Anything For Mom


Chapter 1: A Vacation To Remember

Serena was furious. She was absolutely spitting nails mad, and anyone within a quarter mile of the house surely knew it. She vented her anger loudly and with abandon.

She just knew this exact scenario was going to come up. She’d been a fool to hope otherwise, but ever the optimist, she’d tried. She’d spent so much time planning this vacation on a small but lively island in the Canadian Maritimes, hoping she might be able to somehow salvage her marriage and keep her small family unit intact. Every other time in the last two years she’d planned some sort of family getaway, her husband backed out, claiming a “business emergency”. This time, she planned a vacation where it would be relatively hard to leave once there. She hoped she could have some time with her husband, maybe re-ignite the old spark they’d once felt. Maybe try to get her 18 year old son to make some sort of connection with his stepfather. All in all, just get away from the rat race and relax.

At first, it seemed like it might actually happen. While hubby wasn’t exactly thrilled to be going, he seemed accepting enough – no complaints voiced. Then he dropped his bombshell, mere hours before they were set to leave. Yet another, “unexpected business emergency” had come up and he couldn’t go. That’s when she went ballistic.

Business emergency my ass! More like a chance to fuck that slut secretary of his! She thought. That’s what it was, that’s what it had always been. His slut of a secretary. She tore into her husband with venomous rage, lashing him mercilessly with her tongue. Finally, shaking with rage, tears spilling from her eyes, she’d stomped to her room and slammed the door shut. She sat on the bench in front of her vanity, forehead in the palm of her hand.

Shortly, there was a small, tentative knock on her door. Before she could loose another verbal barrage, she heard her son Derek’s voice, asking what was wrong. She sobbed again. She didn’t want her son to see her like this, but she needed someone to talk to. “You might as well come on in,” she said her voice still edged with anger and frustration.

He did, gingerly stepping into her room. “You OK, Mom?” he asked gently, moving closer.

“No! That asshole husband of mine did it again, backing out at the last minute. He didn’t have the decency to say anything sooner, and I’ll bet a year’s pay he knew all along he wasn’t going. There it goes again, everything messed up! I’ve already paid for everything.”

“That’s OK, Mom.”

“No it isn’t OK damn it! I’m tired of his fucking games. God, I was so looking forward to getting away for a couple of weeks, go somewhere quiet.”

Derek adored his mother, and seeing her so angry, frustrated, and disappointed, made his heart ache. He came up behind her and saw the tears trickling down her face. He hesitantly reached out and touched her shoulder, not sure what to say. Then a thought struck him. It sent a queer surge through him, and he blurted it out. “Well, maybe we can go anyway? He doesn’t have to be there, he’d only make us miserable.” Suddenly, his heart was pounding, his insides leaden. The chance to be alone with his mother was something he’d dreamed of and prayed for.

She sighed but didn’t answer right away. Of course it was the best option under the circumstances – a lot better than sitting here and stewing. “Oh, honey, why would you want to be alone with your old mother for two weeks?”

If you only knew, he thought. “‘Cause I love you and I know how important this is to you. I was kinda looking forward to going myself.” This last was a bold-faced lie, but it sounded good. “Besides, you wanted this to be a family vacation, and to me we’re the only real family.” Bitterness suddenly welled up in Derek. “He’s not part of our family, not to me.” For a second, Derek thought he might have said too much. For years, he’d struggled to keep his feelings on the subject of his step-father in check for his mother’s sake. It was getting harder to keep those feelings inside, and sometimes they slipped out. This time, he didn’t regret it. “Besides, we can have fun, just the two of us.”

Serena sniffled, and a small smile appeared on her face. She looked back at her son. She was very much aware that he was her boy. She knew he’d never been happy that she’d gotten married, knew on some level it had been devastating to him, but he never complained. She’d always felt pangs of guilt for letting another man into their lives, yet at the time, it seemed so important that Derek have a father figure around, and she have a man for herself. Whatever his feelings about it, he remained her totally devoted mamma’s boy. Now, looking back at her son, she saw an achingly beautiful young man who more and more often stirred feelings in her that were decidedly sexual, feelings which were at once frightening and thrilling. She looked at him for a long moment, searching his face. Yes, he was beautiful, and the adoration he felt for her was there to see. She suddenly felt a warm, pleasant flush wash over her. Ankara escort At last, she said, “Are you sure?’

“Oh yeah I’m sure.”

She closed her eyes and laid her head back so it was resting on his chest. Oh yes, the flush she felt was undeniably sexual. “I should have known you were the only one I could ever really count on,” she said softly. “Alright, We’ll go, just you and me and we’ll show that asshole we don’t need him.”

To Derek, those words were sweet music.


Serena was the quintessential Soccer Mom. Had a Madison Avenue agency been looking for someone to play the role in an ad campaign, she would have been a perfect fit. At 36, she was the right age. She was prettier than the average suburban soccer Mom, with her shoulder-length, curly blonde hair, bright green eyes, and a lush mouth, but she wasn’t a stark beauty. At 5’4″ and 130 or so pounds, she carried no extra weight, and she was blessed in that her build came naturally. The only regular exercise she got was vigorous walking several days a week.

As with the Madison Avenue image of a soccer Mom, she had a career, and a successful one at that. Her father had made something of a name for himself in the local community as a property owner. When he died four years ago, he’d left her several apartment buildings and a decent sum of money. She suddenly found herself a landlord, and she quickly excelled in her new found career. She could be cold and ruthless bitch when she had to be. Along the way, she’d gotten her real estate license, and she began to dabble in buying and selling properties. It didn’t take long before she was making a tidy income from her business dealings. She certainly wasn’t rich, but she was successful enough that she could live decently, even without her husband’s income.

Derek was active in sports – soccer in the fall, wrestling in the winter, and baseball in the spring, and she was faithful about attending every one of his games. She made sure he always got to where he needed to be. She even drove that symbol of Soccer-Mom hood, a minivan. And of course, she was a member of the PTA and the school’s athletic booster association.

If you were to pass her on the street, or see her driving about town in her minivan, or see her in the local Wal-Mart, she might have drawn an extra look and a fleeting thought that she was really nice looking, but she wouldn’t have stood out in your mind as anything exceptional, just a typical middle-class suburban mother. You wouldn’t remember her 5 minutes after seeing her.

Now she was driving down the interstate in her mini-van, Derek dozing in the passenger seat. The drive would be long, better than 5 hours just to reach the ferry that would carry them to the island. They’d had to get up at three in the morning. Now, the sun was just peaking over the horizon, and they were well on their way. She hoped they’d reach the Canadian border in time to be at the ferry before afternoon.

Last night, after deciding to continue on with her vacation plans, she went to her husband and unleashed a final verbal broadside. “You can rot for all I care! We’re going, and fuck you and the bitch that gave birth to you!” It felt good to let her anger flow freely.

She looked over at her sleeping son, and smiled. She adored him. He’d always been the light of her life, and it was funny how he remained the only male she felt she could rely on, through thick and thin. It was impossible not to see how beautiful he was, how physically attractive he was. He wasn’t all that big, certainly less than 6 feet tall and not an ounce more than 175, but he was built almost perfectly. Sleek and muscular without being muscle-bound, and in the last couple of years, he’d lost his adolescent angularity and awkwardness. He had her slightly curly blonde hair, which he always wore neat and short. He also had her bright green eyes. He had his father’s strong, clean jaw line and elegant nose. Was it any wonder he stirred sexual feelings in her? She was, after all, a woman who’d always had passionate sexual appetites, and he was the kind of young man who’d stir any woman’s desire.

She stared at the highway unfolding before her and let her mind drift to sex. The problem with sex, as far as she was concerned, was simply that she never got enough. Sex is what first attracted her to Derek’s father, and as far as she was concerned, the time she was with him was the most sexually satisfying time of her life. His father was every bit as good looking as Derek, and he was hung like a horse. His appetites matched hers, and for several months, it had been phenomenal. They fucked constantly, fucked like rabbits, four or five times a day. They tried anything and everything they could think of, different positions, dangerous and exciting places, anal, oral, they even found a couple of girls willing to join them for threesomes. It had been sheer paradise. Then, it ended almost instantly. She was pregnant.

She thought Derek’s father would be thrilled. She was certainly thrilled. She thought they were in love, Ankara escort bayan and a child would be a welcome addition to their family. It wasn’t to be. As good looking as he was, as passionate and loving and gentle as he could be, the instant he sniffed commitment, he vanished. Gone like the proverbial puff of smoke, leaving her to her own devices. She went from making passionate love multiple times a day to nothing at all literally overnight. Worse still was the abandonment, the devastating emotional blow to her soul, the realization she was on her own. She quickly struggled to get her mind on track and deal with her situation. She sublimated her intense sexual drive into preparing herself to bring a new life into the world and raise her as yet unborn child properly.

Driving down the road, a memory welled up suddenly and without warning, something she hadn’t thought about in many years. The sexual desires never really went away, even after Derek was born. In fact, when she fed him, the sensations nursing gave her, with his wet, toothless mouth suckling her nipple, were pleasurable. She often found herself looking forward to feeding time simply because of the pleasure it gave her

She hadn’t consciously thought of that in many years, and having it well up now jangled her nerves. She sighed and lit a cigarette, cracking the window so it wouldn’t bother Derek. She tried to think of other things, but the image wouldn’t go away. She shifted in her seat and felt rather than heard her cunt squish. She was wet, and the too familiar ache in her loins was back.

In the years after Derek was born, she channeled her energies into raising him. He was the center of her life. She lavished love and affection on him, and he thrived on it. Her family, rather well-off by the standards of their community, ensured she and Derek had all the basics, nonetheless, she worked hard, getting her certification as a cosmetologist and building a reputation working out of a few small local salons. It was work she enjoyed and it was flexible enough to allow her to be heavily involved in Derek’s life.

Yet the sexual hunger never went away, at times becoming intolerable. When masturbating was no longer enough to make it bearable, she would go out and find someone to fuck. It was risky and she knew it, but sometimes there was no other choice. The men she fucked were not the kind of men she’d ever consider bringing home. They were tools to be used to take care of a need, and given the kind of men they were, it was a perfectly acceptable arrangement all around. It seemed the older she got, the sharper her sexual pangs became. Sometimes it seemed she was horny every waking second, her need a constant low-grade fever.

Then she met Dan. He seemed different from the typical guy she’d tangle with in a one-night stand. He was good-looking, kind, sensitive, and a good lover in bed. He wasn’t as passionate as Derek’s father had been, but suddenly, her sexual needs were being tended to with pleasant frequency. He was close to her in age, and he was a successful businessman, which was especially appealing. She thought – hoped. Derek might do well with a strong male role-model to guide him. So, when Dan proposed, she accepted.

She saw right from the beginning that Derek wasn’t happy with the new arrangement. She supposed that was natural. Perhaps, she reasoned, it was just a phase, but Derek never did warm up to his step-father. He remained as devoted to her as ever, and she made sure she continued to lavish love and affection on him. While it wasn’t perfect, it seemed workable.

At first, things went well. They settled into a comfortable routine. While Dan wasn’t nearly as sexually passionate and adventurous as she might have liked, he was good and attentive, and five times a week sure beat the hell out of five times a year (and that would have been an exceptional year!). It was after her father died and she inherited his business that things started to go downhill. It was especially noticeable after she became successful. Dan became more withdrawn, started spending more and more time at the office, and the lovemaking fell off until once a week was the norm. Serena seemed able to ignore the change. After all, she was busy with her own career and Derek’s school and activities, and she’d learned very well over the lean years all about sublimating her desires. She wanted things to work out, so she tried to believe everything was alright.

A little over a year ago, she got her first unmistakable warning that all wasn’t well when Dan suddenly left a Disney World vacation to tend to a “business emergency” back home. He was vague about just what the emergency was, and she didn’t press too hard (those things did happen). When it happened again during a winter skiing vacation, she started to suspect he was seeing someone on the side – his secretary was the prime suspect, a pretty little gold-digger Serena hated. Even more disturbing, she saw enough of his business paperwork to suspect that he was cooking the books. It was all very ominous. They Escort Ankara fought more and more, and sex became a thing of the past. Still, she was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, one last chance. This vacation was that last chance.

Her worst fears were confirmed when he backed out last night. Now, it was simply a matter of how and when to end it.

In her reverie, she almost missed the exit off the interstate. She muttered, “Oh shit,” but she made it. She sighed and looked over at Derek again, still dozing next to her. There was the love of her life, the one constant, the one she could always count on. She felt a guilty pang. How much had she hurt him since she’d brought Dan into their lives? Sometimes, she felt she’d let him down in a fundamental way. Maybe it was good that things were working out this way. Perhaps she could use this time to make it up to him.

Chapter 2

On the Boat

The boat’s horn sounded a long blast, the deck rumbled as the engines revved up, and suddenly they were moving. The big ferry slid from its moorings and backed into the harbor. They’d passed through customs and stopped at the currency exchange, and still made it to the ferry landing in plenty of time to make the 10 o’clock crossing.

A line people were forming at the galley to purchase breakfast. She wasn’t at all hungry, but what about Derek? He was standing next to her, staring out the window at the landscape scudding by. “Are you hungry, honey?” she asked. “Do you want to get something to eat?”

He looked at her for a moment, knew she wasn’t interested in food, and said, “Nah, I’m all set Mom.”

“Are you sure?” He was standing close to her, and she liked that.

“Yeah, I’m all set.”

“Well, I’m going out onto the deck so I can have a cigarette. Want to come? Maybe we’ll see a whale.”

“Sure, let’s go. It’s awful cramped in here.” He opened the heavy door for her and she stepped over the transom onto the starboard deck. At first, it was as warm as was on land, but as she lead the way to the stern and stepped into the open, the breeze came off the cold Atlantic and it was impressively chilly. Serena shuddered, glad she’d put on her windbreaker. She shuddered, and said, “Ooo, chilly out here! They weren’t kidding.”

She lit a cigarette and stepped to the rail, and he came up behind her. Just being alone with her like this was enough to make his cock begin to harden. Heart thudding, not sure how she would react, he put his hands on her waist and moved close to her. It was a light embrace, but definitely the embrace of a lover rather than a son.

Serena gently pressed back against her son; let him embrace her, felt the subtle swell of his manhood against her bottom. It felt good. His arms were strong but gentle, the embrace very loving. Yes, it felt good. She was very much aware of his erection, and that, even more than the embrace, pleased her. He was young, so exceptionally good looking and he was aroused. There was really no better salve for a bruised ego than knowing she could stir such a beautiful young man. The ache in her loins intensified. It had been so long since she’d been fucked. She was aware that it was her own son who was stirring these feelings in her, and suddenly she thought I don’t care! It felt so good to be held in such a loving, gentle embrace, to feel a man close to her. If it was her son, so be it.

She rested back against him and said, staring out at the gray water surging past, “I’m sorry, honey.”

“What?” Derek said.

“I’m sorry. I had such high hopes for this vacation.”

Derek rested his chin on her shoulder, not sure what to say. “You don’t have to be sorry, Mom. I’d much rather spend a vacation with just you any day.” Now his voice became heated, angry. “Who needs him, anyway? I never liked him. The way he treats you! I’d never treat you that way.” And it was true. In his eyes, his mother was a near goddess, to be worshipped and pampered. If she’d only let him have a chance, he’d show her how she should be treated.

He’d always been her boy – always. For the first 11 years of his life, it had been just the two of them. He never knew his biological father, and Serena rarely spoke of him, and that was just fine. For 11 glorious years, it was just the two of them, a sweet, loving, beautiful boy and his doting mother. She was lavish in her love and affection. There was never a time when the mere sight of his mother didn’t stir wonderful aching feelings in him. For 11 glorious years, he was secure that he and his mother were in this world as one.

Then it all seemed to collapse.

For reasons an 11-year-old boy couldn’t understand his mother suddenly brought a man into their universe. It was a shattering experience. He wasn’t a stupid boy, and on a certain level he understood it was all perfectly reasonable. Women had husbands and boyfriends, that’s the way the world worked. His mother was, after all, no different than other women. He had to accept it. If that’s what she wanted, he wouldn’t – couldn’t – do anything that would make her upset. If she wanted him to accept this new arrangement, he would, but he didn’t have to like it, and he didn’t have to like the interloper who’d so brazenly pushed Derek from the throne beside his mother.

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