Aunt Mildred’s Secret

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To all my loyal readers: This is a change from my other stories. It was written at the request of one of my many readers. She gave me the plot and asked that I write it. Even though I enjoy water sports (golden showers), I have not written any stories involving enemas. As per her request, this story is about just that type of water sport. If this offends you, I ask you to read no further. But for those who do, and especially for my special reader, here it is.

* * * * *

“Alvin! Aunt Mildred fell and hurt her back. She’s in the hospital.” Those words started a sexual adventure that is still going on today. About two years ago, my mother’s sister took a bad fall. Aunt Mildred had always been an extension of our mom. Sharon and I were kids to a single mom. Our dad took off soon after Sharon was born. I was three at the time so I don’t remember him. Like I said, Aunt Mildred helped mom in raising us. In fact, she was there more than mom was most of the time. Oh I’m not saying our mom was bad, she worked two jobs to make sure we had everything we needed. It was just that with working so hard, we didn’t see her much. But Aunt Mildred was there for everything. She was the one who gave us parties, who visited our schools. She was there for our graduations. And now she was in a hospital with a bad back. There was no question that one of us would have to go and take care of her. Since I had the type of job that allowed me to travel at will, Sharon was depending on me to go.

I arrived at Aunt Mildred’s one day before she was to come home. The fall hadn’t been that bad. But it would hinder her from doing most of her housework and getting around. Both Sharon and I had keys so I let myself in. it was while I was preparing her room for her that I made my discovery. I was looking for some sheets to put on her bed. I wanted to have everything fresh and clean when she came home. I remembered a flowery set that she loved and I was going through the closets to find it. I came upon a small bag in the back of one of her closets. I pulled it out. When I opened the bag, I was shocked. Inside the bag I found an assortment of adult toys. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I pulled the things out and laid them on the bed.

My mind reeled as I touched each item. The larger vibrator was slightly curved. It had the head of a dick at the tip and when I touched the button, it whirred to life. There was a smaller one in it that was stubby and thinner. Three dildos of different sizes and lengths along with one that was obviously made to take care of both holes at the same time. There were a few clamps that I knew were nipple and clit clamps. But the shocking thing I found was the enema bag. The nozzle was shaped more like one of the dildos, than the long straight nozzle I had seen as a child. I remembered the enema bag. As a child, that was aunt Mildred’s solution for most ailments. If Sharon or I got a cold, upset stomach or any of the other childhood ailments, it most often ended in an enema. The last items in the bag were an even bigger shock. Aunt Mildred had three different sized butt plugs. I sat there staring at the assortment of toys.

I had never thought about Aunt Mildred sexually. I mean, I guess I did but not consciously. However, after seeing the assortment of her toys, my mind began to think about what she would look like as she used them. Aunt Mildred was about 53. She had always been a homemaker. Her husband had died early in their marriage, but he had left her very well off. She never remarried. As I thought about it, I began to put some of the things that had happened during our childhood together. Aunt Mildred was like the queen in our house. Even mom didn’t argue when she put her foot down about something. Mom and Aunt Mildred shared a bedroom up until Sharon and I were about 10 and 13. Mom always seemed to have some kind of ailment that caused her to get Aunt Mildred’s special attention. I felt my dick starting to grow. Aunt Mildred was not a bad looking woman.

At 53, she still had somewhat of a firm body. Her tits filled her bra to overflowing. She wore the types of clothes that you saw older women wear. You know, the straight skirts, lace blouses, stockings with garter belts and high heels. I had to admit, she always looked classy. I remember how men used to follow her with their eyes as she walked down the street. I found some X-rated movies stuck in the back of her closet. That night, I lay in her bed, surrounded with her toys. I couldn’t help thinking about Aunt Mildred as I stroked my hard dick to two fantastic climaxes. And all the time, it was my dick that was pumping into her pussy. I used her vibrators to rub all over my hard dick and swollen balls. And as the stream of thick cum shot from the tip of my dick, it was Aunt Mildred’s name that I cried out.

I brought Aunt Mildred from the hospital. She was able to walk but it was slow going. When she got into the house, I took her up to her bedroom and helped her get comfortable. I took her shoes off and massaged her feet. illegal bahis All the time, my eyes kept going up her legs to the hem of her skirt. When she tried to take her blouse off, she winced in pain. I told her that I would have to undress her. When she began to protest, I reminded her that I had seen her naked more than a few times when we were small. I unbuttoned her blouse with shaking fingers. Yes, I had seen Aunt Mildred naked when I was smaller and younger. But the raging hardon I had now was not the dick of a little boy. By the time my fingers fumbled with the clasp of her bra, I was almost hyperventilating. Aunt Mildred looked at me in the mirror.

When I had the clasp undone, she shrugged her shoulders and the bra slipped off. My eyes locked onto the mirror as I saw her tits as a grown man. They seemed so full and round. The areolas were as big as silver dollars and her nipples were puckered. They seemed to stick out at least a half inch. Aunt Mildred snickered. “Why Alvin, I would think you had never seen a pair of tits before?” I stammered some kind of answer. “No! I’ve seen tits before. It’s just that, well..” Aunt Mildred laughed. Then she winced in pain again. “Don’t make me laugh, it hurts. The doctors said I should take hot baths and try back rubs to make my back feel better. Would you be a dear and run me a hot bath? I think I can take the rest of my clothes off by myself.”

I could hear her laughter as I ran her bath. By the time I came back into the bedroom, Aunt Mildred was wearing one of her bathrobes. “Do you think you can get in the tub by yourself?” Aunt Mildred looked at me. The look she gave me made me feel like she was undressing me. “If I have any trouble, I’ll call you.” She smiled as she walked pass me and I watched her ass sway as she walked into the bathroom and closed the door. I could only imagine what the rest of her looked like as she slipped out of her robe and stepped into the tub. I had given her a bubble bath.

I went to the kitchen and made her a cup of tea. Aunt Mildred called me and I went back to her bedroom. I knocked on the bathroom door. “Alvin, could you come and wash my back?” I stepped into the bathroom. The whole room was steamy. It felt like a sauna in there. My clothes stuck to my body. I walked to the tub and stared down at my aunt. I could see her tits all covered with suds. “Does the hot water help?” I took the washcloth and soaped it up. Aunt Mildred leaned forward and I began to wash her back. A soft moan escaped her lips. “Oh Alvin, that feels so good.” The way she had said it, it came out more like a moan of passion. I felt my dick jump inside my pants. “Do you remember when I used to give you and Sharon your baths?” I laughed at the thought. I had to tell her that I was too old to be given baths when I reached 12. “Yea, I remember.”

“I wasn’t able to wash my feet and legs. When I tried to bend it hurt. Would you wash them for me?” I knelt on the floor next to the tub and reached into the water. Grasping one of her ankles, I lifted it up and began to wash it. Aunt Mildred kept her eyes glued on mine as I washed her. “I remember that you stopped me from washing you when you were about 12. That was about the time you first started getting hardons.”

“Aunt Mildred!” Aunt Mildred began to laugh. “Oh don’t be so shocked. I did the laundry remember. You had more cum spots on your sheets than a little bit. Do you still jerk off as much as you did then?” My hand had gotten as far as her knee. “Don’t stop! If your going to take care of me, give me a good washing.” I let my hand continue to wash her thigh, working higher and higher.

Aunt Mildred bent her knee and inched forward. My hand was now washing close to her crotch. I felt my fingers brush against her cunt and I jerked my hand back. Aunt Mildred stopped me and looked at my face. “Look Alvin! I can guess you’re kind of embarrassed at having to take care of me like this? But we’re not little children. I’m a grown woman and you’re a grown man. I know you’ve seen women naked. Think of me as a woman you’re giving a bath to. If you’re this embarrassed by just washing me, how are you going to be able to rub me down with oil when we’re through? I tell you what. I won’t be embarrassed by the big hardon you have. You don’t be embarrassed by my nudity. Deal?” She had put it so matter of fact I had to laugh. “Deal!” I told her to lay back. She lay back in the tub and the sudsy water swallowed her tits. This time, as I washed her other leg, I let the washcloth wash her cunt also.

When I washed her cunt, Aunt Mildred opened her thighs wider and pushed her hips forward. I washed her cunt slower and more carefully than the other parts of her legs. And Aunt Mildred sighed when I finished. I even took the hint and washed the rest of her body. When I got to her tits, I couldn’t help but take my time. I lavished each tit as she lay with her eyes closed. The rapid increase in her breathing told me that she was being affected by my attention. Even though I was using illegal bahis siteleri the washcloth, I was squeezing and pulling on her tits like I would a girlfriend’s. And I could feel Aunt Mildred pushing her tits against my hand. Aunt Mildred opened her eyes and looked at me. “I think you had better help me stand up. The shower will rinse the soap off me and then you can help me dry off.” I helped her stand and even with the soap clinging to her body I could see that she had at least taken care of herself.

The water slipped down her body. Droplets of water clung to her nipples. She had a slight bulge in her belly but it didn’t take away from her overall beauty. Aunt Mildred’s thighs showed some of her weight with small ripples in her smooth skin. But they were thick and meaty. She had a large patch of thick black hair between her thighs. I helped her out of the tub and she stood still while I toweled her dry. Then I held her arm as I helped her into the bedroom. The house was warm and yet I could still see small goose bumps on her skin. I sat Aunt Mildred down on the bed. She told me what bottle of oil I should use. As I got the bottle, she rolled over and lay on her stomach. I couldn’t help but gaze at the twin charcoal colored globes that stuck up in the air. My thoughts went back to the butt plugs and enema bag I had seen. I walked over to Aunt Mildred and starting at her shoulders began to oil her body.

I had gotten no further than her shoulders when she stopped me. “Alvin, you going to get your clothes all messed up.” I would have taken them off gladly, but then I wouldn’t have been able to hide my throbbing hardon. It was bad enough that the bulge was so noticeable. “That’s all right. They’re old clothes and the oil should wash out.” Aunt Mildred laid her head on the pillow facing away from me. I was glad. I moved my dick to a more comfortable position and massaged the oil into her arm. Then I did the other arm. Next I worked on her back. She had me go real slow and massage the oil in real good. When I reached the small of her back I hesitated. “Go ahead Alvin. That feels so good, I want you to do my whole body. It’s been years since I had a good rubdown.” Aunt Mildred opened her legs slightly. I could see down the crack of her ass to her pouting pussy lips.

“Why don’t you heat the oil up a little bit? I bet it will feel even better warm.” I ran hot water over the bottle. All the time, looking thru the door at her lying there. I rubbed the bulge in my pants. Damn! Looking at her naked body was driving me nuts. I took the bottle back to the bed and dribbled some oil on Aunt Mildred’s ass cheeks. “Mmmm! That feels so much better.” Work it in good, Alvin.” I straddled her legs and began to work the oil into her soft skin. My body moved up and down her thighs as I rubbed the oil in. I had on jeans and the rough material was rubbing her soft skin. “Alvin! Your pants are scraping my thighs. Please take them off?” I looked at her back. if I took my pants off, there was no way I could hide my hard dick. “Alvin, don’t be childish. I’ve seen you naked lots of times. The only difference is that now you’re grown.” I laughed. “Yes I am grown. I have to admit Aunt Mildred, looking at you like this is giving me thoughts I shouldn’t have about my own aunt.”

Aunt Mildred took a deep breath. “If it will make you feel better, I promise not to look. Now please hurry before the house cools off.” I got off the bed and pushed my pants down. The front of my drawers were wet where the tip of my dick had been dripping pre-cum. hesitantly I climbed back on the bed. I just knew she could feel my dick rubbing against her thighs. I began to rub the warm oil into her ass cheeks. “Harder Alvin. I promise, I won’t break.” I began to rub the oil in harder. I kneaded and squeezed her ass cheeks as I worked it in. And Aunt Mildred would sigh and lift her ass up off the bed. I dribbled some oil into her crack and began to work it into her skin. Every time I spread her open, her dark puckered hole winked at me. All I could think about was the double-pronged dildo and her butt plugs. Did she really use them on her asshole?

My fingers were working the oil into the creases of skin between her thighs. And Aunt Mildred opened her thighs even wider. When my finger slipped along the folds of her pussy lips, I heard her gasp. Since she didn’t protest, I worked my hands along her crotch until my thumbs were working in and out the opening of her pussy. With each touch, Aunt Mildred would gasp, but she never told me to stop. I worked further down her thigh and she let out a big sigh. I did the backs of her thighs and legs and then I oiled her ankles and feet. “Uh, do you want me to do the front too?” I knew that if she turned over, the game was up. My dick was so hard it hurt. And I would lose it the minute I saw her hairy cunt. “Alvin, would you go and get a hand towel for me.” I couldn’t imagine why she needed one but I got up and got one. Not without massaging my throbbing dick while I was in the bathroom.

“I’m canlı bahis siteleri going to cover my face. I promised you I wouldn’t embarrass you.” Aunt Mildred slipped the towel over her face as she turned over. But not before she took a good look at the size of my bulge. This time she opened her legs wide and I knelt between them. Her tits were huge. They flopped to her sides but I could see that her nipples were hard. And they were even bigger than when she was in the tub. Looking down at her cunt, I could see that she was wet. Her pussy lips looked so juicy and swollen. I poured oil on her shoulders and began to rub. When I got to her tits, I molded, knead and worked from the base to the tip. When I got to her nipple, I pinched and pulled it. “Harder Alvin! If you’re gonna massage them, make me feel it.” I stared down at the towel across her face. if she wanted it harder, then I would give it to her.

I began massaging with a vengeance. Aunt Mildred was soon moaning and mewing as I worked. The bulge in my drawers was pushed against her crotch. I knew she could feel my throbbing. When I got to her nipples, instead of just pinching and pulling, I began to twist them. ‘That’s it Alvin! Just like that!” I could hear her hard breathing. And I could feel her pushing her cunt against my dick. At one point, I pulled her nipples until her whole tit lifted. I pinched and twisted as I pulled. I can still hear the way she reacted. “Oh Alvin!” Her moan made me let go. “No honey! Don’t stop.” I smiled as my hands once again gripped her tit. I let them slide up until I once again had her nipples. This time I twisted and pulled even harder. Aunt Mildred almost lifted off the bed but she didn’t cry out. Suddenly I felt her humping her pussy hard against my dick. “Yes! Oh yes!” she moaned.

I let her nipples go. Aunt Mildred had cum while I pinched and pulled her nipples. Then with a sigh, she said “finish oiling me”. I made quick work of oiling her stomach. But instead of starting at her hips, I started at her feet. I oiled one leg and worked my hands and fingers up her thigh. This time when my fingers touched her cunt, I pushed my middle finger deep inside her cunt. Aunt Mildred moaned and pushed her pussy down on my finger. I pulled my finger out and pushed in two fingers. Aunt Mildred humped against my fingers a few times and sighed deeply. Then I did the other leg. I did the same thing when I got to her cunt again. This time I fingered her openly. And aunt Mildred humped my finger until she came with a loud whimper. “Oh Alvin! Yes! Oh Alvin! Yes! Yes!”

I got up off the bed. “Leave the towel over your face.” I went to the closet and found the bag of toys. When I got back, Aunt Mildred lay just like I had left her. The sheets at her cunt showed how wet her cunt had gotten. I took the vibrator and just as it touched her clit, I flicked it on. Aunt Mildred almost jumped from the bed. “Oh fuck! You found my toys, you naughty boy!” I could tell from her voice that she liked it. I played the vibrator over her cunt and paid special attention to her clit. Aunt Mildred reached down and her fingers pulled her pussy lips apart. “Did you like my toys? Did you see all of them?” I was breathing pretty hard myself by now. All pretense of this being just a rub down were gone. I was playing with my aunt’s pussy and she was not only letting me, she was encouraging me. I took things to where I had wanted them to go since last night.

“Yes Aunt Mildred, I did see all of your toys. And I’m going to use each and every one of them. I’ll be gentle since your back hurts. But first, there’s something I gotta do or go crazy.” I bent down and my nose inhaled the sweet scent of her pussy. After taking a deep whiff, I let my tongue stick out. I licked the length of her slit. Aunt Mildred cupped the back of my head. “Oh Alvin! It’s been a long time since I had this pussy licked. Come on baby, give it to me!” With those words of encouragement, I gave her a royal cunt lapping. I sucked her swollen lips, nibbled her clit and licked my tongue deep within her dripping cunt. Aunt Mildred grew wetter than any other woman I had fucked. And her pussy juice seemed so much sweeter. Aunt Mildred screamed her climax as she filled my mouth with her thick crème. When I looked up, she had pulled the towel from her face. “Come kiss me. I want to taste my pussy from your lips.”

Aunt Mildred licked all her juice from my face. The kiss she gave me was deeper than any the young girls gave me. I felt her tugging at my drawers. I got up from the bed and slipped them off. Aunt Mildred grasped my dick and pulled me to the bed. I watched as she moved over and my dick entered her mouth. Her lips were soft and warm and she licked and sucked me deep into her mouth. I stood looking down at the most beautiful sight. This was a fantasy come true. I was standing in my aunt’s bedroom. She had her mouth gripping my dick and I had just finished drinking her hot pussy. “Remember how you used to give me and Sharon enemas whenever we were sick? Well now you’re sick and it’s my turn.” Aunt Mildred didn’t stop sucking my dick; she just opened her eyes and looked up at me. “That’s right! I’m gonna work that tube up your ass and fill you just like you loved filling me and Sharon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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