Another Afternoon

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The alarm went off and Lisa rolled over and pressed the button to turn off the noisy buzzer. She lay there for a few minutes drifting in and out of sleep. Her husband was already gone to work and it took her a few minutes to collect herself.

She brushed her blonde hair out of her eyes, threw back the covers, and walked into the bathroom. Never wearing clothes when she slept made it quite easy. She sat and let the amber stream go. It hissed against the porcelain of the toilet bowl. As she sat there draining her bladder she remembered that it was Wednesday and that she and Carol were going shopping.

Her thoughts turned back to last week, when she and Carol made love to each other for the very first time in their lives. Two conservative, straight housewives making love to each other. What would their conservative, Republican husbands think? What would the pastor of their church think? As Lisa contemplated these question she patted herself dry and turned on the shower.

Once again she thought of her one time fling with Carol and how the two both agreed that it would never happen again. Lisa climbed into the shower and began to soap her body. As her hands moved over he slick, soapy flesh she thought of Carol’s hands on her. She let out a long sigh and then quickly came back to reality. “Get those evil thoughts out of your mind,” she thought.

She toweled herself dry and threw on a robe. She made coffee and had a piece of toast. She dressed in slacks, a crisp blouse, plain white briefs and bra. She was putting on her make-up when the doorbell rang. She finished quickly and answered the door.

It was Carol. “Ready to melt some plastic,” said Carol. Lisa just laughed as she grabbed her purse and the two women headed to the mall.

They spoke about kids, husbands, politics, school, and church, but not a word about what happened last week. Since neither one brought it up both figured that it was a sleeping dog that should be left to lie. perabet

They arrived at the mall and did some window shopping when Carol said, “I need to get some new bras and panties at Victoria’s Secret.” Both women moved to the store.

They walked in and began to look at the vast assortment of lingerie. They both picked out bras and panties and decided that they would take them to their respective homes, try them on, and then either keep or return them.

The two women did a bit more shopping grabbed a quick lunch and headed home. When they arrived back at Lisa’s, Carol was just going to drop her off but after a few moments the women decided to go into the house and have a cup of tea.

The two women walked in and Lisa put the kettle on. In a few minutes the whistle blew and the tea was made. They went into the family room and sat on the oversized couch.

As they sipped the tea they realized that Lisa had inadvertently brought in both bags of lingerie. After determining whose was whose they sipped their tea until finally Carol said, “Maybe we should try these on.”

A hush fell over both of them. Lisa finally broke the silence and said in a whisper, “Yes, I think I’d like that.” The two women rose silently and all that could be heard was the rustling of clothes. In a few moments both women are totally naked. They looked at each other and the atmosphere was heavy with raw desire.

Lisa with her blonde hair, blue eyes, 34 b breasts, flaring hips and sparse patch of blonde hair and Carol with her chestnut hair, green eyes, 32b breasts, thin hips, and thick chestnut pubic hair looked at each other.

They stood mesmerized, as if in a trance. Lisa took one faltering step forward and Carol took two and the women were soon locked in an embrace. Their warm breasts mashed into each other, their hips pressed together and the mouths affixed to each other.

Lisa’s lips parted first and her tongue came out and licked perabet giriş Carol’s lips. Carol opened her mouth and the tongues of the two women touched and their was electricity. All that could be heard was the rubbing of skin, the sucking of tongues, and the sighs of two women becoming aroused.

As they kissed and caressed each other it seemed like the temperature rose to over 110 degrees. Their bodies were flushed as they kissed and touched each other. They began to glisten and each could smell the arousal of the other woman.

Finally they broke the kiss and Carol said, “We should stop now.” Lisa nodded in agreement and the two women kissed again. They knelt down on the floor as they kissed and then lay down together on the floor.

Tongues explored each other’s mouths as hands explored backs, breasts, necks, spines, hips, and asses. The two women became more passionate as they kissed. Bodies moving together, no longer glistening, but wet with sweat and the secretions of their pussies.

Legs intertwined, humping each other until Lisa broke the kiss. She turned around quickly and put her head between Carol’s legs. Carol opened them and let Lisa in at the same time Lisa opened her legs to let Carol in.

The two then exchanged the most intimate of kisses. Their lips kissing and licking each other’s moist, hairy pussies. The two women, kissed, licked, and lapped each other for several minutes when Lisa wet her finger, slipped it between Carol’s cheeks and pressed it gently into Carol’s rosebud.

Carol moaned in satisfaction and pleasure at the intruder in her ass. She did the same thing and in moments both women were fucking each other’s assholes with their fingers.

Once the fingers were moving gently in and out of their tight dark surroundings the women went back to licking each other. Clits were swollen and sucked into each other’s mouths.

Held in place with suction, their lips tongues then went to perabet güvenilir mi work on the swollen buds. Up and back the tongues lashed. It was sweet torture as both of them moved toward orgasm.

Both women were torn as to prolonging the experience as long as possible or giving in and cuming quickly. Both opted to try to prolong it.

Bodies made little sucking noises as they came together and parted. Fingers wiggled in assholes as tongues swept up and back across swollen clits.

And then Lisa could take it no longer. She had to have release. She needed to be washed clean by wave after wave of orgasmic release. She stiffened, hung there for a moment, and then her hips began to buck. Up and back as Carol hung on trying hard not to lose contact with Lisa’s swollen, pulsing bud.

Lisa’s whole body thrashed about as though she was having a seizure, her muffled cries coming from between Carol’s legs. And as she began to wind down, Carol made it.

She pushed her hips hard into Lisa’s mouth and bucked like a wild horse. She let out along guttural moan as she peaked. She lost control and a small stream of urine was released. Lisa did not miss a beat, even though the warm stream splashed on her face, neck, and in her mouth. She kept licking as Carol moaned and came over and over again.

Finally, the two women stopped moving and all that could be heard was heavy breathing. Carol spoke first, “I’m so sorry Lisa. I couldn’t control it. Forgive me”

Lisa moved around and lay down next to her friend and kissed her softly on the lips. Lisa then smiled and said, “It was just fine. I’m so glad I could help make you feel that good. And besides, you tasted wonderful.”

The two women giggled as they hugged. They then just lay there for a while until the fully recovered. It was still early so they finished their tea in the nude. Then slowly dressed.

Carol grabbed her bag and headed for the door. The two women paused, looked at each other, and kissed. When they broke the kiss Carol said, “I’m not sorry this happened.”

Lisa grinned and replied, “Well, we can’t say it will never happen again.” As Lisa heard Carol’s car go down the driveway she couldn’t wait to meet with her again.

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