Asian Guy and Cheating Girlfriend Ch. 05

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This story focuses around a few major fetishes: cuckold/cheating, raceplay, wmaf and small penis humiliation. All characters are fictional and over 18.

This is part 5 of a larger story.


During one of the nights when Anna was out, I receive a phone call from her.

Anna says, “Heyyy baby. How are you?”

I’m confused and ask, “Aren’t you out at the party baby? Is everything ok?”

“I’m ok baby. I just missed you. And wanted to call you.”

“Oh.. well, I’ve missed you too, baby. How is the party?”

“Oh it’s great.”

I suddenly hear a wet licking sound coming from the other end. And then the sound of sucking.

“I’m enjoying this party so mummhhhmm.. ahh.. ehm, yea, it’s a great party. Lots of cool white guys here. And they are taking real good care of me baby.”

“What is that sound baby?” I ask.

“Oh.. they ehm.. hmm.. they gave me some lollipops, and I’m just sucking on them right now.” Anna laughs. “These are very big and tasty lollipops.”

“You are not doing anything with the guys there, right baby?”

“Of course notttt baby. Hmm ahh.. I would neeever cheat on you. Wait.. wait no you can’t just go in raw!.. ahhh fuuuck.”

“What was that baby? What’s happening?” I panick a little.

“Oh.. don’t.. worry.. baby.. we are.. just doing.. a little exercise.. ahhh.. soooo.. full…”

“It.. it sounds like you are having sex baby.”

“I would neverrrrahhhh.. ahh… but.. you are making me.. kinda horny.. baby”

“You shouldn’t be horny.. at the party baby.”

“I.. I want to.. suck on your.. small asian cock baby.. I want it so bad.. that I’m touching myself.. fuuck.. it feels so good.”

“Wait.. are you touching yourself baby? At the party? Won’t people see?”

“Yes.. they will.. and.. they are coming.. to fuck me baby..”

“No.. get out of there please baby!”

“It’s too late.. they caught me.. I’m going to be fucked because of you baby.. You made me horny and made them fuck me..”

Sounds of her fucking other guys is coming through the phone, while I masturbate furiously to it.

“It’s ok though baby.. I’ll only think of your little asian cock.. their big white cocks wouldn’t make me feel good. Yours is the only one I need. I won’t obey anything they say.”

I don’t know what to say so I keep stroking myself.

“They are on top of me baby.. so many.. big cocks.. so long and thick.. I can’t stop myself from sucking on them..”

The sound of Anna sucking cocks come through. Several of them at once.

“These cocks taste so good baby. They are so much bigger than yours.. they look so much more massive and hotter.. I’m going to suck them dry..”

I sit and listen to her sucking sounds.

“Oh baby.. they.. they are going to fuck me. It’s ok I’ll stay loyal to your little dick baby. Oh wait.. they are not. They are not going bursa escort to fuck me baby..”

“That’s great news! Get out of there!” I answer.

“But..” Anna hesitates. “I.. I kind of want to.. I won’t get another chance at fucking big white cocks like this baby..”

“Is my size not enough, baby? Do you really want big cocks that much?” I ask.

“I’m.. I’m sorry baby. I need this. I need to try them at least once.. So please.. please fuck me.. fuck me with your huge white cocks!”

Anna yells, “FUUUCK ahhh fuck baby.. this big white cock feels SOOOO FULLL.. it feels sooo much better than your little asian dick.. I.. I think I’m made for white cocks and not asian cocks, baby.. I can’t go back to only having your cock baby.. I need my big white cocks regularly now..”

I squeeze tighter, stroking my dick as fast as I can.

“Fuck they are fucking me so much better than you ever did baby.. I’m going to come and get fucked by them every day now.. fuck.. I love big white cockssss!! Asian girls only fuck white cocks fuuuuuck I’m cummming babyyy!! I’m being filled by these big white cocks instead of your little asian dick ahhhh!!”

I cum at the same time as Anna presumably cums.

Only the sound of Anna’s breathing was on the phone..

“That was so hot baby.. you didn’t actually fuck any guys did you?” I asked.

“Hmm, did I?.. No haha of course not, baby. I’ll send you a picture of myself.. to prove.. to you..” Anna says.

Anna hangs up. And was silent for 30 minutes. Afterwards, she sends me a picture of herself in the bathroom. Naked and sweaty. Her clothes were nowhere to be seen though. And I think I see a trail of cum under her chin.

As always, Anna came home that night and climbed into the shower, then into the bed and onto my small cock.

Amid the grinding of her wet pussy on my cock, Anna’s phone chimes.

Anna reaches over and reads the message. Then she stops grinding and reads it some more.

She moves up to beside me, and opens a video to show me on her phone. “This is from a few weeks ago.” Then she slides down and begins to suck on my cock.

The video showed Anna with several men standing around her. All with their huge white cocks out. Anna is sucking furiously on one of them. The cock sliding down her mouth is bulging out her throat. Her two hands are on the other two, stroking up and down as well.

I look down at Anna’s beautiful face sucking on my small asian cock, and look back at her slutty face sucking on this huge white cock. The sheer size difference is evident. The thick white cock is spreading her lips apart, and being shoved deep down her throat, making her uncomfortable. While my thin asian dick is easily contained within her mouth, and Anna has no trouble licking and sucking on it.

Then I hear a man’s voice say, “I’m going to record bursa escort bayan you like the slut you are. Then I’m going to send this video to your boyfriend.”

Anna takes my cock out and says, “That’s Frank.. he already fucked me once that night.”

The Anna in the video starts sucking harder. So does the Anna on my cock.

Another guy walks behind her and lifts her hips to fuck her. Anna comments helpfully, “That guy had a 9 inch cock baby. It’s 3 times your small cock and it went soooo deep.”

I feel like my 3 inch cock is melting inside Anna’s mouth with pleasure. After some fucking and licking, the camera focuses on Anna’s face while she’s trying to lick that huge white cock. I hear Frank’s voice again. “Well Anna, say hi to your boyfriend, and tell him what you think of his asian cock compared to these white cocks?”

“I’m sorry Justin, your asian cock is just toooo small. It’s already small compared to asian cocks, so it is extra tiny compared to these.. big.. thick.. white cocks.”

“And I meant every word.” Says the Anna that’s currently devouring my little dick.

The Anna in the video continues, “This big white cock tastes so good and feels so fulfilling in my mouth. Filling it all up. Not like your thin little asian dick.”

Real life Anna holds my cock out with two fingers, “Yea. Look at this 3 inch little dick. So short and thin. Like my finger haha. It’s so small even for an asian guy.”

Video Anna makes a cute and sexy noise as something enters her, “And this cock inside my pussy.. It’s soooo big. It feels so good and hot. It makes me feel full. In a way you just cannot.”

Real life Anna reaches down to her pussy and starts fingering herself, “Fuck.. this is making me miss those big cocks.. I need a cock.. I guess I’ll have to make do with yours.”

Anna sits down on my little cock, feeling it enter her and touch her insides.

Video Anna moans, “I’m sorry baby.. you can never satisfy me.. I need my big white cocks.. yessss.. fuck me.. fuck me with your big white cocks!!.. breed me masters.. asian women are just meant to be bred by white men!! FUCKKKK”

Real life Anna chimes in, “Yessss fuck that’s so hot baby. Asian girls should just fuck white guys and not asian guys.. Your little dick doesn’t deserve my pussy baby.. I’m only fucking you because there’s nothing else around here..”

In the video, the white guy inside her pussy suddenly speeds up, and cums violently inside her pussy.

“Did.. did he just come inside you raw baby.” I ask.

“Yes.. Yes he did baby. And it felt SOOOO good. His cock was all the way inside, and his cum hit all the way in and it was soooo satisfying.” Anna answers.

The next guy in the video starts to use her pussy. More cums over her face, making her look extra slutty. Even more walks into the room, lining up escort bursa to use Anna’s body.

“How.. how many guys did you fuck that night, Anna?” I ask.

“Oh.. I lost count, baby. It was just a blur of big white cocks and cum all over me.” Anna laughs.

“Did you also fuck guys tonight?”

“Yep! All the while when I was calling you.” Anna smiles thinking back to it. “I also didn’t count, but it was under 50 I think. Basically all the white guys at the party.”

“What if they had small cocks though?”

“Hahaha don’t joke baby, white guys don’t have small cocks. The smallest I’ve seen is 6 inches, which is bigger than the biggest asian cocks.” Anna recites it as a fact. “So as long as I don’t fuck asian guys, I’m good!”

Anna then looks down at her pussy that’s wrapped around my asian cock.

“Well.. you are an exception baby. I enjoy bullying your little asian cock. I still enjoy fucking you because.. I love you baby.”

“I don’t know what to say to that baby.” I say, flabbergasted.

“Tell me that you love me too, baby,” Anna demands.

“I love you too, baby.”

“Tell me that you forgive me for fucking all those white cocks.”

I hesitate.

Anna’s pussy tightens and she speeds up.

“Tell me!” She demands again.

“I.. I forgive you.” I mutters.

“What do you forgive me for?”

“I forgive you for fucking all those white cocks!” I shout.

Anna grins, riding and grinding on my small cock.

“Now.. apologize to me baby.” Anna says with an evil smile.

“Apologize.. for what?”

“Apologize for having such a Small. Asian. Cock. Apologize for not being able to satisfy me. Apologize for not giving me a real cock. A big white cock, to fuck.” Anna’s eyes glint in anticipation.

“I.. I’m sorry that I have a small asian cock baby. Sorry for not being able to satisfy you with how short and thin it is.. And I’m sorry for not letting you fuck a big white cock sooner.” I say.

Every sentence I utter, Anna shudders and speeds up. Her pussy tightens more and more, making even my thin cock feel amazing.

Anna looks like she’s going to cum, and she asks, “And you will be there when I fuck the next batch of white cocks. I want to see you beside me when I fuck those long thick cocks, I want to play with your tiny asian cock while I have a thick fat one inside my pussy. I want you to film me fucking those cocks. I want them to fill my pussy full of white cum while I look into your eyes, and kiss you baby..”

Anna’s pussy squeezes even more. Her eyes lock onto mine. A crazed look in them. “Will you baby? Will you?? Will you watch me fuck every white cock?!”

I whisper in the heat of the moment. “I will baby. I’ll watch you fuck them all and be filled by their cocks and cum. I’ll watch you become a cum slut for all the white guys out there!”

Anna cums, and her pussy tenses up, making me cum as well. I shoot my entire load into her pussy, and we collapse onto each other, breathing heavily.

We hold onto each other, saying nothing. And slowly drifts into sleep.

The next morning when I wake up, Anna is gone.

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