Apartment 407

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It was late when they pulled their car into the parking space. They had spent the night at a friends, drinking and smoking pot, and were feeling a bit buzzed from it all. Alicia smiled at Nancy then got out of the car, her tall frame looming a shadow across the lot. Nancy followed suit, walked around the car to Alicia and took her by the hand. Alicia and Nancy had been living together for almost 6 months. They were happy together despite all the hassles they got for having such an age difference. Alicia was 19, tall and curvy while Nancy was 28, short and rounded. They mixed well, and both liked the age difference, knowing it only added to their sex lives. Alicia grabbed Nancy’s hand tighter and hoped that Nancy wasn’t too tired…

“Let’s go inside and go to bed babe.” Nancy said

Alicia nodded and they walked, hand in hand to the apartment they shared. The door opened with a slight creak and they entered their home. It was always kept on the cool side and Alicia shivered slightly as she walked towards the bedroom.

In the bedroom, Nancy had already begun to undress. Alicia walked in and looked over her lover’s body. Her rounded curves always-made Alicia wet when she saw them. Nancy’s breasts were large and pale with her tits hardening at the air-conditioned chill. They had large pink areolas with a perfectly centered nipple that reminded Alicia of pieces of bubble gum. She did love to chew on them at times! Nancy looked up and caught Alicia staring.

“What?” She asked.

“Huh? Oh, no, nothing I was just thinking. ” Alicia replied as she walked into the bathroom.

She stood in front of the mirror and began to undress. She removed her jeans and T-shirt she wore and bent over the sink to brush her teeth. Her eyes were averted to the water running in the sink so she didn’t see Nancy come up behind her.

She felt the warm hands first, around her hips. She let out a small chuckle and pressed back against Nancy. She heard a small intake of breath and pressed back harder, rubbing her ass against Nancy. She finished with her teeth and when she went to turn around she was surprised by the firm grip that held her in place.

“What are you doing Nancy?” She asked.

“Nothing, hold still and relax.” Nancy said

At this, Nancy hooked her two thumbs around Alicia’s panties and slid them to the floor. Alicia felt the cool air hit her naked ass and inhaled quickly. Nancy illegal bahis began to slowly massage her ass, running her hands on it, and up her back and stomach. She leaned on Alicia, forcing her to bend over against the sink.

“Nancy?” Alicia asked.

“Shhh,” Nancy responded.

Alicia felt the warm hand dip further and further between her thighs. She spread her legs to allow Nancy more room and closed her eyes. Nancy’s finger found her clit and she began to gently rub it in little circles just like she knew Alicia liked. Alicia let out a moan of pleasure and spread her legs wider. Nancy’s finger trailed away from her clit, making Alicia whimper. She slid her finger down further and over Alicia tight hole. She moved it around against her pussy, loving how wet Alicia always got. She placed her finger over the opening but didn’t go inside, wanting to tease Alicia. More and more, Alicia pushed out more juice and wiggled her hips, trying to get Nancy’s fingers inside her aching, wet pussy.

“Nancy, please!” Alicia begged. Nancy groaned and slid her finger inside. Alicia was warm and tight inside and Nancy could feel her pussy gripping onto her. Alicia let out a moan of sheer pleasure and rocked her hips back and forth on Nancy’s fingers.

Alicia picked her head up and looked at Nancy in the mirror. Her skin was dark and tanned in comparison to Nancy’s pale white flesh. Alicia was of Cuban descent, with the dark hair and eyes, tanned skin, and large curves all around. Her breasts were Nancy’s favorite part. Large DD’s, tanned with brown areolas and small brown nipples. They bounced in her bra as Nancy finger fucked her pussy. Nancy ran her hand along Alicia’s back and unhooked the bra. It slid down Alicia’s arms, and her tits bounced out. Her nipples were hard and Alicia took one hand off the counter top to pinch one of her nipples. She moaned and rocked faster on Nancy.

Nancy leaned closer to her and whispered in her ear. “Let’s go to bed little girl.”

Alicia unable to speak from the desire building within her could only nod and follow Nancy to the bed. Nancy helped her into bed and lay her on her back. Alicia looked up at her lover and whispered in the dark, “Fuck me Nancy. Please fuck me!” Nancy groaned and slid on top of Alicia. She kissed her with a demand that both shocked and delighted Alicia. Nancy’s lips trailed down further to Alicia’s neck and she began to suck harder illegal bahis siteleri and harder. Alicia let out a whimper of both pain and pleasure. She began to writhe under Nancy the pain beginning to overwhelm the pleasure. Nancy grabbed hold of Alicia’s hair and gripped it tight making it impossible for her to move her head. Alicia whimpered and gasped, arousing Nancy further. Nancy released her hair, and was rewarded by a shudder racing down Alicia’s warm body. Nancy loved the feel of her wiggling and writhing beneath her. She moved down even further, trailing soft kisses until she reached her tits. Her nipples had hardened to little brown pebbles and Nancy took one in her mouth. Alicia groaned simultaneous to Nancy. Nancy sucked at her nipple with growing pleasure, her other hand pinching Alicia’s other nipple. Alicia moaned and called out into the dark, “YES! NANCY! OH, YES!” Nancy switched sides and put her throbbing nipple into her mouth, she licked and sucked at them until Alicia was near mad with desire.

Alicia pushed Nancy’s head down to her wet pussy. Nancy inhaled deeply, the scent driving her wild. She ran her hands across the smooth surface, Alicia’s pussy devoid of any hair, made it easier for Nancy to enjoy herself. Alicia spread her lips apart, thrusting her hard throbbing clit up. “Suck it Nancy.” She begged. Nancy willingly complied. She ran the tip of her warm tongue over Alicia’s clit. Alicia moaned and bucked her hips. Nancy placed her hands over Alicia’s hips and said, “Don’t move.” Alicia looked at Nancy’s face; the serious expression mixed with the sheer lust in her eyes told her that she was about to get fucked hard. That being exactly what she wanted she lay back and relaxed. Nancy lowered her head again and put her mouth on Alicia’s clit. She began to slowly suckle it in her mouth and Alicia gasped and moaned at the ripples of pleasure it sent out. She grabbed hold of Nancy’s head and pressed it into her pussy.

“Yes Nancy, oh yes, I want your face in my pussy!” She gasped out. Nancy responded with a groan and sat up on her knees without removing her mouth. She slid two fingers inside of Alicia’s open pussy and began to fuck her while sucking her clit. Alicia began to move, matching Nancy’s rhythm, pushing Nancy’s face harder and harder into her pussy. “Ooohhh Nancy!” Alicia moaned, “Yes baby, fuck me! I want to cum all over your face baby!” Nancy groaned and canlı bahis siteleri sucked harder. Alicia began bucking faster and faster, unable to get enough of Nancy’s thrusting fingers.

Alicia all of a sudden, jumped up and onto her knees, exposing her dripping pussy to Nancy. She looked over her shoulder at Nancy and said, “I want to get fucked. Fuck my wet pussy until I cum pleeeaaasee!” Nancy didn’t need to be told twice! She slid in three fingers and began to pound Alicia. Alicia moaned into a pillow. She slid her own hand underneath her and found her throbbing clit. She began to rub it hard meanwhile Nancy pumped in and out of her cunt. The sensations were incredible! Alicia loved the way Nancy fucked her; she always came under Nancy.

Alicia wanted more, but didn’t know how to get there. “Nancy, spank me!” She screamed, “Spank me hard, make me take it!” Nancy’s hand slapped her ass with a roughness Alicia didn’t know was in Nancy. “You want to take it?” Nancy asked. She fucked Alicia harder to emphasize her words.

“Oh yes!” Alicia moaned. “I want to be your little slut. Make me take it, make me your slut!” She begged. Nancy couldn’t believe what she was hearing! It made her so wet to know Alicia wanted it hard. To hear those words from Alicia’s lips as she pounded into her wet pussy and spanked her rounded ass. She pumped faster and faster as Alicia groaned and moaned, pressing up trying to get her fingers deeper and deeper.

“Oh GOD!” Alicia screamed. “Nancy, I think I’m going to cum!” Alicia exploded and cum rushed out of her pussy, splashing out everywhere as Nancy continued to fuck her pussy. Alicia’s knees buckled and she collapsed onto the bed.

Nancy grabbed her roughly and turned her on her back. She looked at her and whispered fiercely, “You’re not done yet my little slut.” Alicia’s eyes widened and she began to shake her head, “No, no, Please, I’ve cum so hard!” Nancy paid no attention and thrust her tongue into Alicia’s quivering pussy. Alicia moaned and grabbed the sheets. “Mmmm, I love the taste of your cum!”

Nancy said and began sucking and licking it all off Alicia’s cunt. She ran her tongue up and down Alicia’s slit, loving the feel of her shaved cunt. Alicia moaned and said, “Oh Nancy! I love the feel of your tongue up and down my slit baby!” “It makes me feel like such a bad little girl!”

Nancy continued to lick all over until she found Alicia’s throbbing clit. She grasped it between her teeth and licked the top. Alicia screamed and burst into another orgasm, pouring more cum out onto Nancy’s eager face. Nancy groaned and licked it all up before they both fell asleep wrapped in each-others arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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