Ann: The Married Years Ch. 18

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It had been almost three weeks since Tina had visited but Ann and Neil still found themselves thinking and talking about her almost daily.

It was hard right after she left. The house actually felt empty somehow. That perception started the first afternoon when Neil came home from work, mainly because the house was empty. It was odd not to find two naked babes frolicking around the house. It was stranger still that the one that actually lived there was gone.

Ann had stayed behind that morning after Neil had left for work, wanting to see Tina off. Seeing her off she implied she wanted them to spend another couple of sexually filled hours together. That also meant that she ended up going to work that afternoon instead of the morning, and with Neil being on day shift it was one of the few times their work hours didn’t align. All in all, it made for a rather depressing evening. He’d become used to one or the other of his two wives for the week greeting him naked at the door. Instead he got a cold dose of reality. His real wife was at work. His pretend wife was driving back to Indiana.

Tina had left a lasting impression on both of them. At first, they were thinking about her at almost every turn. Their life as a couple may have seemingly returned to normal the next day but it didn’t feel like it. They missed her immensely. She was on their mind almost constantly. As time passed, they fell back into more of a daily routine. But every time they had sex it was hard not to think about her.

That too started to fade by the third week. They had actually fucked twice without mentioning her, although those weren’t consecutive encounters. Yet as the days passed Neil and Ann found that they’d grown closer as a couple because they’d opened up their marriage to another person for such an extended length of time, exposing themselves mentally and emotionally.

It wasn’t like they had an open marriage. Far from it. But as they reflected on what Tina had brought to their happy home, it allowed them a chance to talk about where they were in their relationship. While it had been almost three weeks since Tina went back home to Indiana, it had been over three years since they’d fallen in love. Their friend’s visit and the subsequent weeks after gave them the opportunity to evaluate who they were, both individually and as a couple, and where they wanted to go in the future. It had become a healthy, cathartic experience.

It had also become somewhat depressing. Not the relationship assessment they’d been doing the last few days. It actually felt good to talk things out like they had been. It was the weather. It had been raining for the better part of a week, and the few times it wasn’t raining, it always looked like it could. They’d had eight straight days of overcast weather. But when Friday rolled around, it finally looked like they were going to get a break. As they kissed each other in the driveway before they left for work, it was finally a beautiful, sunny morning.

It was still relatively nice when they got home, although thick clouds had begun to roll over the mountains to the west. They had to fight the urge to tear each other’s clothes off, but they had plans. Ones they were actually looking forward to. Neil even insisted that they take separate showers knowing that with the mood they were in they’d never make it out of the bathroom, let alone the house if they showered together. Ann agreed reluctantly, knowing he was right but wishing she’d ignored his reasoning.

The water felt good to her, the warm soapy suds flowing over her smooth, tanned body. She’d loved how it felt when she shaved her legs and her pussy, the razor gliding over her skin. She was thinking about her lover in the other bathroom, taking his time to make his pelvic region silky smooth for her as well. He was likely hard, because that’s how he usually was when he shaved his cock and balls. The idea of that had turned her on so much that she was struggling to keep her hands off her pussy as she finished washing her hair.

He was struggling too. He was hard, thinking about how she looked when she’d teased him by stripping off her clothes on her way to the bedroom. As he shaved, he wasn’t so sure he even wanted to go out anymore. After all, she could easily get dressed. His raging erection was going to make it damn near impossible for him to put on his pants.

But get dressed he did, somehow finding a way to wedge his throbbing cock inside his Dockers. Buttoning up a forest green short sleeved dress shirt, he ran his fingers through the wet strands of his hair, smiling back at the reflection in the mirror.

Ann was smiling too as she walked out of the bedroom, strutting toward her husband in a pale-yellow sundress, the spaghetti straps over her shoulders being so thin they were almost invisible. She was showing a lot of leg and frankly for her, a lot of cleavage; it was obviously she wasn’t wearing a bra. As she moved poker oyna down the hallway like a runway model in her 5-inch yellow heels, she winked at him.

“Let’s go eat, baby.”

“I’m ready to eat right now,” he growled as he drank in her sexy body, not so subtly licking his lips.

“You say that all the time,” she laughed.

“I mean it all the time.”

“That’s sweet baby. But I’m starving, and as much as I love swallowing your cum, I need a little more than that right now.”


“I still can’t believe Tina’s dating Matt,” Ann said as she worked on her plate of lasagna.

“Me either,” Neil responded, dipping a breadstick into the Alfredo sauce on his plate.

“And that he knew she was coming out here to… you know, be with us.”

It was all a little hard to comprehend, really. Then again, Matt knew who they were.

Matt knew that Neil had a sexual relationship with Tina well before he’d ever met Ann. And he knew he had one afterward, with Ann’s blessing. Hell, he knew that Ann and Tina had not only been sexually intimate, it had actually happened quite often in the months she was in Indiana and Neil was in West Virginia. So it didn’t surprise him that when his new girlfriend said she was going out to visit Neil and Ann, she made it clear that she’d be picking up with them where things left off, so to speak. He had assumed that would be the case the second she said she was going and he didn’t seem to have a problem with it at all. In fact, he encouraged her to go and have fun.

As they sat eating, Neil got to thinking about that again. He and Ann had talked a lot about Tina’s relationship with Matt since she’d returned home. They were thrilled for them, really. Matt had graduated college and had gotten a job as a history teacher at a nearby High School some thirty minutes from their hometown. Because he was young, hip and athletic, he became one of the most popular faculty members on staff amongst the guys at the school. Add to that the fact that was ridiculously handsome, he was even more popular with the teenage girls.

Not that he cared. He wasn’t stupid. Just because some of his students had crushes on him didn’t mean that he got a big head, or worse, started looking at them in a different light other than an educator. He kept his focus at work, because Tina kept his libido satiated away from it once they started dating.

It was remarkable really. Matt had been involved in a May-December fling with Nancy, the receptionist at Beck Manufacturing. And frankly he really liked her. But she saw it for what it was; meaningless sex between two consenting adults. It was incredible sex, but it was only sex. He knew it too, but it still stung a bit when she broke it off, telling him that it was time for both of them to move on.

And he had. That flame that burned bright between them had burned out almost two years before. He’d moved on, throwing himself into his college studies with a vengeance. Not to mention any hot little co-ed that he could coax out of her clothes, which he did with remarkable success. But with his graduation and his new job, he found his sex life had come to a screeching halt.

He’d gotten an apartment in the town where he worked, not wanting to live at his parents or in one of their apartments and commute. Wanting to be independent didn’t mean he shied away from going home often, doing his laundry at his parents every week to save money. He also found it easier to do some of the routine things he needed to do in his old home town.

One of those was getting his hair cut. He’d started going to Tina regularly right after Neil and Ann’s wedding. He loved the way she styled his hair and she was fun to be around. It was harder to schedule when he was still in school, but once he landed the job in the area and got things settled it became simple.

He’d been teaching for about a year when it finally happened. It was just another normal haircut, with Tina telling him about her work and him telling her about his. Boring stuff really, until she asked him about what he did with his free time after work.

“What do you mean?”

“Are you dating?” she asked, still making small talk.

“I know it sounds strange, but I haven’t had the time to meet anyone,” he groaned. “I’m at school most of the time. We’re not allowed to date other faculty members, not that I would. The attractive ones are all married, and the others… well.”

“I can imagine,” she giggled.

“Other than that, I’m either grading papers, or planning lessons… or coaching,” he said, referring to his becoming the track and cross-country coach for the high school. “I need the extra income… I love teaching, but the pay is crap, especially if you’re new.”

“Wow, I guess I never thought of that.”

“Yeah… anyway, with the circle of people I’m currently around, the dating pool is pretty shallow.”

“Ha… you sound like Neil did when he and I…”

Her voice trailed off as their eyes connected. canlı poker oyna Matt knew all about it. Hell, he practically made that connection happen by suggesting that Neil go to the salon without underwear to make himself feel sexier, and he ended up getting hard from the way Tina moved her hands through his hair. As far as Matt was concerned the rest was literally history, and he was proving to be a great teacher of that subject. He could also teach math on a pinch. Putting two and two together from the way Tina was now returning his gaze, her eyes wild with excitement, he knew what she was thinking.

He quickly put on the brakes, not wanting to go down that road again. He’d already had the fling experience with Nancy, and as good as it was, he wasn’t interested in repeating it. He was suddenly interested in Tina though.

“Tina… I don’t want to fuck you,” he said bluntly.

“Oh. Okay, well…”

“WAIT!” he snapped, realizing he started the conversation completely wrong. “I… I do.”

“Hmm… interesting. It’s not like you to be so fickle, Matt.”

Taking a deep breath, he calmed himself. “Tina, would you like to go out with me?”

Giggling, she kind of stepped back, cocking her head as she tried to read him. “Wow, you’re all over the map, aren’t you?”

“Look, I don’t know how to explain this, but the way you’re looking at me makes me think -“

“You’re looking at me the same way, love.”

“True,” he smiled. “But that’s the thing. We only just started looking at each other that way… this very minute.”

“That’s because you reminded me of someone,” she smirked.

“I know. Look, I love that you and Neil were there for each other. And that worked for both of you, but I’m not just looking for sex.”

“So… all of a sudden you want to date me?”

“Well, yeah. I said I’m not just looking for sex, but I am looking for sex eventually. And from what I’ve heard, you’re pretty damn good at it,” he winked.

“So, my reputation as a slut makes you want to take me out.”

“You don’t have that reputation. Not anymore.”

“And just how would you know that,” she teased.

“One, Neil and I have talked. Two… it’s a small town and my mom has the biggest mouth in it. Everybody knows that. If you were really a slut, I’d have heard about it… probably when I left her house a half-hour ago to come here to get a haircut.”

“So why would you want to date me?”

“I want to get to know you better. I mean, we get along great. We worked amazing together helping to plan Ann and Neil’s wedding. You know how much fun we had together doing that. You’re smart, you’re funny, you’re damn successful. Add to that the fact that you’re smoking hot… why wouldn’t I want to date you?”

“Well one, you haven’t asked me out before now,” she said grinning. She ran her hand along his inner thigh. “And two… you said it yourself. I’m not a slut.”

“Not right now. But with some practice, and a patient teacher, who knows?” he winked.


Matt knew. He’d talked to Neil enough that he knew Tina at one time had a penchant for saying she had a reputation she didn’t really have. That didn’t mean she couldn’t fuck and suck like a slut, but she was never really that promiscuous. He also knew all about her history with Neil and Ann, to the point that he had no issues with Tina having pretended she was married to both of them while she was out there. He even loved the new ring that was decorating her pussy, amazed that Ann had gone to such lengths to make her feel such a part of their relationship. It was just like her to take a little moment and make it meaningful forever. He could list dozens of instances where she’d done that with him during those years when she watched him and his sister as their sitter.

He’d told Tina to go out and have fun, giving his blessing that she could do whatever she wanted while she was away, knowing full well that she’d likely having sex with both of the Thomas’. He was apparently okay with it. Or so Neil hoped. He hadn’t actually talked to him about what happened while Tina visited. But Tina had talked to Ann, and insisted everything was incredible between her and Matt since she returned home.

Setting his fork on the plate, Neil looked at his gorgeous wife sitting across the table. She radiated sex appeal, the glow that enveloped her like that of a goddess. That had him thinking about their relationship again. The sweet smile on her face was in stark contrast to his, which was more distant.

Reaching across, her hand touched the back of his. “Are you okay, baby?”

“Yeah, I was just thinking about Matt and Tina.”

“It seems like you were thinking about more than that.”

He grinned, amazed at how well she could read him. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

“So, what’s on your mind?”


“What about us?”

“Ann, do you think we’ve gone too far?”

“Too far?”

“Or maybe we haven’t gone far enough,” he internet casino answered himself, getting lost in thought once more.

Squeezing his hand, she brought his mind back to the restaurant. “Baby, what are we talking about?”

Focusing, he tried to put his thoughts into words. “When we first got married, we said we were going to, you know… slow down. And we did for a bit, but we started back up with Dawn and Jeremy on our honeymoon.”

“Right, but it’s not like we’re doing things every week. It’s not even once a month.”

“Oh I know. It’s just that, well, we are doing things. And we -“

“Do you want us to stop playing with others?” she asked, unfazed by his question, almost as if she expected it.

“No. Well, I don’t know. Do you?”

“I’m very happy with who I am, Neil. And I’m just as happy with who we are together. But if you’re not happy, then we need to change.”

“I never said I wasn’t happy, Ann. I… I’m beyond happy. I’m excited all the time by you.”

“Then what’s the problem?”

“Our friends.”

Neil was having trouble rationalizing what they’d done with Tina. It hadn’t been an issue while she was there, because they didn’t know she and Matt were dating. But that information seemed to change things in his mind, and it made him begin questioning what they’d done with a lot of their friends.

He wasn’t ashamed of anything they’d done, but it was pretty obvious that he and his wife had a habit of pushing sexual boundaries. The problem wasn’t what happened between the two of them. They trusted and communicated well enough that it kept them in check. The issue was that they had a tendency to rub off on those that were around them. The fact that they had a happy, healthy marriage was incredible; the worry was about what impact their life together was having on those closest to them. He was worried about collateral damage.

The point hit home when they discovered that Matt was now Tina’s boyfriend and that since she’d returned home, they’d become more serious. Neil’s feelings for Tina were well known. But Matt added a different dynamic. He looked at him like a brother. He’d do anything to protect him and be there for him. The idea that the weeklong sexual fantasy they shared with Tina might somehow hurt his best friend bothered him. And that had him worried about others they’d touched with their appetite for sexual adventure.

Ann sensed his sudden trepidation. “Are we just talking about Matt and Tina, or is it more than that?”

“Matt and Tina. Carol and Barry. Felicia and Jason. Martina and Alphonso. All the people at the Super Bowl parties… Heather! Hell, even people in California!”

“Don’t forget Indiana,” she said proudly.


“Both our parents have opened up because of us. And there’s Penny and Garrett.”

“See… we’re screwing with so many people.”

“What in the world are you talking about, Neil? We’re not screwing with any of them. We’re having fun with them. At least that’s what I thought.”

“Okay… but did it ever occur to you that all of these people might be putting their relationships in jeopardy because of what we do?”

“Alright, baby. You need to slow down. Your mind is running a hundred miles an hour and you’re not stopping to think things through.”

“I’m trying to slow down, but things just keep popping into my head.”

“Like what? Let’s talk about them, but let’s take them one at a time.”

“Okay… let’s forget about Tina and Matt for a moment. What about Carol and Barry?”

“What about them?”

“She and I fuck, Ann. A lot. And Barry just goes right along with that. Is that normal?”

“Okay, for the record, you don’t fuck her all that often. It’s been what… a year and a half? Two years since we last got together?”

“Ann, she just fucked me a month ago. I know she was one of the girls you had using me when you were playing Cleopatra.”

“Oh yeah. She was,” she mused, wrinkling her nose. “But before that it had been a long time and you know it. And it was with me there. Hell, I’ve had more sex with her than you have the last two years.”

“Okay. But still, he’s okay with me fucking her like that.”

“Of course he is. That’s the agreement they made when they started dating.”

“And you don’t find that the least bit odd.”

“Odd? Maybe. But I don’t question what works for them. And it obviously works. I’m pretty sure they’re going to get married.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Probably because he told me he’s going to pop the question on her birthday next month. I’d like to say for certain they will, but I suppose there’s always the possibility she might say no. It’s unlikely, but it’s possible.”

“When the hell did he tell you that? And why?”

“He called me a couple of weeks ago to ask me if I’d help him set up a way to surprise her.”

“And I suppose sex is involved,” he said sarcastically.

Laughing, she shrugged. “Probably. That’s what I do, isn’t it?”

He sighed, knowing it was one of her strengths. Not the sex part, necessarily. She was teasing him by saying that. But setting up a surprise was definitely up her alley. “Fine… what about Jason and Felicia?”

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