Another Hard Day

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It was a very hard day at work. I was tired when I went to work, and even more tired coming home. My feet were killing me and I ached all over.

As I drove home from work my mind was off in a fantasy of sex, because that was the only thing that would make all this pain go away. However, I was so tired and hurting that my fantasy was powerless to take me where I wanted and needed to go.

When I got home from work all I wanted was to get fucked, but I had no prospects and the thought of getting my self prettied up to seduce and be seduced made my tired ache. I stripped down to my underwear and looked at myself in the mirror.

“Who would want to fuck this”, I whispered and then I slipped off my panties.

I was even too tired to take off my bra. All I wanted was to frig myself and go to sleep.

I sat down on my bed and let out a big sigh. Finally I could let go of everything and the thought lifted a tremendous weight off as I let myself fall back into my down quilt. I could have gone to sleep right then, but I had one more thing to do. I needed to cum.

My favorite position for frigging myself is to lay on my bed and prop my feet on my windowsill. The window was already open and the cool breeze wafted over my tiredness and caressed my weariness. I lay there with my eyes closed and lightly fingered my dry closed labia.

I hadn’t really gotten wet yet. I had to work myself into it. My fingers glided over the tight shriveled labia. This feathering was very relaxing and I loved the way my sex felt, the tightness of the shriveled folds was a texture I found nowhere else on my body and I loved rubbing my fingers over this landscape. My sex loved the way my fingers tickled and teased the skin and fine hair and yielded itself to being touched. The most erogenous patch of real estate in this coveted community was a small patch of skin between my anus and vulva. My fingers hovered just above this place with my fingers caressing the tips of the fine body hair. It made me shiver as my skin turned into goose flesh.

With my eyes closed I searched for some place where I could escape into an erotic fantasy. It didn’t take me long to find it. The new guy in the office today. Damn, he was gorgeous.

In my mind my fingers touched his face and I enjoyed the sandpaper feel of his afternoon shadow.

I ran my fingers through his hair and watched his face as he closed his eyes and abandoned himself to my seduction.

I unbuttoned his shirt and felt the deftly sculptured biceps and pecks. I ran my hand through the generous amount of hair on his chest and beneath my palm his heart pounded and raced.

My hand moved further down to his abdomen and his stomach rippled involuntarily poker oyna as I lightly stroked and tickled him.

My hair fell onto his face as I leaned into him. He reached up and pulled my my face close. His breath was hot and labored. Lightly he grazed my lips with his and I moistened his parched lips with my tongue. He forcefully pulled my head and embraced my wanton mouth with his tongue.

I clenched the sides of his chest, digging my nails into his flesh. He pulled my chest into his face, finding my harden nipples through the cloth and bitting them.

My fingers continued to stroke my sex. The fantasy was having it’s desired effect and I felt the tightness of my labia melt and warm as the blood increased it’s flow, engorging my pussy. I fantasized about his dick and what it would taste like. I couldn’t help thinking about him pumping my pussy with it.

I remembered at work I had caught him numerous times looking at me. But instead of looking away when I caught him, he just grinned and kept staring. I loved the way he looked at my boobs. I was wearing a top that revealed a fair amount of my cleavage and he was certainly taking advantage of view I offered him. After an hour or so I wanted to push things a bit further. When I knew that he was looking at me, I stood at the side of my desk and bent over fussing with some papers on my desk. I felt my boobs hang and knew my top had fallen away from my boobs and he now had full view of my bra covered breasts. I didn’t make eye contact with him, but I could feel his eyes burning through my clothes.

After I came back from lunch he come over to my desk and introduced himself. He stood close enough that I had to look up to talk with him. He looked into my eyes, but actually spent more time looking down my blouse. In my peripheral image I could see that he had his hand in his pocket and was moving his hand around nervously. I took a quick glance, and it was obvious that he was touching his cock.

My hand was now more seriously caressing the folds of my pussy. As I thought about how he stared at my chest, I felt that tingling of arousal. I parted my swelling sex and felt the slippery salve of my sexual stimulation seep through the slit.

As he continued to stand next to me and look down my blouse, my crotch had become extremely slippery. I did nothing to suppress this encounter, but also did nothing to actively to promote it, other than patiently allow him to fuck me with his eyes.

He must have noticed my nipples getting hard, my mouth open ever so slightly, my breathing increase in depth and frequency, and my pupils dilate, because as I took another glance at his crotch, he had pushed his huge hard canlı poker oyna cock tight against his trousers and I could see his size and shape. My heart was beating so hard I could feel it pulsing in my throat and my mouth became uncomfortably dry.

I stood up, but he didn’t move, which caused my breasts to come in contact with his chest. I wasn’t about to give in to his seducing, not yet. I pushed my bust into him which caused him to step backwards. I smiled as I said, “I’m happy to see you too.” I then pushed past him so I could get to the water cooler. I was on fire and needed to cool down.

When I came back to my desk he was sitting at his desk with his head down, busily working. He didn’t look up. I sat down and watched him for a minute or so. He seemed to be ignoring me and I began to feel resentful, until I looked down at my keyboard. There, he had prominently placed a small card which read, “Call Me”. I picked up his card and turned it over, finding it to be a personal business card with his phone number. I looked back at him, but he made no effort to acknowledge me. I smiled and slipped his card into my bra.

I remembered that I still had that note in my bra.

I opened my eyes and pulled the note from it’s safe keeping, grabbed my cell phone, and dialed his number. As the phone rang I repositioned myself and resumed masturbating. I was definitely more aroused than I had been. This was going to be fun.

“Hello” he answered.

I simply replied, “You left a note to call you?”

There was a pause, “Who is this?”

“Think about it.” I replied. “I’m sure you will remember.”

After another short pause he said, “Ah, yes. I very much enjoyed the little show you gave me today. I just wanted to let you know how delicious you looked, and how excited I became. Thank you.”

I was totally into this and I wanted him to talk dirty to me. “Tell me about the show. I want to hear your voice describe the details.” I said in my breathy seductive tone.

As he spoke, my hand worked my puss. The flow of juices covered my sex and my clit was hard and aching. I purposefully avoided stimulating her too much. I wanted to make my orgasm spike real high, and avoidance would stretch my anticipation to the max.

I had said nothing as he described my cleavage and heaving breasts, with my taut nipples pushing against my blouse. But he must of picked up on the change in my breathing, because he paused and then asked with in incredulous tone,

“Are you about to cum?”

“Excuse me?”, I flung it back.

“You know what I mean, you are frigging yourself and you are just about to cum, aren’t you?” He chided.

I almost choked, and then breathlessly replied, “Why internet casino do you ask?”

He was very cool with his answer,

“Hey babe, you called me. I’ve got a handful of meat that I would love to stuff in your hot pussy. In fact ever since you called I’ve had him out and he is ready to blow. The only thing better would be to have your pussy doing the stroking. Gawd I’d love to be fucking you right now.”

That’s all it took for me to go over the edge as I came. I couldn’t speak, but the noises I made conveyed the message more deftly than any spoken word.

“Oh baby that must have really felt damn good. I would have loved to be part of that.” He said, knowingly.

“I’m going to hang up and go shoot my wad. When you are ready to talk, call me. You are driving me nuts Lady.” and he hung up.

I threw down the phone on my bed and started working my clit. I was so damn horney now that I could probably get my toys out and spend all night doing this.

I had already started to build towards my next climax when my phone rang telling me I had a message. I stopped what I was doing and picked up the phone, it was from him. He had sent me a video and when I opened it I watched as he stroked his massive cock a few times just before copious amounts of jizm shot out.

I jumped off my bed and ran to the bathroom to get my hand mirror, and then jumped back on my bed. I propped the mirror up on a pillow so I could see my pussy. With my phone I recorded myself fucking myself with my fingers until I came again. And then I sent it to him.

I kept friggin myself for several minutes to give him time to receive and view the video, then I called him,

“Hey babe.” he answered.

I spoke before he could say another word, “We have a serious problem. I need a gawd damn cock to fill my pussy, and you need a gawd damn pussy to fuck. Got any ideas?”

“All I need is an address babe, and I’ll take care of the rest.” he said so smoothly I could feel the words slip across me like a silk scarf.

I gave him my address and hung up without saying goodbye. I needed to cum again so I worked on my clit until I came the third time.

My place was a mess and so I began picking things up as fast as I could. I didn’t even bother putting on any clothes. Before I could finish the doorbell rang. I called his number and he answered, “Let me in babe, you seriously need a fucking.”

I opened the door and he walked in, but he wasn’t alone. He had brought a woman with him, and I was standing in front of them with only a bra on and my hair was a mess.

I opened my mouth to protest and he stepped forward and put his hand gently on my lips and quietly shusshed me.

“This is my wife and she is here to make sure you have a good time.” he explained.

The woman then undid a few buttons and her clothes fell off and she stood there more naked that I. She was drop dead gorgeous, and I began to get slippery again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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