Aunt Kate Ch. 03


Again, this a work of fiction that eventually will evolve into incest between consenting family members. If it depicts or resembles you or any of your family members, it is sheer coincidence. This writing is an imagination of my own mind and nothing more. If you have not done so, please read Aunt Kate, and Aunt Kate 2 to get the first part of this store into its proper perspective. Yes, they need some work, but they can’t be edited, sorry. I want to thank my Editor for her help on this.


“For Christ sake Kate, you were making enough noise to wake the neighbors down the road.” My dad said. “I sure hope it was worth all that screaming and shit you were going through?”

The thoughts, I had of having hot wet sex, with my beautiful mother evaporated in a split second. I hadn’t thought about my dad, in any way since I discovered Aunt Kate in my room earlier. A wave of fear went through me, giving me goose bumps. Carefully, I crawled off the bed, backing away from the sound of dad’s voice. I saw him standing next to the door. He was on one side of the room, me on the other, that was good for now.

“Fuck you, Danny boy.” Aunt Kate said. “You know how noisy I am when I have good sex. She chuckled, OK, well maybe not. I only make a lot of noise when I’m having, good sex, which is something you wouldn’t know shit about.”

Aunt Kate jokes around with my dad a lot, but this sure didn’t seem like a time for joking around. My Father is a large man standing well over six foot, and probably 230 lbs. I am close to his size, but I am no match for his strength. I didn’t understand why, but there was no outburst of anger, dad actually sounded calm. It took a minute for that to sink into my racing mind. Relieved, that he didn’t seem like he wanted to kill any of us, me in particular. Curiosity set in. Was everyone in this family in on this incest thing? Mom and Aunt Kate had talked, I knew that much. Was my father involved in their talks? The women I thought I had figured out, horny, curious, something. I just could not see my father having been in a discussion about sex, incest no less.

Dad said. “Do any of you crazy fucking people have any idea what time it is? Anita, dear you need to finish up in here and get your ass in bed. Did you remember that Tonya and Katlyn will be here early?”

Anita, you need to finish up in here. He said in a tone, as if mom and I were doing the dishes, not getting ready to have sex. Did my dad just give us the OK to have sex with each other? It certainly sounded like it to me. Somebody needed to explain all of this to me someday and soon.

“Dan.” Mom said. “Be a good sport and head on back to bed. I’ll be there in just a little bit, and yes, thank you for reminding me about Tonya coming, I had forgotten. They are going to be here most of the day.”

Relieved, but still confused I felt the tension easing from me. Dad was still in the room, leaning against the wall by the door. It did not appear to me, that he was going to leave us alone. Jesus; was my dad going to stay and watch, my mother and I have sex? Aunt Kate and mom didn’t seem to be bothered, they went right back to moaning, eating each other. Shortly, Aunt Kate slapped mom’s tight ass a couple times, making her squeal in between her moans. Aunt Kate waved for me to come over to the bed with them. Cautiously, I approached the bed, watching dad as I did, as I moved closer to them. Aunt Kate’s face was still between mom’s tanned thighs eating her pussy. She reached out searching for me. Her hand found my semi-rigid cock; she pulled me over onto the bed using it as a handle. It didn’t take a lot of effort on her part I was horny again.

“Go for it Kevin.” Dad said. “From the sounds Kate put out earlier, you already fucked the shit out of your Aunt. If you don’t do the same for your mother, there will be hell to pay. Believe me, I been hearing about this long enough. We all need to have talk about all this later.”

“Get your butt up in here Kevin.” Aunt Kate said. “Straddle my head and get your cock up close so I can suck it again. Then you and your Momma are going to do the nasty. She needs some good hard dick tonight. You do want to stick your dick in her don’t you?”

I didn’t answer Aunt Kate; she pulled my cock down into her warm mouth. Sucking my cock seemed to be something she really enjoyed doing. I started pushing into her mouth, gently fucking her mouth and throat. As Aunt Kate sucked me, I started rubbing and playfully slapping mom’s beautiful tight butt. She rotated it in little circles, teasing me. I spanked her ass a little harder, now and started fondling her pussy. She was really, wet. Soon I had two fingers deep in mom’s warm wet pussy. Her moaning and grunting into Aunt Kate’s pussy increased. As I finger fucked her, I started rubbing my thumb over asshole. She worked her asshole in and out she liked me to play with it, no doubt.

I kept stroking in and out of Aunt Kate’s mouth, slow and deep causing her gage occasionally. Eskişehir Escort The two fingers I had in mom’s pussy were dripping wet. I thought her juices would run down on my cock and in Aunt Kate’s face. Mom’s pussy felt so wonderful I wanted to stick my dick in her now. She kept rolling her ass around, pushing back at my hand wanting more and deeper, which I obliged. We had worked ourselves into a sexual frenzy by now. I didn’t realize Dad had moved and was standing next to bed. He pulled mothers head up away from Aunt Kate’s pussy, by her hair. Stroking his big dick right next to her face, she turned towards him, opening her mouth wide. Dad held her still and slowly started fucking mom’s mouth, deep long strokes. He caused her to gage and choke some; I thought he was being a little rough on her. Mom didn’t protest and they were in a good rhythm in seconds. He put one foot upon the bed and got even more aggressive with mom, she was playing with his ball, encouraging him, gaging along with some deep moans.

“Kevin, get your dick out of Kate’s mouth.” Dad said. “Have her put in your mother’s tight pussy. These two have talked about this scenario together, several times and it is what your mother wants. Kate, it’s time he fucked his mom, so give up that cock, help him get it into your sister’s pussy.”

As my dad was talking, Aunt Kate obeyed releasing my cock from her mouth. I pulled my fingers from mom’s holes. Aunt Kate rose up, flattened her tongue, she licked mom from clit to asshole several times. I wanted a taste of mom’s pussy before I fucked her. Backing up and bending down, I pushed my face into mom’s crotch, probing my tongue as far as I possibly could into her pussy. Groaning mom pushed back against my face, wiggling her ass around. She was smothering me with her pussy. I loved it, I kept tongue fucking and kissing her wet pussy. I pulled her juicy pussy lips in to my mouth. I liked stretching them way out, biting them lightly with my teeth. I ate her pussy to the best of my abilities. Moving up I wanted to taste mom’s asshole, I licked it lightly, probing her little hole slightly. I discovered I liked doing this to mother ass, so I pulled her ass cheeks apart pushed my tongue in her ass. This was a first for me, but I knew then it wouldn’t be my last time.

“Whatever the fuck you’re doing to her, please keep it up.” Dad said. “Momma you are about to get a load of daddy cum in her sweet sucking mouth. Goddamn it Kate. Your sister has never sucked my cock like this before. Just keep doing whatever it is you’re doing back there, momma here is incredible. OH fuck, Anita, suck me baby, suck me, God I’m cumming baby. Suck that cum right out of my balls, you fucking slut.”

As dad was cumming in mom’s mouth, he kept talking to her. I was still thinking he was being rough with her. Did she like having rough sex, or was Dad just so worked up he didn’t realize what he was doing?

“OH fuck, OH god don’t stop baby, that’s my girl suck it dry. Did you suck Kevin’s cock earlier? Does he know you love having a cock in your nasty fucking mouth?”

Still holding a hand full of her hair, Dad pumped his cum into her mouth. Mom gaged, having no choice; she drank his cum down her throat. Dad wasn’t about to let mom go until he was done. Several deep grunts later, he released his grip of mom’s hair. Mom kept his spent cock in her mouth nursing on it like, it was a big nipple. She did that same thing to me earlier. She must be one of the women who really like sucking cocks.

“OH damn son. Your mother sure knows how to suck a cock. I’m sure you’re going to learn that Kev, if you haven’t already.”

Mother let his flaccid cock fall from her mouth. Dad eased away from the bed, shaking his head. Dad was mumbling to himself, as he made his way to the door, pulling it shut behind him.

After watching and listening to the two of them my cock couldn’t get any harder. I crawled up behind mom. I slapped her ass nice and hard one time, getting her attention back to where it belonged. Aunt Kate had wiggled her way out from under mom. Up now and kneeling next to me, she pulled my head towards her, kissing me, pushing her tongue into my mouth. I could taste and smell mothers sex juices. Aunt Kate took hold of my cock, pointing it towards one of mom’s holes. I was going to let her determine which one I should penetrate first. I was sure that I would get to fuck both of them, if I lasted that long.

“You ready for him, you fucking momma slut.” Aunt Kate asked. “You are about to get what you been dreaming about sis. How many times have you masturbated, thinking about this moment? I’m going help your son, stick his hard cock in one your holes, then he’s going to dump his cum in there.”

Mom didn’t answer her; she pushed her ass back towards my cock and Aunt Kate’s hand. Quickly she found what she was looking for.

Aunt Kate rubbed my cock up and down mom’s wet pussy slit. Teasing moms wet pussy; smearing her Eskişehir Escort Bayan juices everywhere. Her hand stopped, me from enter mom, and mom from backing up on my cock. Aunt Kate was enjoying this teasing way, too much. She would let my dick head just inside mom’s pussy, getting it wet, then forcing me back out. Again, she put some of me into mom, then pulled me back out, only this time she smeared mom’s juices around her asshole with my cock. Mom groaned, pushing back against Aunt Kate’s hand. I was ready to push Aunt Kate away and start fucking mom, when.

“STOP” Mom said.

Oh shit I thought. Mom had a serious change of heart. Moving was not an option, Aunt Kate kept a tight grip on my hard dick. We were both awaiting mom’s next move. She started laughing, while rolling over on her back. She situated herself on her back, spreading her legs on either side of me. Mom swatted Aunt Kate’s hand away from my cock. Replacing it with hers, gripping me firmly, she looked up at me smiling.

“Didn’t think you were going to get any this hot momma pussy did you? Well I decided I wanted to look into your eyes, when you put this big fucking cock into me for the first time. I want it my way, the way I dreamed it would be. I going to guide and control your big dick, Kevin. You and I are going to make love, just the way I have fantasized, first. Then once I have cum, you can fuck me like a bitch in heat, understand?” I nodded in agreement.

Mom pulled me closer to her pussy, holding my cock at the base; she eased the head into her warm wet pussy. With the head in her, plus an inch or so, she rolled her pelvis around. Raising her hips up, she rode me like that for a minute. Still holding me, she moaned deeply before allowing another inch of me into her pussy. “Push baby, push into me.” I did, until mom’s hand was against her mound. She worked her pelvis up and down, fucking just the end of my dick; it felt like mom was jacking me off with pussy. She worked me like this for a minute, then.

“Push again baby, push hard this time.” I did as she said. Suddenly, she released her grip and I slipped into her hot wet pussy, balls deep. She gasped deeply, as if I had forced all the air out of her. Mom pulled me down to her, smashing her tits between us. Wrapping her arms and legs around me in a tight hug, she pushed her pelvis up. Fucking me and forcing me to stay deep in her. In a few seconds, she began to shake underneath me. Her pussy pulsated around my cock and she gasped for her breaths. Mom was cumming hard; she shook, moaned, holding me as tight as I could ever remember, while her orgasm progressed through her body. I got my arms around her and held her while she cum all over my cock deep in her pussy. It took her minutes for her regain her composure.

“OH fuck, Kevin baby, please don’t move. I need you right where you are. God, you feel good in me, you’re so deep and my pussy is so full. Kiss me baby, please kiss me, I need just a little more, of you holding me.”

I raised my head to kiss mom. She had tears running down the sides of her face into her hair. I pressed my lips to hers and we kissed lightly. I kissed her cheeks and tears, her nose, then her lips again. I rose up again, looking into her eyes.

Mom was smiling, when she said. “I love you, Kevin. I love more than you will ever know.”

“I love you too, Mom.”

Our lower bodies had barely moved, mom still had me held snug with her long legs. We kissed again, as we did so this time she lowered legs and relaxed her pelvis. I started to pull out of her, when Aunt Kate slapped me on the ass really fucking hard. Caught completely off guard, I pushed my dick deep into mom again. If I hadn’t I would have rose up and knocked her ass off the bed. Mom giggled, grunted and rocked her hips up at me again.

“That was very touching you two. So what am I, chopped liver here?” Aunt Kate said.

Mom looked over at her, grinned and then stuck her tongue out at her sister. “Fuck you sweet sister.”

I started stroking in and out of mother’s pussy. She in turn started rocking her hips, and soon we were in a good rhythm. In a minute, we were fucking at each other hard. Mom was giving back everything I was giving her. Aunt Kate started talking nasty shit to mom and me, which just added to our excitement. Time was against me, she felt so good. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to keep this up for long. Not without cumming in mom, soon but, I wanted to make it last much longer.

“That’s it Kevin, pound that momma pussy hard, give it to her, she been waiting for you to fuck her. She wants it hard baby, she told me so. Fuck the shit out of her Kevin; do her like the slut she is.”

Then Mom started in. “OH God yes baby. OH shit yes. Fuck me Kevin; pound mommy’s pussy as hard as you want. I love your big dick in me you fill me up so well. Is this good baby, you want me from behind; tell me Kevin, Momma will be your total slut. Oh shit Kevin, Escort Eskişehir fuck me I’m going to cum all over that big hard dick of yours.”

Pulling out of her pussy, I sat back on my haunches. “On your hands and knees you wanton slut.” I was really starting to get into this. I wanted Aunt Kate to get involved, I wanted mom’s ass. In her new position, mom backed up to me, I slapped her ass a couple of times. Guiding my cock back into mom, she worked that beautiful ass around, pushing back getting all of me in her pussy. Mom put her head down, keeping her ass up high; I started fucking with long deep strokes.

Aunt Kate slapped mom’s ass also. Mom just waved her ass at us, teasing, wanting more. Looking down I drooled a bunch of saliva into mom’s ass crack.

“Play with your slut sister’s asshole.” I told Aunt Kate. “Work that spit into her ass, make it wetter inside so I can put my dick in her ass. Aunt Kate smeared my saliva around mom’s asshole; entering it to the first knuckle with her middle finger. Soon she had her finger deep in mom’s ass. All three of us were working together to get mom another orgasm. Aunt Kate and I alternated in and outs, pushing mom closer to cumming again. She was really working mom’s ass now, adding as second finger stretching her ass open. I could feel her fingers inside mom. Aunt Kate started slapping mom’s ass, synchronizing a slap with a thrust of finger and mom went over the top again.

Mom’s pussy gripped at my cock when she started cumming. I wanted to fuck her ass, but I knew I wasn’t going to make it. If I pulled out of her now, I’d just cum all over her ass and Aunt Kate’s hand. I knew now that there would be many opportunities in the future; I would get her ass then. Mom rose up on her hands, really pushing back again me and I started cumming in her. I pulled her back against me, pushing cum deep into her willing cunt. We rode each other through our orgasms, until we had nothing left. Aunt Kate kept her fingers deep in mom’s ass, double penetrating her.

“Oh Kevin, man I thought you wanted to take your mom’s ass.” Aunt Kate said. “I got her asshole all loosened up for your big cock and then you blow your wad in her pussy. Are you done for the night, you think you can get up again, after all this?”

Fighting to get my breathing back, I pushed Aunt Kate over on the bed. Her finger exited mom’s asshole, causing mom to groan. Her asshole gaped open for a few seconds before closing back up. I wondered if my cock would go in there without hurting her. One thing for sure it wasn’t going to happen tonight. I was totally done for tonight. Mom lay down on the bed, leaving me on my knees. Aunt Kate had my flaccid cock in her mouth in seconds, cleaning our combined juices from it. Mom turned around and pulled Aunt Kate off me, by her hair.

“Oh no you don’t you greedy bitch. Get the fuck in your back. I’ll feed you his come from my pussy while I clean that wonderful cock of his. I haven’t done this for a long time, so you want some creamy cum you get it from me.”

Mom got Aunt Kate where she wanted her and lowered her creamy pussy right over face. Her moans told me Aunt Kate was doing a good job on her pussy. She bent down taking my flaccid cock in her mouth and proceeded to clean me up. In a few minutes, we all were snuggling on my bed together. In between the two of them, my curiosity peaked and so I had to ask.

“Do either one of you want to tell how in the world all of this got started. This is something that just doesn’t happen to families every day. There are a lot of people out there that well, would really frown at what we just did.”

“Believe it or not, your dad was the instigator in all of this.” Mom said. “He had a crazy ass notion and like always, the dumbass acted, before he spoke to anyone about it, so here we are. It’s, a long story and all this started last summer. If you want to hear it, Kate will have to tell you, cause, I’m headed off to bed and some good restful sleeping.”

Mom rose up and kissed me, she playfully slapped Aunt Kate on the ass before heading out the door. Aunt Kate and I found my sheet, pulled up over us. She snuggled up to me; I wrapped my arm around her and we kissed for a few minutes. It wasn’t long her hand wandered down over my stomach, headed for my now useless cock.

“Oh shit Aunt Kate, it’s not going to happen, not for a while.” I said.

“I know, but a girl can hope can’t she?” She whispered. “You interested in how this whole thing came about, or you want to sleep?”

“Tell me. I’m having some doubts and some questions about this whole thing.”

“OK, last spring when you and your dad went fishing for those five days. Well, your Uncle Blake came to the house to do some work, your dad wanted done, which turned out to be bullshit. Dan got this crazy notion in his head that your mom was either having or wanted to have an affair. Blake wasn’t here to do any work; he was here to seduce your mom. You have to admit the man is good looking, but he’s still a snake as far as I’m concerned. According to Tonya, your mom isn’t the first woman he had talked out of her panties. The short story, your mom and Blake got it on, twice. Then the dumbass got drunk, got mouthy and ended up letting it slip to Tonya that he had fucked your mom.

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