At Home with the Rothwells Ch. 04

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Kyle Rothwell and his father John stand with their hard throbbing cocks stretched across Lauren’s face while, on the other side of the room, John’s daughter Bethany has borrowed her mother Lauren’s strap-on and is giving her grandmother a good hard ass pumping. It is Audrey’s birthday and the Rothwell Family Sex Club is throwing the old lady a hot and horny party, one that will be remembered by the matriarch for a very long time.

“Shit,” says John, as his wife takes his cock in her left hand and their son’s in her right, “isn’t this just about the horniest club meeting yet?”

“Sure fucking is, dad,” replies Kyle, leaning in and kissing his father hard on the lips and to which John responds hungrily, “gran can’t get enough.”

Indeed she cannot. Audrey’s birthday party has been swinging along nicely for most of the day, since just after eleven o’clock when John and Kyle had returned from their regular Sunday morning jog through the woods and, after a quick shower, had immediately gotten down to business with John setting the ball rolling by giving his mother a very special birthday present, a long hard fucking of her old but still beautiful ass and pussy with his uncircumcised incestuous prick. As for Audrey, she still loves being fucked by her now middle-aged son just as much as she did when he was a teenager.

John has been fucking his mother every day for the past twenty-five years, ever since his momentous eighteenth birthday when he officially became a consenting adult and was thus considered old enough by his parents to join them for the first of what was to be many hardcore threesomes. His father Frank, alas, is no longer with them, but as John smiles across at Audrey and Bethany, admiring his daughter’s beautiful bare clenching buttocks as she pounds the strap-on in and out of her grandmother’s ass, John can feel his father’s presence everywhere in the room and is still as proud of and full of love for him as Frank had been of his son. The party today, therefore, was and is as much for Frank as it was and is for Audrey.

“That’s it, honeybunch,” says John to his daughter after breaking his long hard taboo snog with his son, “give it to her hard, your gran loves all that.”

Audrey grunts with pleasure as each inch of the strap-on goes in a little deeper. At twenty-three years old and having been a valued member of the family sex club since her own eighteenth birthday five years earlier, Bethany is a fully experienced ass fucker now and often fucks her father, brother and mother with the strap-on when she is in the mood but for now it is Audrey’s special day and Bethany is determined not to disappoint her. Audrey is living proof that sex is not just for the young and that you are never too old to enjoy a thoroughly good seeing to.

“Oh yeah, baby!” screams Audrey, “your prick feels so good in my ass.”

“Look at gran, dad,” cries Kyle, “as if she hasn’t had enough today already.”

John smiles as his wife begins to suck his cock, the only legitimate sex at that moment in an otherwise all incestuous family. “She sure can’t,” agrees John, admiring his mother’s non-stop stamina since, as well as getting fucked rotten by John before lunchtime, Kyle has given Audrey his birthday present too with yet another long hot penetration of both his grandmother’s pussy and ass that afternoon.

Bethany grunts as, after half an hour or so of non-stop pounding, she pulls out, leaving Audrey’s asshole fully exposed and red raw from all the shaggings it has had so far today. John cannot resist the inviting orifice and, as Lauren quickly turns her oral attentions bursa suriyeli escort escort to Kyle, he hurries over and quickly reinserts himself in his mother’s ass, taking over with his natural prick where Bethany has left off with her plastic one …


Bethany reaches for the last sausage roll from the magnificent spread that she and her mother Lauren had prepared that morning and pours herself another glass of wine, feeling very light-headed as she collapses on the sofa to get her breath back, undoing the strap-on and casting it carelessly to one side. She is not normally a drinker but there is nothing wrong, Bethany thinks, in getting a bit merry on such a special occasion.

Bethany is content to relax for awhile as her family fuck and suck around her. Audrey’s grunts are reverberating through the house as her son continues his hardcore plowing of her asshole while Lauren is making little gagging sounds as she takes the entire length of her son Kyle’s prick right to the back of her experienced educated mouth.

“Mom, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again,” says Kyle, “you are one helluva cock-sucker.”

“Better than me?” laughs Bethany from the sofa, her words almost drowned out from Audrey’s moans which are now mingling with equally loud grunts of pleasure from John.

Kyle smiles at his sister as Lauren turns him around so that his ass is level with his mother’s line of vision. Kyle doesn’t need to be told what Lauren wants to do, he glances over his shoulder and smiles at his doting female parent as he reaches round with his hands and spreads his ass cheeks, exposing his tight greasy asshole to the lady who, along with John, gave him such a wonderful sex-filled life.

“Oh sweetheart,” says Lauren, her voice scarcely louder than a whisper, “I’ll say it again too, you have one really beautiful sexy asshole.”

Lauren is a real fetishist when it comes to male backsides, she has always been turned on by the sight of a firm round set of buttocks of the masculine kind, ever since she can remember. It had all started when, as a girl, she had gone shopping one day and had seen a young guy in his twenties walking along the street with his hands in his trouser pockets, lifting the flaps of his jacket and splaying its centre vent wide so that the full shape of his tight pants-clad ass was revealed. It was such a mouth-wateringly delicious sight, watching this stranger’s bum cheeks rubbing together inside his dark blue business suit, the trousers stretched tight across his ass, framed by the splayed vent of his jacket, that Lauren almost came in her panties. The young man, obviously an office worker judging by the way he was dressed, was so good-looking and sexy as walked along in front of her, that Lauren had ended up walking some distance out of her way just to keep her riveted eyes on the bewitching and extremely erotic sight of his swaying bottom in view.

She had been quite disappointed when the guy, who had had no idea at all that his ass was being clocked, nor that he was unwittingly showing it off and turning Lauren on and making her wet, had taken his hands out of his pockets and obscured his ass as he’d climbed aboard a bus. As he disappeared from her life forever, Lauren had had to find a public loo, shut herself in a cubicle with the door firmly locked and masturbate to orgasm with an image of the young man’s tight ass in her mind’s eye. It hadn’t taken long for Lauren to cum, so on heat was she, and she had given herself one of her best self-pleasurings since she’d discovered masturbation bursa ucuz escort a few years earlier.

From that moment on, Lauren was hooked on the visual delights of the male ass and would keep her eyes peeled for other guys unwittingly showing off their bottoms whenever she went out, sometimes going to the local park to watch young amateur footballers in action. Not that she gave a fig about the game or who won, she couldn’t really see the point of all that energy being expounded on kicking a bag of wind around in the hope that it might go between two posts and still cannot understand why so much fuss is made about it, especially on t.v. with all the so-called experts rabbiting on as if football is more important than life itself.

But, that apart, football is, Lauren knows only too well, a fucking sexy game with all those hunky young men running around in close-fitting shorts. As far as she is concerned, the only really interesting thing about football is looking at the players’ bums and in that, Lauren feels sure, she isn’t the only woman in the world to get turned on by men’s bums. She had read somewhere, too, that the buttocks were one of the chief attractions of a man’s body that gay men respond to, as well. Well, fancy that!

It was John’s backside that was one of the reasons Lauren had first been attracted to the guy who was to become her husband and father of her now adult children and who had a very firm meaty posterior of his own. And in that respect, their son Kyle had taken after him in the ass stakes, definitely a case of like father, like son, not to mention their pricks though where Kyle does differ from his father is that he has an exceptionally large pair of balls, much bigger than the average male testicles, not that John is particularly lacking in the nut stakes, its just that Kyle is lucky to have been blessed with a pair of balls of true porn star quality.

Kyle’s ass was and is superb, firm and well-rounded but without an ounce of fat on it, just as Lauren likes them, and which looks just as great in shorts as it does bare, as it had when he and John had returned from their run that morning and Lauren hadn’t been able to resist giving her son’s ass a good long look, admiring the way his skimpy running shorts showcased the full beauty of his fabulous bottom …


Kyle spreads his now bare ass cheeks as wide as is humanly possible to let Lauren get her talented tongue inside for a good long rimming. Lauren loves licking her son’s asshole and Kyle gasps as the tip of her tongue makes contact with his pink clean rosebud. He lets go of one of his cheeks and places the now free hand on Lauren’s head to draw his mother closer in.

“Yeah, mom,” he says, his breathing heavy and his voice husky, “you know I love you licking my ass just as much as sucking my cock.”

“That’s it, mom,” says Bethany, from the sofa who is getting turned on again after a brief respite, “lick it real hard, he loves it.”

Kyle is trembling with excitement as Lauren encircles her tongue quickly in and around her son’s ass, licking the tight little lines that have formed on the walls as he stretches his hole wide before Lauren goes in for the kill. A few yards away, John and Audrey’s respective grunts are increasing in volume as John feels the approach of another mind-blowing orgasm.

“Shall I put some music on?” asks Bethany, going over to the CD cabinet and running her fingers along the cases as if deliberating which one to choose, not that there is any real need to drown out the noise of the family’s shenanighans bursa üniversiteli escort since the Rothwells live in the country miles from anywhere with the nearest neighbors more than ten miles away. The Waltons, however, they most definitely are not.

“Buddy Holly?” asks Bethany, pulling out the case from the cabinet.

“Great singer, sweetheart,” says Lauren, momentarily looking up from licking Kyle’s ass, “but how about something a little more soothing?”

Bethany replaces the case and smiles as she reaches for her favorite CD of all, the one by the late great Patsy Cline, who like Buddy, sadly perished in a plane crash. Fate can indeed be a cruel arbiter of one’s destiny on occasion.

As Patsy’s strong but lilting voice from the distant past begins to float softly around the room, Lauren slips her tongue back into Kyle’s ass as, almost simultaneously, John pulls out of his mother’s hole. He’d shot his first load inside her earlier that day but now, for some reason which he doesn’t quite understand himself, he prepares to disgorge the contents of his balls over his mother’s old but still juicy ass cheeks rather than inside her. Probably so that the others can enjoy watching him shoot his load.

“Aaaagh!” cries John as he cums in one fail swoop, sending ream after ream of more hot glossy spunk spewing from his prick and gushing like a fountain down onto Audrey’s ass cheeks which quiver as the first blasts land on them, “oh fuck, that was great. Mom, you are wonderful!”

“The pleasure is mine, poppet,” Audrey manages to murmur as John milks his orgasm for all he is worth before his liberal supply of spunk dries up and he falls over her and smearing the sex juice onto his midriff while clasping his mother’s tits in his hands as he nuzzles his head into her neck.

Bethany is clapping and cheering as she applauds her father’s latest cumshot, still waiting patiently to get fucked by him herself. There is no hurry; when the Rothwell Family Sex Club is in full swing, they can keep going for hours and it is only five o’clock in the afternoon now, so the whole evening awaits them and Bethany is happy to bide her time until her father is ready for her, as she knows he undoubtedly will be.

And no doubt too, John and Kyle will have some fun together before the party is over …


Audrey cums her umpteenth orgasm of the day a few moments after John and then rolls over onto her back on the aptly named shagpile carpet to bask in the afterglow. “Oh, poppet,” she says, happily, “your dad was always so proud of you and would have been again today had he been here to watch you giving me such another good ass stretching.”

“I know, mom,” says John, “he’s with us now, though, can’t you just feel his presence?”

Audrey doesn’t really believe in spirits or anything like that, and neither too, it has to be said, does John but they both think it nice to feel Frank in the room with them, smiling and applauding his son’s latest hardcore fucking of his wife.

“This leaves you and me for awhile, baby,” says Lauren, removing her tongue again from Kyle’s asshole to speak as Kyle stands up and turns to face her with his hard throbbing cock in his hand, “and I think its my turn now to be on the receiving end, don’t you?”

“Sure, mom,” says Kyle, as Lauren gets into position and Kyle peels back the foreskin of his delicious uncut cock, his pink bulbous knobhead primed and ready for action as he prepares to fuck his mother, “where d’you want it first? Ass or cunt?”

“Cunt,” replies Lauren succinctly, “I really need a good pussy fucking.”

Audrey, John and Bethany position themselves on the sofa, John between his mother and daughter, as, with Patsy still singing in the background, they settle down to watch Lauren and Kyle putting on a mother and son incestuous show for them. Audrey’s birthday has so far been a very happy one and the night is still young …


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