Are They Dirty? Ch. 02

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Hello you naughty girls and boys!

I thought some of you might be wondering what ever happened to Steve and Lacey after their first encounter. So let’s catch up with Steve just a few days later.


Steve was sitting in the park at one of the picnic tables under the pavilion. It had been a few days since his special encounter with Lacey; and her feet. Actually he knew it wasn’t just a ‘few’ days, it was exactly four. It was four days after he first encountered her.

He had come to the park the following day, as she told him to. That hadn’t been too easy. While he desperately wanted to see her again, he was still quite worried about the reality of the situation. Would she be there? Would she have gone to the cops and they would be waiting to have a talk with him? It sounded crazy, and yet he couldn’t shake the anxiety. Still he forced himself to go.

So it was actually something of a relief when he didn’t see her at the park. It was also a little depressing, but he had already chalked the whole thing up to little more than a dream and a chance moment. He was there for over an hour before he went home, saddened it was over, yet comfortable in the expected outcome.

So why had he come back each day since? He gave himself a lot of answers, such as he was just being thorough, or he just wanted to see she was okay, or he just wanted to be in the park for himself. None of those felt like a real answer though. He knew it was unlikely he would see her, maybe ever.

So he was rather startled when someone tapped him on the shoulder and he turned around to see Lacey’s smiling face staring back at him.

“Hey Footboy, how’ve you been?”

He was so happy to see her he almost grabbed her in a hug before he realized that might be stepping over the line. He caught himself but knew his movements looked awkward. He tried to just brush it off.

“Hey! Good to see you! I’m good. I’m good.”

She sat down next to him, her back to the table. She was wearing a top similar to the last time he saw her, a yellow tank with something cutesy on the front. She was also wearing denim shorts. He tried hard to maintain eye contact and focus on her and not rush to look at her feet.

“Hey, I’m glad to see you too. Listen I’m sorry I didn’t show the next day. I wasn’t really sure what would happen and I wanted to be careful. Then I planned to come back yesterday and check for you, just in case, but things came up.”

“I understand.”

He took some comfort that she too was uneasy about meeting the next day, and once again he was pleased she took precautions for her own sake. But if she really wanted to stop by yesterday, and was here today, that was evidence she really did want to see him again.

And he was very happy to see her. She was just as beautiful as before. He let his eyes fall off her shoulder and travel down her arm to her hand in her lap. Then not wanting to stare at her lap he gladly let his eyes roam over her smooth bare legs, dropping over her knees, and falling down to her precious feet in yellow flip-flops.

“I knew it wouldn’t take long. Yes I brought my feet with me. You can relax. Well; just a little.”

Caught again. But this time it wasn’t going to get him in trouble. They exchanged smiles. He was so happy she had come to see him and that she was accepting, perhaps even encouraging, of his blooming foot fetish.

“Here this should help.”

As she said it, she stood up only to stand on the bench and resume her seat, now on the table. Her feet were now on the bench next to him and closer. And as if that wasn’t enough, she then crossed her legs so her foot was even closer as she slapped her flip-flop a few times.

“Be a dear and rub my foot, would you?”

She said it like a question but they both knew he couldn’t refuse. Quickly he slipped off her shoe and placed in on the table and then grabbed her foot with both hands. It was magic. He was so glad to once again be close to her feet.

As he held it and squeezed it he took in everything about her foot. He noticed the softness, the curves, the coolness, the size; everything. And then he also realized he really hadn’t held her foot before this moment. In their first encounter he had spent a lot of time licking as well as some kissing and even toe sucking, but that had all been with his mouth and not his hands.

He continued to work her foot, both eager to please her and remove any aches or stiffness, as well as having the chance to explore with his fingers. He thought about being able to give her foot rubs in the future and that he would undoubtedly be getting more from it than she would.

“What? No kisses for my poor feet?”

He immediately dove in and kissed her sole just below her toes. He barely looked around to make sure no one saw. In fact part of him didn’t even care. He was so happy to have her back. If she accepted him worshipping her feet, who cared what anyone else thought.

He didn’t stop with one kiss. He made his way down her sole to her güvenilir bahis heel, and then back up again. When he reached the top he gave a kiss to the tip of each toe. And then he just pulled it to his face. He kissed her heel while her arch was next to his nose and her sole covered half of his face. He just hugged it to his face and felt a moment of bliss.

“Okay Tiger, give me my foot back.”

Hesitantly he pulled her foot from his face and slowly he released his grip. That sure was one helluva way to say hello. She had taken him by surprise when she tapped him on the shoulder, but less than a minute later he was holding and kissing her bare foot. That would stay with him for awhile.

“This is the same place you sat last time we were here, if I remember correctly. I’m sorry if you’ve spent a lot of time here waiting for me.”

It sounded like an honest apology. He didn’t really feel it was needed but she did seem to care about how many minutes or hours he had wasted hoping to see her again. It wasn’t just about her feet.

“No it’s okay. I’m just glad to see you again. I was afraid it was a once in a lifetime thing. I’d always treasure the moment, but I wasn’t sure I would ever see you again. And I understand taking precautions and being unsure. I was more than a little nervous the next day.”

“Yeah. Thanks for understanding.”

For a silent moment they just looked into each other’s eyes.

“So anyway, I’m here now. I was thinking if you have the time maybe we could just hangout for a while.”

“That would be great!”

“Cool. But enough of the picnic tables. Let’s head over to the swings.”

That sounded good to Steve. As he got up from the bench he was really looking forward to spending some time with Lacey. And he still couldn’t believe his luck that she had actually come back to the park for him.

“Just a sec.”

She rested her hand on his shoulder for support and then lifted her foot so she could remove the flip-flop. Placing her bare foot on the ground she raised the other and removed that shoe as well. Then she let go of his shoulder and handed the pair of shoes to him.

“Carry these for me, will you.”

This time it wasn’t a question; it was a command. She was so confident and sexy. And as he held her yellow flip-flops he was getting aroused. He would have been happy just to spend more time with her, but now clearly, the ‘foot thing’ was not going to be ignored.

As soon as she had handed over the pair of flip-flops, she started walking through the grass towards the swings. Of course Steve first looked to her feet, but soon his gaze travelled upward along those soft, smooth, bare legs and up to her tight little ass in those denim shorts.

They weren’t cutoffs, just a regular pair of denim shorts. But while they may have looked a touch more proper they were still quite short and he could glimpse the curve of her buttcheeks as she walked. There really wasn’t anything about her that wasn’t sexy.

She had already walked about ten paces while Steve was staring at her, unmoved from his spot. She stopped and looked over her shoulder. Then leaving her hand low, she reached back and snapped her fingers a few times.

“Come on Footboy. Come on. Let’s go play on the swings.”

He knew it was just a little tease, but when she called to him like he was a dog, he felt his face flush. Quickly he moved from his spot to head toward her. Thankfully once he moved she was off again, and this time while he wasn’t left behind, he still was trailing her, able to soak up the view she offered him.

They reached the swings and she turned around and took a seat. It was a typical park swing set with black rubber seats hung by chains. He was about to take the swing next her, but she had other ideas.

“Not yet, I need your help.”

Steve couldn’t really see how she needed any help, but he was willing. Now he just needed to know what it was she required of him. And then she stuck out her legs together.

“Grab my ankles.”

She had a smile on her face. Steve dropped her flip-flops close to one of the support poles and stepped over to grab her ankles, enjoying the skin to skin contact, and now having some idea where this was headed.

“Now step back a few paces and pull me up so I can get started.”

Yep. That’s kinda what he thought was going on. Rather than shuffling back to begin her swing, she was letting Steve raise her up front. And of course it was an excuse for him to hold her ankles, close to her feet.

He couldn’t help but look at her bare feet as he stepped backwards. With each step he not only pulled her towards him, but her feet rose ever higher. When he grabbed her ankles they were near his waist. But as he moved back the feet made their way up his chest, her toes reaching for his neck.

He was tempted to bend down and kiss them; they were so close after all, but she didn’t give him the chance. She told him he had moved far enough and now was time to let her go. With slight disappointment türkçe bahis he released her and she swung back.

He had never considered getting started on a swing could be sexy, but Lacey had managed it. Just those little tricks had made quite a difference. Having done his job he was about to get on his own swing and get himself started.

“Don’t go. I want you to push me for a while.”

It seems Steve wasn’t to be swinging any time soon. That was fine. He was enjoying the game she was playing. Now just what exactly did she have in mind?

“You can push me from the front. Just push my feet.”

It was so obvious he felt foolish for not having seen it before. Of course that’s what she wanted. It allowed him to push her on the swing and it allowed him to repeatedly touch her bare feet. It felt like a good solution for both of them.

Steve had to do a little adjusting for spacing but soon he was standing in front of her, catching her soles and pushing her back with each return. He only touched them for about a second, but they kept coming back to him, over and over again.

He tried to focus on more than just her feet. He saw her smile, her long smooth legs, her denim crotch. She was beautiful. But as his erection strained within his shorts, he knew it was her feet, touching and teasing his hands with each pass, that were having the most effect on him.

It wasn’t just the contact with her feet, although that was great, it was the way she used them. The teasing, touching and retreating; the way she knew he was interested and the way she told him he could have contact with them, with her, but on her terms.

“Okay let’s change it up a bit. In just a moment you’ll take a step closer and put your hands behind your back. I’ll just use you to push off. Are you ready?”

God she was sexy! And creative. When he followed her to the swings he couldn’t have imagined anything like this would be happening. He was curious and excited about just what all Lacey had planned for him. When he told her he was ready it sounded more like a whimper.

If it were possible, her smile just got bigger. She gave him a brief countdown and as she swung away from him he stepped forward and put his hands behind his back; waiting breathlessly for her return.

Her feet landed on his chest with some force and he almost lost his balance before she had pushed away again. But it was incredible. He loved the feeling of her feet on his chest. He had felt them on his tongue the first day when he had licked them clean, and he had held them and touched them with his hands just a few minutes ago. Now he felt them pressing into his chest and he quickly thought that the only thing that could make that better was if he wasn’t wearing his shirt. Now he knew he wanted to feel her bare feet all over his body.

He got a little lost in his dream and was almost kicked in the face, not to mention fighting for his balance once again. She gave him a teasing reprimand about how he needed to pay attention and be a good push-off post.

He cleared his throat and cleared his mind. He tried to focus on her and the moment. He surely didn’t want to disappoint her in any way. He braced himself better as her feet returned.

Then in another pass, one foot landed on his chest, but the other, with toes pointed, grazed his cheek. For a split second he thought it was an accident, but the look on her face told him she had hit her mark.

She went back to pushing off his chest a few more times before her other foot reached out to caress his face. He wanted to lean in but he knew it was a fine line keeping him from truly being kicked in the face. So he just stood there, waiting for her feet to come back to him.

“Can I get a little kiss?”

She said it coyly. As if he could possibly refuse. Yeah, right. He couldn’t deny her and as her foot reached out again toward his face he met it with his lips.

Still here, he knew he had to be careful. A miscalculation could get him a split lip, or a bruise that would be hard to explain. But he was more than willing to play her game and when she came back, switching her feet, he gave that one a kiss as well.

A little practice and they soon fell into a steady rhythm. Lacey would land one foot on his chest and offer the other for a kiss. Then she would push off his chest and fall away. When she returned she would place her second foot on his chest and offer her other foot to his lips.

This was a simple, satisfying bliss. The minutes ticked away as he floated in this foot heaven of Lacey’s making. This was another moment he would never forget.

And still it was not over. They enjoyed some time and silence with the foot kisses, but eventually Lacey was ready to move on to something else. She let out a sigh as if waking from a nap and asked him if he was ready to graduate to something more.

He didn’t know what she had in mind but he was eager to find out. He told her he was ready. And then she explained how she was going to take it up a notch.

“It’s güvenilir bahis siteleri simple really. I’ll still use you to push off, but now instead of using your chest I’m going to use your face.”

She pushed off of his chest a couple more times letting her words sink in. It was clear she wasn’t kidding and he knew he couldn’t refuse her. Soon her feet would be landing on his face and pushing off from it. He told her he understood and was ready.

The first contact was fleeting and she didn’t really have a chance to push off so much as just fall away. Steve was going to have to correct his distance and positioning. Still it was a magic moment as her soles made contact with cheek, nose, and eyebrow.

And her graduating comment wasn’t far off. It was a fairly simple matter to adjust to her feet landing on his chest without knocking him over, but there really wasn’t any danger. But the same force crashing into his face and pushing off from it needed to be handled with care. A busted lip, a broken nose, or even a black eye would take the fun out of Lacey’s little game.

But each swing gave him a better feel for his positioning. And a better feel of her bare soles as well. Once or twice he even pushed his face into her feet in addition to her pushing away from him.

When she felt he had a good grasp of his job, she added a little more. She would tap her foot against his face before she pushed off. Or she might rub one foot back and forth before leaving him.

He wasn’t sure just how long they had been at the swings but he had received a heavy dose of her feet and he knew at some point it would have to end. He sensed Lacey was feeling the same way.

“Well this has been a lot of fun, don’t you think?”

“Yes it’s been fun… and certainly different.”

He said it between foot pushes, which he had to admit, was a bit hysterical. The fun they had was Lacey using his face as a push off point for her bare feet. It was hardly the normal way a couple would enjoy a park swing set.

“Oh wait! We’re not done. I just remembered something.”

Steve was curious about Lacey might have forgotten. He was also curious to see that when she fell back the next time she let her feet drag lightly across the ground before coming back. At first he thought she meant to slow herself to a stop, but that wasn’t her intention.

As her feet came up to meet him he noticed they had captured some of the dirt from the ground. And as her feet landed in his face she rubbed them back and forth before pushing away. He was coming to grips with what had happened as he noticed her drag her feet once more before her return.

‘There’s still the matter of your payment.”

They hadn’t discussed any sort of payment before so he wasn’t sure what she was on about. And while he contemplated that, he received another rubbing of now dirty feet on his face.

“You’ll have to clean my feet of course.”

This was a little unexpected. I mean he got the reference to cleaning dirty feet as that’s what he had done the first time they met. But it wasn’t dirty feet like that. This was actual dirt, freshly applied to her feet, some of which had already been rubbed off onto his face. She couldn’t really be serious; could she?

“Now be careful. Don’t bite your tongue. We’re not done here until my feet are clean.”

She was serious. Steve; not so much. He liked Lacey. He liked her a lot. And he did get some enjoyment while cleaning her feet the first time. But they weren’t really that dirty. And it wasn’t like this. This was different.

“Whenever you’re ready Champ. I mean it. We’re not leaving until my feet are clean. You can do it.”

It was weird. Her encouragement felt like she was on his side, and she had already done so much for him. But the demand that he had to lick her feet clean and as payment made him feel as though he was just being used. It took him a moment before he made his decision.

And the next time she swung back to him, he stuck out his tongue and licked the bottom of her foot.

“Good boy!”

She sounded truly pleased and that pleased him, but he still had doubts.

“I think there’s enough there already. It shouldn’t take you too long to clean them. After all, you’ve had some practice cleaning dirty feet.”

She giggled at that and her feet returned to his face. This time he licked her other foot. He also realized that if they were truly dirty, this exercise alone could take quite some time. Each pass he could only apply himself to one foot and he really could only get in one good lick.

And he also was quick to realize the implications of one good lick. He could already taste the dirt on his tongue. It wasn’t ground in and was quick to come off her foot; which he supposed was a good thing. But it came off her foot and onto his tongue and into his mouth, which he wasn’t so stoked about.

She seemed to sense his hesitation and lack of enthusiasm.

“Come on. You can do this. Give me some good licks and it will all be over soon enough.”

That sweet voice helped him make up his mind. It was a dirty job he thought, but as they say, someone’s got to do it. It might as well be him. And it was for Lacey and that made it a whole lot easier.

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