Aunt Maggie Ch. 02


The day was working out splendidly. With all “preparations” complete, Margaret Cory now merely had to recline back against her wooden deck chair and “just enjoy the view.” It was a view she’d taken great pains to achieve and through no small amount of scheming influence on her part. The view as it turns out, was most enjoyable indeed. He really was a fine specimen – good blood on her sister’s side of the family line.

Behind her dark sunglasses, her eyes followed her nephew Billy’s every move over the next several minutes; scrutinizing each straining sinewy muscle, each taught ripple of flesh. Her mind began to work out the mental geometry as she speculated what it might feel like to have him atop her with his weight pinning her down, making her helpless beneath his crush. She’d been right in telling him to remove his shirt so as not to suffer heat stroke and to get some golden rays of sunshine on those shoulders of his… not that his tanned skin needed it, his color being most appealing to her from several points of aesthetic consideration.

She fanned herself. It certainly was getting warm here by the pool, she realized as she continued scrutinizing her nephew in the same hungry manner as a tabby cat would as it preparing to pounce on an unsuspecting field mouse. She needed to cool off.

She’d told herself but a few minutes before, she’d all week to make her move, but then she told herself again, if she made that move EARLY and was successful (chuckle), then she’d have all the week to enjoy him! Yes she needed to cool off, most assuredly.

She was up from her chair. She glanced at her watch; he’d been working a for nearly an hour’s time now. He needed a break anyhow, it was the perfect pretext. Her feet kicked off her high-heeled sandals and her sunglasses found their way to the chair as she stepped to the edge of the pool with purpose and determination, (if not a slight tremble inside her).

She knew that tremble. It was a bit of pre-tryst butterflies that accompanied a slight tingling in her scalp and lovely bit of inexplicable breathlessness. At some level inside she needed that sensation; as it was that bit of giddiness that made conquests so thrilling and terrifying at the same time. One would think after all those lovers and all those torrid hook-ups she’d have outgrown it; yet here it was… the “pre-shag shivers” as she liked to call them.

When she considered her apprehension for a moment; aside from the obvious titillation she felt, there was also a bit of trepidation at the ethics of everything. That too was a bit perplexing to her sense of hedonism. She’d experienced incestuous sexual relations before; first there had been her “game” that she’d played for so many years with her sister, and then of course she’d crossed the threshold of taboo with… others.

She’d had relations with a young man she’d met on holiday in the Mediterranean and then she’d shared a bed with him and a woman who’d later turned out to be his older sister. There were also a pair of young women she’d met on a business trip to Hong Kong; whom it was later revealed were both twin sisters. That weekend was remarkable in the number of wonderful orgasms she’d been privy to, from both of those lovely ladies. Then of course there was a ski vacation in Zurich in which she and an older woman she’d met on the slopes had conspired to join forces and seduce the woman’s handsome stepson in their hotel’s indoor pool after hours. That ended marvelously and she still received holiday cards from the both of them, so why was this different?

The answer was simple. Billy was her blood and her sister’s son, (and it wasn’t as if her sister could have made her pregnant in any of those late night scissor sessions or lickfests they’d subjected one another too when they were growing up). Her sister had also not approved what she’d had in mind, (no matter what their phone conversations had been before). This was then by its very unnatural nature; something completely different from all her other past dalliances. It was truly forbidden… it was shameful, it was wrong, and it was making her clit tingle and her puss trickle just by entertaining the thought.

Right, she was in!

“Billy darling,” she called to him from where she stood at the pool’s edge, “you’ve been working for a ruddy hour… take a break already dear!”

“Almost done here Auntie Maggie,” he called back to her.

He was true to his word. Within a few more snips of the hedge shears he’d finished his work. The rest of the yard work could wait… Auntie Maggie had other work for him this morning, anyhow.

Billy now noticed something odd. As he set down his shears and wiped the sweat from his brow he could clearly his auntie standing at the pool’s edge. How long had she been there simply watching him? Had he done a decent enough job on the hedge? He turned around and checked his work, flipping his bangs from his eyes.

Nope… it was first rate he reasoned, but still; she just stood there at the liseli porno other end of the pool looking at him. It was all a bit unsettling.

Hmmmm, he noticed she was looking rather fetching really though; if one can say that about their aunt. That was creepy and wrong to think, right?

It certainly was, but he could see she didn’t look like many other women her age. She had the loveliest hips of the MILFiest MILF he’d ever pulled-off to on the internet, (and her tits underneath that bikini top were nothing to ignore either)! They were lovely and round and full with no sag… she’d taken care of herself. He also loved her short, nearly shoulder-length fiery red head of hair that hinted at fun upscale sophistication with a dash of mischief thrown in. No… if he was a full-blown pervert he’d be keen to fuck his aunt, he mused to himself… and of course that other stuff didn’t count really.


The ‘other stuff’ he happened to recall in the back of his noggin were lurid fantasies he’d had; dreams mostly, but he’d also pulled his cock late at night to help himself sleep, and it was in these same self-abuse sessions he’d had ‘accidents.’ It seems in between those little sleepy tugs where he’d imagined a porno starlet or two sucking him or riding his cock; he’d somehow managed to get Auntie Maggie thrown in the erotic video playing in his fevered mind. He didn’t understand how she managed to get into his head (and he would kick her out immediately from his fantasy spank session because it was ‘weird’ for him), but she was definitely there in his consciousness. Of course she was lodged deep in his subconscious, as well.

He’d had several dreams where she’d approach him without so much as a stitch of clothing on and then with a SNAP of her fingers, he’d be naked as well! They’d kiss and shortly; a fuck would ensue, (or a blowjob, or handjob or some inappropriate and shameful contact). His mother would enter the room and rage at him or his girlfriend, Anna, and there would be shouts of disapproval and his feeble attempts to explain himself. There’d been at least one dream where his girlfriend and his auntie had been in the bath in a torrid lovemaking session. There’d been another night where he’d dreamt his mum and his auntie had been naked in his bed as he returned home and they’d motioned for him to join them.

Regardless of the dream, he found it all confusing, disturbing and regretfully exciting. He’d awake to find the front of his underwear a ghastly sticky mess with the blasted remnants of a recent ejaculation staining the front of things. It made him wonder if he were a foul pervert, fit only for a lunatic asylum of some sort. He’d trot down to the loo and wash off his shame and tell himself it was all just a dream that couldn’t be helped.


Now he was standing half-turned across the pool from his aunt, and noticing that very same look in her blue-green eyes she’d given him in those terribly unsettling dreams. His cock twitched. She broke the spell with a smile still on her lips…

“Billy jump in the pool. You need to cool off.”

“Oh,” he said turning her way, “no worries Auntie Maggie. I’ll get my swimming things from the house next door and…”

“Oh POO Billy,” she said, “don’t worry, just shuck off those jeans and stop being silly. I’ve seen you in your underwear, it will dry. I’m going in anyhow, why not you?”

There was a pause… an awkward pause really. It was one of those dead space moments where everything stops and stands still; more fitting perhaps for an American Western movie with an old-time shoot-out a street, but it was no less appropriate here, (what with each participant watching the other to see what their next move happened to be). She saw his eyes. He saw hers. From a high third-floor window above the pool, Gwennie, the ever-watchful maid …observed them both keenly as she pretended to clean the pane of glass before her.

Gwen knew precisely how this would all go. She’d seen her employer Maggie pull that old, ‘Why don’t you just jump into the water,’ trick before.

Maggie had tried that little number with that young immigrant pool boy, Carlos when he’d come by to check her PH and scour her plaster at her behest. That had ended well enough for her, and it had turned out she’d had her pipes scrubbed clean for her money, as well by him! Yes WELL INDEED, in fact… and then there was Evan; the fellow from town who’d cut the hedge the last time …and then Cyrus the pool maintenance technician who’d fixed the filter port, (and both of Maggie’s other ports as well)!

No, there was nothing new at all about this little trick, but it was tried and true. Gwen scrubbed the window absentmindedly, (with the beginnings of a smirk forming at the corners of her mouth while her eyes followed the scene below).

There was still that awkward silence. Maggie and Billy really DID resemble two gunfighters squaring off in the middle of the street, now. Both had mobil porno their hips cocked jauntily to one side, (although Maggie’s stance was a bit more pronounced with her MILFie-arse jutting against her orange thong).

You could hear a honeybee fart; it was so quiet. Billy “went for his gun,” first.

With one thumb he flipped open his belt, then with both hands he unsnapped and unzipped his jeans. Denim hit the pool deck and he stepped from his sandals, now standing before his auntie in his “tightey-whitey.” She’d have to do something about that. She could see his bulging prominence beneath that all that cotton and it looked promising, but she’d need to get him better briefs.

Who in the HELL above the age of twelve wore those sorts of things anyhow? Well… she’d work on him.

There was another pause, then a leap, then a splash and he was in. It was now Maggie who went for her guns, (both of them being C-cups as they were). Following a quick maneuver with her hands behind her back, her top sailed through the air and landed in the water. She dover in right behind it, readying her trap for him. It had to look convincing. She needed to sell that this was all an accident… at first.

Billy heard his aunt’s splash somewhere out ahead of him and he glided through the water to a spot in the shallows where he could stand. It was then he turned around, seeing his auntie breach the surface. She sputtered a misty exhalation and turned herself; treading water whilst facing him. She playfully scooped up a chlorine laden mouthful from the pool and spat it at him; all grins and teases.

“Hey,” Billy scolded, “cut that out!”

“Oh,” she teased swimming closer into the shallows and spitting more water at him, “can’t handle a little squirt, can you?”

Something caught the periphery of Billy’s vision. He turned to look and then broke up laughing.

“There’s something you can’t handle either Auntie Maggie,” he said with a voice full of school boy chiding and derision.

“What’s that?” she said after spitting more water at him.

“You can’t handle a dive into your own pool,” he teased, “without losing your top!”

He pointed to the surface of the water just a few feet away from them. Her orange bikini top was clearly floating upon the surfaces like two wayward jellyfish. She feigned shock.

She brought an arm up to her breasts and was about to give him a lecture concerning how bare breasts really weren’t all that improper anyhow and that in this modern age, plenty of women went about with their breast showing. It wouldn’t be necessary, however. What he did next was completely random but played right into her hands.

He shot an arm out before him into the water and lunged. A moment he stood triumphant with her top in his hands. It was apparent he was not about to return it. He was all tit for tat schoolyard retaliation at the moment.

“Teach you to spit water at me,” he chided.

“Billy don’t you dare,” she said… hoping he most certainly would!

The top flew through the air and landed almost upon his jeans and sandals. She feigned shock and then she too …took on a playful aspect to her eye. She lunged at him and commenced splashing him.

He returned great splashes back at her. There was clearly nothing sexual about his actions but in his mind she’d started things by spitting at him… he’d only settled the score by tossing her top on the shore out of reach. It was schoolboy logic, but it played right into her hands and at the moment both her hands were splashing him just as vigorously as he was her.

This horseplay went on for several seconds as the two launched broadsides of water at one another again and again. She began whirling her arms like twin splashing water wheels as he turned around to face away from his aunt and began scooping water behind himself at her. It was then, with him standing in waist-deep water that she made her move.

Billy suddenly found his auntie lunging at him and pulling him under. He went down in a cloud of bubbles and tickles. It was anything but expected.

He struggled to fight her off and for a moment, the two grappled as if wrestling, then strangely her grasp relented. She swam away from him. Her move confused him but more importantly, he needed air.

He broke the surface, all bewildered gasps and sputters. He turned to see his auntie standing in the water with her breasts bared to him; nipples swollen and erect. In her hands she held something.

“Unfair Auntie,” he choked at her, “give those back!”

“Toss my top onto the shore will you?” Maggie teased, having turned the tables on her nephew, “Let’s see how you like THIS!”

He jumped at her in an attempt to grapple her arm and snatch back his cotton dignity from hand but she was too fast. His underwear sailed through the air, landing SPLAT upon the deck next to the other discarded clothes. He was now naked and she was jeering at him. He lunged for öğrenci porno her as she retreated to deeper water.

“There Billy,” she said with a wicked grin across her face whilst she moved into the deeper end of the pool, “we’re even now!”

Her words may have indicated she was through with mischief, but a second later and she’d gulped more water and spat it his way. This clearly not “over-with” by any sense of the word… it was most decidedly, ON!

“Like hell Auntie!” he gasped with hurt pride and determination before diving beneath the water.

She should have been at a disadvantage, but that was simply not the case. Oh heavens no, it wasn’t. In fact, the opposite was true.

Margaret loved water, having even been a lifeguard as a teenager. She loved vacations to exotic locales with beaches and coral reefs and crashing waves. She even loved to swim in the cold channel waters of Weymouth. No there was no disadvantage here, in fact she was very much in her element. Her nephew Billy was engaging her in horseplay at the deep end of the pool; a bit like challenging someone to their favorite game on their home field.

He caught her easily enough and they locked together and rolled, (well actually she’d let him catch her). It was simply too easy. She could have swum circles around him all day in that pool, (and he’d never have so much as lain a finger upon her if she so decided).

No in truth, she’d caught him, (although he was most unaware of that fact at the time). They went under; arms wrapping bodies, and limbs locking limbs. The water was all confusion struggles and bubbles. They breached the surface with a great splash; both gulping air before plunging below again.

His hands were going for her thong. She knew this; he was simply that obvious. She struggled but not too hard. She had to play this just right.

She rolled again with him beneath the water and in her pretend struggle, her hand brushed his cock… just for the briefest instant. It was like a great marine sea cucumber to the touch; hefty, solid and full of life, (and it wasn’t yet even rigid). A wave of wicked selfish pleasure shot through her scheming heart. She continued to struggle and put up a good show.

They broke the surface again and re-adjusted grips before plunging below. Down in the swirling chlorine depths, hands bumped about and ‘accidently’ found things; his against her breasts, the hers against that cock. These were fleeting little brushes and grabs for the both of them, but she could tell well enough from her latest grope of his dong that he was far more excited than he’d been just short time prior, (even if he hadn’t known it himself).

He now achieved what he was striving for amidst her wriggles and struggles, and she let him have his little victory. He rose to the surface holding her thong aloft in triumph. She surfaced a few feet away and again feigned outrage and protest.

“Billy don’t you …dare do it!”

She’d played him like a fiddle. He immediately tossed her bright orange thong to the shore with the rest of the disgarded clothes. He beamed back at her.

“Now we’re EVEN, Auntie!” he gasped, treading water.

“The HELL we are!” she bellowed just prior to diving beneath and surfacing next to him.

A second later and she pulled him under once more. He was not only in her lair, he was in her element, and they were now both MOST APPROPRIATELY ATTIRED FOR THE OCCASION!

She continued with the charade of ‘horseplay,’ grabbing him in a she-bear hug and throwing her legs around his waist as she rolled him under. In the process of doing so, she mashed her cunt against his bare cock. To to her delight and excitement, she found his loins completely rampant by now and throbbing with agitation. As they surfaced again she crossed her legs behind him and held him close whilst up top she allowed his arms to thrash about as he sputtered for a bit of air.

“Ready to behave are we?” she said with one eyebrow cocked.

He nodded, somewhat defeated and realizing she was a better swimmer than even he, (despite all his school medals for aquatics).

“Good,” she said before she pulled him to the very edge of the pool’s deep end.

She planted his hand upon the solid concrete deck as she bobbed in the water beside him. Oddly enough she resumed precisely the same embrace, locking her arms around him up top and with her legs about his waist. She crossed her ankles to hold her in place upon him affectionately.

“Ah,” she said, “that’s much better. I am tired now, simply hold onto that edge.”

“Y..yes, Auntie Maggie,” he answered, somewhat surprised that his now most naked aunt (and his mother’s blood sister), had her limbs wrapped about him like a peel on a banana.

He could feel her sex against him, or was that his imagination. No… he could swear he felt her sex against “it,” (and “it” was throbbing most rudely for him).

Aunt Maggie noticed precisely the same thing as he, and she mashed herself against him; all the while acting innocent about it. His penis wasn’t exactly “in” as it were, but his sausage had definitely found a roll to lie upon. All it would need was a bit of mustard and a paper serviette, she quipped to herself. She sniggered softly at her little joke.

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