Ass Chronicles 04

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It had been a while since my night with Pamela. Work got the better of both of us and we had exchanged only a few, non-committal text messages. I figured maybe Pam regarded our night together after the badminton tournament to be a one-off. I would have been OK with that. It would long remain fresh in my mind.

Sheila had been out of town for a while too. I hadn’t seen her at the club for a month. The last time I had hooked up with Sheila was a fine time though. We had engaged in gentle anal sex on the side of a mountain, overlooking a picturesque valley, lush with trees and a sparkling river twisting its way along the valley floor. I can still remember in great detail the feeling of her tight hole around my member, the sight of her bum cheeks, parted as she pushed her hips and bottom up whilst kneeling in front of me.

After I had unloaded in Sheila’s wonderful ass, I had lain on the floor as she had instructed, and with her crouching over me, I tongued her button. She lost her balance as her legs gave way to an intense climax, and for a glorious moment I was completely smothered by her wet womanhood. What was meant to be a nice afternoon walk with Sheila, had turned into another afternoon worshipping her bottom, which after 30 minutes of good hard walking had had a wonderfully funky scent and a very slippery crack.

That was only the second time Sheila and I had engaged in anything other than surreptitious groping or a hasty sniff and lick of her superb ass. I never mentioned the fact that I knew of her and Pam. Not that Pam had sworn me to secrecy.

It was 4.30, and I had just fixed the last of a bunch of laptops that had come in looking worse for the wear and running way too slow. Now, they at least looked like serviceable machines and were all cc’ed, defragged and fresh to go. I looked over to the first machine I had worked on and smiled wryly. It belonged to my line manager, Sally; not to be confused with my girlfriend. In her position, as head of department, one would have thought that she would use the internet and email resources responsibly. I chuckled again. I counted twenty references to porn sites on her laptop, mostly gay porn, and she had cleaned her history that morning, half an hour before she gave it to me to ‘fix’. Her emails to someone called ‘Dave’ made very hot reading too. She obviously liked to experiment, and ‘Dave’ seemed to be a most obliging fellow.

As I carefully stacked the laptops on the trolley by the door to my office cum workshop, the shrill tones of my mobile yelped at me from my jacket pocket. I reminded myself to change that damn ringtone. I retrieved it and looked at the display; it flashed the name Sheila in time to the ringtone. I quickly thumbed the answer button.

“Hi!” I said with a little too much relief in my voice; I had started to worry that Sheila had forgotten me. “How are you? Nice to hear from you! Where’ve you been all my life?!”

“Hello you! Nice to hear your voice too!” Though Sheila’s voice was tinny and distant, I could still make out relief in her voice. “I’m really sorry I haven’t called or messaged. I’ve been busy doing some translation jobs, living from hotel to hotel, you know! I gotta earn money! I’ve been working with some French bigwigs. Something to do with the government. Absolute pillocks if you ask me!” She laughed.

“Wow. Listen to you! Sounds good though.” I had forgotten Sheila was fluent in French. “So where are you now? Back home or what?”

“I’m actually on the train. About an hour away from home, I reckon.” I could just about make out faint clanks and the squeal of breaks, along with an announcement over a tannoy. “Have you been round at all? Sally ok?”

“Yep. Been round a few times.” A familiar pang of guilt swept over me. The last time I had been round to their house, Sally and I had had fantastic sex. Nothing dirty, just pure love-making, which for me was heightened by a trip beforehand to the toilet for some knicker sniffing. “She’s fine.”

I could never quite get my head around how Sheila was ok with our situation whilst I was her daughter’s partner. Sheila and Sally had a close relationship, and Sheila was a pretty over-protective mother. How did she rationalize all that we were doing? How did I do it?

“Good show.” Sheila said. “Anyway, look. A friend of mine has organized an evening of entertainment for us. I think it’ll be pretty good!”

“Ok. For us? Who’s this friend then?” My mind went into fantasy overdrive. Could it be who I was hoping it would be?

“Pamela. I think you know her, hmmmmm?!” Sheila giggled over the phone, though she had lowered her voice a little; conspiratorially or maybe she was within ear shot of other train passengers.

For some reason my face turned bright red. I hunched over my desk and lowered my voice.

“You mean she’s told you?!”

“Yes, of course she has!” she giggled again. “You’re an arse addict, my man!”

“Awww! I’ve been desperate to say something to you about it for canlı bahis şirketleri ages, but didn’t dare!”

Sheila giggled louder. “Well, there we go! It’s all out in the open now, eh!” In a lower voice, “Let’s keep it between ourselves though!”

“Sure. Yeah, I mean of course.” Instinctively, I turned to check my office door was still closed. “So, what’s this evening she’s planned? I was beginning to think Pam maybe wanted to forget about what we did. I was beginning to think you were thinking the same about our, ummmm, thing!”

“Oh no no no, far from it. Look, I’ve got to change trains. Can you be at Pam’s house by 6.30?” I could hear a hustle in the background. She must have been rushing across a platform somewhere.

“Yeah, sure.” My heart was beating fast as I contemplated an evening with two women who loved having their asses loved. But then a mild panic came over me. “Shit! I don’t even know where she lives!”

“I’ll text you the address! Calm down!” Sheila chuckled. I could hear muffled announcements echoing in the background. “Got to go sweetheart. See you 6.30!”

“Ok, great! Great! See you later.” I held my phone to my ear until I heard the click. I didn’t put the phone back in my jacket pocket. I gripped it tightly, got up from my chair and paced up and down my room, the laptops and a boring day at work forgotten.

Five long minutes went by as I paced and paced waiting for Shelia’s text. An annoying melody and a flashing blue LED on my mobile signaled a text message. I thumbed it open and there was Pam’s address. I almost jumped for joy.

I returned all the laptops and left work in record time, with a spring in my step, a bulge in my trousers, and quizzical looks from my colleagues as I whistled a tune to the images of Pam and Sheila’s bottoms flashing through my mind.

I quick walked along the pavement and wondered why on earth I had never found out Pam’s address, especially as it was only 15 minutes’ walk away from my flat. How long had I known her, I asked myself! It was 6.15 and I was only a few minutes away. I contemplated slowing down; I figured it would appear a little too eager if I turned up too early. No, I thought, and kept the pace.

I rounded a corner, and checked the street name. This was it. Number 63 was Pam’s house. I walked a few more paces and saw the number 63 on the door of a very nice detached house, with large bay windows and a small but very well maintained, colourful front garden. The wooden blinds were down and closed in the windows. Teaching obviously pays well, I thought.

I crunched up the short gravel path to the door. There was no doorbell as far as I could see, so I raised my hand to knock. The mind can play tricks when one is horny as heck, and just before I knocked, I wondered whether this was all a big joke, or whether I had imagined it all! I shook my head, chuckling to myself, and knocked lightly. My heart was beating fast and I had to clear my throat as I waited for what seemed an age. Eventually, I heard movement behind the door. The yale was unlocked and twisted, and the door opened, revealing Pamela wearing an oriental style wrap-cum-robe.

“Hi!” Pam beamed at me. She reached out and squeezed my arm, moved aside and slightly behind the door to let me in. “Nice to see you again!”

“Hi again! Sorry I’m a bit early.”

“That’s fine, don’t worry.” said Pam as she hugged me tight. She closed the door behind her as I took in the sight of her robe wrapped loosely around her. It was very short, and barely came down below crotch level. Pam noticed my gaze and smiled demurely. “You like!” she giggled, tilting her head to one side and fluttering her eye-lashes.

“I do. Very much!” I recalled Pam peeing in the bushes whilst I watched her from behind. I recalled the colour of her beautiful asshole, her smell, her taste. I recalled how it felt having my face wedged in her sweaty crevice. My cock was rock hard at the thought.

I sat on the sofa and looked around her front room, tastefully decorated a pale yellow. Dotted around the walls were hangings, prints and paintings all in an oriental style that matched her loosely-tied robe. On the mantelpiece, underneath a large mirror, were two ornate glass jars which were full of potpourri, filling the room with a subtle perfume.

Pam came to kneel down in front of me, leaning against the coffee table in the middle of the room. I had flashes of her dark bush as the robe rustled while she walked. As she knelt down, the robe parted, leaving her lush dark bush just in view, sprouting up in the crook of her thighs and trim belly.

“So! How have you been?” She asked cheerfully. “Haven’t seen you since, ummm, last time!” Her face reddened a little as she smiled self-consciously.

“Hmmmmm!”. My vivid recollections of Pam’s arse and pussy, especially her scent, once again flooded my mind. I was hoping to be able to love her bottom again, preferably tonight. Preferably now. “I’ve been fine, thanks. canlı kaçak iddaa Thought you’d forgotten about me!”

“No!” Pam gave an apologetic shrug and shake of her head. “How could I ever forget! It was superb. Naughty, but superb!” She paused, recalling our adventure in the bushes. “Hmmm! No, I’ve been so busy. They sent me on a course. After all these years I’ve been teaching they send me on a course run by people young enough to be, I don’t know….too young anyway. What can they teach someone who’s had way more teaching experience than all of them put together?” She gave a wry laugh. “Anyway, I didn’t have time to text anyone. Not even Sheila!” There was a pregnant pause as she looked me in the eye, waiting for a response.

“Oh well.” I said, avoiding the unspoken question. I sat up on the edge of the sofa. “You’re back now. That’s good!”

“Mhmm.” She looked a little embarrassed, and fell silent for a moment, but kept her eyes on mine. “So, you’re not bothered about me and Sheila having a little fun?”

“No. No, not at all!” It had been in my thoughts ever since I had found out, and had been the mainstay subject of my fantasies. “I’m a modern guy, y’know!”

Pam laughed, a look of relief on her face. She visibly relaxed. I wasn’t sure why she would think it would have bothered me. If only she knew how much pleasure that fantasy had given me.

“Well,” she said with an almost imperceptible shrug of her shoulders. “We’re not a serious ‘item’ I suppose. We’re just enjoying some, you know,” she raised her eyebrows suggestively.

“I wish I knew every detail!”

“I bet you do!” Pam said, slapping my knee playfully. “Sheila should be here any minute. I hope so because we’ve got to get going!” Pam looked at the clock on the mantelpiece.

“So, where are we going then?” I asked, excitedly drumming my palms on my knees. I had been trying to guess what Pam had planned for us, and desperately hoped it was something that would involve my face being in very close proximity to Pam and Sheila’s nether regions.

“All in good time!” Pam playfully wagged her finger at me. She got up, momentarily exposing her luscious pussy, which seemed to be already blossoming like a moist pink rose through her glossy bush. “Listen, I’ve not freshened up or anything….” She hesitated.

“Ok,” I said, slowly. Another vivid flash back to our time in the bushes, the wonderful aroma and taste of her slippery bum hole, shot into my mind. “Well, that’s ok. Umm, fine by me!”

“Ok. Fine by me too! Umm…..Do you want to check it first?” she gestured at her barely covered bottom. “Might be too smelly….”

For a moment I hesitated as my heart missed a beat. “Yeah sure! You want me to sniff it?” Even after what we had done together, albeit just the once, I needed to be sure!

“If you could. If it’s ok and not too much for you, I’ll just get dressed and ummmmm…. won’t freshen up.” Pam shrugged, trying her best to be casual, but I could tell her heart was beating as hard as mine. “I think Sheila will like it, if you like it!”

“Ok! Fine!” My dick was trying to jump out of my trousers.

As she turned around, lifted her robe and bent over, she explained that my exploits with her and Sheila had led to them experimenting with bottom related pleasures. It seemed they both had a real liking for it. I put my hands on her warm buttocks and stared at her arse whilst she recalled a ‘nice looking’ woman on the course she had been on. Pam had spent quite a bit of her time staring at her arse, apparently then accepting that ‘she must have a major ass fetish’.

“So,” she said “I guess I’ve got a thing about bums too!”

“Well, that makes two of us!” I said. We fell silent then, and I took that as my cue to check Pam’s bum.

Moving my face close, I squeezed Pam’s bum cheeks, pushing them together and running my nose up and down the long slit of her cleft. I took long sniffs, but with her perfect bum cleft squeezed closed, there was only a muted scent. Then, I moved my hands apart to part her soft, white globes and when I set eyes on her shiny brown hole, surrounded by a diffuse ring of soft hairs, I could have cried. After our adventures in the bushes and back at the hotel, I thought that I would never again set eyes on Pam’s most intimate of places. But now, here it was again, inches from my nose.

I pushed my nose between her buttocks, up hard against her asshole, and as she let out a quick, soft moan, I took several long sniffs. The warmth of her cleft made my dick throb within the confines of my boxer shorts.

Once again, her smell was perfect, though not as strong as the last time I had sampled her dirty, musky scent. To be fair, she had been at work all day, and then played a few sweaty games of badminton. I recalled my hands shaking, and being so hesitant whilst we were hidden in those bushes; a combination of being pleasantly shocked at the sudden intimacy, and of not being sure whether Pam would like what canlı kaçak bahis I wanted to do, especially sniffing her ass. This time, there was no hesitation from either of us.

“How does it smell?” she asked.

“Fantastic!” I really wanted to keep my nose wedged between her warm cheeks, but much to my chagrin, there was a knock at the front door.

“Oo, that’ll be Sheila, I hope.” Pam straightened up. Her robe fell back in to place, barely covering her bottom. As she walked to the front door, I watched her buttocks move beneath the thin material of her robe. I squeezed my manhood through my jeans, already wanting desperately to cum as Pam’s smell lingered on my nose and cheeks. Pam opened the door, keeping herself out of view from prying eyes outside. It was indeed Sheila.

After some excited pleasantries, Sheila walked in and let her hand bag drop to the floor, next to a neat row of shoes underneath a small coat rack. She was wearing a dark blue skirt and jacket with a cream blouse, unbuttoned a little further than she would have at work, I guessed. She hugged Pam after the door was closed, and was about to kiss her until she noticed me sitting on the sofa. She gave me an embarrassed grin before they drew apart self-consciously.

“Don’t mind me!” I held my hands up and smirked. I wondered whether I would cum on the spot seeing Pam and Sheila kissing.

They smiled at each other, shrugged shoulders and kissed. Luckily I didn’t cum, but even though it was a short kiss, it was all I could do to stop myself unzipping and masturbating.

They nattered away, catching up on things. As I watched, I realised that they made a very nice couple. The thought of watching them make love made my cock painfully hard, especially now I knew they engaged in ass loving. A frown played over my brow; what if they didn’t want me to watch? After all, they were initially embarrassed about kissing in front of me. I quickly put that thought out of my mind.

Sheila breezed across to the sofa and gave me a warm hug. I recognised the subtle perfume she was wearing, the scent similar to that of all her hand and face creams, shampoos and the like. My subconscious had long associated that scent with the lovely sight of Sheila’s naked bottom.

“How are you? It’s been too long!” she said with feigned, comic drama. Pam came to sit on the coffee table, not bothering to keep her knees together. Sheila turned her attention back to Pam, while I stared longingly at Pam’s bare crotch. “So what have you got planned for this evening?”

“Well!” Pam paused dramatically. “Tonight, my darlings, we are going to a dance! That is all I am saying!”

The split second of silence and puzzled glances that followed was almost comical.

“Oh. Ok.” Sheila looked bemused.

“That’s all I’m saying!” Pam said, holding her hands up in mock defiance.

I looked between the two of them. Sheila seemed to recognise that Pam had something up her sleeve. She obviously knew Pam better than I did. Pam got up and gave us both a wink and a mischievous smile.

“I’m going to get dressed. Something loose, I think! Sheila, honey, you can stay as you are, except….” Pam looked her up and down. “Except, lose the tights and knickers. Let’s go commando!” She chuckled at Sheila’s mild surprise, and started to leave. She stopped. “Oh and one more thing honey. I’m not freshening up. According to our man, here,” she looked at me, eyes glinting wickedly, “my bum smells good! You better let him sniff yours to check if you need to wash! I have a feeling it’ll be fine as is!”

With that, she waltzed out of the room and dashed upstairs, leaving Sheila and I looking at each other in silence.

“A dance?!” I said, and chuckled, shaking my head.

“Mmmm. Commando it is! Will you sniff and check? I’ve been sat on a hot train all afternoon, mind! Let me get my tights and pants off.”

I nodded, mute as I watched Sheila. She pulled her skirt up high and slowly peeled off her dark tights. She stepped out of them and lifted her skirt again to slip off her panties. I realised that I would never get bored of seeing Sheila’s naked bottom. She came up next to me, brushing her hand on my shoulder, and knelt on the edge of the sofa, arching her back and pushing her bum in the air.

“Give it a sniff then sweetheart!” She wiggled her bottom from side to side.

I slid off the edge of the sofa on to my knees directly behind Sheila. Her skirt was still covering her bum, but her pussy peeped out just under the hem, her full and luscious lips a deep pink slot within her soft bush. I swiftly lifted it and was welcomed by the now familiar sight of Sheila’s ass, cheeks parted to show off her brown hole, puckered and pouting at the very centre.

I palmed her cheeks further apart with my hands, watching with fascination as her poop hole stretched, showing pink at its centre. Her buttocks were hot and soft to the touch, a slight curved indentation on her skin marking out her panty line. With my thumbs I parted the outer lips of her pussy to reveal her moist pink inner lips. Her juices were already starting to flow and her clitoris was pushing through its little hood, a soft pink button waiting to be pressed in to action.

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