And Then…

Big Tits

She tugged a little at the cords holding her wrists to the posts on each corner of the bed’s headboard. He had tied them quite securely, but loosely enough so that she could move her arms about six inches in any direction. The cords were made of soft green velvet and actually felt good against her skin.

He had tied similar velvet cords around her ankles and attached the cords to two hooks hanging from the ceiling. They held her legs about two feet apart, just wide enough for a body to fit comfortably between them, and about a foot above the bed.

She had just finished a very warm bath and was nude. The rose-colored satin sheets were soft and felt slightly cool against her back and buttocks. She gazed at herself, spread eagled and curious, in the smoky gray mirror covering the ceiling. It was like looking into a September evening sky. A sky that looked back and smiled.

She watched him carefully as he slowly pulled the turtleneck off over his head. She liked to look at his bare chest and felt tiny ripple thrills as she studied his brown arms. They were powerful arms, capable she thought of lifting extremely heavy objects. His neck was thick like that of a well-conditioned athlete, and she was teased by the way his hair rumpled from removing the turtleneck.

He smiled, making his entire face come alive, but said nothing. He just stood at the foot of the bed allowing his soft eyes to crawl up the length of her body. He had a way of making his eyes warm when he was looking at her, and she could feel the heat of his eyes bathing her flesh. His eyes stopped their crawl and stopped between her legs. She could feel the direct heat from his eyes burning right into her crotch. A soft wave swept over her body.

He pulled on the ends of the cords attached to her ankles and ceiling hooks. There were actually two sets of intricately arranged hooks, and his pulling on the cords caused her legs to spread several more inches and her feet to raise another six. When he pulled down far enough, it also caused her buttocks to raise slightly off the bed. He let go and her legs dropped suddenly back into their original position.

The room was candlelit and soft jazz slid from the speakers located in each corner. She could almost feel the slippery notes of the warm saxophone sounds touching her body. Somewhere, out of her sight, but decidedly there, she could hear the sound of a vibrator buzzing. Not being able to see it, but knowing it was there inflamed her, and her thoughts drifted easily to other encounters they had together on this very bed.

Her nipples hardened quickly as he dripped the warm oil down into bursa yabancı escort the center of her body. Then, without notice, he leaned over and kissed the bottom of one of her feet. The kiss slowly became his hot tongue slipping between her toes. She felt a twitch between her legs, right inside her thighs, as his tongue began to slide up one of her legs. He stopped just inches before his tongue touched her cunt, which she sensed was now wide open and wet.

He dropped his pants and climbed into the bed beside her, but without touching. Now she could hear the saxophones hitting low notes while the sound of the vibrator continued its high-pitched buzz. He lay there, close and naked, and she could feel the heat of his breathing on her shoulder and neck. Then, in that husky tone she knew as his turned on voice, he whispered, “I love you,” blowing more warm breath into her ear as he spoke.

He moved his hand toward her crotch, careful not to actually touch her skin, but close enough to brush her pubic hair. Now in a gentle, circular motion, his finger played in her pubic patch, stroking with knowledge, but never touching her flesh. She was on fire! Her arms strained at the cords, pulling them tightly to their limit, while her legs struggled to be free.

His mouth closed on hers and she felt his tongue dart between her teeth. His finger continued to make tiny circles and she could feel herself opening, dripping, spreading. She felt his breath blowing hot against her cheek while her own breathing quickened. She felt her cunt flare open in anticipation.

He moved away now, watching as she writhed against the restraining cords. Wave after wave of warmth swept over her body and she could feel an incredible tension in her nipples. Her mouth remained parted after his kiss and she became conscious of every part of her body: eyes clouded; legs tingling; arms straining but relaxed; belly rising and falling quickly; breasts heaving; and in her crotch a flood. The still unseen vibrator buzzed and buzzed as though it wanted to invade her. She wanted him to touch her with it; wanted him to push it inside her; wanted to feel herself shaking in concert with its rhythm.

Still, he waited. He watched quietly as she tried to lift her buttocks. She wanted to push her bottom to the mirror; wanted to press it against the image on the ceiling. She imagined that she could see a curious clear liquid pouring from the opening between her legs.

Now he moved to the bottom of the bed. Placing his head against her thigh, he slipped his tongue between her thighs. The touch of his tongue on her bursa sınırsız escort clit moved her to a new level of feeling. She felt herself rising, going higher and higher and higher, and just when she felt she would smash into the ceiling mirror he stopped. He slid his hot tongue down to her knees and waited as she let herself drift back down to the bed.

When she thought she could stand it no more, when every nerve and muscle in her body ached with desire, when the pounding in her head became thunderous, he touched her with his hand again. This time he placed the flat of his hand on her belly just above the line of her pubic region. Sweat formed on her forehead and she could feel a dampness in her armpits. Only her cunt seemed wetter.

She looked at him standing tall at the foot of the bed. His penis was hard and erect. Her mind filled with thoughts of him entering her body. From memory she could feel his touch, feel his soft brown skin, feel his weight pressing down into her, feel his breath blowing on her skin. His penis was thick and brown and long. She ached to feel it sink into her open body. Juices poured from her swollen cunt, and the aching in her crotch was indescribable.

Then he climbed back onto the bed. Her arms pulled against the cords, straining to get free and pull him to her. He positioned his body between her raised legs and she felt the heat and hardness of his fully rigid penis laying against the entrance to her cunt. She tried to lift her buttocks up to him. Everything in her mind said “move your ass… move your ass up… move your ass up and get him… move your ass… move your ass… move, move, move…” But his weight held her down.

Suddenly his cock was inside her. Not all of it, just the head; just the tip had slipped between the wide-open lips of her cunt. She wanted to surround him; wanted to wrap her aching legs around him; wanted to draw all of him into her. She could feel her pulse pounding in her pussy; could feel all the fluids in her body racing to her crotch, surging downward like a newly released mountain creek surging in the spring. Sweat covered her body now, and she was overwhelmed by the strong smell of her sex wanting him.

Her body sent out sex smells, signals, notices that she wanted him to plunge into her; wanted him to dive deep into her body; wanted him to push his hardness up into her belly. She could feel her ass spread open; feel her mouth open and gasping for air; feel her cunt spread for his entry. She closed her eyes and her mind blew open with the burning rage of an open furnace. Her arms and legs struggled görükle escort and strained and felt the pressure of her body’s need. Little by little she sensed, rather than felt, his cock slipping into her. New fires ignited inside her cunt as he pushed and opened door after door. She felt herself unfolding, throwing off days of wanting as her body opened, and just kept opening. The buzz of the nearby, out of sight, vibrator now seemed to be a roar. Now she could feel his weight nearing its fullness. She could feel her cunt start a soft sucking action. She could feel his dick swimming in her deep, dark, wet, hungry, passionate hole.

Now he sank into her fully. Her belly expanded and rose. Her cheeks flushed. She could feel waves of heat searing through her body. She could feel her hips spreading. She could feel her ass straining to lift. She could feel her arms tugging at the cords. And from every pore sweat poured out, drenching her like a warm Turkish bath of exotic oils.

His cock was big in her now. She sensed that her entire body was going to split open as his hips nestled between her open thighs. Pungent odors, first hers, then his, entered her nostrils, overwhelming her senses. She was aware of his whole body: his chest flat against her swollen breasts; his hard belly against the softness of hers; his powerful legs spreading her thighs even wider; the tight curls of his hair against her face; his hands tightly squeezing her buttocks. His body was her body, and hers was his.

Then a different feeling started somewhere deep inside her body. She couldn’t identify where at first, but then it began to spread. It touched her toes; it exploded in her head; it inflamed her belly; it caused her breasts to swell and ache; it pushed her hips apart; it surged into her cunt filling it with heat and light and sound. Now it became a wave, a shock, an incredible sensation she could not really identify because she had never before felt anything quite like it. Then she exploded!

He stood up to watch and she caught a glimpse of her body in the ceiling mirror. Hips bucking, belly heaving, breasts swelling, face flush, legs wide open and straining to spread more. She wanted to come apart as the feeling spread through her entire system. Her eyes closed and she gave in to it totally. Her ass lifted off the bed; her arms pulled so strongly that one of the cords snapped; and from her throat (or was it from somewhere deeper?) a scream started, racing to her lips with incredible force. Then she heard it, heard herself issuing something between an anguished moan and a violent scream. Her hips flew apart; her body expanded beyond belief; her now freed arm flailed about seeking something to hold onto; her asshole opened, along with the spread of her cunt, and she farted, drained, sucked, opened and gasped for breath.

He looked at her and smiled. “I love you,” he said, and she could see that in his hand he now held the buzzing vibrator . . .

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