Another Side

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I was sitting on the patio one afternoon in June. The sun was bright and hot. I had positioned the lounge chair so that I would be in full sun, and the small table beside it was in the shade.

It was quiet, as only an Arizona desert can be. Oh, in the distance there were highway noises, but the place was far enough from town that the traffic was mostly local and light. I sipped the cold drink, enjoying the drops of condensation that fell to my bare chest and mingled with the rivulets of sweat running through the thick hair. Since it was a weekday, most of the neighbors were off to work. The adobe brick fence was an effective barrier against nosiness.

I took a breath and stood dizzily. I padded into the quiet house. The master bath is right inside the sliding door, so I made it a habit on these days to occasionally slip into the shower to bring my body temp down. This time I decided to do away with my shorts. I dropped them to the floor and stepped into the cool spray.

Leaving the shorts on the floor I stepped back outside. I was just laying back when I heard a voice. “Man, I wish I could just kick back on days like this.” I jumped and swiveled my head around. The voice belonged to a smiling man in a baseball cap. He had a clipboard in hand and was standing by the gas meter near the back gate.

Deciding there was no help for being caught naked, I laughed and just said, “Just one of the perks to working nights, I guess.” I’d lived in a dorm at college, taken showers after phys-ed in high school. I wasn’t a stranger to being naked around other guys, but it had been a while. The guy asked if he could trouble me for a glass of water so I stood and invited him inside. I went to the other sliding door — the one that entered the living room. He followed me in and into the kitchen. He took off his cap and gratefully gulped the water I handed him, refilling the glass twice. He drank so greedily that he’d soaked his shirtfront.

He told me his name was Jerry, so I introduced myself. When he shook my hand I thought he held on to it a bit longer than necessary. It reminded me of times when I’d been coming on to a woman, then I realized why. He was coming on to me! Jeez! I’d never been attracted to men at all. I wondered if he thought I was gay because I hadn’t rushed to cover myself when he showed up. I really felt naked then. But I didn’t think I should make a big deal of it by then. So we just stood in the kitchen and talked a while. He was a student at the university, working for the gas company for the summer. He stopped talking then and laughed. “You wouldn’t believe some of the things that happen when you pop into people’s back yard unannounced.

“Well…” I said and basically indicated my own nudity. “Obviously this is odd.”

“Oh, well yeah, but there’s a lot odder things.” He told me about catching one woman with her dog once, another couple were fucking in the hot tub. Then he said that he couldn’t count the number of times he’d gotten laid. I guessed then that maybe I’d been wrong about him coming on to me. But then he said, “I get propositions from a lot of people — men as well as women.”

“And you say you take some of them up on it?”

“Sure. Like today. I have a quota of meters to cover each day. If I get done by 2 or three o’clock, I can quit for the day.”

I didn’t understand what he was saying. “So if I was a good looking woman and wanted you to fuck me you could?”

“Yup.” He looked at me. There was silence. I got a weird feeling and felt my dick twitch! What the fuck? Was I going gay? He filled the glass again and sipped it slowly. “When was the last time you had a good blowjob?”

I almost choked, but tried to be cool — or at least seem cool. I admitted it had been a while, since my girlfriend had dumped me back in March. My dick swelled a bit more and he dropped his gaze to it before looking back at me. “Are you interested?” Now I was half erect so I couldn’t deny the thought was intriguing. I just nodded.

He sat down at the kitchen table and waited. I slowly approached him, feeling dizzy again. When I was within reach, he took hold of my dick and pulled me gently toward him. His head dropped and I felt myself sink into his mouth. It was still cool from the cold water, but heated quickly as I reached full erection. I closed my eyes and just let him suck me in. He gripped my ass cheeks and pulled me toward his face, then backed off. I had to hold on to something to keep from falling, so I gripped his forearms. His muscles were hard and wiry. He was really good! In the space of a few minutes my world had turned inside out.

Suddenly, I didn’t understand myself. ‘I’m not gay!’ my mind shouted. But the only sound I actually made was a groan of pleasure. Jerry slipped my cock out of his mouth and licked it all up and down. He nuzzled his face into my balls and, “God I love the smell of a crotch! Doesn’t matter to me if it’s male or female. It’s all good.” I was eager to have him continue the blowjob. He did. But this time, poker oyna instead of just squeezing my ass, he let his hand edge into the crack. His knuckle prodded my anus and it pushed me a lot closer to orgasm. I made a noise that encouraged him and he placed a fingertip on my asshole. He didn’t force it in, since there was no lubricant, but he prodded it rhythmically as he sucked my cock.

I felt it getting closer, then my orgasm washed over me. It was the most powerful one I could remember. Jerry took all me semen and never lost a drop. Unlike most women I’ve known, he knew how sensitive a cock is right after coming. So he just sat still with it softening in his mouth. After a few minutes he let it slip out and sat back grinning.

“How was that?” he asked. I just shook my head and smiled sheepishly. “First time you got a blowjob from a guy?”

“Y- yeah. It was great, though! You know, I’m not gay,” I began.

“Nah! Neither am I. I’m bi, though. I think everybody is, really. They just think they have to be hetero or gay. But sex is sex. I figured that out a long time ago.”

“I’ve talked about having a threesome with girlfriends and another guy, but none of them really wanted to go for it. I never considered anything with a guy before. I always figured it would be the two of us doing her, not doing each other.”

“Well, you’re missing a good thing.” He stood up and picked up his cap. “I better get going. I have to pick up my girlfriend in a little while.” I must have had some weird look on my face because he laughed and said, “Don’t worry. I won’t kiss you goodbye!” We both laughed, but I have to say I was relieved. He walked back out into the yard. After a couple of steps he turned and said he’d like to call me in a couple of days. Maybe we could go have a beer and shoot some pool. I told him that would be great. I went back into the house and wondered what I was doing.

For the next few days I was really horny and masturbated more than usual. What was weird though, was that when I masturbated, I remembered the feeling of Jerry’s tongue and lips surrounding my dick and the feeling of his fingers prodding my ass. I really began to wonder what it might feel like to have a cock in my mouth. After I beat off, I licked the drips from my hand. I didn’t much like it, but it wasn’t the worst thing I’d ever tasted, either.

A couple of days after I met Jerry I woke up with the hardest cock I could remember having. I had been dreaming about sucking Jerry’s cock. I knew exactly how it would feel against the roof of my mouth — kind of soft on the outside while being stiff and hard. I lay there reviewing the dream and stroking my own cock. It took less than a minute for me to come. It got all over my belly and dripped down over my hand. I closed my eyes and licked it all off. It was tasting better.

It was Saturday, a week after I’d gotten my first male blowjob. The phone rang. I answered it and a voice asked, “Paul? Is that you?” I didn’t recognize the voice.

“This is Jerry. You remember, from the gas company?”

“Oh! Yeah, how you doin’?”

“Great! Hey, my girl and I are going to go have a couple of beers. You want to join us?” I told him it sounded like a deal and he told me where they were going. It was a little tavern near the university. I told him I knew the place and we agreed on a time.

I stepped into the dimness of the bar. Somebody had punched in a C&W tune on the juke and there was a pretty good crowd for that early in the day. Of course, it was only a block from the university and it was Saturday. I spotted Jerry at a table against the wall in the back. He saw me at the same time and waved me back. The woman across from him had her back to me and turned around as I approached. Incredibly, I knew her, well, I didn’t know her name, but I recognized her. She had been in one of my classes the last year I went to school there. Jerry introduced her as Molly. I shook her hand and sat at the empty side of the table.

“Hey, Paul!” she said, “I remember you from psych class.”

“Right!” I responded. “You usually sat over by the windows, didn’t you?”

“Yeah. And you always sat by the door because you were almost always late.” We all laughed. “So, Paul,” she had a sly look on her face and she leaned a little closer to me. I unconsciously leaned toward her, the way a person does to hear a secret. “Jerry tells me he sucked you off last week.”

I sat back upright. I wouldn’t have thought he would have told anybody, especially his girlfriend! My face was hot and I felt like it was glowing in the dark. What could I say? “Uhh…well,” I swallowed with a throat that had suddenly gone dry. “Yeah.” Her sly look had blossomed into a broad grin. I looked at Jerry, who wore an identical grin. I realized he’d set me up for this.

“I’d like to see that sometime,” Molly said.

“Sorry, Bud. I had to tell her. I enjoyed it and she and I don’t keep secrets.” Jerry apologized.

“Well, it’s obvious you don’t anyway,” I said, letting canlı poker oyna my resentment show.

“Hey, no problem, Paul,” said Molly. “It’s cool. I know Jerry’s bi. So am I. That’s why we get along so well. Maybe next time he and I can share you.” I just blinked and stared at her dumbly. I remembered sitting in psych class wondering about her. She always had an air of sensuality about her. Just goes to show, I guess.

After the ice was broken we had a good time. We had three or four beers and played pool. Molly wasn’t a bad player, but she couldn’t bank worth a damn. Around four o’clock we decided to get out of there. Some other guys had won the table from Jerry after he’d beat me the last time.

On the sidewalk outside Jerry asked if I wanted to come over and take a swim. Molly had her own house with a pool and Jerry lived with her. I stopped myself just as I was about to say I didn’t have a suit. It was obvious nobody would care — they probably swam naked anyway. So I followed them up to a huge house in the foothills above town.

“This is your place?” I asked her.

“Well, it belongs to my uncle. He’s off in Europe for the summer and asked me to take care of it. Nice place, eh?” I agreed as we walked into the open entryway. It was a room my whole house could almost have fit inside. Tiled floors and potted plants all around. The ceiling was open all the way to the second floor ceiling, and the entry had skylights.

Molly disappeared into another room and Jerry showed me the ground floor. The tour ended in the ‘family room’. There was a pair of sliding doors leading out to the patio and pool. I heard a splash and realized that Molly had preceded us out there. We walked out and I saw her just climbing out of the water, naked as I’d hoped and expected. “Hope you guys don’t mind I started without you. I couldn’t wait to cool off.”

She didn’t have any tan lines, but a nice tan. Her nipples were large even though her tits weren’t all that big. She smiled and moved to the wet bar at one end of the patio. Her feet made slapping sounds and left wet prints on the tiles. Jerry started to strip so I did too. We were both naked by the time Molly had popped our beers. She carried them to us.

She was one of the most luscious things I’d ever seen. She handed me the beer and went to Jerry. She sat on his lap, straddling him face to face. She took a swig from his beer and kissed him. I could tell she was passing the mouthful to him. He gripped her tight ass cheeks and swallowed. She placed the can in his hand and rose. “Come on, guys. I’m drying off here.” She returned to the pool and dove in. Jerry and I stepped to the edge. Steps descended into the water to one side. I set my half empty can on the tile surround and walked into the water. Even at the shallow end the pool was four feet deep. That was why Molly could dive here. Jerry sat on the edge of the pool, dangling his feet in, swirling them slowly back and forth. I leaned against the side enjoying the coolness of the water all over.

Molly had made two laps and stopped next to me. We talked about the classes we’d taken and the instructors. She took my beer and sipped it. When she handed it back she let her hand drop under the water and fondled my cock. It had been half hard but quickly erected at her attention. She smiled and led me by this ‘handle’ over to where Jerry was sitting. With her free hand she pushed his right leg out. His cock hung thickly between his thighs. I saw it twitch as Molly propelled me forward toward his crotch. She brought her mouth close to my ear and licked it. Then, “I want to watch you suck his cock, Paul. Have you ever given a blowjob?” I froze.

“Never,” I managed to choke out. I glanced up to see that Jerry was smiling. A motion lower down attracted my eye. His dick was standing up as it filled with blood. Too late I realized that I had just licked my lips. It must have seemed as if I was imagining how good it would feel to have it in my mouth. Molly giggled.

“Go ahead. You won’t explode — but Jerry will if you do it long enough!” She laughed again. Well? Hadn’t I been thinking about it? Jerry had explained his attitude. Obviously Molly didn’t care one way or the other. That only left me. I looked at her. She winked and reached up to draw the tip of his cock down, pointing it at me. She squeezed my own cock hard and winked. She tugged me a little closer to him.

Taking a deep breath I opened my mouth and leaned forward. My tongue snaked out and licked the tip. Then again. I closed my eyes and let my mouth take him in a little bit at a time. When I had the head and about an inch inside I waited and felt all around it with my tongue. Jesus God! I had a cock in my mouth! And it felt GOOD! I backed off a bit then descended again, farther. I kept repeating this, just the way I liked my dick sucked, and taking more each time. I wasn’t sure if I could get the whole thing in, but I meant to try. I remembered to wrap my teeth with my lips and felt his cock slide on the internet casino roof of my mouth. He wasn’t too curved, unlike my own dick. Molly released my cock and pulled herself up beside Jerry. I raised my eyes to see they were locked in a passionate kiss, seeming to ignore me. But I knew Jerry couldn’t ignore what I was doing.

I became used to it quickly. I figured, in for a penny, in for a pound, and reached up to cup his balls with one hand. The other I wrapped up and around his thigh. I pushed forward and felt him at the back of my mouth. I stopped, not wanting to gag. I compressed him in my mouth and was rewarded with a groan and a, “Good! Just right. Are you sure you’ve never done this before?”

I mumbled, “Umm-hmmm!” That, too was rewarded. I realized I was giving him a true ‘hummer’. So I lowered the tone and groaned. The vibrations traveled from my throat and communicated to the nerves of his cock. He gasped an “Aahhh!” I was doing it right. I speeded up, fucking my mouth with his cock. On each downstroke I hummed for him. It seemed quick, but he grabbed my head and I felt him swell. I knew it was time.

Then I felt the hot come squirting into my throat. He was so far in (I hadn’t managed to take all of him, but I only lacked an inch or so) that it went straight down my throat. I felt so stoned, high, tripping, or whatever! This was unreal. I backed off so I could feel him squirt in the main part of my mouth. The come was hot, as I said, and thick and slippery. I had tasted my own come and this was very similar. But I liked this taste. I didn’t particularly care for my own. Molly made an approving sound as I plunged back onto his length. He must have been softening some because this time I felt his pubic hair and belly against my lips. His balls were on my chin. I had deep-throated him! I felt a strange sort of pride at the realization.

After a last swallow I let him slip out of my mouth. Oddly, I realized I didn’t want to let it go. Molly leaned forward and kissed me, swirling her tongue around my mouth for the taste. Then she looked into the water. “Uh-oh! Paul came, too!” I glanced down and saw my own milky fluid drifting around my cock and balls. It had already begun to spread and thin out. I hadn’t even felt it! I apologized, but she just said, “That’s fine. The filters will take care of it. It sure as hell isn’t the first time there’s been come in this pool.”

Now it was done, I felt self-conscious. I turned and retrieved my beer. I climbed out and walked back under the ramada over the bar. The other two joined me. They must have seen or sensed what I was feeling because they positioned themselves on either side of me. Between them they reassured me. When Molly dropped down and sucked me into her mouth and I hardened I felt better. When I was hard, she led me to a lounge chair and straddled me. She impaled herself on my dick and leaned to me. “See? You still like girls. But now you have discovered something new about yourself. Paul, you’d probably be surprised how many people are giving in to bisexual desires. Almost all the girls I know have at least tried it, and most of them indulge regularly. I love the taste of pussy. But I love this (she contracted her cunt around my cock) more.” I looked at Jerry, seated next to us. He nodded and smiled. He watched as Molly and I stopped talking and got into the sex. We both came hard and she lay down on me while the conversation resumed.

“What Molly said was true, Paul,” he said, nodding. “I have a lot of male friends who, like you, would never give a clue that they had ever given a blowjob. What about me? Do I look bi or gay to you?” I had to admit he didn’t. Intellectually I knew I hadn’t changed outwardly. But I knew I sure had inside. We talked through two more beers then ordered a pizza delivered. Molly answered the door nude, giving the delivery guy an extra tip!

After it got dark we all went back into the pool for a lazy swim. I felt more relaxed than I could ever remember with these two. At one point, Molly swam up behind me and hugged me. She turned my head to her for a kiss. I felt Jerry coming up to us and his hand on my hip. I broke the kiss with Molly and turned to see what he was doing. His face was inches from mine and he kissed me. His tongue sought entry to my mouth so I opened to him. He licked my tongue and I began to kiss him back. Molly had dropped to my neck and was covering it with kisses and licks. I felt a hand on my dick and didn’t care whose it was. I was aware of Molly’s tits pushing on my back. I realized it was Jerry’s hand on my dick. Still we continued to kiss. My hand went to Jerry’s ass and I squeezed it, just as I would have a woman’s. It all felt great to me.

We dried off and went inside. In the living room Molly spread some blankets on the floor. We got down and spent an hour or so feeling each other all over. While Molly and I were in a sixty-nine, I felt hands on my ass. My cheeks were spread and I felt a wet tongue probing my asshole. I groaned into Molly’s cunt and just enjoyed it all. I wondered if Jerry was going to take my anal virginity, but he didn’t offer. Was I glad or disappointed? I had to admit that both were true. Maybe next time… if there was a next time, I thought.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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