Angel 6

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Angel 6
© This is fantasy; any resemblance to real people or places is coincidental.
The walls surrounding the city were tall and thick, festooned with many colorful flags and pinions in celebration of high summer. At the main gate crowds of people and odd animals milled around waiting to enter.

The city guards were women dressed in parade armor. They wore small polished helmets with tight bronze breastplates that held their breasts up displaying rouged nipples. Thin bronze plates covered the very short kirtles they wore. Their short ankle boots had three-inch wedge heels.

The Guards herded the front of the crowd into a semblance of ordered chaos as it past through the gates. When their part of the line approached the gate, a few of the guards waved and smiled calling out to Marc. They made suggestive gestures with their hands and fingers. They hailed Snow and welcomed her home. Stripe and Alonzo received special attention, with few of the guards hugging the Cat man or petted Al.

With Snow and Angel on his arms, Marc led the girls and two animals up the main street to the palace. They past many varied Bazaars standing on street corners. The streets bustled with activity, crowds of people wandered about drinking and watching street performers.

“This must be a big event.” Angel said looking at all the people and bazaars. “Yes it is.” Marc said. “We have four every year. None are as popular as Summer Festival though.”

Queen Nancy greeted them on the Palace steps. Her purple gown barely reached to mid thigh of her long smooth legs. The bodice of the dress left her large firm, dark tipped, breasts exposed. Her hair was white and drawn up into a bun on the back of her head.

“Greetings to my home dear guests.” Nancy said, her tits jiggling with each step she took. She stopped and looked at Snow. “Well granddaughter. You and your paramours are welcome to visit for as long as you wish.” Looking at Marc, she continued. “Introduce the rest of your party Steward. Angel I know about. The sparrows talk about constantly dear.” Angel blushed and curtseyed. “However, I see two new girls I don‘t know. Grace blushed, Lucy giggled, both girls curtseyed as their names were announced.

Queen Nancy looked at Alonzo and Stripe. “Welcome old friends.” She said. “I’ve arranged special apartments for you and the other beasts attending the festival.

Follow me please.” She said. “It’ getting late, the staff will get you all settled in before dinner. “ She turned and headed up the wide staircase.

The four girls occupied rooms near the Queen. After eating, they gathered in a sitting room with a balcony that over looked the main entrance to the Palace.
* * *
Unnoticed in the shadows of early evening, a group of tall rotund figures crawled out of a culvert. They stealthily crept across the courtyard toward a group of off duty woman guards. They captured the guards almost silently. The cries of fear mixed pleasure went unheard. 888They were finished poker oyna with the guards in no more than a half and hour. The silent marauders left them dazed or unconscious with most of their clothing torn off.
* * *
Grace sat on the balcony rail enjoying the breeze. She wore a gift dress given to all the Sluts. Hers was white setting off her dark golden brown skin to perfection. In another world, it was a total scandal. Here it was the perfect attire for an uninhibited girl.

Slit in front from top to bottom the dress left little to the imagination. It had a cloth belt just under her round ’C’ cup tits. Another cloth belt circled her trim waist. The skirt reached only to mid thigh. Matching high heels completed the outfit.

Snow and Angel wore a brilliant green. The bubbly Lucy chose a bright red. “I’m a blonde. What other color would I want?” pulling the skirt open to show her blonde fuzzy cunt. “I love this place I’ve wanted to be a real slut from the time my uncle and brother raped me when I was twelve.”

“That’s terrible!” Angel said. “It was at first.” Lucy admitted with a frown. “After the third time I really liked it.”
“Something like that happened to me.” Grace put in. “Last summer four boys in the hood trapped me in an ally.” She shuttered. Before she could say anything more, one of the female servants rushed out on the balcony. “Blue Goos are in the palace!” She cried in panic. “We’re all fucked!”

“What’s a Blue Goo?” Grace asked with a frown. Three large creatures walked through the door behind the servant. All of them stood over six feet tall. Their heads and faces looked just like a blue toy teddy bear with dark button eyes and a short muzzle. Their legs were thick and short. The arms were just as thick but much longer. They also seemed to emit a subtle scent of some kind.

“Oh, shit!” Snow smiled strangely. “We are screwed!”

The first thing the Blues did was to strip all five of the females naked. Then they herded the girls through the halls with gestures and growls to the throne room. The throne room crowed with every female the Blues could round up quickly. Every woman, girl, and granny in the room was naked. They sobbed, or giggled hysterically, a few smiled. Others looked at their captors with blank faces filled with fear.

The Queen stood near the leader of the Goos conferring with him, in a strange language. The others, thirty-five or so stood in a circle around the women and girls.

“What’s going on?” Angel whispered to Snow. “He’s negotiating conditions.” Snow answered smiling and shaking with fear as well.

The Queen nodded her head. The blue nodded his. They slapped hands in a high five. “Get ready.” Snow grimaced as a familiar odor reached her nose. “They are going to fuck every female in the room, several times.”
Lucy snorted. “How are they going to do that? None of them have a dick! They’re all smooth down there. Just the way they look scares me.” Lucy said. “They’re evil and they stink.”

Snow smiled bitterly then shook her head. “Their dicks canlı poker oyna are hidden inside. No human female can resist them.”
“You can’t be serious, inside? I don’t believe it. And I think they stink.” Lucy snorted holding her nose.

“It‘s the odor that gets you.” Snow told her. “Most women think they smell good.” She looked at Lucy with glazed eyes and continued. “One whiff of that ‘stink’ Lucy and you’ll want to be fucked by them.

Even while Lucy fingered her wet pussy, a look of distain and disgust was on her face.

“It’s working.” Grace groaned. “Oh, God what’s taking them so long? “ Then began frigging her wet pussy too.
The Chief Goo picked up the Queen and put her on a table. Nancy shuttered and without urging, opened her trembling legs wide.

The Goo held her legs up and back he smiled a sharp toothy smile. He buried his snout in her crouch. The queen arched her back and screamed, as he nibbled on her clit. His long thick tongue darted out then dove into the Queen’s pussy. “Oh fuck! Take me you bastard! “She shouted.

The Blue stood licking his lips. His hard black button eyes filled with lust. He was ready to take the female. When he did, it would be the signal for the others to start. Sphincters in its crouch one above the other dilated open between his thick legs. The dark blue heads of his two thick cocks came out slowly. They came out about six inches then stopped. It grinned when a thick viscous light blue cum began oozing from the slits in the cock heads.

Satisfied the creature ran his cocks out further. “What are you waiting for?” Nancy pleaded. “F…Fuck me!” She wailed thrusting her hips at him.

He gripped her thighs and pulled her toward his extending cocks. The queen whimpered as they slid in her body. “Oh, oh! He is in my ass too! Ahhhh!” She screamed clamping her legs around the creature’s hips. ”Oh, God! Fuck me! Fuck meee!”
* * *
A Blue grabbed Angel’s arm pulling her to an unoccupied table. “This first time fuck Blue?” He asked. Terrified, all Angel could do was nod her head. “Lay on (garbled) open legs. Then (garbled) will show you nice (garbled) you get.” It said.

On the table, Angel stared at the smooth crotch of the creature standing between her legs. He grinned showing sharp pointed teeth, black button eyes shinning with lust. Then two huge dark blue bulbous cock heads slowly ran out into view. When fully extended the blue dicks were thick and long. Angel stared in wide eyed dread at them.

It grinned toothily again. Then the dicks pumped in and out together. Then they slid out one at a time. Small jets of light blue cum squirted out landing on her stomach and pussy. Then it moved one after the other. “You like?” It asked. “

Angel just stared. The Pheromones in its scent and cum clouded her mind. “Now we give much (garbled) to you.” He said pressing his body against her crotch.

The first penetration started in her cunt. It was slow and steady stopping only when it encountered her cervix. “Deep.” it said with a grin pulling internet casino it back out. Then the next one pressed against her asshole. It slipped past her sphincter with ease lubricated by cum squirting out of its head.

Angel whimpered in fright, as the cock slipped deep in her bowels, it grinned again. Then it began pumping both cocks in and out. She almost fainted when a wave of pain and pleasure swept over her. She joined the chorus of women shouting out their distress and joy.
* * *
Lucy screamed in fright two cocks. These blue things were no more than monsters! The thing that held her down was going to rape her. Its monster cocks terrified her. “No!” She screamed. “Stop! Oh help me!” All she saw in its black button eyes was evil. Feeding on her fear the Blue snarled at her. It slapped her tits and pinched her jutting nipples. Then it shoved both cocks deep in her cunt and ass. She screamed in terror trying to escape. Its grip on her legs held her tight.

It hissed warning her to keep still. Then to Lucy’s horror it began to piston it’s dicks in and out of her pussy and ass. Lucy screamed repeatedly until it was through with her. Then with a final slap on her tits, it left her sobbing on the floor.

Several more Goos roughly fucked her in rapid secession. When the ninth one grabbed her she fainted, that didn’t stop the creature from fucking her.

Grace was a novelty the Blues. She was one of the rare dark skinned sluts they encountered. By the time, they started with her the majority of the women and girls lay moaning dazed or unconscious on tables or floor.
A group of them had gathered around Grace to watch. They jabbered in their strange language, laughing at her screams of distress. They waited stoically for a turn with Grace. They ignored screams of terror and pain as they passed from one creature to the next. When the Blues were finished, they left her twitching on the floor covered with blue cum.
* * *
With her mind fogged with lust, Angel lost count after ten or eleven of the blue beasts raped her. The Blue beasts seemed to be insatiable. The rape seemed to go on for days. One would fill her with cum then another would take its place. Toward the last, her voice was hoarse from screaming “Fuck me!” until she fainted.
* * *
As morning sunlight crept over the walls of the city, the Blues were an unpleasant memory. The only evidence of their passing was dozens of puddles of drying blue cum on the floor and the twitching bodies of their victims.
Healers collected every ounce of the blue cum found. Then it was processed and rolled into little pills. The apothecaries said the blue stuff cured illness and lengthened lives; also, it was important that Sluts take it.

A month later Angel, now fully recovered felt the urge to continued her journey. Angel wasn’t sure were she was going. She just knew she must travel on.

Queen Nancy gave her a pack full of supplies and wished her a good journey and fond farewell.

To be continued……..?

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