‘Aunti’ Felicia Takes a Young Lover

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Veronica and her son David hurried over to her old friend Felicia’s place for tennis and dinner. They hadn’t seen each other in ages. David knew her older daughter from school, she had been a year behind him, but he had not met the younger one, and he had not seen their mother for quite a few years.

He remembered when he was little he always called his mother’s friend ‘Auntie’ as she was always around helping her mother with him, and she liked the fondness of the term Auntie. It was so much more personal than Mrs. or Ms., At any rate, he loved snuggling with her and she always spoiled him with special gifts.

At the last minute, he picked up two folding chairs from the garage to bring over with them as requested. Veronica loved going out with her tall handsome son, it was like a date, she thought to herself, but she would have to keep her distance from him in public. What happened at home behind closed doors would have to remain their own little private secret. And quite a bit had happened in the few days since he had walked in her room and seen her in just her bra and panties, she enjoyed teasing him and was delighted to notice the prominent bulge in his pants as he watched her dress and then helped her as his hands explored her excitedly. She put those thoughts out of her mind as they approached Felicia’s home.

Felicia greeted Veronica with a big hug, the two women laughed as their big breasts mashed into each other. Felicia exclaimed:

“This must be David, good heavens Veronica, where have you been hiding this gorgeous Adonis? Are you in College? How can that be? Good heavens, you really are a handsome devil!”

And she hugged David, putting her arms around his neck and kissing him on the cheek, her lips lingering on his flesh. Then her mouth found his ear and she inserted her tongue in it giggling like a schoolgirl. For his part, David’s hands went around her back as he held her a little longer than he probably should have. He did not feel a bra strap and wondered if she was wearing one. As their hug ended he let his hands gently trail along the sides of her full, firm breasts, as if by accident. She did not appear to even notice his transgression and simply smiled at him, as if encouraging him. Her perfume and beauty had stunned him and he felt his cock stirring in his pants.

Veronica said, “Now Felicia, be a good girl and don’t seduce my eighteen-year-old right in front of me!”

David blushed.

The experience with his mother earlier that morning had left him horny and frustrated, and now his Auntie was acting in a very provocative way towards him

Felicia summoned her older daughter and Elise and David shook hands a bit awkwardly as they hadn’t known each other much at school. But David was impressed with the girl. She had also just turned eighteen and had a lovely figure just like her mother,

Other people joined in to meet the new arrivals and Veronica watched proudly as most of the mothers admired her only child and lovely boy.

The group moved to the neighbourhood tennis courts. They were clay courts, perfect for the older folks. The afternoon passed quickly with friendly games until they all left the courts for Felicia’s huge home. A lot of the older women, whose husbands were also away playing golf busied themselves helping prepare dinner.

Felicia asked David if he would help out with the bar-b-que, as she was not comfortable cooking the steaks. He was happy to do so. Every time he turned around it seemed that she was there flirting and touching him in a friendly way.

Veronica helped setting tables, one out by the pool, and the other in the dining room.

She was happily chatting with friends she had not seen for some time, what with working full time, being a single mother, and seeing her black boyfriends, she had very little spare time. When the meal was almost ready everyone had to draw a folded piece of paper with a number on it from a glass bowl. An even number indicating they were to sit outside and odd meant inside. Felicia kept an ‘inside’ for herself and made sure Veronica sat outside. As David picked she had another güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri ‘inside’ between her fingers and she placed it in his hand, smiling in a flirty way. As they sat down Felicia made sure David and her daughter Elise sat together and she sat on David’s other side. She wanted to be able to encourage chatter between the two beautiful teens.

She also had something else on her mind.

She was delighted to note Veronica could not see them, as she was busy catching up with old friends. As Felicia leaned across David to chat with Elise, her breasts repeatedly brushed his arm. He made no move to avoid her, in fact, he was loving the close contact. Emphasising a point she was making, Felicia’s hand went to David’s bare leg, just below his tennis shorts. Her manicured fingernails were perfect. He closed his hand over hers and gave it a long squeeze. She was thrilled. Her daughter did not notice the interaction.

David made a point of speaking to another girl he knew, seated to Felicia’s right. Putting his arm around the back of her chair and leaning in that direction, he boldly looked down Felicia’s front, his face inches from hers. At the same time, he moved her hand up his leg and placed it on his hardening erection. She squeezed happily, as she did so she felt her wedding rings shift against his youthful thick cock. God, she thought, he must be nine inches, semi-hard.

At eighteen, she thought, God, he is already bigger and thicker than her husband!

Luckily, the tablecloth covered their busy hands.

As he removed his arm, he stroked her bare back above her white tennis tee shirt. She shivered with anticipation, arousal, longing and felt the familiar wetness between her legs. She would soon have this boy in her bed. Her husband was away a lot. David was always home after college classes, and Veronica was not.

She could not wait another minute.

As the guests got up to clear the tables and prepare for dessert, she took David by the hand and told him to go to the master bedroom at the top of the stairs. She took a different route up a little-used stairway behind the kitchen. Her husband had wanted it as a safety feature in case of fire. She smiled to herself, she was the one on fire, and it was the teenaged son of her friend that had made her that way.

She left her guests and went up the stairs. No one would miss her in the few minutes they would be gone. Felicia had a secret too. When she was in the first-year college she became very popular with the boys, mainly because of her skill, enjoyment and enthusiasm and longing to suck cock, the bigger the better, and after one black boy had worked with her over during one or two very long sex sessions she found she could deep throat even the biggest of cocks.

Then came a startling discovery.

When her boyfriends would cum in her mouth or down her throat, she would have a massive orgasm of her own and squirt her wetness uncontrollably.

Of course, she learned to orgasm vaginally and finally anally, but it was orally that turned her on the most. In college, she had a nickname, and that was ‘Felicia Fellatio’ which the boys called her behind her back, but in fact, she knew about it and loved the notoriety.

It made her special.

During her first few years at college, she mostly dated the seniors, boys and girls. She had been seduced a lot of times by girls in her dorm, and she loved it. She used to attend parties at the sorority, then she joined it.

Her initiation to join was to suck the cock of the black man who owned the building in front of a group of the senior girls, followed by joining two senior sorority sisters in an overnight threesome.

She passed with flying colours. She had never experienced such sexual excitement and release as she did with the two older girls. It went on for hours.

On a night like this, her oral skills would enflame young David and they would both reach crashing orgasms in a relatively short time. She grabbed a bath towel to kneel on. He was in the room and she kissed him long, deep and hard. She went güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to her knees and pulled his pants down, his gorgeous erection bobbed in her face and she stroked it while pulling her top off to give him a topless blowjob.

“Now,” she whispered to him. “my darling boy, call me Auntie as I suck you off.”

He replied:

“Oh my God, Auntie your mouth is incredible, don’t stop, oh yes, yes Auntie I am going to cum, oh fuck, I can’t stop, here it cums.”

She thought to herself that Veronica would probably not mind her doing this to her son, but she would mind her doing it to him in front of their friends.

She took his cock right down her throat. She had a unique ability to relax the muscles and just let it slide down while still breathing through her nose. David was literally fucking her face. He had never felt anything like it, and when she rimmed his anal ring with her finger and cupped his balls with her other hand, he could not hold back and shot his eruptions down her willing throat. She squirted her intense orgasm wildly all over the towel.

When they recovered, she told him to forget the folding chairs on purpose when they left. That would give him an excuse to come back on Monday after his classes while her daughters stayed late in school for their weekly piano lessons. She would be alone. She told him to go back downstairs the way he came and to use the main floor bathroom to clean himself up.

She would change and go back her secret way to the kitchen. They kissed.

David came out of the main floor washroom just as his beautiful mother came in the sliding door from the pool deck. He waved happily at her, and then noticed Felicia getting pies out of the oven, she was dressed in skin-tight jeans and a figure-hugging sweater.

Veronica came over and asked him if he was having fun, and smiled contentedly when he said he was. The plan was for the partiers to move tables for dessert, so he joined his mother and her friends outside.

Felicia’s plan had worked. It was soon time to go and David thanked Felicia with a shorter hug this time, but she did have time to breathe into his ear huskily:

“Monday at 2, my darling boy, don’t be late.”

He also hugged Elise and noted happily that she hugged him back. Her breasts were full and very firm. She seemed to like him. He could not help but wonder if she was as like her mother in the cocksucking department. His cock twitched at the thought of her ruby red lips opening to take his erection in her mouth as she knelt in front of him.

He must ask her out.

Veronica did not notice that he left their folding chairs behind, her mind was wandering. When they got home, Veronica told David she would have a quick shower as she hadn’t cleaned up properly after tennis, and if he wanted to join her in the shower it would be fine.

“I want you to take off my clothes, very slowly, dear boy. I saw the way Felicia was looking at you, and where oh where was her hand under the table? Did she touch your cock, my darling? It is ok to tell me, that way I can help you.”

He knelt at his mother’s feet, drinking in her incredible beauty as he took off her tennis shoes and sports socks and rubbed her feet gently and sensuously. He was hard again, It had been an hour or more since Felicia had sucked his cock in her bedroom, so he told his mother about it.

“She took me to her bedroom, knelt down and sucked me off.”

Veronica was very pleased he had told her the truth. She wasn’t surprised as Felicia had quite the reputation in college as an easy lay.

“Was that your first time with a woman taking your lovely cock in her mouth?”


He ran his hands up his mother’s legs, very lightly, worshipping her femininity.

“Take off your pants, and the rest of your clothes and go over to the laundry basket. I want you to put on my pink panties I saw you admiring and smelling this morning.”

He did as he was told, his cock was stretching the fine, thin pink silk. She thought it was a brilliant idea. He looked very erotic güvenilir bahis şirketleri indeed.

“Go downstairs and fetch us a bottle of chilled white wine, like a good boy, and bring two glasses up with you.”

While he was gone, she thought back to this evening’s party. She hadn’t known her friend Maggie had moved into the neighbourhood and she was absolutely thrilled to see her again. Maggie was a beautiful Asian girl who was a few years older than Veronica, and they were sorority sisters. After Veronica’s successful initiation night Maggie had sought her out and they became lovers. After her first year Veronica moved out of the residence and moved in the sorority house and right into Maggie’s king size bed. Maggie taught the young student how to pleasure her. And she returned the favour lovingly.

Maggie’s husband was away on the golf trip, and they made a date for the following night. When the other diners cleaned up the outside table at Felicia’s, Maggie turned to Veronica and they had deep french kissed.

Veronica was wet thinking about it. Her son handed her a glass of wine and put the bottle on the table. He was too young to drink. She reached for him, pulled his cock out of the pink panties and took it in her mouth, cupping his balls in her hand still in the silk material. She had finally crossed the line with her son, she could not resist him anymore.

He stroked her long hair, lifting her tee shirt off and taking off the sports bra, She was left in her tiny tennis skirt and soaking wet white lace panties. His cock had never been longer or harder. It was forbidden fruit and she kissed and licked it up and down its length, She took a mouthful of white wine and swirled it around the mushroom cockhead.

The wine dribbled out of her mouth and onto her pink panties, She was on fire thinking about Maggie’s mouth between her legs. None of her lovers, even the blackest ones, could compare with how Maggie sucked her clit and licked her pussy and anus.

Veronica got to her feet and they walked to the shower. He started the water cascading down on them and she made him kneel on the shower floor facing her she stood over him, his face right at her pussy. She washed his hair and soaped up her breasts, he reached his hands up to feel them, cup them and suck on her hard engorged nipples.

She braced herself by holding the towel bar with both hands and said:

“It is time for you to learn how to prepare a woman for sex, what you do is french kiss my pussy, kiss it with your mouth open and lick up and down the slit. Yes, like that. Push your tongue inside, yes that’s a good boy. At the top is my clitoris which you stroked in bed the other night to make me have an orgasm. Kiss it, my darling, oooooh yes, that is it, lick it harder, suck the nub into your beautiful mouth, that’s it, that’s it, faster, faster now stick two fingers in my cunt as you do that. ooooh, fuck fuck, yes that is it, oooh my God, don’t stop.”

David did what comes naturally. He could not get enough of eating her warm wet pussy. She was writhing in ecstasy. One hand let go of the rack and pulled his hair hard to help him lick her harder to her first orgasm. He stroked his cock.

In a space of a few hours, he had had serious sex with two women in their late thirties.

He was curious whether Veronica was going to cross that final line and let him fuck his own mother, but he knew Felicia was going to, long and hard, she had as much as told him that would happen in two days time when her daughters were out of the house.

Veronica slipped down to her knees and told him to stand. He loved being ordered around by her. She soaped up his cock and balls, then let the water wash away the soap. She did that again and again. Then she took his erection into her wet willing mouth. Pulling it out, she reached her right hand around behind him slipping her middle finger around his anus she pushed the cake of soap partly in past his sphincter muscle and said:

“You must always clean here before sex, you never know when a girl will want to kiss here to excite you.”

Her mouth went to his backside. He was delirious with passion. Her left hand held his cock tight her tongue probed and rimmed around his anal ring. Finally, he felt he was not able to hold back and he yelled:

“Holy fuck, don’t stop.” And he came in her mouth, over and over and over.

He didn’t go back to his own room.

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