We’ve planned this party – planned going to it, knowing what each other would be wearing. We dressed this evening with each other, for each other, long and slow and teasingly, stopping between pieces of clothing to kiss and suck and nibble. I’m across the room from you, flirting with your friends, swaying my hips beneath my black skirt. When I lean over the pool table to make my shot, the black bodice I’m wearing gives the man across the table a wonderful view of the valley between my breasts. I know he itches to pull down the zipper on the front of it, as I stalk around the table in my high-heeled boots to take my next shot. When I finally turn the table over to him, I reach up and fondle the collar you gave me this afternoon. His eyes are drawn to it, and the sight makes him look around for you, knowing you must be near.

I know where you are. I play, but only for your pleasure. I’ve felt your eyes on me all night, lusting for me even more as I flirt with your friends. Because you know, and I know, that I am owned by you. But despite who wears the collar, we know one other little fact. I own you, too.

I smile at the poor boy missing his shot on the pool table. He’s nervous. Between wanting me and fearing you, he can’t concentrate on his game and I beat him easily. Manavgat Escort Bayan Better luck next time. I walk away, not towards you, not purposefully, but nearing your corner nonetheless. I’ve felt you watching from that corner all night.

Your eyes are dark, matching your black suit. There is a whip fastened to your belt; I know it’s there. I saw you buckle it there. Strangely, it isn’t the thought of you using it on me that excites me; but the thought that other people would think you’d use it, and that I’d enjoy it. Turning to the bar, I wonder if there’s such a drink as a Brooding Englishman. Perhaps I’ll create one later, when we’re home. Or perhaps I’ll have better things to do.

It’s when your breath feathers across my neck that I realize you’ve moved from your corner. You bite, not gently, on my exposed shoulder, leaving a clear mark of ownership for everyone at the party to see. I moan softly, leaning my head back against your chest as you mark me, there at the bar.

Your hands at my hips pull me away from the bar before I can order, and back to your corner I find myself being directed. You pin me there, your larger body hiding me from the rest of the party – no one can seewhat we do, or indeed, that I am even here. Manavgat Escort

I smile wickedly up at you, and fondle the tag on my collar. Your hand covers mine and your breath feathers over my brow. “Boo Boo Kitty Fuck Indeed.” Your mouth crushes down on mine with all the pent-up frustration I’ve taken care to build in you tonight. I answer it with pure temptation of my own, exploring your mouth with my tongue, then nibbling on you bottom lip before pulling away. I intend to keep you waiting a while longer.

Chuckling, I slip under your arm and away, brushing one hand across your pants as I go, delighting in the low groan I draw out of you. Across the room once more, I join the crowd to watch the coaster-flipping contest, raising my eyes eventually to meet yours across the room. Sidling up to one of your friends, I persuade him to loan me some quarters for the jukebox….and over to that side of the room I maneuver, swaying my hips purposefully, knowing you still watch.

I choose two songs, then turn to find your eyes again as the god-like voice of Revis begins to trickle through the room. I’m caught in the rain, indeed…I can feel the wetness between my thighs; I wear no underwear tonight, and you know that, too. You made sure Escort Manavgat of that on the way here, and that little flash of memory – your hand beneath my skirt in the car – is enough to make me squirm. I take a few steps to conceal the motion, and find myself against your chest once more.

I look up into your eyes just before your arms drag me up into a kiss once more. You stare hungrily down into my face after letting me find my feet. “Home. NOW.”

“But your friends….the party…” I protest, but not seriously. I want to be home as soon as possible too.

“Fuck them.”

I smile slightly, knowing it’s not them who you will be fucking tonight. “Well then.” I turn, heading for the door, the night warm enough I won’t need my coat.

You direct me towards the door by one hand at the small of my back – not forcefully, but with the threat of force if we don’t leave. Now. I wonder, idly, if we’ll even make it home….

My musings come true as you pull me into a dark alley we happen to be passing by.

“Here?” the surprise in my voice is undercut by a darker, huskier note as your hand wraps around my ankle, drawing my leg up to settle beside your hip, pushing up my skirt as you go. Then, as one hand dives beneath my skirt, the other reaches up to grab the zipper of my bodice, unzipping it slowly, the pace of the unzipping matching the pace of your other fingers inside me. Behind us, inside the building we’ve just left, Revis melts into Five For Fighting as my own Superman rides something far more substantial than a cloud.

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