Anal Employee Review

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Every manager has their first employee evaluation week. Mr. Critchett was no exception. Judging his employees by their performance gave him a queasy feeling. The job was very new to him and all he had to go off of was the notes from the previous manager. Clearly, it was incorrect to say they were comprehensive. They were vague, at best, and limited. During, evaluations each employee gave a shocked or fuck-off face. Failing in the eyes of the people he was supposed to lead.

Then there came the office sexy girl. Critchett was excited to give her an evaluation. Not because she did a good job, she was easily the worst employee. Rather, he agreed with the only note the previous manager left, “I want her mouth on my dick.” It was crude, and part of the reason he was “moved”. He was the professional, from another region, dropped in to clean up the HR nightmare the previous manager created.

But, when it came to Cynthia, he wanted to break all the rules. “Mr. Critchett,” the soft young voice broke his concentration. “Are you ready for my evaluation?” It was Cynthia, the awesome mouth. Every day she came in with glossy red lipstick and clothes defining every inch of her body.

“Yes, Cynthia, take a seat and let’s talk about your performance.” He was surprised how mechanical the words sounded coming out of his mouth.

“I know what you’re going to say.” She sat down forgetting to adjust her skirt. The soft baby blue panties showing off a camel toe. Sweeping her bobbed hair out of her eyes, “I’ve been a bad employee for years because of my douche boss who had this job before you.” She caught Critchett’s gaze and blushed, “Looks like you’ve got your eyes on something.”

“Oh, no!” He realized he looked far longer than he knew was socially acceptable. “I was thinking how wrong you are.” The words slipped out faster and he wished he could retrieve them.

“Wrong? What do you mean?”

“You’ve been doing great work in my opinion.” A complete lie. “But, you do need to accept who’s in charge here.” He had asserted himself. Critchett knew he made a good move, according to his training. Show a strong resolve. She got up and flew around his desk. He already felt the hand print blazing its form on his cheek.

“And, canlı bahis şirketleri now you are in charge” She said, much more calmly than he expected. He hoped his internal shock didn’t show itself. “He couldn’t be dominant if he tried. Are you really forceful?”

Before either of them could make a move there was a knock at the door. A voice, male, “Mr. Critchett, do you have a minute to talk about metrics?”

Cynthia’s head dove beneath his desk as Mark walked through the door. It was cramped and he wish she wouldn’t have gone underneath at all. “Sir, do you have a moment?” Without hesitating he moved into the chair Cynthia had just left. She was not a large girl, but he was sure the seat was still warm. Luckily Mark was not an observant man. An accountant for the company, mid-level, always came in asking questions useless questions. “I’ve been looking over the books.” Thank you, Captain Obvious. “It seems to me that we could be improving…” the words trailed. Cynthia had begun to lick his crotch. The broad stroke and lingering gave evidence of her intentions. He felt his dick drop in his pants and a little delighted giggle, which he hoped Mark didn’t here, probably not. “…What do you think?” the final inflection of Mark’s tone breaking his focus on Cynthia’s movement.

A cold burst of air caught him by surprise and he noticed the shock on Mark’s face. Waving into the air, “I hurt my leg running, yesterday,” he lied, her mouth sucking length out of his cock. His mind reflected on the lipstick she was wearing, if she continued it would paint his dick. As she moved down to suck each of his balls he was able to get out, “You know you should be going to your supervisor for these issues.” He hoped Mark remained oblivious. In fact, this may be the very thing Mark should come to him for, he didn’t care anymore. Cynthia hungrily swallowed his cock. It may have felt better with Mark in the room.

“Yes, I know, sir.” Cynthia began gagging on his cock. “I received low scores for initiative over the last quarter…” His attention was lost on Cynthia once again. Her tongue circling laps over his head. The urge to lean back, hands behind his head, electricity spread throughout his body. “…can I, at least, include you canlı kaçak iddaa in an email I send to my supervisor, on this issue?”

Whatever face he had seemed to satisfy Mark. Just in case, he gave a methodical nod not dissimilar to the bob Cynthia was performing with grace. Mark got out of the chair and moved awkwardly out of the room. He closed the door which allowed him to let out a satisfied groan. Cynthia giggled, “I’m surprised you listened to him. I usually just tell him to ‘Shut up’. Such a tool.” She got out from between his legs and plopped herself onto his lap. Traces of lipstick partially on her lips, but the full bodied color once defining them were replaced with glossy saliva and pre-cum.

“God! Could you imagine if you’d cum looking at his sorry ass?” She gave a self-gratified laugh and tore off her panties. She pressed his swollen cock against her pussy. “You’re the boss, so you don’t need pussy,” she winked, “you need to screw your employees up the ass.” Grabbing his hands she helped him find her asshole. A seductive look he had never expected to see in a woman’s eyes flared as his finger penetrated her ass hole.

His dick jumped at the pressure and folded into her pussy lips, forcing her to exhale a gratified moan. “No, Mr. Critchett, not in my pussy.” she planted a deep tongue kiss into his mouth. She had positioned his dick and now he was inside her. Ecstasy took over as he sucked hard on her tongue tasting all the notes of saliva dripping from her face. Her groans of lust coupled with her tight anus sent waves of pleasure throughout his body.

Relentlessly she shoved him deeper and deeper. Excited cackles and groans filled his ear. “Your phone is ringing.” Her tongue dipped into his ear.

“I can call them back later.” He realized he was in complete control. His hands gripped white knuckled around her waist. In his ecstasy he had begun to pound her like a whore. It didn’t matter he watched her self-satisfied lust all over her face.

“No!” she grabbed the phone. “It’s your wife. Talk to her and say what I tell you.” Squeezing her ass around his cock. “You can get banged tonight, too.”

Before he could object the phone was answered and pressed against his ear. He wanted to canlı kaçak bahis sound natural. “Honey?” Natural enough he thought. He was fucking an employee up the ass while her tongue drove down his ear.

“Are you okay? You sound exhausted.” The voice was echoing out and Cynthia giggled into his ear.

She thought for a moment and whispered in his ear, “I’m fine, honey, the company has really got me working my employee’s asses.” He repeated her words, lock step, as if he had no control.

“Oh, well, I’m sorry. You knew when you took a management position you’d screw a lot of people.”

The words were an endorphin. Cynthia threw off her blouse and fed him a tit. He sucked like a hungry child. She whispered into his ear. “Actually, it’s made me a little horny.” It was true, but he’d never talked dirty to his. He hesitated but said the words anyway.

There was silence at the other end of the line. All he could here was the sound of his cock sliding in and out of Cynthia’s ass. “Are you okay?” The words finally returning providing momentary relief. “You haven’t talked to me this way since our honey moon.”

God, had it been so long? Cynthia didn’t miss a beat, “I’m talking to you this way now. I think we should really explore our bodies, I’ve realized how much I miss yours.” It was partially a lie. Cynthia’s ass hole held all his interest. He wanted to cum in her. He wanted to make her… his bitch.

“I’d like that, I love you.” The genuine words acted refreshing.

He took a long lick of Cynthia’s tit and pushed her over the table. He found his hand on the back of her neck and knew he’d drill her to the finish line. “I love you, too. Now I’ve gotta finish a few more interviews. I’ll be on time tonight.” He hung up the phone before she could respond. He gave her a hard slap on the ass, the ass he had spent months perving. She gave a satisfying “ooch” and submitted to his much harder blows up her ass. It didn’t take long. Cynthia’s satisfied moans spurring his torrents. The moment of cum was absolute bliss. Her once perfected hair was matted. He pulled out of her ass. Her lipstick was long gone and her eyes squinted completely bloodshot.

“I’ve been fucked like an animal before, but that was the most fun I’ve had in a while.” She gave a pained wink.

Shoving her back down to his cock, “clean me up. I’ve got to go fuck my wife, next.” Obediently her head bobbed on his cock. His hope for fucking his wife like an animal would be hard to explain.

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