Another Taste for Nikki

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After her first spanking Nikki had to admit to herself, perhaps for the first time that she actually enjoyed the spanking and the hot satisfying sex afterward. She even admitted for the first time in her life that she had a Daddy complex. Though in reality she had never had thoughts about her own father, the man who was her boss captured her imagination and lust in a way that caused her to give in to her previously denied desire to be taken by someone she could relate to as a Daddy figure. She was hoping beyond hope that this was not a one-time thing for him, because she wanted more. She certainly wished that they would continue exploring her desires and needs. She was soon to find out that sometimes one should be careful what they wish for.

Several days after her first encounter with her boss, Nikki arrives at work a few minutes early as usual. There on her desk is a vase of Daisy’s with a card attached. Nikki gasped in excitement as she saw the flowers on her desk. As she hurriedly tore open the envelope containing the card, she felt her body react to the situation with a flush of warmth. The card is from her boss. It reads;

“I hope you enjoyed our little session Tuesday as mush as I did. If you did, and would like to get together again away from work, be ready tomorrow night at 6:30. I will pick you up. Dress appropriately to go out.


Nikki felt her heart beat faster in her chest. So obviously he DID enjoy their session and was interested in following up. She was thrilled beyond words. She put the card away and began her day. As her day progressed she found herself becoming more and more distracted. She determinedly concentrated on doing her job and paid close attention to the details as to not make any major mistakes.

When the day finally drew to a close, she noted that she had not seen her boss much at all this day. He had been fairly consumed in meetings and other activities all day. As she was clearing her desk in readiness for leaving for the weekend, she felt his eyes on her. Turning her head, she saw him standing behind her, watching her intently.

“Well, You certainly have been busy today.” She quipped.

“Just the way I like it.” He replied. “So, do I cancel the reservations I made for tomorrow?”

“No.” she answered, averting her eyes, suddenly feeling very self-conscious.

“Very good, six thirty then.” He said and turned and walked back into his office.

Saturday passed excruciatingly slow for Nikki. She spent the morning doing her household chores. About three o’clock she decided it was time to get ready for her date. She spent the next hour going through her closest trying to decide what to wear. She finally decided on a simple white shift. She always looked good in white and definitely wanted to look good tonight. After spending the next hour taking a long leisurely bath, and using all of her will power not to play with her hot little pussy, she went about getting dressed. She dressed in a white bra, white bikini panties and white thigh high stockings. When all was said and done she was dressed and waiting on her date at six fifteen.

When Dean arrived his eyes lit up and a big smile came to his face as he saw his date for the evening. He had been pleased when he hired Nikki and was very attracted to her from the start. He valued her work ethic and had decided not to pursue his personal feelings, rather keep things on a professional level. However, with the recent turn of event he had decided that perhaps they would pursue it and see what happened. He wanted to talk with her about that very thing tonight.

They dined at one of the most popular restaurants in town and their evening passed with comfortable talk and an easy atmosphere. They both seemed to fit well together. There were no first date uncomfortable pauses in the conversation, and they found that they shared many interests. He had purposely left the conversation concerning the direction of their relationship out of the mix tonight. Besides being a good conversationalist, Nikki also discovered that he was a great dancer. She discovered many new things about her boss’s personality that just intrigued her more and more. However, the biggest discovery was yet to come.

Because the restaurant was very crowed on a Saturday night, they parked some blocks away. They walked contentedly down the street, Nikki with her canlı bahis şirketleri hand at his arm, occasionally leaning her head into his shoulder. They were so involved in their conversation they didn’t hear the man come up behind them.

The man, big and burly, silently walked up behind the pair and took a gin out of his pocket. He got in close to Vern and thrust the gun into his back unceremoniously.

“Don’t do anything stupid and no one gets hurt.” He growled.

Taking half a step backwards, he ordered the two to turn around. Nikki was shocked beyond words. This was her first exposure to the world of street violence. They did as ordered and turned to face their robber.

“Just give me your money and no one gets hurt.” The thug reiterated. He was pointing the gun directly at Vern’s chest.

“Ok. Man.” Dean said. “I’m going to reach inside my coat and get my wallet.” Dean explained as his hand came up to the front of his coat.

The man’s wild eyes darted back and forth between Dean and Nikki a couple of times, pausing to give Nikki a quick once over. As Dean scooped the money from his wallet and handed it over to the man, a crisp one hundred dollar bills dislodged from the group and floated to the ground. The man, obviously very nervous, watched the bill. He stupidly, bent over to pick the bill up, trying his best to keep the gun level and pointed at Dean. As he lowered his head to pick up the bill, Dean moved toward him. He caught the movement out of the corner of his eye and pulled the trigger. The explosion of the gun was deafening on the quiet street. The next few seconds were a complete blur to Nikki. She screamed at the gunshot. Then, her hand to her mouth, watched in stunned silence as Dean pounced on the thug like a demon possessed. In the span of a few microseconds, the man was lying on the damp pavement, his gun in Dean’s hand, completely disabled. Nikki’s stunned mind was brought slowly back to reality as she heard Dean’s voice asking her if she was all right and felt his hand gently shaking her.

“What the hell just happened?” she all but screamed.

“Calm down. Everything’s fine.”

He wrapped his arms around her and held her tight. She was shaking from the ordeal, but determined not to cry. His strong embrace gave her strength in return. He guided her gently away from the downed thug.

“Are you alright?” she asked again. Dean assured her he was and calmed her down a bit. Then reached for his cell phone.

“We have a situation, here. I need a team to come clean up.” He spoke abruptly into the phone.

His words barely registered in Nikki confused brain. She felt a mixture of confusion, relief that he wasn’t shot and comfort that he had defused this situation so well. As she turned to look at him, he eyes were drawn to the bullet hole in his coat and shirt. She could do nothing but stare at him, her eyes moving slowly between his eyes and the torn material.

“I don’t understand.” She said softly.

Dean started to speak, but was interrupted when a black van came roaring around the corner and came to an unceremonious stop beside them. Two men emerged from the van both dressed in black. One stopped to talk to Dean, the other walked over to the downed thug.

“Are you OK, Sir?” the man asked.

“Everything’s fine.” Dean assured him. “Just take this idiot away and we’ll be on our way.”

“Yes Sir.” the man replied.

Within a few short minutes the thug was loaded into the van. The men took the gun from Dean and roared off into the night.

Before anything else could happen a limo pulled along side them and Dean opened the car door and helped Nikki inside.

“Now,” she said questioningly. “Do you want to tell me what THAT was all about?” She was desperately trying to get her perception back and to make her brain function normally.

“I guess it’s about time you were told.” Dean said taking her hand in his.

He went on to explain that their business was not the only one he owned. That, in fact, he owned several and was not only a very successful entrepreneur, but also something of a corporate raider. He bought businesses that were mostly in trouble, he explained and then rebuilt the business to either be sold or to be incorporated into his company. He had bought this business and had decided to come himself to work here. It had been canlı kaçak iddaa awhile since he had actually been out in the field so to speak and he wanted the break and to see if he was still sharp in his business acumen. And he had become interested in her and decided to stay on for a while. The men who had shown up at the mugging were his personal security team who had a twenty-four hour watch on him. There were some people out there that he had offended over the years and the company was concerned for his safety. The reason he was not hurt was because he was wearing a new very thin bulletproof vest.

Nikki leaned her head against the back of the seat, letting this new information seep into her overworked brain.

Nikki was lost in her thoughts and before she knew it, her reverie was broken by Dean’s voice.

“We’re here, Nikki.” He said softly.

“hhmmmm….where?” she asked.

“My place. Come on.” He took her hand and helped her out of the car. He led her into his town house, an elegantly, yet masculine apartment of massive size. He led her into the living room, and then walked over to the bar. He fixed her a glass of wine. The sat and talked for quite a while. Nikki was at first put off by his deception. But as he explained his motivation she began to feel more comfortable again. He had not been seriously involved with someone for months. It seemed every time he found someone he might want to cultivate a relationship with he could never be sure if it was him the young lady was interested in or his money. Part of the reason he had taken on this job was to get away from his rat race for a while and rethink his life. He had never expected to find someone who captivated him like she did.

After a couple of long hours of talking about his life and hers, she found herself as captivated with him as he was with her. What occurred now what both a shock to her and a very pleasant surprise.

As the conversation waned, he stood and took her hand. He pulled her up and against him. He kissed her deeply, his tongue playing with hers. Nikki found herself melting in his arms. After the kiss, he led her down the hall to his bedroom.

Leaving her in the middle of the room, he sat on the bed and looked at her.

“Undress for me, my sweet.” He said.

She looked longingly at him and reached to remove her dress. When the dress was gone, he walked over to her and led her to the bed.

Laying her down on the bed on her tummy, he walked to the head of the bed and gathered up several pillows.

“You know, just because you like to be spanked as a form of foreplay, doesn’t necessarily mean the spanking has to be for something you did wrong. It could be just to turn you on.” As he talked he was placing the pillows under her hips. This effectively elevated her hips and ass. Leaning over he ran his hand over her panty-clad butt.

“And I like to spank pretty young ladies, just as much as you like to be spanked.”

He stepped back and stripped out of his shirt shoes and pants. He walked to the foot of the bed and stepped onto the bed between her wide spread legs. He ran his hands over her ass once again.

Nikki felt incredibly vulnerable and incredibly turned on at the same time as his hot hands ran lovingly over her ass. She moaned audibly as she felt the heat begin to build in her ass and her pussy. Her nipples pressed sensuously into the material of her sexy bra. She wiggled and groaned as he played.

“Does Daddy’s little girl need her cute ass spanked, Nikki?” He asked.

She squirmed sensuously, very cognizant of the fact that he was playing into her fantasy and wanton hidden desire that she had felt so guilty about for so long. She felt unbelievably comfortable and aroused that he could so easily accept what she herself had fought in her brain for so long.

“Yes, please Daddy.” She whimpered. She was getting so turned on by this whole scene that she barely felt anything but lust and satisfaction.

Smack! His hand landed smartly on her left ass cheek.

“Daddy’s little girl needs a good sound spanking doesn’t she?”

Smack! His hand struck her right cheek.

“Yes, Daddy. Please.”


“Lift up!” he ordered.

She raised her hips off the pillows and felt him tug her panties down her sexy legs and pull them off.

Now her bare ass canlı kaçak bahis was in THE most vulnerable of positions.


“Daddy will take care of his hot little girl. This DOES make you hot, doesn’t it, Nikki?”


“Oh, yes Daddy. I LIKE it when you spank me.”


Her cute little ass was beginning to burn and tingle and that telltale heat was moving around to her pussy. She wiggled and twisted as he continued to slap her ass.

“Is Nikki going to be a good girl and take care of Daddy when he’s done?”


“Yes, Daddy. Nikki will take care of Daddy. Oh………ow……..oh my god……..oweeee”

Squealing into the pillow, Nikki pushed her hot wet pussy into the sheets of the bed. She was becoming hotter and wetter as the spanking continued to play with her brain. She was becoming terribly turned on by this whole scene and was exceptionally aware how well he was playing into her favorite fantasy.


Without warning, Dean slipped one hand under her twisting hips and found her wet hot pussy.

She squealed with delight as she felt his hand on her pussy. When he slapped her ass again, he slipped a finger into her pussy.

Nikki jumped at the invasion and spread her legs wider to allow him better access. He fingered her sweet little pussy as he continued to slap her ass.

In a few short minutes, she was wiggling and squirming all over the pillows, hot desire coursing through her body.

Dean leaned in over her, his hot hard cock pressing into her butt. He reached and undid her bra, pulling it abruptly off her shoulders and out from under her. She arched her back as she felt his hands slide around and cup her tits. She moaned again loudly as he tweaked her nipples and pressed himself into her ass.

“Does Naughty Girl want Daddy?” He whispered into her ear.

“Oh, yes, Daddy. Please.” She whimpered.

Grabbing the back of her hair, he turned her face to his and licked at her lips. She struggled trying to get his tongue, but he denied her. She moaned through parted lips as he continued to tease her. She pulled hard against his hand and succeeded in pressing her open mouth to his. She sucked his tongue into her mouth. She was on fire. Her ass stung hotly and she could feel his hard cock between her ass cheeks. One of his hands was squeezing her tits and nipples and one was holding her lips to his in a hard passionate kiss.

“Please, Daddy.” She whimpered. “Give me your cock. Please.”

Letting her go, he pulled himself onto his knees once again between her legs. He proceeded to deliver several hard, sharp slaps to her ass once again. Then shucking off his shorts, he fisted his cock and rubbed the head against her pussy lips.

Almost totally losing control, Nikki squirmed and wiggled trying to impale herself on his big hard cock.

“Please, please, please, please. Daaaadddddyyyyyyy.”

Holding his cock in place he parted her pussy lips with the head and the slammed it home into her wet hot pussy.

“OH, MY GOD!!!” she screamed. She felt so full and so good as he filled her pussy with his man meat. She began to buck her hips to get as much of his cock into her as she could. He gladly helped her out by shoving his cock deep into her glistening pussy.

He began to fuck into her hot wet pussy with long deep strokes. She returned his thrust with fervor and lust, totally lost in the glorious fucking she was now receiving.

Within a few minutes she could feel the start of her orgasm. She began to grunt and whimper as the ecstasy overtook her. She screamed into the pillow beneath her head as she climaxed so very hard.

Dean continued to fuck her hot little pussy with forceful thrusts of his cock. In minutes he felt the first telltale signs of his impending orgasm. He thrust more purposely as he pounded he almost mercilessly. Thrusting hard and deep, he felt his balls erupt into her heat. He spewed gush after gush of white-hot semen into her. Nikki felt the explosion deep inside her as he climaxed and she also exploded into another more powerful orgasm.

“Oh my god, Daddy…..I’mmm cuummmmiiiing, a….gain!” She screamed.

Every thrust of his hips met hers and they shrieked out their climax together. As they subsided, he collapsed on top of her and she felt the tension flow from her body. Lying together, both spent and content, he stroked her as she cooed in his arms.

Nikki smiled softly as she lay comfortably under his weight. She was content and happy for the first time in a long time and didn’t want this feeling to end.

Copyright © 2003 Vern

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