Oh fuck yessss…” she panted, Craig beginning fingering her ass hole, spreading her cheeks and lapping in her ass. “HOLY SHIT!!!”

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