Anna is More than a Smile and a Wave


I live a few minutes from the outskirts of a small size town in a modest, peaceful single-story house converted into two apartments. I’ve been here for the better part of ten years and have seen tenants come and go next door. None of them have been more than a smile and a wave, with the occasional hello or light conversation…until now.

My landlord is showing the now empty apartment to an attractive lady perhaps in her late forties. She’s small and slender, with shoulder-length grey hair and black roots. She’s dressed stylishly in a white dress shirt partially unbuttoned down her smallish breasts. Her figure hugging, stone-washed jeans, are worn with her shirttail hanging over them. Her brown leather and cotton purse complements her open-end high-heel leather shoes, which accentuates her bright red toenails.

We had a brief but enjoyable conversation. There’s something about the lady that appeals to me. It could be her easy going demeanor or her intriguing sense of humour. Maybe it’s her soft eyes. During our brief encounter, she touches or rubs my arm frequently. The landlord shows little to no patience in our conversation. Time is money to him and she’s whisked away to show her around the property.

Perhaps it was wishful thinking on my part, but I felt a certain spark between the two of us. Unfortunately, after looking at the place, she’s gone before I’ve had another chance to talk to her and get to know her. I thought about her all afternoon, but convinced myself that I probably wouldn’t see her again.

It’s a hot and sultry afternoon, two days later thick clouds hang overhead, threatening to burst at any moment. As I arrive home, her shiny apple red car is sitting in my usual spot. A moving van is parked in hers with two workers unloading furniture and other belongings.

I leave my pickup sitting alongside the road and slowly I walk in. The lady wanders up to me wearing a loose-fitting white top, a partially buttoned-up green flowery shirt over top, and white shorts, with dark sunglasses elevated over her brow.

She embraces me with her outstretched arms and gazes into my eyes while softly gripping my sides with her tiny hands. “Hi, I didn’t get a chance to tell you my name the other day, it’s Anna. The landlord is such an ass, and I apologize for leaving so abruptly without getting your name and phone number. I would’ve texted why I left and I wanted to get to know better too.

“Hey, Anna. No worries, I’m Matt.” I tell her as I return her hug.. “You move pretty fast, considering you only saw the place a couple days ago. Now you’re moving in already?”

“Oh well, I start my new job next week. The view of the lake at the back was beautiful. Plus, the neighbour appears to be quite attractive and friendly.” Anna is flirting.

“Oh, I don’t know… first impressions are often deceiving. “

“I hope so.” she says with a sing-song voice and a seductive smile.

It’s not long before the movers finish their work and leave. Anna and I are standing outside the door of her apartment, staring at unplaced furniture, stacks of cardboard boxes, plastic bags and totes filled with her belongings.

“Sigh!” Anna laughs as she takes off her flowered shirt and tosses it inside, where it lands on one of the boxes. She tugs at her loose top a few times wicking away perspiration.

“I guess I should start unpacking now, huh?” While looking at me, Anna casually swings her arms from back to front repeatedly.

“Heh, heh… Boy, you sure got a lot of stuff in that little apartment. Were you planning on sleeping outside?”

Anna playfully hauls off and smacks my arm with her fist as she shoots back. “Oh fuck off!”

Anna and I have a little laugh, then I offer to give her a hand. She lights up like a Christmas tree and throws herself at me, hugging me and gives me a short but respectable kiss. I wrap my arms around her soft body. I tell y’a, I can’t get enough of her hugs!

Inside Anna’s apartment, all the windows and the front door are wide open. The sky darkens, and a light breeze blows up, making unpacking boxes a wee bit more tolerable. I can’t help thinking about ripping Anna’s top off and jacking her shorts up before shoving my steely stick into her.

Anna lightly brushes up against me with her arms and hips while rifling through the boxes. I couldn’t tell if her actions were unintended or deliberate at first. So, I touched her back just to see what would happen. She doesn’t flinch or say anything, as if she enjoys the attention. Minutes later she corners me among the boxes and backs her derriere into my crotch for several long seconds, assuring me that her touches were no accident.

Anna draws away and starts humming.

“Hey Anna, that sounds really nice, do you sing?”

Anna squats down with her legs apart, dragging two shopping bags between them. She grins up at me. “I used to sing professionally as a soloist and in a group. I haven’t sung in maybe 25 years?”

“You should start singing again.” I cultivate.

“Thanks, Matt; Haramidere escort I have been thinking about it. I’m thinking about singing in the town festival coming up in two weeks.” She chirps excitedly at the prospect of doing it all again.

“Well, let me know if you do and I’ll go and watch you perform.”

“I will,” Anna returns, “and I’ll even get you tickets.”

Anna and I keep talking while emptying boxes and moving furniture. There would be lulls in our conversations now and again, and Anna would occasionally sing to fill the void.

The apartment finally starts to look a little bit more like a home.

Anna and I lift her television stand to the wall. Then she picks up her 32″ TV, and as she carries it over, the straps of her outfit slip over her sun-kissed shoulders, and her white top sags below her creamy white breasts. I can’t help myself; I’m programmed to look at boobs; I can’t help but stare at them. It was all I could do to keep from grabbing those beautiful globes.

Anna looks my way after she sets the television down and notices me staring at her, she smiles and shrugs before nonchalantly pulling up her top. The fact that I saw her bare breasts doesn’t seem to bother her. With a twinkle in her eyes, she asks. “Do you like my tits?”

“Damn right I do, I’m not going to lie.” I bounce back.

A naughty, malicious grin comes over her face as she resumes unboxing her belongings.

After a while, Anna walks over to the table where her purse is sitting and pulls out her wallet and car keys. She puts on her floral blouse and heads towards the open door, smiling back. “Hey, Matt. I’ll be right back. You keep going, okay?”

I nod and reach for one of the few remaining boxes thinking aloud, “Geez, there is an end to this madness!”

Then I made a mental note to myself, “Never volunteer to help someone move again. I’m 53 years old and I should know better.”

Anna’s car backs out of the driveway and heads up the road towards town. A little more than a half-hour later she returns, gets out of her car carrying a white shopping bag.

As she ascends the steps and through the open doorway she announces,”Dinner’s ready!!”

Anna sets the bag on the table, returns her keys and wallet to her purse, and doffs her blouse. She’s flush and sweaty from the afternoon’s high humidity, still, she manages a smile as she digs into the plastic bag and pulls out two sub sandwiches and drinks.

“I hope you don’t mind eating a sub, Matt. I’ll make you something better some day to make up for this afternoon, is that okay?”

“Eh, Don’t worry about it!” I return. “Thanks!”

It’s now a little past five o’clock, rain begins to fall heavily, and the storm kicks up a cooling breeze that blows through the doorway. Thunder can be heard rolling throughout the countryside. Like one of Nikolai Tesla’s insane experiments, lightning flashes through the late afternoon sky. Anna sits down gently, then stands up again and goes to the door. She looks out at the rain, which, while torrential at times, is blown almost horizontally and bounces off the ground. Her thoughts seem to be a million miles away as she inhales slowly and crosses her arms. A lengthy period of silence follows.

“Mm… I haven’t seen rain in the country in a long time. I used to love thunder, lightning, and the sound of the rain when I was a little girl growing up in Europe on my uncle’s farm with my mom and my aunt. My step sister, I call her that, but really she’s my cousin. Anyways, she and I used to have mud fights behind the barn and we’d show up at the back door of our old farmhouse plastered in muck from head to toe. Mom used to get so furious with us.” Anna smiles and giggles lightly as she reminisces about her childhood.

“Mmm… I enjoy rainstorms as well “I say, smiling at Anna as she tells her story. The rain pelting down on the concrete steps sounds like a sizzling steak and feels cool and refreshing in the heat of summer.

Anna casts a glance over her shoulder and wonders aloud. “Have you ever fucked in the rain?”

“No, the closest I got was inside a tent with my Ex while it was raining like this.”

“Mmm…what happened to your wife?”

“Oh… nothing…nothing spectacular…I don’t know, Heather changed somehow, she just didn’t seem happy anymore and we simply grew apart. You? Did you ever get married?”

Another minute or so passes, and Anna speaks softly while staring out the door. “Kevin, my 49-year-old husband at the time, got up, said his goodbyes one morning, said he wanted a divorce, walked out the door and moved in with his 23-year-old girlfriend that very afternoon. Both her and our anniversary are the same age.”

“Did the kids move with him?”

“Mmm… never had kids, I had a miscarriage.” she said somberly.

“Ooo, I’m sorry…” I regretted asking that question.

“It’s OK, Matt. Relax, you had no idea! “

Anna lingers at the front door a few seconds longer, before returning to her seat İkitelli escort bayan and picking up her sandwich. The two of us are feeling comfortable with each other, yapping and eating like two happy little dogs.

Almost all of the boxes have now been unpacked. Anna and I spend the remainder of the evening flirting and getting to know one another while placing the odd item or two in the apartment. I head back to my place next door and it’s a few minutes past midnight. I can barely keep my eyes open as I take my clothes off for bed, I lay my head down and before I know it, I’m fast asleep.

The next day, I wake up at my usual time of six o’clock in the summer, and the sun is already shining brightly. I go through my usual routine of brewing coffee and taking my tablet out to the patio table on the porch.

An early morning fog hovers over the lake as seagulls squawk their way through the air in search of their morning feast of worms. There was just enough of a breeze to rustle the leaves on the trees.

The chair is damp from the morning dew as I sit down in my pyjama pants and an old tattered t-shirt to catch up on my messages and the morning news.

Anna emerges from her apartment, humming and smiling wrapped in a white towel and bare feet. “How did you sleep last night, Matt?”

“I slept pretty good, I was beat after yesterday.” I answer.

Anna comes up behind me, behind my chair, and runs her delicate fingers around my neck and down my chest. I can feel her damp hair rubbing against the side of my face and smell her freshness from her morning shower when she gives me a little peck on the cheek.

She places a patio chair next to me and sits down with her legs crossed, clutching an insulated travel mug. Anna looks around at the lake and makes a comment, “Oooh…. It’s such a beautiful morning. Doesn’t the lake look lovely? I could totally get used to this.”

“Yeah, it is beautiful, just like you.” I flirt.

“Huh?? Well…thank you…and I don’t even have my makeup on yet.” Anna stutters.

“Ahh, you’re just as pretty without makeup.” I assure her.

Anna gives me a shy glance. “I had a lot of fun unpacking yesterday, Matt. Thank you for making my move so much easier and fun too.”

“I did, too. I didn’t want the night to come to an end to tell you the truth. I was having almost too much fun.”

“Well…honey, it didn’t have to end there.” Anna hints. Suddenly dirty thoughts race through my mind.

I set my tablet down and look out over the lake. As foot-high waves pass by, we sit back and enjoy each other’s company as two anglers in a two-person fishing boat slowly drift across the horizon.

Before commenting, a light breeze blows up, Anna brushes her windswept greyish hair away from her face and sips her morning tea. “Mmm… Matt, what’s over here on the right?”

“Oh, nothing, just marshland.” It goes three or four miles before it turns back to solid ground again.”

“How about on this side?” Anna indicates the opposite side of the yard.

“If you hike through the woods for about a quarter mile or so, you’ll come across a small river, that’s one of the feeders of this lake.”

“So, we have our own little beach here, then?” Anna deduces.

“Mmm…mm,” I shrug gently, shaking my head. “Pretty much.”

“Have you ever run around here naked?”

“Heh…heh…Well, no, I always seem to have neighbours next door, and trust me, they wouldn’t be a fan of seeing porn stars naked, let alone me,” I jest.

“Ohh… I don’t know, I wouldn’t call the cops if you were running around naked.” Anna razzes. “Would you call the cops if I run around here with my tits and ass hanging out?”

“That would be a very dangerous thing for you to do with me around.” I tease.

“Mmm… I enjoy a little danger now and then.” Anna hints, her voice is deliciously naughty.

Another period of silence ensues. “Matt, do you have to work today?”

“No, I worked a shift for someone a few weeks ago, and he’s doing mine today. So I’m off.”

“Good… “I want my first day here to be memorable.” Anna admits, then, somewhat impatiently, says, “Matt, do you mind removing your clothes or do you have a problem with that?”

“Wow, you’re the first woman to ever ask me to take my clothes off, and no, I don’t mind being naked around you. But, be forewarned… I’ve got a big boner for you right now and I won’t be held responsible for my actions.”

“Well…” Anna haws. “Don’t keep me in suspense. Let’s have a look … show me your big boner!”

“Really???” I questioned in disbelief. “You want me to show you my pecker?”

“Honey, I was hoping you’d fuck me last night. But I was weary, and I’m sure you were too, so I didn’t push it.”

“Oooh, then you won’t be upset about the naughty thoughts I had about you last night.”

“If you were thinking about those things, keep them in mind, I think we’ll be very close neighbours. Now show me that boner, and I’ll take off my towel,” Anna Escort Çapa urges.

Without a word, I lean back, reach in, and pull my 8″ rod through the hole in my PJs, rubbing it lightly, before holding it straight up for Anna to see.

As she stutters, Anna’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Wow! That’s a deliciously juicy piece of meat.”

Anna doesn’t waste any time getting up and splitting her towel. She lifts her leg over mine and uses her hand to slowly insert my shaft between her warm and moist lips. I grab the towel and toss it to the ground. Her breasts jiggle as she leans in and rides my boner like a dildo, her head next to mine and her arms around my neck. Her warm, heavy breaths on my cheek can be heard as well as felt. My fingers lightly brush up and down Anna’s back before grabbing her smooth untanned ass. The 46-year-old woman looks into my eyes intently, as if searching for a soul. This goes on for a while until we switch places.

We spring to our feet, and I yank her towel from the ground and lay it down. I instructed her to lie on her back.

Anna eagerly lays back on the ground spreading her legs in anticipation of what is to come. I slowly work my way through Anna’s deep, dark, and hairy jungle until I find her golden temple. Her lips are darkened around the edges, and I spread them to reveal a stunning greyish and pink love cave. Slow and steady wins the race, I gently massage the muscles alongside her vagina, the more I rub the wetter she gets. Her fluids begin to trickle. I part the entrance to her temple with one finger, then two, and so far so good. After extra time I spent fingering her, she’s smiling and appears to enjoy it. For me this is always a relief as preferences are different among partners. I flick my tongue across her nub and around her glistening vagina. This is one of my favourite parts of being with a woman, Anna, between her legs tastes slightly salty with a hint of sourness. Before regaining control of her senses, she wiggles her legs, looks out at the lake, and takes a few deep breaths.

“Holy Fuck, Matt!” Anna whimpers with delight as she sits up, steadying herself with a chair. She shakes her head in astonishment. Her voice cracks as she speaks. “Your wife dumped you? How long were you single after she left you? Did you have any other girlfriends?”

“Um…7 years, I guess. I had a housekeeper for a few months, but her boyfriend forced her to stop working. So, I guess it’s been maybe 6 years since I’ve had sex?”

Anna is blown away, she motions for me to lie down “I can’t believe she’d give up such an amazing lay like you. She’s either completely insane or extremely stupid. I guarantee you won’t be going another six years without sex. I doubt you’ll go more than a few days with me.”

Anna kneels between my legs and snatches my banana, taking it whole. I feel myself slowly and steadily swelling huge and hard inside her mouth as her tongue runs up and down the curves of my cock before teasing it with her teeth. Her oral skills are to die for. She gives me one of the nicest toe curling experiences I’ve ever had. I shoot my full load inside her mouth within minutes, she smiles and swallows every drop.

“Hey, Matt, come on… I’ll make us some breakfast, and leave your clothes where they are. I’ll get them later and wash’em.” Anna says this as she extends her hand for mine and we walk into her apartment and into her kitchen.

I pull a chair from beneath the table and take a seat. Anna is a tiny package at 5’1, she is neither obese nor anorexic, however, she is a sight to behold as she walks around the kitchen preparing the coffee maker.

Anna turns to face me and claps her hands together. “Have you taken a shower yet?”

“No, not yet.”.

“I’m all sweaty now from our little bit of fun out there. Let’s go take one together, okay?” Anna suggests.

“That sounds good to me; I love showers for two.”

The two of us head to the bathroom. As I walk in, I see a jumble of boxes, cords, makeup, and bags that she hasn’t touched since the day before. Anna grins as she rummages through a couple of them in search of something.

“After you left last night, I cleaned the shower and the sink. I still have to do these boxes. Ho…Ho… Hey… hey, I found the shampoo…weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” She says this while holding the bottle up into the air as if it were some great sporting trophy. I laugh and shake my head. She’s always good for a laugh.

Anna opens the shower door and turns on the facet, ensuring that the temperature is just right. “Okay, Matt, you can wash me as much as you want. But don’t get my hair wet, at least not today. With this humidity, my hair is going to be a nightmare today.”

I nod as we step into the shower. My soapy hands caresses her warm, slim figure. I lather her shoulders first, her back is smooth and unblemished. She would look just as good wearing a backless gown as those on the red carpet receiving an Oscar. I stop just long enough to tease and pinch her brownish nipples from behind, which stand out like the great monoliths. She turns facing me and my hand glides over her breasts, down her stomach and between her thighs. I gently poke her with a finger or two to pique her interest. She put both her hands on my shoulders to steady herself from the little climax I created.

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